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While war rages overseas, and dominates our thoughts, the Cleveland Browns continue to operate and so do Bernie's Insiders. Lane Adkins brings us the exclusive inside scoop regarding the Browns status re-signing key players and filling some gaps on the depth chart...

The Browns and free agent linebacker Jamir Miller have had some minimal talks regarding the future of the player. At the present time, both sides continue to keep the lines of communication open, but a deal is not on the horizon.

According to league sources, the waiting game will continue for restricted free agent Jamel White. A handful of teams have an interest in the running back and are waiting to see what transpires in free agency over the next three-weeks. White, a restricted free agent, could sign an offer sheet from another club, but at the cost of a first-round draft selection from the team that forwards the offer. This high cost has steered interest from a free agent signing towards potential trade opportunities with the Browns.

Don't get too excited about the visit recently made by former New York Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn to Cleveland. A team source has told Bernie's Insiders that the odds of signing the veteran are remote.

Following the release of center Dave Wohlabaugh this off-season, indications we've seen have been that the Browns are comfortable with the tandem of Shaun O'Hara and Melvin Fowler. Media talk over the past couple of weeks has centered around the teams presumed interest in free agent center Andy McCollum. A team source tells Bernie's Insiders that the team does not have an interest in the veteran player at this time, but that could change at a later date.

Occasionally an agent will talk some smack on the Browns, and this past week was no different. We keep our word here at Bernie's Insiders and have gone to great lengths to keep the identity of this player representative hidden. Here is his take on what it is like to work with the team (yes, he has clients on the current Browns roster):

"The Browns organization has some issues within its structure, some which are not different from what every team in the league experiences," the agent said. "One problem that has caused some concern is the ability of the organization to be less that straight with the players. The organization is first-class in the material issues they supply the players with, but if you are looking for a long-term commitment from the Browns, especially financially, you are with the wrong team."


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