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Gamblers Oddly Not Betting on Browns
Barry McBride on October 16th, 2010 AT 12:03 AM

It must be bad public relations. The Browns need new branding, I guess. Whatever the reason, not a lot of gamblers are betting on our local heroes to win it all, and the odds are getting longer against the orange and brown.

According to, the Browns Super Bowl odds have fallen to 500-to-1, third-worst in the league. Only the Buffalo Bills (1000-1) and Carolina Panthers (750-1) have longer odds of advancing to the NFL’s championship game.

So, adding that up, in eleven years since returning, our Browns have become better than two other teams. That’s five years per team, or thereabouts. At that pace, it will only take 145 more years to become the best team in the NFL. That’s a manageable amount if you’re moving fairly close to the speed of light. I think that can be achieved if one drinks enough coffee.

Therefore, if you drink a lot more coffee, the Browns will win faster. Get to it.

By the way, here are the odds relative to Colt McCoy’s performance:

Colt McCoy – Total Passing Yards Week 6 vs Pittsburgh
Over/Under                    150.5

Colt McCoy – What will he do first Week 6 vs Pittsburgh
Throw a TD Pass           +175
Throw an Interception      -215

Colt McCoy – Completion % Week 6 vs Pittsburgh
Over/Under                    52%


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@clevstrikesback I hope your optimism is rewarded on Sunday!

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Colt McCoy’s tough assignment: You have to feel sorry for Colt McCoy. The former Texas Longhorns QB is making his …

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@Rossitron5 Great to meet you at the conference. Plus, I had 160 people trapped in a room, forced to hear me rant. Ra!

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@ClevelandFrowns @Rossitron5 That’s somewhere between endearing, really funny, and kinda scary.

Brian Daboll Press Conference Transcript, Oct. 15
Don Delco on October 15th, 2010 AT 5:01 PM

Below is the transcript of offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s press conference on Friday, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(On how Colt McCoy has been looking in practice)- "He's done well for two days. That's with no live bullets, but he's done a good job in the huddle with the older veterans. He has an older, veteran offensive line. He's gotten the plays out quickly, he hasn't had any mistakes in that regard. He's been really pushing the envelope in terms of getting to the line of scrimmage, so he can identify some things. Particularly with this defense, it's a pain in the butt. He's had a good mindset and he's played football for quite some time at a pretty high level in college. Granted it's not college, but he's got a little bit of something about him running the huddle for the first time these first three practices that we've had."

(On if McCoy has been embracing the moment of being the starter)- "Being a third string guy, he took it upon himself to prepare like he was going to play each and every week when the chances were kind of remote that he probably wouldn't. His mindset has always been good. He asks a ton of questions in the meetings, he's asking Seneca (Wallace), he's asking Jake (Delhomme), He's asking Carl (Smith). He's got his shot. This is, obviously, what he's always dreamt of, that he's wanted. He's been the guy at Texas and coming in where he came in, I think he's excited about the opportunity. It didn't seem too big for him out there where there were stars in eyes. He went out there and practiced. Granted it's practice, but it's the first step. He took control of the guys at the end of practice, which guys were hassling him a little bit early on, and he did it again today, which is a good thing. Now he has got to go out and play well."

(On how much better McCoy is now than he was in the preseason)- "Time will tell. In practices, he's been better. Those preseason games early on and as you get going later in those quarters, it's difficult sometimes. Not just where he's playing, but you have got a lot of guys around you that haven't played together and certain things. Each week, he's progressed. This is the week he's had his opportunity out there on the field pretty much every play in practice. He's rolling with it."

(On if there was ever any doubt that McCoy would embrace his opportunity when he got it)- "No, I just think when you haven't done it or he hasn't really experienced it. He's been thrown in a few times here to there in between practices because one of the games, he could have been the backup guy. To go through the whole practice and to be the guy, I think it's kind of a wait and see approach when you go out there on a practice field. In terms of his mindset and understanding things, he's a pretty sharp guy. Hopefully that translates on Sunday for him."

(On how playing McCoy limits him as an offensive coordinator)- "I think you try to put together the best plan you can for the quarterback to be as successful as he can be. He has full understanding of all of the plays we have run up to this point. We have a package each week in case something would happen for him, plays that he really feels comfortable with. It's pretty expansive, it's not just a little list because he is pretty sharp. Now, it's go time. The lights are on, he's facing the number one defense in the league. How he responds on Sunday, I'm hoping it will be well."

(On if it is unrealistic to expect Mike Bell to step in and play well)- "I don't think it's unrealistic. I think what you need to do when you get a player than comes in in that timeframe is you need to put together a package for him to really comprehend and understand. In terms of the whole entire play book and all of the plays we have got in, it probably won't be that. There will be a number of plays that he can translate what he did in the past. New Orleans is a little bit similar to this place, in terms of the play calls that can help him. He came from Philadelphia, where I know some of the terminology he used. He's a sharp guy. He's meeting with Gary (Brown) as we speak right now and today he did pretty well not making many mental mistakes for his second practice."

(On what fans can expect to see from McCoy's skill set)- "I think the number one thing he does well is he's an accurate passer. He's been accurate this week, on point. He's sharp, he works the field, he knows his progressions, he can throw on the move, he can throw in the pocket and I'm excited for him. It's going to be a tough challenge, no question. He knows this, I know this, everybody knows it. He's excited about it and what better way than to start out against the Pittsburgh Steelers for him."

(On what he has told McCoy specifically about Troy Polamalu)- "That he's (darn) good. He needs to know where he is. He's a top-notch safety in the league, he's been that way for a long time. He plays within their defense, but he can get you if you're just staring guys down, looking right at them. He has exceptional ball skills, he's good at the line of scrimmage, he's good in the deep part of the field. He's just a guy that he needs to be aware of pretty much the entire game."

(On what he saw on film of Joe Thomas getting beat on offense)- "Abraham, he got a couple times right down the middle of him. Explosive guy and we talked about it a couple times last week with Abraham. It wasn't like it was guy that was just kind of off the radar, you're talking about Abraham who's a dynamic pass rusher and I'm sure Joe will be the first to admit it he didn't play exactly how he wanted to play each snap and Abraham got him a couple times on some power rushes."

(On James Harrison)- "He's an explosive shorter guy, he's a speed to power guy, he's got an array of pass rush moves and him and Joe (Thomas) have had some good battles the last two years that they've played them. Joe's got to be on point with his technique, he's got to be ready for him to go ahead and try to bullover him. I think Joe will respond well this week against a dynamic rusher again for them. Usually that's what he sees every week is those types of guys."

(On if the size issue of a quarterback is over played)- "I think each quarterback is unique, some guys are real tall and get it done, and some guys are shorter. (Drew) Brees he's not the biggest guy, when I was at New England we had (Doug) Flutie who was kind of a shorter guy and does different things to create throwing lanes. I think if you're a quarterback and you can handle pressure, and you make the right reads, move in the pocket, and not get worried about the people around you and keep your eyes down the field or you can't."

(On Seneca Wallace doing well before his injury)- "He's been doing a really nice job. It's a shame, I feel terrible for him because he's really progressed I think. He's got over 100 attempts, I think he's got his highest quarterback rating that he's had yet, he's a good leader, he's got a good arm, he's live, he can move, it just was frustrating that that happened to him because I thought that he was doing a good job of moving the football team. Good leader, happy we have him and hopefully he'll be ready to go as soon as he can."

(On if there is an emphasis on trying to return back to the running game that they had against Baltimore and Cincinnati)- "It's emphasized each week, the running game. I think that that's the thing that helps us get going. They got us last week, they played a better game, their speed up front, their movement, they got us. This week we go back to work and we're still going to try to be known as a run pound it out type of offense, that's efficient in the passing game, that helps the quarterback out. We put a premium out on it each week and this week's no different but we've been running it some."

(On how Peyton Hillis coming in and out of the game affected the run scheme)- "He's your bell cow, the guy you go to and we were talking on the sideline in and out, ‘Hey I need something here, I need a little break here, I need a little break here,' and his rhythm probably wasn't where it needed to be. He came out the first play he hurdled the guy then we put it on the ground gave him the ball back and then we got a couple more runs going and came back out. I'd like to try to get him into a flow, god willing. He's ready to roll."

Rob Ryan Press Conference Transcript, Oct. 15
Don Delco on October 15th, 2010 AT 4:14 PM

Below is the transcript from defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s press conference on Friday, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(On how they sacked Ben Roethlisberger eight times last year and if he is still as vulnerable)- "We'd like to duplicate that if we could. That's tough, we're lucky to tackle the guy eight times, he's a hard guy to tackle. I know he hasn't been playing this year but it's unfortunate he had to come back our week. It's great the young man paid his dues and came back to his team. I'm sure they're excited about that and we're looking forward to getting after a good football team and a great player."

(On if the Steelers are going to ease Ben Roethlisberger back in)- "This guy is no rookie. He's been playing a long time, he's been a Pro Bowler for a long time so if they liked something in the passing game, which I'm sure they will, I'm sure they'll be airing it out. Their running game is doing a good job. I think (Mike) Tomlin's real happy with the way his team's playing probably and we're excited about going in there. One thing I've been here in Cleveland now for two games against Pittsburgh and after we beat them I really see how big this game is and we're not going to let the fans down we're ready to go in there and get after them."

(On Pittsburgh will try to run the ball more against them)- "No, I think they can run the ball against anybody. I think against Pittsburgh you always have to be prepared to stop the run that's just who they are, that's their team, that's their town, that's their identity. The big thing is you can't go to sleep on a Pro Bowl quarterback. They averaged 400 yards a game last year on offense pretty much and I think he had about 500 yards passing the first time they played us. We're ready to go against them we've worked hard and we're looking forward to it."

(On why Shaun Rogers isn't as dominate this year)- "Shaun's had injuries, nagging injuries and I'm sure it's one of those things that once he gets healthy, we all know what a dominate player he can be when he's healthy. We look forward to when we get that opportunity and hopefully it's week. I'm not real sure if it is because he hasn't been practicing all that much but obviously he is one of the premier players in the league when he's healthy and right and we're looking forward to getting that big fellow in the middle.

(On how difficult it is not having the whole defensive line in practice each week)- "In practice the thing is you practice who you have. It'd be a lot tougher in the games if all guys were missing. I remember when my father coached the defensive line in Minnesota and he had the Purple People Eaters and they never actually practiced until Saturday and that was when they brought their kids to practice, but they'd raise (heck) on Sunday. It's unfortunate we have injuries if these guys were just veterans that would be one thing but it is the injuries so you aren't getting the guy full strength when he does come back. We make do with what we have and last year taught me a lot. It taught me that the next guy stands up and goes in, if you pick them off of the streets or where ever it is you got to field 11 out there. The nice thing about us is we have guys that really want to play that are tough guys and whoever is out there we're going to put them in there and they're going to have to be tough this week."

(On their red zone defense)- "If you just trace the history of it my group has always done great in the red zone. The way I like to look that is, I take that as a challenge as a coach because it's at the end of the week and if you look at me I'm not going to win any beauty contests but I know one thing I can work. I see that as preparation number one, so when people are sleeping on whatever night that is Thursday night or Friday night, I'm working. The one thing that I'm going to do is work and we're going to prepare and that's the day of preparation in my mind first starts with preparation. Then obviously it's execution and the players and the players' belief in what you do. We have excellent football players here on defense, we have smart guys and if we change a lot in the red zone they have to do a great job and change and that's what we do. A lot of times there's some games that we play different things and others that we play a completely different ways. I think that comes out to a lot of things and to me as a coach I think it's preparation number one because I've been around a long time and I've seen guys leave the office but I'm not one of them."

(On if he would coach his defense any differently against a rookie quarterback)- "I think you would coach differently, I think you'd coach to go get that guy especially if that young man is making a start like ours is. I really like Colt McCoy. I've seen him light our defense up now for three weeks so it's good to have him actually play against somebody else. A young man is exciting to me but I'd be lying if you don't go after a young quarterback, of course you do."

(On if he will coach the Browns defense any differently with having McCoy at quarterback)- "No, I'm not going to coach our defense any different. As a coordinator on defense, you have just prepare for the opponent as best you can and that's what we'll do. They have so much talent over there on offense and they're really well coached and they've got a lot of great veteran players that we have to worry about our business. In the NFL, you always plan on, if you're a defensive coordinator, it being a low scoring game. Then you get in some and it's like woo it was a high scoring game. You can never really tell what's going to happen, you just want your players to play the best that they can and keep you in every game."

(On what he likes about McCoy)- "I think the guy's a leader. I think he's mature. The way you look at him, he doesn't look like much but I think he's a mature kid. I think he's a competitive guy and I'm excited to watch him get out there and play. You've got to play sometime. Now there would be easier starts than playing the number one defense and Dick LeBeau but this kid will probably do great."

(On Rashard Mendenhall)- "First of all the guy was a rookie, his first game was against Ray Lewis and Baltimore and he got his shoulder broke from a hit, that's a hard hit. That can slow down anyone's progress. This year you see the guy they drafted. The dynamic speed, the ability to cut and bounce balls out that don't look like much and then to be able to hit them outside and then also the great cut back ability. He's a tremendous football player like he was in college. He can catch the football and obviously he can really run it. He's got good toughness. I like the way he's playing and usually those young guys they do develop the second year. Again, he had a hard start there when you break your shoulder as a runner I'm sure that's kind of a difficult deal."

(On the big run that against Atlanta)- "That 55-yarder, that hurt because we had been playing solid football there and then he hits that big run. The one thing you saw was an unbelievable effort on Abe Elam to go bring him down. He got run over, got up and then tracked him down and they missed a field goal. Yes, that's disappointing any time you let a big play like that go out in the middle of your defense is not what we're looking for. It's a simple mistake but good players make them look bad, make a simple mistake go a long ways. He's a fine player and at the end of the game we weren't real happy with how we closed it out. We were trying to tackle the ball and it led to just really poor tackling and with a big back like that he can roll through you pretty good and he did. He's just a good player."

(On if their defense has gotten better facing such good quarterbacks week after week)- "Yes, I think so. I think anytime you play a similar style offense I always use a line, just peel the decal off and we're playing the same team. There are a lot of similarities between Atlanta and Pittsburgh. (Mike) Mularkey was with this system for a long time. There are definitely a lot of similarities with the plays, with the formations, how they form them and then ironically the quarterback. I think Roethlisberger is a fierce competitor and sometimes that gets him in trouble where he'll stay in that pocket and he'll stand up there big and tall and dare somebody to come in there and hit him, but then he'll pump the ball 64 times and then finally throw it. I see Roethlisberger I don't think he can play catch because he pumps it every time, okay here go for a pass. The guy's phenomenal, the guys a winner and he came in the league winning and he keeps winning. I know we're going to get their best shot but I know but I really believe they are going to get our best shot too."

Browns-Steelers Injury Report, Oct. 15
Don Delco on October 15th, 2010 AT 3:55 PM

Game Status:



QB Jake Delhomme, ankle
DL Robaire Smith, back
OL John St. Clair, ankle
QB Seneca Wallace, ankle

DL Kenyon Coleman, knee
RB Peyton Hillis, thigh
DL Shaun Rogers, elbow
TE Robert Royal, shoulder
DB Nick Sorensen, calf
OL Floyd Womack, knee

WR Josh Cribbs, ankle
DB Abram Elam, knee
OL Alex Mack, shoulder
OL Joe Thomas, shin






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Colt Ready to Fire: While Eric Mangini will not come out and say Colt McCoy is starting Sunday in Pittsburgh, he h…

Mangini Press Conference Transcript, Oct. 15
Don Delco on October 15th, 2010 AT 2:19 PM

Below is a transcript of coach Eric Mangini’s Friday press conference, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. The guys that won't be practicing today will be the two quarterbacks and John St. Clair. We've just got to see on Robaire (Smith), but everybody else should be out there today. What we're doing today we're just following our progression so we're moving into the red zone. We do red zone, goal line, review first, second and third down package and just follow our normal procedure. I thought Colt (McCoy) had another good day of practice, I thought Brett (Ratliff) had a good day of practice. Mike (Bell), I thought he picked up things pretty quickly. With guys who have been in the league, a lot of times they just have to associate it with something that they've done before and that's what he was going through the process of yesterday during practice. After practice same thing, either apply the things he did in Denver, New Orleans or Philadelphia so it's association more than flat out new learning. There's some new learning, don't get me wrong, but a lot of it is that process. He's worked quite a bit with Gary (Brown) and Brian (Daboll) and got him his book last night so we'll so how he is today, but my expectation is that he'll get up to speed pretty quickly."

(On who will start at quarterback on Sunday)- "The lean is a little heaver to Colt (McCoy). We'll go through today but he's done well these few days. I'm pleased with what I've seen."

(On if he can rule Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace out)- "I'm not going to officially rule them out. I've learned a lot about high ankle sprains, more than I ever wanted to know and the one thing I've learned is it's just day to day seeing where it is so I wouldn't rule them out yet."

(On Peyton Hillis' status)- "I think the two days of work that we've done off the field has helped push him along and he'll get out there today. My expectation is he'll be ready to go on Sunday."

(On if there is anything Mike Bell won't be able to pick up with the game plan before Sunday)- "My hope is that he'll be comfortable with everything but there will be certain things that we'll have him concentrate more on and try to gear his participation to those things. Gary (Brown) will keep working with him, we'll do a lot more extra work today, we did it yesterday, we'll do some more tomorrow pre and post practice, at the hotel, do everything we can to just accelerate the process. Then we will also be very mindful of when he's in and what things he's in to do, an expansive enough package so he can do the things we need him to do but not so great that he's not effective at anything."

(On if it is easier for a running back to learn a new system than for other positions)- "I think it depends on who you ask. I'm sure running backs would say no, I'm sure quarterbacks would say yes, DBs may say yes. I've had this before where we've gotten defensive backs off the street on Thursday and they've played on Sunday. Troy Brown, when we transitioned him to DB, he had done some work in training camp but it was a whole new position and then we suddenly needed him. I think we got him right in a day to go in and do certain things. Some of it depends on the guy, how quickly he learns, how much experience he has. It's a long answer but it does depend on the person, the experience and the package that they're expected to learn."

(On Joe Thomas' season)- "Joe goes against the best pace rusher typically every single week and he's done a good job week in and week out. He's played well against Pittsburgh in the past and he's played well against a lot of good players in the past. My feeling about Joe is that he'll do a great job this week. It's not just James Harrison, he'll get a combination of rushers over there and they're all going to be good and I expect that he'll do a great job."

(On if the blocking on kick returns for Joshua Cribbs is as good as it was last year)- "There were some kicks that Cribbs returned last year that the blocking wasn't exactly stellar, he just sort of made it look better, so that becomes a component of it. We are trying to get that group as tight as we possibly can and they work hard. It's important to them and everybody understands what a weapon he is and it's important to Josh. There's a commitment and we're going to continue to improve it. Teams are doing a lot of things to prevent us from doing the things that we want to do and we're trying to respond and hurt them enough that when they do those things so that they have to make a decision. We've got a lot of improvement that can make and that was the case last year. There was, I thought, improvement throughout the season in our punt returns and our kickoff returns. Josh over time has made people miss that two guys don't block, that three guys don't block and he makes them miss so it's a combination."

(On why it has taken so long for teams to decide not to kick it to Cribbs)- "I don't know but you're always happy when they decide to because you've got a chance. Sometimes you've got to cover, sometimes you've got to kickoff and cover and you've got to have faith in the guys that go down that they're going to do a good job. Then what he have to do is make them pay."

(On if it is good to have different types of running backs to have a change of pace)- "I think Peyton (Hillis) can do a lot of different things he's been effective on outside runs, he's been effective on inside runs. To me it's not necessarily the pace as much as it is our ability to consistently gain positive yards in the running game, and to use that not only to move the chains but to wear down the defense, to set a tone, to be able to set up the passing game, in a lot of ways too to force guys down the box to deal with the running game. You like it when they tackle your running back and they're going backwards and they're absorbing blows and that wears on you after a while defensively. Every time you go to tackle that guy you've got to make a decision, that decision gets harder later in the game, colder, things like that."

(On why the Browns won't sign Phil Dawson to a long term contract)- "All that contract stuff, that's great for Tom (Heckert) and Mike (Holmgren) to talk to them about that. They would probably be the best guys, they handle that."

(On Phil Dawson)- "I think Phil's done a great job and I really like Phil. I've gotten to know Phil pretty well. Often times we work out at the same time so we talk a lot about family and stuff beyond just player-coach and I enjoy him. The things that he's done as a Cleveland Brown have been exceptional. I'm looking forward to him breaking the record here this weekend. I want all touchdowns but a field goal mixed in, game-winner would be a nice way to break the record. I'm looking forward to him doing that."

(On if there has been a change in Colt McCoy this week)- "I don't know if it's as much of a change in who he is as it is a change in his opportunity to show who he is. He's a young guy and as the third guy you're not necessarily going to be out in front a lot of times, you just don't have those chances. This week he's had those chances and he's done well with it. I don't see that as being a switch of who he's always been, it's just now he's able to do those things that he's done for a long time. There's a real comfort, he's very comfortable in that role which is apparent."

(On if it's hard for a young quarterback with all veteran players in the huddle)- "I think guys are going to listen to you if they know that you can lead them. I don't think leadership is based on age or experience or any of those things. It's based on whether or not you want to follow that person, whether or not he merits you wanting to follow him. Quarterbacks tend to have that ability to get those around them to really want to charge when they say charge, regardless of age or experience or any of the other factors."

(On what physical skills fans can expect to see from McCoy)- "I think he's an accurate passer and he's efficient, I like both of those things. In terms of the opportunities to throw down the field, he has thrown down the field, but it's not going to be a function of forcing the ball anywhere. You can't force the ball into spots against this defense, you can't do it. There are too many opportunities when you do that for them to make big plays. You have just got to be smart and you've got to make good decisions and you've got to go to the open player and make good reads and do a good job of controlling the defense with your eyes and understanding what's happening. Those are the things that I expect from him."

(On if Troy Polamalu can do what he wants defensively based on what he reads from the quarterback)- "It doesn't look to me like he's doing what he wants as much as he's disguising what he's supposed to do. Very rarely does he miss an assignment, but he's going to do everything he can to make sure you don't know what assignment he has. That's a great thing from a player because it makes it hard to decipher what he really has. Is he really down there, is it Cover 3, a Cover 4, is he blitzing? You just don't know because he makes a lot of it look the same. Then he's got excellent instincts where he may be in coverage, but he feels it going somewhere else and he comes out of the coverage and makes a play. That comes with instincts and confidence, and he has both of those things. He will make some plays even though that's not his assignment. He hasn't left his assignment, he just read it at the break and makes some unbelievable plays."

(On if he tells McCoy to focus on what he has to do, not what Polamalu might do)- "Yes, you have got to go with what you see and be confident in what you see and make sure you're not telegraphing your intentions. You have just got to be definitive, you have got to be confident, you have got to go with it and what you don't want to do is hold things or telegraph things, then it becomes hard. Really, Polamalu, Ed Reed, get used to it in this division."

(On his relationship with Abram Elam)- "Abe is a fantastic guy. I have so much respect for him. When he became available, Bill Parcells actually called and said, ‘Hey, this guy is out there. You should really take a look at him.' We picked him up and within about a half an hour, I understood exactly why. He's going to be who he is and that's a hard working guy, that's a guy that cares about his team and that's a guy that communicates really well. He was at a new team and he was being him and it wasn't about him fitting in, it was about him helping, contributing right away. It's rare to see that from a guy right away, but he's comfortable with who he is. Who he is, he should be comfortable with that because he's such a good person. I've seen a lot of development from him professionally as well, where gets better each year. I'm really always impressed with the things that he does in the community and Abe has come from a difficult situation. He's overcome a lot of challenges to become the person that he is."

(On if he was concerned about Elam when he had initially heard about his background)- "I did a lot of research on him. Whether it was Bill, I worked with his college coach in New England and had experience there and I've gotten to know him. The things I know about him, I really like and believe in."

(On how he expects the Pittsburgh offense to change philosophically with Ben Roethlisberger back)- "I don't think there's going to be a philosophical shift in what they do offensively. They're pretty consistent with what they do offensively. How much of the different things that they do may change percentage-wise or numbers-wise, but he takes a good offense and makes it better."

(On if he thinks Pittsburgh will throw the ball more)- "I'm not sure. They've been pretty successful running the ball the way that they have and controlling the clock. It's been a good formula for a long time."

(On if he is counting on the fact that Roethlisberger may have something to prove and make some riskier throws)- "I think he's going to look to help the team win any way he can, I really do. My expectation is that's going to be his priority. It's going to be about helping the team be successful, I really believe that. Whether that means running the ball 40 times and throwing it 10 or vice versa, that's what I expect. I know he'll be very good at what he does and he can create some big, big plays with his arm and with his feet."

(On if he anticipates Peyton Hillis being in and out of the game or if he will be healthier this week)- "I have got to see him practice here today, but my expectation is he'll play and be available to play the whole game if we need him to. That's what I expect."

(On if he expects Alex Mack and Floyd Womack to be ready to play Sunday)- "Yes."

10:37 AM

Em says everyone should practice fri except two qbs and st clair. Wont officially rule out nor name mccoy official starter.

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