Browns-Bengals: Gameballs and Goats

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SUMMARY: Peyton Hillis and Eric Wright continued setting GB&G records in very different directions.

Player Gameballs
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 345
Matt Roth (LB / 53) 148
Kenyon Coleman (DE / 90) 148
Scott Fujita (OLB / 99) 107
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 68

Player Goats
Eric Wright (CB / 21) 245
Sheldon Brown (CB / 24) 77
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR / 11) 59
Brian Daboll (OC) 50
TO's Bodily Fragrance 34
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 29
Rob Ryan (DC) 29


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
jaydawg74 Entire secondary
875thechef Scott Fugita
bill01 Peyton Hillis Eric Wright
Appletinis (cleaning out the fridge) 2nd half near-collapse
Fujita and E. Moore
tristipher Running the ball without Vickers in the game
billbrasky09 Angela Lansbury from Murder She Wrote
Chris Gocong
Any Jordan Shipley Lover (Including TO)
TJ Ward destroying that punk. Eric Wright, Entire Defensive Secondary
Kmazz01 Chat room doushbags waiting for us to lose
hmmmmmm hillis
dawgIN Defensive line
Offensive line was outstanding! Shawn stay on sides!
offesive line
ghostwolf Bengals Penalties Whiney Browns Fans in Chat!
Hillis Robiskiepuss
TpostDawg O Line
DealDr kenyon coleman
offensive line
roth defesive backs
Barton & Elam continue to be absent
RocknRollDawg Ben Watson Jim Brown
GregTNG Art Modell, Cornerback blitzes
Peyton Hillis T.O.
Walldog Wide receivers
off. line
mtsames Art and his Baztard David
OLine Pass Rush
segrams Ward's hit gets a gameball.
houndfromhell Offensive Line, Any player that commited a turnover.
eryze19 Chansi Stuckey
dawgbizquick Offensive Line
LosAngelesDawg Run defense
ohjc50 the fans of cleveland whoevers in charge of updating this years draft selections
kshkolnik John The Matador St. Clair for not playing, dont get well soon! Entrie Secondary they were terrible
bubbaphillips Denver Front Office
Erica Womangini
Defensive Front
rutger Offensive line
DAWGDC OLine, Scott Fujita, Seneca Wallace, T.J. Ward
turkeyjonez brian daboll deserves a little sumpin today
cbrowns44 Offensive line Brian Daboll
Yeti83 O-line
thearkis Matt roth
rogern Lawrence Vickers, Offensive line, Kenyon Coleman,
Mark Zickefoose O-line
mes92658 matt roth
Games23 Does Robiskie play on this team?
Cooper7 Brian Daboll
Irishjt Matt Roth
offensive line no goats
Offensive line Eric Wright sucks
chanci stuckey
Bereado Cox' and Mangini's shoving match
TJ Ward TO your still a loser
TJ Ward TO your still a loser
RabidDawg Mangini
EFERG7265 The Offensive Line TO in general and anybody else who drawa attention to themselves with nicknames/changed names etc
drumslayer Mangini
SpectreDawgTalk Helmets, for preventing death by Hillis every week T.O. for not bringing a stick of deoderant for his touchdown celebration
dawgonit0207 Seneca Wallace, Kenyon Coleman Whoever decides that Cleveland has no Cheerleaders
Vickers, Roth, Fujita Mini Stroke I experienced in the 4th quarter!
fang432 hillis eric wright
Scott Fujita Sheldon Brown
Evan Moore, for being clutch anytime it's needed Modell, just for being alive; Liberal drive-by media types
hegemonic TJ Ward's Shoulder TJ Ward's Judgment
dawgbown Best Damn Band in the Land! & Fujita for the block Massaquoi cannot create separation
OutlawJesseJ The Mahi-mahi, who gave his filet for me at lunch.
Matt FREAKIN Roth LeCharles Bentley
reggie hodges
TxBrownsGuy TJ Ward
sargent3 Peyton Hillis (FB/40)
Cgansi Stuckey, Phil Dawson
Joey Porter
gcrandall Special Teams
Tarrell Owens
tvuno1 Roth
battershell Brady Quinn = Peyton Hillis Our WR's BLOW
Kenyon Coleman Chad Ochostinko
graefscottie chauncey stuckey
dudewheresmygleam hangovers
saurus Carson Palmer D'Qwells pectoral muscles
WhoFartedinhere T.O's B.O
lenke08 No more talk of 0-16 Boom goes the dynomite aka TJ WARD
Bengals lousy clock management
DixieDawg The crow. It was tasty. Bruce Arians
Jim Brown's Stupid Hat, Art Modell
Matt Roth's sackin the 4th quarter
Evan Moore Everyone covering TO
Ben Watson Carson Palmer
Offensive Line Defensive Secondary
The Offensive Line
Appraiser O-line, Stuckey, Wallace
Peyton Hillis
idrthrbncleve Fujita
egillen Evan Moore
Offensive Line & Vickers
Carson Palmer's hands
Albino Rhino
rsportgod The numerous Ben-Gals run over,abused and injured by the Hillis Truck!!!
Shipley's K.O. T.O. and Ochocinco
shegalofus Pork Chop Womack Pete Rose

Fan Gameball Comments
brownsclown I never thought i would list Kenyon Coleman in Gameballs but he earned it. Nicee contribution by Chansi Stuckey and of coarse Peyton Hillis. I was worried we were going to sit on the lead and lose it but......
I knew what was coming (last second loss) and they managed to pleasantly surprise me. Let's hope we get to see more of that this year.
billbrasky09 Someone died everywhere she went, that's gangsta.
Run, Peyton, run! Browns' Stadium will soon be renamed "Peyton's Place". :-)
The play of the rookies is amazing, imagine what they will be like when "seasoned."

And Hillis just continues to show that no matter the score, opponent, record, or circumstance, he will run with purpose.
I don't give a crap what anyone says, that hit in the endzone by T.J. Ward was a thing of beauty. Not a cheap shot in the least. He got penalized, because he hits too hard.
dawgIN fujita, roth
Chansi Stuckey made some huge catches to keep drives moving.
ghostwolf 4 rushing TDs in 4 games consecutively-Thanks for sucking BQ, With the 22nd pick in the 2007 NFL Draft the Browns choose: Peyton Hillis!Retroactively ;)
TpostDawg O Line did a great job today.
LV4Brown daboll did enough not to (bleep) it up
totheend Wallace played well today as well. Good job managing the offense.
mtsames Good job team. Keep up the good work.
houndfromhell Thank you Mr.Palmer and Mr. T.O. For
easing up just enough so the Browns could win their 1st game. These 2 played
pitch and catch like no one else was on the field. Its no wonder why T.O was smiling and laughing when he was on the field in the second half. They could have easily destroyed the passing records at will if they wanted to try.
I wonder why they stopped? We couldnt stop them, their offensive coordinator
was the only one who could....
SEOhioBrowns nice team work !!
eryze19 A gameball goes to the TEAM this week for playing as a unit when it counted
dp10451 Hillis is becoming a broken record, but it's sweet music to my ears. The O-line did an outstanding job in blocking for both the run and the pass. The defense played hard and well the entire game. Good game guys. "We love ya Cleveland!"
LosAngelesDawg Payton and Seneca were great...but Our run defense has been pretty good for the last 2 weeks....actually the 1st 4 games haven't been all bad
kshkolnik Entire Offensive line and Wallace for being able to move in the pocket.

Also TJ Ward for laying the wood down, when was the last time a team was afraid to go over the middle?
Great job. Best moment of the game was when idiot Roy Williams got plowed by Hillis. That is what the idiot gets for trying to tackle Hillis by ramming him with his shoulder.

Hey Roy, he isn't a WR idiot.
So glad we won. We get substantial leads and then just piss them away. But today, we barely held our water.
rutger Hillis gets one without question but we better enjoy this guy while we can because he's going to have a short career the way he runs combined with the number of times we give him the ball.

Offensive line gets a write in.

Ahtyba Rubin had a very nice game, that guy is a player.

Roth had some timely sacks as well.
DAWGDC Peyton Hillis is bringing memories back of Mack, Byner, Motely, Brown, Mike Pruitt, Leroy Kelly...Peyton Hillis we LOVE YOU!!! Evan Moore is a beast we have to find more ways of using hime in the pass game. Matt Roth broke out today and I'm glad!! The Oline did a great job today. Scott Fujita for the blocl and the sack of Palmer. Ward is an animal I love a hitter and T.J. is a hitter. Seneca for managing the game
cbrowns44 Great win for a team that can't pass. Vickers also deserves a gameball.
rogern I don't root for injuries, however, it's nice to have a safety that can lay some wood. I haven't witnessed as hard of hitter in the Beloved Brownies' secondary since Eric Turner and Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood. Go get e'm TJ!
Mark Zickefoose I bet Chad the Johnson was having Brian Russell falshbacks after seeing T.J. hit...
chowdogg Team win
Irishjt Kenyon Coleman- Great game by him. He had a hand in 2 turnovers. Those were huge. A little bit of love for Matt Roth too but had that huge sack to get the Bengals out of FG range.
Scott Fujita- His blocked field goal was a big break for the Browns.
Peyton Hillis- He continues to run it down opposing defenses throats. I love watching him run.
not enough game balls to go around
Tj wards hit was clean
This was a SWEET VICTORY!!! It is always a good day when the Browns win and pittspuke loses!
Bereado The Browns played the same game they have played all season. This time they win.
He lead with his shoulder and cleaned him out
He lead with his shoulder and cleaned him out
vadawglb Coleman played a great game along the Dline.
Hillis gives us a power running game that has been missing for years.
Fujita's blocked FG was the key to victory.
Hillis a true Cleveland RB.He doesnt get hit he does the hitting.
EFERG7265 Hillis-"Get out of the way". I think 55 for Cinci was looking for one of Cleveland's finest so he could file a complaint against Hillis for assault
drumslayer For having a sligh smile after the W.
SpectreDawgTalk It wasn't particularly pretty but the toughness and grit of this team were very apparent. A smashmouth running game might not be as effective as a pass dominant offense in today's NFL but it's damn fun to watch. I live in Cincinnati and any time work on a Monday involves the enemy complementing your battering ram running back for destroying their defenders, you know it was a good weekend.
glabonne excellent progress running the ball
glabonne excellent progress running the ball
dawgonit0207 Peyton "KaBoom" Hillis is a BEAST. Hats off to the whole team for gutting out this win!
Hillis runs like a man possesed! Ward hits like truck! Stuckey made some nice catches when we needed them. Vickers, well without him, Hillis gets maybe 43 yrds. Roth for the sack. Fujita for the block.



hegemonic Great hit...
dawgbown Seneca Wallace almost threw another pick six..but seems to be learning to throw it away when nothing is there.
OutlawJesseJ T.O.-for all those fantasy points, but still allowing the Browns to win. Btw, you still have b.o..
Erica Womangini for the ballsy call to take the penalty on 3rd down and thus putting the begals out of FG position. One of the first play to win calls I have seen out of him.

Also I for one LOVED TJ Ward's hit, about time this def got some tooughness.

Vickers also deserves as much love as Hillis for his dominating game.
TxBrownsGuy Bringing the lumber again...Defensive ROTY!
sargent3 The Oline did a commendable job..
Coleman's performance coming off a week of injury induced missed practice was a remarkable accomplishment!
gcrandall Reggie Hodges punted well and the offensive line played well as a whole
Tough to leave some guys out. Could have also given one to Fujita, Watson, or Stuckey.
WhoFartedinhere Coleman was a beast. Fujita finally showed up, and Roth was a force to close the game out.
lenke08 Peyton Juggernaut hillis again for his beastly run. Kenyon coleman thank you for your career day. ALso a big game ball to phil dawson because without his field goals we would of not won the game.
DixieDawg Sustaining drives = wins.
Solid running and run blocking gave us the victory. Great defensive play by NFL Journeymen Fujita, and Coleman.
Ward rules
Number1BrownsFan Rodgers for commanding constant double and triple-teams; Hillis for his energy, big plays, and big hits, Ward for being the only good player we have in our secondary.
Between Hillis and Ward, we sent three Bungals to the locker room. Any chance we can clone them? Hillis is averaging 4.9 yards a if only we had a WR or two.
TJ reminds of the saftey play from the great teams of the '90's
You don't even have his name listed. What game did you watch?
idrthrbncleve For the blocked field goal, Fujita deserves a vote.
egillen Gotta give Moore credit for his first TD and Daboll coached/called a good game.
Shrooney Can I give Hardesty another gameball?? When you're running the ball gotta give a shout out to the o-line and the FB.
shegalofus Pork Chop recovering the fumble was awesome. It was the first time I screamed Pork Chop. Hopefully not the last.
Er !


Fan Goathorn Comments
jaydawg74 The secondary for giving up all the yards to palmer and owens.
alaskanbrownsfan Eric him for a high school football player...we will get the better end of that...he has to go and go now!
brownsclown Eric Wright is the new toast. He played better than last week but not alot. I listed T.J. Ward because his cheap high hit cost the Browns alot. Where has Massaquoi gone. I thought he would be a major contribator but he has not. I hope he picks it up, we need him badly.
Rob Ryan's gotta learn to lay off the blitzing when nobody gets to the QB and a washed up WR reaches 200+ yards because of it.
Mangini needs to order Rob Ryan to bench Eric Wright. The guy's becoming a real embarrassment! I'll bet Benny Boy's drooling over the change to throw at this crew when he returns.
I cannot believe that TJ WARD is receiving as much hate as he is ... if he were named reed or polamolu his hit would be sportscenter #1 ...

And as much as daboll did enough to get the win ... why cant we score points when we need them in the second half? Like it or not ... the defense did enough for us to win plus more.
Did I mention Eric "Toasty" Wright and the entire "Toasty" defensive secondary?
ghostwolf You would think Stuckey would have learned by now not to bat the ball up when he can't catch it.
Mr. wright,

At least you only gave up onley 1 TD this time... with only 220 pluss yards on your side...I would give up much more with my age and lack of pure tallent. I never played on the pro level. I love the Browns and I think our loyal fans do too... Mr. Wright please do better for us...

561-876-3911 cell
TpostDawg I'm start to feel sorry for Wright, he'll need to man up
if he is going to make to next year.
Walldog We need a #1 WR.........BAD!!!
totheend Stop Blitzing so much when we need those safeties in coverage!
houndfromhell Rob Ryan just about destroyed Eric Wrights career in 2 weeks. Bengals were
playing like the secondary was all pre schoolers.
Dabol still played to not lose, almost blew it in the 4th quater. Thats
1 3rd down made for the Browns in the 4 games now in the 4th quater. That 3 rd down they convertated was today.
Still, players make plays, only to turn the ball over before the play is whistled dead. WOW, What a awsome 5 yard catch from our #1 W.R.Mo Mass. He`s
bad. Why did Dabol never call up Evan Moores # again after his T.D.? Was he scared he may get hurt, or what?
Has Jerome Harrison quit on the Browns?
Have the Browns quit on Jerome Harrison?
Please someone that can get close to Dabol, explain to him, he can call plays for other players other than just,Hillis
Stunkey, and Watson. And does he forget alot that Cribbs is on this team?
He hardly gets the ball to him. Also, let him know, its not a penality to have your Q.B. run with the football past the line of scrimage. Not sure hes aware of that little tid bit. Love the win, but it seems the Bengals were kind of just going thru the motions. A ugly win, but it still counts as a win, so congrates
to all the Browns players and coaches.
1 win down and 12 more needed.
SEOhioBrowns fans where dead today .............
eryze19 If I ever have to listen to that arse Gannon cheerlead for another team against the Browns I'll go nuts.
dp10451 Only thing I could find to complain about is Wright's play. Wasn't as bad as last week, but he still wasn't himself. C'mon Eric, pick it up a little bit.
Brian Daboll almost cost us points before the 1st half. That 2 minute offense was the epitome of "pulling it out of your ass (butt)." That was HORRIBLE. They are lucky they completed the long pass, otherwise no points.
Entire coaching staff. With the right game plan and adequate coaching, the Browns, in every game,should have won every game. We lose by just an average of 4 points per game; and we win by just 3. No killer instinct on this coaching staff and team, which is the trademark of the Steelers and Ravens.
rutger Hey it's our first win. No goats.

Correction Rich Gannon sucks as an announcer.
DAWGDC MoMass can't catch a cold. Eric Wright is shell-shocked!!!!! Rob Ryan needs to learn how to disguise his blitzes a whole lot better than they are now!!!
Elam gets a goat for once again not being even mentioned once in any game story or blog. Is the man even on the field?
cbrowns44 Can't we find more ways to get Cribbs the ball? Maybe more creativity in the passing game?? Hint, Reverse, halfback pass, hook & ladder, running back pitch back to QB who throws long!!! IT WORKS!!
Mark Zickefoose T.O. and C.O. have B.O.? - hell, it knocked Sheldon Brown to the ground and kept our DBs away all day long - where was the Old Spice guy when he was needed?
chowdogg none
Irishjt Eric Wright- He continues to play terrible. He would make a street free agent WR look like Jerry Rice.
no goats today. great game.
Big Baby needs to practice and stay healthy or get back on the bus to Detroit
No goats today...we win!!!
Bereado This week, all the whiney fans calling for the coaching staffs heads can shut-up.
vadawglb Barton is just to old and slow.

Daboll forgot how effective the play-action pass was and it almost cost us.

Ryan's defensive play calling is starting to get to predictable and very questionable with all the CB blitzes.
Bad off. play calling.Bad QB but a win.
EFERG7265 TO-Ocho-Cinco enough said. I'm sure TO is happy for another week, he caught 10 in a loss
SpectreDawgTalk 200 yards receiving for a 36 year old T.O.? Since when did we replace Eric with Kenny Wright? Someone please bring back our underrated blanket corner. Also, I love T.J. Ward's energy and enthusiasm, but you cannot commit a penalty like that in the end zone when the pass has already fallen incomplete... gotta use your head kid. (no, the terrible pun was not intended)
dawgonit0207 No Browns Goathorns this week. Great team effort. Daboll kept them guessing, the offense looked improved and the defense was resilient
We have a 7th overall pick not starting. Either they dropped the ball on Haden or Wright has a picture of Mangini screwing a goat! Eric Wright can not cover. Dabol started the bad play calling again at the start of the 4th.



Massaquoi - where are you?
hegemonic ...but, like or hate the rule, need to have some awareness of it.

Also TO has BO.
dawgbown Terrell Owens made Sheldon Brown look old, Brown needs to start sliding to safety because Abe Elam is ALWAYS late.
LeCharles Bentley for complaining that Harrison isnt getting enough touches, did he even watch Hillis murder the bengals?
sargent3 Cant give up 220 yard to a receiver
Wright got torched again, he's going to continue to get picked on as long as he keeps getting burned. Is Massaquoi still on the team? T.O. still has B.O.
WhoFartedinhere T.O.'s B.O. was so bad the Eric Wright couldn't stay within 10 yards of him. It also had an effect on Sheldon Brown.

lenke08 The tv announcers i feel do not have any love for the cleveland browns. Also the officiating crew you need to do better. That hit with TJ ward look closer his shoulder hit shipley and shipley before the hit bent his head foreward. WE can blame palmer lol. Also braylon you suck for catching passes in NY cant wait to see you in cleveland where tj ward can get a piece of you.
cav50 We won! do we really need any?!
DixieDawg Tennessee Vols. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
To coach Mangini: How many times can you run Hillis before he breaks? Where is Harrison? Why didnt you address the need at receiver in the off or pre season? If Hillis breaks do you really think you can win throwing check downs and running Harrison or Davis? Why is Wright useless against elite receivers?
Drank the D.A. medicine leaving Shipley out to dry- then had the moxy to get in Wards face about it.
Number1BrownsFan Besides Ward, everybody in our secondary sucked.
I cannot wait for Bricklon Edwards to meet Mr. Ward. Someone with a connection to the Browns organization needs to show Ward the hit Russel laid on OchoStinko with the intent of him duplicating the hit on Bricklon.
switch 23 to 21
idrthrbncleve Rob Ryan could deserve a goathorn just because he is leaving Eric Wright alone and Wright is getting torched. It's one thing to be aggressive, its another to be stupid. As far as Daboll is concerned, despite the win, I still think he chokes and the man refuses to milk a successful play. After Moore caught the TD, I knew, as did everyone else, that we would never throw to him again.
Shrooney refreshing beer gave me a hangover.
shegalofus TJ Ward hits Shipley and gets flagged but Pete Rose hits Ray Fosse in an All Star Game and that was hustle ?????? Nice Aiport Kentucky !
I'm still pissed !!!!

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