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Here are the assembled commentaries of some "winners" of the 2002 Commentate-Off!

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Crispy Commentary
Somewhere in Northumbria (11/06/02)
Some Things I've Been Thinking About (9/14/02)
Man in a Suitcase (9/7/02)
A Year of Weirdness (8/08/02)
Owners Aren't the Only Ones to Blame (6/09/02)

Cornflakes Commentary
What's in a Name? (9/14/02)
You Were Expecting the '89 Niners? (8/05/02)
I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (6/24/02)

The's a Gleam, Men
Danimal Commentary
It Wasn't Supposed to Be Like This (10/14/02)
The Courtney Conundrum (9/04/02)
A Purely Objective Analysis of all AFC North Teams (8/16/02)
The Longest Yard: For Love of Money (6/11/02)

About Danimal
Born at an early age, Danimal's story is one of resiliency and overcoming the odds. When he was just 9 years old, his parents and younger brother were eaten alive by a wild pack of alligators. As a result of this tragedy, Danimal was left to care for his troglodytic older brother. Bouncing from foster home to foster home, Danimal used his considerable survival skills to care for himself and his older brother, with Danimal eventually going to college and his older brother enrolling in a traveling freak show. Danimal now lives in Lawrence, KS, and was recently named one of the 40,000 hottest guys in Lawrence. He is also the head of an Italian crime family, which is odd because Danimal is neither Italian nor a criminal.


Oracle Commentary
Anatomy of a Browns Fan (10/17/02)
Longevity and the Diminishing Superstar (9/18/02)
Life, Football, and Mortality (9/12/02)
The Oracle's Preseason Perspective (8/13/02) 
Awakenings (8/04/02)
City of Angels, Visions of Hell (6/9/02)

About the Oracle
My name is The Oracle. I was born two score and two years past at the start of the Browns' season in a place where human life has little value... Youngstown. At an early age I discovered my ability to tell people their business far more effectively than they could ever manage on their own. I have been selflessly sharing that gift with the immediate world ever since. You're welcome.

Tommy Stiletto Commentary
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up  (12/12/02)
Saints or Browns: No Contest (11/21/02)
I'm Right About the Offensive Line! (11/07/02)
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up (10/25/02)
Ask Tommy! (10/14/02)
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up! (9/28/02)
The Quarterbacks (9/10/02)
Finding Those That Stink (8/24/02)
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up (8/16/02)
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up (8/04/02)
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up (6/21/02)


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