Browns-Ravens: Das Gameballs and Der Goatsen

Eric Wright and Peyton Hillis both got some record totals, but in very opposite directions. As heard first on the Zeppe's Pizzeria OBR Radio Program, Here are this week's Gameballs and Goats results.

SUMMARY: Peyton Hillis and Eric Wright both set records in opposite directions this week, as they got some of the highest vote totals in the ten-year history of the Gameballs and Goats. Listen to the OBR podcast for some of the other Gameballs and Goathorns finishers outside of the top five.

Player Gameballs
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 636
Josh Cribbs (WR / 16) 154
Seneca Wallace (QB / 6) 128
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 127
Ben Watson (TE / 82) 65

Player Goats
Eric Wright (CB / 21) 797
Brian Daboll (OC) 155
Rob Ryan (DC) 100
Eric Mangini (HC) 83
Matt Roth (LB / 53) 61


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
Eric Wright's momma Eric Wright's daddy Eric Wright's ego
PhillyBrown Jamir Howerton
TxBrownsGuy Eric Wright
Eric Wright
boobabydog ravens browns fans defense
jbsmooth74 The wide receivers other then Cribbs
braddawg99 Offensive Line Eric Wright for a googolplex more
eric wright
houndfromhell Offensive line, Matt Roth,Ahtyba Rubin and Robair Smith. The candy ass offensive coordinator.
O line Secondary
DAWGDC Brian Daboll
Our next coaching staff Erica Womangini
Lack of Pass Rush
kshkolnik Andrew Luck and our Next HC Erica Womangini Scowling on the sidelines
gomjabber The unending suck The pass rush
Aqib People on the OBR boards who defend Mangini
Braylon's Taliban Beard
Offensive Line
Offensive Line
entire defense except eric wright
Tburgbucks Steve fricken Beurlein
TaipeiDawg Eric Wright
Secondary Coaching Staff
mtsames Art & his Baztard David
OutlawJesseJ Hooters waitress w/ beer refills entire WR crew, minus Cribbs.
Sykotyk Eric Wright
jmiller40 Eric Wright AGAIN
O-line Complete and utter lack of WRs.
swalidawg Whines Hard
Peyton Hillis' jersey for not ripping when he flexes. What a beast. Hope, for springing eternal during the first half only to dash itself against the rocks in the 4th. Again. Hope is such a tease.
The company that makes pink slips.. See #21 Eric Wright.
Mike Holmgren's gimpy foot Braylon's still a homo
GlennChannell Offensive Line Dumb penalties and the pitch to no one
11 massaquoi
brbbva Eric Wright
eric wright
The D-backs coach
Peyton Hillis Eric Wright
Number1BrownsFan Fans
Terrelle Pryor; OSU fans being cops in NYC Brett Favre
Hillis is a beast Mangini just loses
Hillis is a beast Mangini just loses
DixieDawg Harry Bruce Arians
Offensive Line ENTIRE coaching Staff
SEOhioBrowns Alex Mack
GertBFrobe Ray the Stabber
ohjc50 the mock draft on the first page needing updating
peyton hillis
All DBs
snoopdawgydawg O-Line City of Baltimore
Ben Watson for knocking Ho Ngata on his ass Eric Mangini for not pulling Eric Wright
BigSwoll61 Whole Defense Minus Eric Wright Eric Wright
Offensive Line
tkpbrowns Eric Wright
Fans Entire Organization
offensive line
Peyton Hillis Gloves Second Half Defense Adjustments
Jim Brown's stupid hat
vabrownfan Offensive LIne
dp10451 Special Teams
Eric Wright should be cut. Terrible performance
Shrooney Offensive line Coaching Staff
BaileysBuck The OL
Air Al O-line
Vintage74 Ben Stein, Ecomomist and Financial Expert Joe Flacco's eyebrows
eezer Weldon, Lebron
Chidawg Offensive Line Pass Rush (lack of)
Brady Quinn
murdocky1 Eric Mnagini
Entire Offensive Line
offensive line wide recievers
dawgbizquick Offensive line Rob Ryan's lack of recognition that ew cannot cover bolding
Runner27 James Davis Eric Wright
Offensive Line Eric "Toast No Cheese" Wright
Lack of a pass rush
jdlang O Line
dawgonit0207 Browns Players. Thank you for finally coming to play. Whoever makes the decision for the Browns to not have cheerleaders
Defensive Secondary
Keith322 Gocong missed a tackle behind the line of scrimmage that went for a 10 yard gain.
billbrasky09 Blanch from Golden Girls
TpostDawg Rob Ryan
cleveland60 The O-line
Yeti83 I selected Eric Wright 3 times but it wasn't enough.
Peyton Hillis is all I need to say Eric Wright got his butt kicked
Ignorantandstupid David Carradine's Belt
mddawg28 Any wide receiver not named Cribbs
eric wright
dawg317 offensive line Eric Wright
Deep pass on 3rd and 2
Kenster68 Phil Savage
Alex Mack Rob Ryan for not taking Wright out of the game

Fan Gameball Comments
bohns75 Hillis was awesome.
great offense team
EFERG7265 Peyton Hillis...he's a load. Thought Mangini had them ready to play, however, we still play stupid.
Wallace had a good day, well above his usual 50% completion percentage. TJ Ward had some good hits and a few nice pass defenses. Peyton Hillis... well. I want to have his babies.
Played hard
Ran hard
Controlled the line
jbsmooth74 Hillis was a beast today. Cribbs and Watson were big. I chose Robaire because it was the first time since William Green (pregame fight with joey porter) that I've seen any one ready to fight. For me it was beautiful to see other teammates follow.
braddawg99 Domination Wasted...
houndfromhell Ben Watson, T.J.Ward and Ryan Pontbriand
also played with some life in them.The Ravens looked flat and uninterested the entire game. Acted like they won the game by showing up. But a loss is a loss
Delhomme cant throw a pass over 25 yard`s. He`s old and that arm is like a half stale noodle. Wallace can chuck the rock, but when he`s asked to chuck it farther than 35 yard`s, it flotes 10 yard`s out of bounds. So why not try McCoy?
I know he`s a Rook, but he cant play any worse than these 2. For God`s sake,
when Wallace pitched the ball past Hillis and it landed back at the 2. I knew the game was over then. Once the first boneheaded play occures from the Browns, that`s when all heck lets loose, and they revert back to grade school ball.
We were very lucky that on that punt that Vickers wasnt called for pulling the returners helmet off, AND THEN THIS ASS WIPE KICKED THE HELMET! Was he trying to loose the game on purpose? That`s grade school trash, and Hologrem needs to simply cut the idiot players that help cost us the game. He wasnt called for it because there was a penalty against the Ravens, but it should of been called. The Ref`s screwed the Ravens on that one.....
DAWGDC Daboll usually gets goathorns, but he stuck to his game plan it's just sad everything wasn't executed to perfection. T.J. Ward is a beast I just wish he would have held on to the interception if he would have for a pick 6 the whole outcome of the game could have changed and Flacco confidence would have been shot!!! Josh Cribbs is our NUMBER 1 Receiver plain and simple. Hillis straight BEAST!!!!
kshkolnik I'd also like to give Jake FAILhomme a gameball for not showing up.
gomjabber I can't think of anybody who did anything above the mundane other than Hillis.
Aqib Hillis was a beast. Nice pass breakup on a would be TD by TJ Ward. Cribbs is the only WR that caught a pass.
Say what you want, but getting a hondo on the ground against the Ratbirds is no easy feat.
Peyton Hillis WOW WOW WOW
TaipeiDawg Hillis was a great acquisition - he probably already gained more yards than Quinn ever did. What an animal!! Definitely the man in this game.
Watson was another great acquisition and keeps on producing well. The penalty wasn't great but can be forgiven all things considered.
Haden, Rubin, and TJ Ward also get honorable mention for contributing.
mtsames Losers get nothing.
signs of life from the offense...i don't think you can go straight back to jake after the way seneca has played.
Jerome Harrison may have just lost his job permanently. Once Hillis gets going, he's an absolute load to bring down and even a great Ravens defense struggled. It made me smile watching him carry Ravens down the field. His running style is pure Cleveland. Now if only we had a defense or downfield passing attack to support him...
We are too old at LB and Dline and right side of Oline. we can blitz all the LB's all that will happen consistantlt is what happened today. Schemes are fine but once again giving away draft picks year in abd year out has and will continue to kill this franchise. does lener even watch football? i kinda doubt it watching just how pathetic this team is still after 10 years back into the league.
GlennChannell The entire OL gets a game ball. 173 yards at 6 YPC and only 2 sacks, both of which came when Wallace had time, rolled out, and ran out of bounds instead of throwing the ball away.
vadawglb It was nice to see a RB actually run with authority
Gameball to Hillis and the offensive line for success at running directly at Baltimore, and a gameball to Daboll for sticking with the run.
The Hillis for Brady Quinn trade is looking like a stroke of genius! Now, if we could just trade Eric Wright for somebody -- ANYBODY -- we'd be off to the races!
Joe23 Hillis for shoving down Ray Lewis' murdering throat all day. Cribbs for being our only WR. Rubin for being great in rush defense.
Smash mouth Football at its finest
Number1BrownsFan So, our best players are a backup FB and Special Teams player. Yippee.
No gameballs in a loss.
DixieDawg Now we'll get to watch mangini and daboll fight over how to misuse Hillis and Harrison. Should be fun.
SEOhioBrowns Line played great today
redright Special teams are well coached
Hillis is a man. Joe Thomas is a man. The fans are deserving of more.
SPICYDEIGO This team is close, we need to add a few more peices this offseason and I think we could have a decent offense. Just need to cut down on stupid mistakes.
GertBFrobe Hillis was a beast today!
The guy is part tow truck moving downhill AND can catch the ball out of the backfield; we thought we were looking for this in Hardesty but have it already on the sideline
Hillis - Duh
Wallace gets a gameball. Except for the bonehead fumble, he actually played a competent game today.
Fans - how long they gonna put up wit dis crapola?
suzi_q All the gameballs go to Hillis, our lone bright spot.
Beer...precious ease my agony
brownsclown Hillis was awesome. He carried this team with little help. Other backs could learn from him, hit the hole and run downhill more. Ben Watson is a threat from the TE and Sheldon Brown was as good in coverage as Eric Wright was bad.
VEGASDAN Peyton Hillis- Great job. You gave the Ravens all they could handle.

Seneca Wallace- you showed alot of potential as a starter. You made some great throws and gave us a chance to win. But, you still made some decisions that a vet shouldn't make.

The offense looked better today. You showed that you could hang with a damn good team. We still need to fire Brian Daboll.
TJ for the one he covered
P Hillis is a BEAST!!
Hillis is a machine.
Fans---Those of us still sticking it our after decades of mediocracy!!!It is still a team game...Loss = Loss.
lilysman at least hillis and ward play hard
Since wearing the gloves he has not fumbled the football.
froggy60 HILLIS IS A BEAST....


vabrownfan No turnovers, 17 yard loss with toss to no one a killer
Some flashes of a football team, but not many for the making of a team
dp10451 Hillis is a Clydesdale on a field full of saddle horses. Git 'er done! Cribbs is becoming a true WR. The ST did a great job of containing the Ravens' return game.
Hillis was magnificent, but got tired & the same plays were overused in the 4th Qtr. What happened to play action?
Shrooney Monster game from Hillis - if you're running than the line and FB deserve a lot of credit. Fans in B'more were very hospitable - props to them.
Vintage74 Peyton Hillis is a monster. Anyone still miss Brady Quinn? Let me rephrase, any straight fans still miss Brady Quinn?
eezer What Chu Talking Bout Hillis?!!
Peyton Hillis and the O line were just awesome.
Peyton Hillis...Ballin'! Your efforts along with Vickers and the OL were great, please keep it up! You all not only scored a rushing TD but went over 100+ yrds rushing. Seeing you all dominate the Rats was AWESOME! T.J. and Haden way to play DEFENSE in fact all you showed up in a good way EXCEPT for ONE playa which I'll address in the Goathorns section. Watchin Boldin cryin' to the Refs when T.J. denied him a TD was sweeet. That is how you cover you guys did good. DL and LBs way to hold the line you looked stout most of the game just need to get some sacks now.
I love beer.
DawgZillaLC Wallace may not have set the world on fire but he did what your back-up QB is supposed to do - not lose the game. If he was great he'd be the starter (and probably with some other team).
dawgonit0207 Was that Eric mangini on the sidelines actually showing some emotion? It's about freaking time.
Peyton Hillis needs no explanation. Josh Cribbs for being the only Wide Receiver to have the ability to get open. T.J. Ward for bringing it every week.
awesome to see that type of run game. hopeful something to build on.
Craigd576 The entire offensive line did a great job!!
billbrasky09 Blanch was a real slut, good stuff.
Thanks for carrying us Hillis!
Peyton was a brute today!
Josh Cribbs could step into the #1 receiver role that Massaquoi appears not to be interest in. lol : D
mddawg28 Peyton Hillis -NOW WHAT!!? Boy is mad crazy and scary. My Dad is smiling down from heaven on the return of REAL Browns football! Get a big back and ride that sucka!

TJ "The HItman" Ward and Joe Haden (and Sheldon Brown) are the only DBs who know how to cover and break-up a pass. Get Haden on the field more!


dawg317 They came prepared to win today. Unfortunately, the Ratbirds have one of the top WR in the game.

For the most part a very solid game with only few hiccups. we just don't have the talent to over come those mistakes.
Hillis is a beast. How much is Denver kicking themselves for trading him now??


Fan Goathorn Comments
bohns75 Eric Wright is useless. And to think he was considered our best corner before this season. It appeared that he didn't even care or that he wasn't even trying. He's a loser. Put in someone else. Maybe Colt McCoy would be a good CB.
BuckFigBen I would literally rather watch a goat play corner than watch Eric Wright ever play again. Literally.
TxBrownsGuy You need some aloe because you got BURNT son!
BrownsFan1313 Eric Wright should get at least 500 Goathorns!
why did they let Eric Wright stay in the game??????
EFERG7265 Why go deep when you need the ball on 3rd & 2. And if you are going deep quit Bardy Quinning it by throwing it 5 yards out of bounds???!!!WT
Eric Wright you casn't give up the skinny when you are in man with an all out blitz. Make them make the hard throw!!! Amazing thats football 101.
Although Eric Wright was on the coverage of Bolden why was there not any adjustments made after TD 1...or TD 2.
What the flying f**k, Eric Wright?
Trade him
jbsmooth74 The worst cover corner in football. His fundamentals are garbage but that just goes with his overall effort
braddawg99 A googolplex more goathorns is what that kind of performance deserves...
eric wright
houndfromhell This post game press confrense should be like domino`s. If Mangini wont fire
Dabol A.K.A. (Duh Bull), then Holmgren
should fire Dabol and Mangini. If Holmgren doesnt want to fire them, then
Dandy Randy should fire all three of these blind mice.
Someone is responsible for keeping
Eric Barton, John St.Clair and Abram Elam on this roster. They are beyond bad. They all are a main reason this team cant and wont win any games. Who ever disagrees, lets get together and watch the replay of this or any of this years games.
I didn`t realize that Eric Wright could look so bad let alone being toasted 3 times for touchdowns all in the same game. That isnt suppose to happen in the pro`s. As for Duh Bull,
cant he see that he has more than 1 player on the field at once? It`s fine to ride the hot hand, but not every freakin play that their in there. James Davis was given 3 whole plays, until Duh Bull stopped trying him. If your Q.B. cant pass over 35 yard`s without the ball floating out of bounds then you only have him pass 20 yards to your T.E.s.
Many times he would take a 5 step drop, watching Hillis the entire way, and down field he has the T.E. uncovered by a 10 yard radius. The Wildcat should have been played till they puked in the 4th quater. But that would have made too many yards at once for Duh Bull to prep for the next brilliant play he would call..We need a Q.B. #1 in the draft, then Holgrem can start rebuilding from there.
P.S. The team plays better without Bigass baby Rogers in there, so trade him and his over inflated contract.
You sure we didn't get Mcdonald wearing 21
DAWGDC Eric my enemy are the KING OF GOATHORNS!!!! I have not seen a performance like that since Terry Cousins, Ralph Brown, Brandon McDonald and Hank Poteat. Thank you for quitting on the team and I wish you well in Free Agency this year. John St. Clair you need to retire and Rob Ryan when you know you have a corner who can't check his shadow switch him out PLEASE
syousko couldn't cover period.
Once again, Erica Womangini is his nickname. Thanks.
kshkolnik Ryan also deserves a goathorn for terrible play calling in the second half.

Erica Womangini is always going to be a goathorn.

I would also like to give one to Mo Mass, bc I didnt realize he had the day off.
One word STINK!!!!!
segrams Wallace's Fumble exchange was the turning point.

Rob, you have to figure out how to help out your CB against a possible future HOF receiver. But no, you just kept leaving him out there on his own. Also, call blitzes when you think it's a good idea, not because you are mad. BAD DC.

MoMass should have made a play. Where were you buddy?
One vote for each TD given up.
gomjabber Wright looked weak and timid. Pathetic.

The long pass on 3rd and 2 was obscene, in thought and execution.

Bone headed penalties throughout- Watson in particular. Last week it was Mack.

Flacco had all day.
Aqib I like Eric Wright but he was awful today. Eric Mangini just sucks. Why did you leave Wright on Boldin 1-on-1 after he got burned for 2 TDs? The WRs suck and Mangini was the one who drafted them. Heckert gets a goat for not addressing the wide receiver position.

Everyone on the the OBR boards who defended Mangini gets a goat too.
Yes, Matt Roth knew they weren't gonna stop the 3rd down play, so he jumped offsides to save his teammates the embarrassment. Oh, and Flacco just hit a wide open Boldin again.
Eric Mangini and Rob Ryan for allowing Eric wright to remain on the field.
TaipeiDawg I picked Eric Wright 3x and writing him in too... what the hell was that?? Is there any way to get Brandon McDonald back?? Baltimore is smart, why pick on the rookie Haden when you can pick on the veteran Wright?
Arrrggghhhh, Seneca actually had a good game until that #@%&#@ lateral......
Why is it that the better Cribbs becomes as a receiver the less effective he is in the return game???
Did we have a #1 Receiver?
More impotantly, did we even know they had one????(Even after he scored twice?!?!?)
mtsames Eric Wright is the toast of Baltimore, Whole wheat and rye.This defense to slow and stupid. 0-3 Mangini better start kooking over his shoulder.
eric wright gets all three of my for each blown coverage TD he gave up.
I don't know what's worse... the fact that Eric Wright was obliterated in coverage all game or the fact that our coaching staff let it happen over and over. Another game with terrible adjustments. How many games are we going to be leading heading into the 4th only to roll over and die? I know there's little talent on this team but at some point the coaching staff needs to be asked how this keeps happening every week.
boy i sure am glad we traded for gogone and brown you sure can see the upgrade at their respective positions and the draft picks they cost us i think we will still make the superbowl with all these quality players. i think we have one maybe two LB's on the team elam sucks and is a back up at best on a real team so i sure am glad we kept sorrysen and ventone good lord knows keeping and playing young talent would cost us what one to two wins? that is right we will be lucky to get two wins. i did think wallace played OK and how about the play calling with the game on the line and probably the best right side of an Oline in football. there is very little good to say about this team this organization and it truly hurts a 40 year fan to say that i do not believe they will have back to back winning seasons again.
Eric Wright.
vadawglb Eric "Toast" Wright enough said.

Ryan has been getting a pass by alot of people, but his defense still is terrible. He doesn't use his people properly. Other DC have to deal with injuries and they change their prep and plan to match the players.

Mangini is overall responsible for this mess.
Eric Wright single-handedly lost this game!!! Looked like Hank Poteat but worse the entire game. The single most epically putrid individual performance in team history.
Ben Watson for that STUPID 15 yd penalty
did he suit up, give back the gamecheck
Wright for terrible play, Ryan for not adjustng the defense for Wright's terrible play, and Mangini for not compensating for Ryan's incompetence
brbbva Eric Wright is the only one that truly earned goathorns. And many of them.
eric wright needs to go
As bad as Eric Wright played, Brian Daboll put the final nail in his coffin, continually calling plays that left the entire fanbase scratching their heads. If he's still the OC at this time next wee, I'll be shocked.
Eric Wright singlehandedly lost this game! Now I know why he changed his number to 21 -- that's the number of TD passes he'll be giving up BEFORE THE BYE WEEK! This dude makes Hank Poteat look like Hanford Dixon!
Joe23 Eric Wright 3 times. One for each TD to Boldin.
wozman Daboll should be fired today. What a bonehead!
Most teams adjust. Did anyone think of double teaming or sending someone else against Bolden. It may be time to start Hayden.
reverendvargo went and voted for E. Wright six times just to make sure we all knew who the culprit was this week.
jaydawg74 All 3 horns to Easy E. He earned em'.
Eric Wright should have been benched!!
3 Td scored on him. Dude was burnt toast back there.
Number1BrownsFan Eric Wright = overrated
3rd and long and we run it? 3rd and short and we pass it deep? Daboll should be given the pink slip, NOW!!!
Wasn't Heckert that said he felt good about our young WR? The Honeymoon is officially over.
WRIGHT = toasted the whole day. DABOLLx2 for 'huh?' playcalling.
DixieDawg Choking away again in Cleveland Football Land
Ryan deserves it for terrible playing calling, all out blitz + not sending Wright help or adjusting and putting Haden on Boldin who was a better match up. He's been in the league long enough to know better and should have adjusted.

I give it to Erica Womangini for being a whimp. Puntin on 4th and 2? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Whats more likely: 1. Hillis picks up the 2 yds or 2. We make the Ravens punt on a 3 and out and then march down the field 80 yds for a score? Get real moron.

Brian Daboll - He sucks. Kudos for taking 3 weeks to realize we need a running game. Hey that flash package only went for 19 yds; hmmmm lets not use that again! Idiot, I cant pack your bags fast enough.
SEOhioBrowns What happen to DB Wright in this game ?

Why would Matt Roth jump off side .........?
redright to get a scheme to protect Wright
bds2222 How many times can I vote Eric Wright?!?
Eric Wright is not a man. Brian Daboll is not a man. The entire organization should provide better.
SPICYDEIGO what happen to Eric Wright? I hope you were sick or hurt b/c you were toast today.
GertBFrobe Eric Wright sucks donkey balls, he couldn't cover my 86 year grandma!
ohjc50 ny jets for being SO strict with Braylon. sitting him down for an ENTIRE quarter
Eric Wright looked like he was playing a backyard touch game, and starting next week maybe he should be no longer wearing Brown and Orange; give Assante a call, as there is no way he could do worse than that garbage we saw from Wright today
Eric Wright has alwats sucked!
snoopdawgydawg No pass rush, no chance.
Not going to pile on Eric Wright. If he doesn't realize he got made the Ravens' bitch today, nothing I say here will change that.
Roth - did you actually think that you were going to get a sack on that play when you jumped offsides and handed the Ravens the game? Flacco was back there getting his nails buffed all day long. Try not getting a penalty dipwad.
The Entire Organization gets two goathorns. If I wanted to watch crap, I could drive a few miles and watch cows take a big dump. Might be more fulfilling. Holmgren/Mangini/et. al, 0-3 is not inspiring hope in the faithful. And why should it?
suzi_q All the goats belong to Wright. Gah.
Mike Holmgren for not pulling the plug on Brian Daboll (where is Abe Elam? oh yeah LATE)
BigSwoll61 Because picking him 3 times wasn't enough. Maybe he'll learn to shut up now.
LiveDoctor Greatest torching of a corner (Eric Wright) ever!!! Ryan with his poor calls, erased a great effort by the D
Eric Wright can't cover for crap...
brownsclown Eric Wright got two votes from me. That was pathetic. I dont ever remember a Browns DB beaten so badly so often and I started watching the Browns when Leroy Kelly was carrying the rock. Where was Massaquoi? He needs to make a play once in a while in a tight game. Carlton Mitchell time? At least he's got physical skills.
brownsinthehive Wright gets 2 because he sucked that bad. Ryan gets 1 for leaving the self proclaimed "writeous" in for continual exposure
VEGASDAN Eric Wright (X3) Wow. Without question, the single worst performance I've seen from a Browns corner in a long, long time. I've enjoyed watching you grow in your time here, but your performance against the Ravens was pitiful. Are you hurt? Was your mind elsewhere? Whatever it was, your play was unexpected, uncalled-for, and unacceptable.

Also, a shoutout to Matt Roth... Hey Matt, an offsides on 3rd and 4 with a minute left in the game??? Really???
roscoe2009 Rob Ryan take your fat ass someplace else, your defense suck's.Boldin not having anybody covering him all game.Daboll you still suck,third and one and you call a long pass.I hate the f**kin Bungles, live here in Springfield and have to put up with their bandwagon fan's running their mouth's. Mangini your fat ass should be fired for the 3 second round pick's in the draft last year.Moral victories are for loser's and that is all we get to hear, we want some real victories.How can we not have any wide receiver's on our team that can get open and catch the ball? Randy Lerner you are the biggest joke of them all, you should hire me, i can draft better than all these loser's you have hired.
hishep Brandon McDonald wasn't consistantly as bad as Wright was this week!
Why didnt they take him out or move him after the first two tds
One for each touchdown he gave up
Eric Wright Sucks!!! Where is Coye Francies??
Wallace needs to stop throwing the long ball out of bounds. Can't catch it there.
Team Game...Loss = Loss
Everyone gets Goathorns--Period.
lilysman this is so sad we looked like we wanted to make a highlight film for the ravens be better off to let rodgers coach at least he would do something to earn his money
The Browns just suck.
Eric Wright should be traded, he is terrible and singlehandedly is responsible for Sunday's loss against the Ravens.
None what so ever.
Ozzy Newsome should be removed from the HOF!


Appraiser Toast! Really Wright, just tell the coach you can't cover anyone.
And Daboll, nice calls late on 3rd down. Nice.
vabrownfan One vote for each TD given up. Little or no effort.
Players cannot execute what the coaching staff cannot teach. The Browns still have the worst coaching staff in the league. If Holmgren won't interject himself into the coaching staff, can we assume his intentions are to allow the Browns to fail?
dp10451 Baltimore picked on Wright for a reason. He really looked bad in this game. The "D" looked good early, but faltered as usual as the game went on. They still allow too many 3rd down conversions. If you're gonna blitz, you have to get there. Ryan was blitzing when he knew they wouldn't get to the QB. Sometimes you have to retreat a little to survive.
Eric Wright should have been replaced after the first half. He was abused the entire game & it is the fault of the defensive coordinator that nothing was done to alleviate the problem. All TD's went through #21.
Shrooney Wright was abused, weird calls, and Roth w/a neutral zone infraction to effectively end the game!?!? C"mon Man!!!
BaileysBuck No playmakers on either side of the ball, so Heckert gets a goathorn. Barton is the worst ILB I've ever seen in the NFL.
Wright should have asked Rob Ryan for some KY jelly for being put on an island all day.
Vintage74 Who was that wearing #21? I know it couldn't have been our starting corner? Don't you think after the second touchdown they might have tried putting Hayden or Brown on Boldin? Just a thought there Rob buddy.
eezer We have been playing without a quarterback for three years...We don't have one on the roster. We will have the first pick next year, lets not blow it!
Chidawg If I had 10 votes they would all go to Wright. Lack of pass rush hurts, but Wright was beyond bad.
He single-handedly cost the Browns the game.
FunkyDawg Yo Eric Wright! You made it look like you got PAID to make Bolden look that good. Horrible performance man. I voted for your ass TWICE, and I voted for your DC because he didn't bench your butt

Eric Mangini is an Idiot in the highest form every week he lets one man beat the other 52 Eric wright could not cover his head with a hat and he stayed in the game till the last play WHY did we draft Hayden and pay him millions?? at least put the Kid in and let him learn a little if not next year we still have a ROOKIE corner what the hell
Hey Coach when we were 4th and 2 with 4 minutes on the clock and we were RUNNING the ball on the Rats why did you not GO FOR IT??? 0-2 on the road and a chance drive the ball late to maybe win it; to show your team that YOU believe in them and how much you want to win THIS game in the RATS house and you PUNT?! Should we just PUNT the rest of the year away too coach? TV annoucers, why do we get people who seem to have a bias against the Browns?? I soooo enjoy listening to them stroke the opposition and when it comes to replay I wonder do they even have TV monitors to look at cause what they see and what is on the screen just doesn't match up. Are they afraid to questiong the Refs?? Eric Wright if you should give up your game check for that performance! YOUR the vet, not Haden not TJ you and Sheldon are the Vets and you played like a RED-SHIRT freshman a DIV II team!! Oh and in case you haven't heard the TV annoucers were dissin' you, yea they said that Baltimore thought they would have "opportunities" against you...that means the word on you is your Toast and they planned on serving you up with dinner and hey THEY DID!!! You were either way off Bolden, out of position or like on that last TD he SCORED on you faked out of you shoes! Damn man even when you had him covered he still caught the ball. We could'a had'em man if not for that late score but hey they knew we had Toast and they were hungry. And what do we have to show for it...just the crumbs of defeat.
When a team leads in the 2nd half 3 times in a row and loses, I place the blame squarely on the coaching staff. I am officaially off the Mangini band wagon.
No sacks and 16 first downs by passing the ball, very discouraging.
dawgonit0207 I could have played better than Eric Wright! Hopefully Mangini follows through on his pledge to sit your a- - if you are hurting the team.
Eric Wright needs no explanation. Matt Roth for taking away an opportunity to get the ball back one more time.
seriously. if the guys says he has a mental issue or just by seeing what was going on, why can they not atleast make the adjustment to Haden for a set of downs? the dood was in a zone the ozone and it cost us a game
Craigd576 ...and we didn't need any receivers this offseason? Puhleeze!!
Had to vote again cause I was reminded how this could have been a win if adjustments were made. Nothing else to say but could we actually tie the Lions 0-16 mark?? Total disappointment.
Keith322 The play calling from both OC and DC was suspect.

Barton and Elam continue to be absent.
TpostDawg Rob Ryan, three Goat Horns are NOT enough for Ryan's failure to give Eric Wright help with Boulden over the top after two TDs.
Obviously Wright forgiving up 3 TDs to Boldin.
Daboll for calling a long pass play on 3rd and short on our last possession with as well as we were able to run today.
Roth for jumping offsides to end the game.
Penalties and Eric Wright's inability to cover Boldin. Ryan was predictable and should have changed the coverage on Boldin or the personal on him.
SamAtlanta Wright looked more lost than he ever has. But the real blame goes to Ryan and Mangini for leaving him on an island on a day when he was clearly out-manned. Once again, Daboll shows absolutely no imagination in the second-half. He reminds me of an old Southern phrase: "My mind's made up. Don't confuse me with the facts."
Horrible call to punt with 3 minutes in 4th. No trust in team and lack of ingenuity in playcalling by team Mangini/Daboll.
Ignorantandstupid Eric Wright got abused like a redheaded stepchild. I don't know why everybody has so much animosity toward redheaded stepchildren. Is a redheaded stepchild that much worse than a brunette stepchild? I heard redheads have no soul, so that could be it.
BothThePruittsMoves Are you kidding me Eric Wright? I've seen better coverage from the Sprint network.
mddawg28 Eric Wright Is PATHETIC! Here is a lesson for him. This is football 101. If the defensive call is for an all out blitz, you must maintain inside leverage on your receiver as a cornerback. Why? Because your safety, you idiot, is blitzing meaning that you have NO ONE ON THE INSIDE OF YOU. So why the HELL are you going to even honor a head fake for a move to the outside?!! Boldin's last touchdown should not have happened except for the fact that the game was too big for Eric Wright. He should be benched. Let the Joe Haden era begin.

As to our alleged wide receivers, all of the ones who aren't named Cribbs that is, were you even on the field today? How can you POSSIBLY call yourselves professionals? The Ravens' DBs are horrible and Ed Reed was not patrolling the middle of the field and you can't get open??!! PATHETIC! I suggest that we dump all of them not named Cribbs, and go with three TEs and Cribbs.
How do you not take wright off boldin after td #2?
2nd and 23 and you call a RUNNING play from the 2 yard line.FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dawg317 Wright couldn't cover anyone today. Very disappointing.
Daboll - 3rd and 2 and the play is deep pass?!! Seriously???

Eric Wright - Want some jam with that toast??

Rob Ryan - Love the fire, but you should have helped Wright or pulled him or both.
PigInTheMiddle Eric Wright = Ralph Brown
Eric Wright couldn't cover me and i'm 51


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