Adkins Tough Qs: Trade Edition

OBR Football Analyst Lane Adkins addresses the Jerome Harrison trade in these latest question from the exclusive Ask The Insiders' forum. Another piece from Adkins on the front office is expected later today.

Below are a compiled list of questions from OBR insiders and answers from Lane Adkins in OBR's exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

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Surprised by trade?

brownssouth: Harrison was unhappy and certainly not a favorite of the coaching staff. It seemed that his success(or lack of) depended entirely on getting thru the hole cleanly. Any initial contact and down he went. This has been magnified by the questionable performance of the O line. I'm just wondering if any of the Insiders were surprised by this move?

Adkins' Answer: No, but discussions had not been serious, with the Eagles showing interest and ultimately pulling the trigger due to their issues in the backfield.

A team such as Philadelphia is nearing a desperate state at RB and he fits within their scheme. Harrison is going to be somewhat in the same boat with the Eagles, but he will be dealt with in a straight-up manner.

I know JC, he is going to waltz into Philly and put his best foot forward.

In Cleveland, coming off a very solid late season run in 2009, the RB believed he earned the opportunity to be a feature back.?


Fair trade?

graefscottie: mike bell for jc?

that sounds more than fair?  is it?

Adkins' Answer: Considering the Browns have minimized the value Harrison could have had and it was known that he had fallen out of favor, any deal getting a warm body is almost a positive return.

I had spoken to JC on numerous occasions and was reserved to the notion he would be here for the season and his playing time limited.

To put it bluntly, he is happy as hell to be going to Philadelphia.

Mike Bell has some talent, also has been susceptible to injury. Sounds like a Cleveland type of RB.


Trade confusion

drjordan: I dont get or understand this trade.  We have a proven RB in Harrison, and we trade him for what..?!  Yet another RB?!  Are you kidding me?

Does this regime get it?  We need playmakers, WR, LB's and guys who can make a difference.  And we trade someone who gained ALOT of yeards last year, for another power RB.  This trade make no sense to me at all.  Why not keep him and use him, vs trading for another RB?   If you want to trade him (and we obviuosly wanted to very bad), why not trade him for a freaking position of need.  I mean OMG, are we that clueless?

I was happy we got Holmgren, but his 1st year grade in spiralling downward in my opinion very quickly.

He kept Mangini; which to me was his own 'out' if he failed (poor judgement on his part); and Mangini is FAILING

He has not addressed majot positionsd of need.

Am I way off on my train of thought, or do you see the lack of motivation and intelligence of making this team better NOW!?

Adkins' Answer: Harrison displayed talent, he was not a proven commodity.

I do agree this organization must improve their inability to develop play-maker type talents.

Harrison didn't want to be here any longer, especially after the starting opportunity and playing time became limited. The young man did sulk and did not display the vigor to fight for the role after some difficulty early on.

Actually, the Browns RB position is questionable. As is the case with most of the 2009 rookies in Cleveland, they are relatively unknown in regards to true potential, as playing time remains limited or not utilized.

A good GM, etc seeks to improve the team in any means possible day in and day out.


Disconnect with Harrison

tochigi: Lane said  "Jerome Harrison was basically done here. His disconnect with the staff due to the handling of him was the last straw."

Unfortunately, I think you hit the nail on the head. IOW, his lack of production came from lack of passion because he knew he had been "unfairly" jettisoned. Kind of like, we choose Hillis because he is more blue collar than you.

My question is who holds Mangini responsible for this?  I mean, if a trainer mishandled training a thoroughbred so that it lost its ability to compete, that trainer would soon be out of a job. Isn't this similar to what Mangini and Daboll have done to Harrison?

Why is he allowed to squander our resources?

Adkins' Answer: See, the answer and reasoning behind the lack of utilization of the former Browns RB simply isn't a Mangini issue.

There has been subtle signs since the offseason that Harrison wasn't viewed in the light that those outside the organization would like to believe.

This organization had serious reservations about Harrison's long-term ability and make-up to be a feature back or an RB that can be counted on to make the tough yard.

Not only did the HC have reservations, but the GM and team president. - this I am certain.

So, we are looking at a situation where the decision makers within the organization did not value the talent and services of a RB that played at an extremely high level late in the 2009 season when the opposition knew what was coming and the Browns achieved.

Now, I am not saying the organization blew it with Harrison. JC was in position to show he.belonged, that he was the man and he failed miserably, on and off the field.

It's unfortunate, a team such as the Browns seek playmakers and the organization and player couldn't find a way to evolve coming off their late 2009 season run.


Is Bell a Cleveland-type RB or not?

BrownsBacker: What exactly about him to you makes him sound like a Cleveland type of RB? I haven't seen him do anything since he left Denver and then only for maybe 2 years at the most.

I know we couldn't expect much in return for Harrison but I don't see this guy as anything more than a roster filler for the rest of the year and then he will be looking for work elsewhere.

Am I wrong?

Adkins' Answer: More of a power back and has with injury issues -- those qualities fit this Browns offense like a piece of a puzzle.

Nope, you are not wrong, in my opinion.


Bell's playing time

jeffopolka: Don't know much about him.   Can we expect anything out of him?

Adkins' Answer: With Hillis hobbled, we are likely to see Davis and Vickers at RB.

Bell's availability will be dependent on how quickly he can absorb the change in position responsibility and language between the Philadelphia and Cleveland offensive schemes.

Bell has had some solid moments in game conditions and the Browns did look at him in FA, but the Eagles offer and playoff potential made his decision an easy one.


Zone or power blocking?

dadawg: I thought last year that Harrison's breakthrough came when we changed to a zone blocking scheme. In fact, I know that was stated on several occasions in analysis of the Browns' winning streak and his productivity.

I bring this up because a news article on the trade stated that Harrison would fit better with a Philly's zone blocking scheme and Bell would fit with our power scheme.

So if we are now back at a power blocking scheme, why wasn't Bell signed anyway and Harrison traded before the aseason began?

This stuff is really frustrating.

Adkins' Answer t=6525042

Knowing what I know of Tom Heckert, as he digs in and gets talent in place here that is comparable to teams of success, we should see much less of the indecision and questionable talent procurement.


Why not compensatory pick for Harrison?

johntyler: would we have received a compensatory pick for harrison if we retained him and he left in free agency and would the pick have been higher if we played him and he had some decent stats?
Adkins' Answer: Harrison was a late draft selection that could have played his way into a role of value for the browns.
It would have been dependent on his value, which was minimized and extremely unlikely compensation would have been rewarded.


More trades with Philly?

brownsrthebest04: Hey Lane since we seem to like dealing with Philly any talk of Steinbach getting shipped there? Philly LT Jason Peters is injured and Steiny can play some LT.....hearing anything with his name attached to it?

Adkins' Answer: Not specifically Steinbach, but I am told that the Browns and Eagles have had discussions on and off for a couple weeks.

I don't have any specifics, but the history factor involving Holmgren, Heckert and Reid is being played.

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