Browns-Falcons: Gameballs and Goats

It's Saturday already? Shouldn't someone have posted GBGs by now? I'm gonna have to give myself a goat.

SUMMARY: Peyton Hillis was injured and gutted it out, and got a lot of love. Jake Delhomme was injured and gutted it out and, well, threw two interceptions and got no love. Sorry for the late GB&G posting... I had some traveling late this week that threw everything all higgedly-piggeldy. Which is bad, I think.

Player Gameballs
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 167
Marcus Benard (LB / 58) 91
Seneca Wallace (QB / 6) 73
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 55
Scott Fujita (OLB / 99) 51

Player Goats
Jake Delhomme (QB / 17) 185
Joe Thomas (OT / 73) 134
Brian Daboll (OC) 90
Jerome Harrison (RB / 35) 76
Eric Mangini (HC) 50


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
joe thomas
houndfromhell Brian Dabol
Cooper7 Hillis
GertBFrobe Offensive Line
JSinCT My heart
drumslayer Offense Stinks
chowdogg fujita
BulldogDad Eric Wright
Offensive Coaches
Burcher offensive line
Borwns D Injuries and missing players (MIA)
Tony Pashos
Abe Elam
Abe Elam
Shawn Rogers
mtsames Art and his Baztard son David
Daboll SUCKS!
joe thoman
bill01 Peyton Hillis Jake DELHOMME
Walldog O-line
djw333 Tailgates With Liquor Offensive Line
Randy Lerner for paying Eric Wright,Shaun rogers
dirtydozen Holmgren
dirtydozen Holmgren
Josh Cribbs Jake DelHomme
DawgHowl Defense keep us in this game The Offensive Line
Offensive Line
mtsames Art and his other Baztard what's his name
roscoe2009 Holmgren and Heckert.
Shrooney half a game ball to S. wallace
dawgonit0207 No Browns Game balls for this effort Whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders
fang432 jake d
TxBrownsGuy MoMass/Watson Jerome Harrison...again
eezer Weldon, Lebron
TpostDawg Special Teams No One
Peyton's leg
Brian Daboll
billbrasky09 Sam Malone of Cheers
battershell Defense and Special Teams Our play-CHALLENGE expert
StrobeDog Injuries
TaipeiDawg Seneca Wallace, Eric Wright, Kenyon Coleman
houndfromhell The Defense played well enough to win Eric Mangini and Brian Dabol
Number1BrownsFan fans Injuries
God - Who has choosen to forsake us, giving us, in succession, Butch, Romeo and Mangenius, all for multiple season.
Keith322 Massaquoi finally caught some passes Elam is terrible
WhoFartedinhere Fart Modell
bohns75 Mary Kay Cabot
Mercury529 Bad Luck
josh cribbs' new contract
whole defense wines hard
Albino Rhino Joe "I can't run block" Thomas

Fan Gameball Comments
defense played real well they are old and half our over the hill LBS/DLINE and that will continue to cost us with our offense as bad as it is without hillis and wallace
houndfromhell Eric Barton is simply on freakin fire.
Out of 298 play`s he has played for this team, he actually made a good play.
He now the best defensive player.
My freakin GOD, Robiskie caught a pass, jesus Christ he must be voted offensive player of the week, NO, make that the year.
Brian (the brain) Dabol must be our head coach starting tomorrow. Manginni
hasn`t the ball`s to call the mastermind play`s that this freakin kindergarten reject is calling today.
Chansi Stunkey didn`t suck so bad today.
The defense played a decent game. Scheme was good and pretty well executed. Run D could have been better.
Cooper7 The guy gave absolutely everything he had.
We need to stick with Mangini. Team is improving, just need a stable QB situation and we could challenge for .500 or better next season.
hillis for gutting it out and making that td catch,barton for finally showing up and tackling somebody and benard for his pass rush.
Nice effort by the D today
chowdogg our defense is doing some nice things
BulldogDad Seneca Wallace played very well; his injury was instrumental in the loss. The entire defense deserves a game ball, as does Rob Ryan for an excellent game plan. I also thought Eric Wright was solid today.
Many played well enough to win but really no one deserves a game ball for a game that should of been won. Atlanta didn't look that good to me.
The defense held the entire game and played well. Hillis was tough, but toward the end they should have pounded the ball with Vickers. Thank you Ward for bring the wood every week.
The defense played well most of the game and only had a few mental breakdowns that led to the TD pass or the long runs.

The fans deserve a game ball for putting up with this BS for year after year.
dp10451 Hillis is still a beast, even when injured. The "D" performed very well and were impressive. Wright finally broke out of his slump and played the way we knew he could.
mtsames Losers get nothing
Aside from a couple of big plays, the Browns' defense really played well enough for a win, if they had any semblance of an offense.
jaydawg74 Dawson, Benard, Coleman.
rutger Wallace gets one bacause i really believe that if he doesn't get injured that he and the team would have won their second game.
The entire defense gets one, even with Wright, but trying showing a little class as well as self disapline dude. You sucked two weeks in a row coming up to this one don't strut your crap when you finally do make a play.

Massaquoi for at least catching the ball, but it's the pro's, there's no excuse for not attempting to drag that foot.
The defense played well and provided an opportunity to win. Either give them a game-ball or buy them a drink. They certainly deserve it.
DawgHowl Peyton Hillis: He gets one for gutting it out and playing through a tough injury. He just gives an all out effort on every play even when he is fighting through an injury.

Entire Defense: They kept The Browns in the game and came up with some big stops that set the offense up with great opportunities to win this game.

Seneca Wallace: played really well when he was in there, was accurate with his throws and made good decisions. Its unfortunate he went out with an injury. I think if he stays in the game, the Browns would of won this one.
Wallace should start. Where is Harrison?


Shrooney The legend of Peyton Hillis grows... the Yucks had Alstott we have Hillis!

Coleman and Hillis playing through injuries making plays... can't question the dedication and will

Wright decent game after a horrific one.
dawgonit0207 Wait till next year. Ha!
TxBrownsGuy For actually getting in the action today.
ddubia Congrats to Phil Dawson! It will take another decade of the futility of settling for field goals to for a kicker to break Dawson's end of this season record.
billbrasky09 Sam Malone got all the ladies, but in the end he was just looking for true love.
oldergoat Wallace had a great game going until hurt!
StrobeDog Hillis is the epitome of a football player. Dinged up, he was busting ass every play and he plays with emotion that other players on this team need to follow.

I thought that Rob Ryan had a nice defensive game plan going. The DBs did a much better job in coverage during the blitzes. A week after the Falcons put up 40+ points, the defense kept the Browns in the game.

Wallace was having a very nice game going before the injury. Just wonder what the outcome would have been had he not got hurt.
TaipeiDawg Might as well just set up an auto-gameball-select for Peyton Hillis and save everyone the trouble of manually selecting him week after week.
Stuckey is actually showing something. I wouldn't have predicted it after last year but I am enjoying it. Wish it was Robiskie....
I have to think back to all the post-draft TJ Ward bashers and wonder what they are thinking now. I'm sure they love being proved wrong on this guy.
After being burnt, scorched, torched, nuked, and severely goathorned for 2 weeks in a row, I have to admit that Eric Wright bounced back and had a good game.
Seneca Wallace is actually quite a decent QB. They need to start him if he's able to go.
Who would have thought Kenyon Coleman of all people would recover 3 fumbles in weeks??
houndfromhell Mo Mass and Stuckey both showed improvement, but that wasn`t very hard to do considering they average 1 catch a game.
Seneca Wallace, wasn`t perfect, but I beleive if he played the entire game,
that the Browns would have won this game. When both Q.B.`s are crippled up like Sunday, then it`s time to play a butt load of the wildcat, and put in the rookie (Colt McCoy) to hand the ball off to Harrison, and James Davis should be activated so his talent isn`t totally wasted on the sideline`s.
BernieSipe Despite being banged up, Hillis managed to make a great grab and get into the endzone
Give one to Jake for effort, he should not have been put in that position.
Keith322 Wallace played well in the first half. If he'd been able to go in the second half Cleveland would have had a much better chance of winning the game.
Aqib The defense gave up 13 points. Thats enough to win.

Wallace was playing well was movingthe ball into field goal range on the drive before he got hurt. The job should be his when he is healty.

Cribbs is the only one on offense worth watching.
sattijr hillis ran through pain

Ward as always worked his tail off

Roth coming on strong with solid gap play
played relatively well especially considering how quickly the O kept putting them back out there in the 2nd half
Peyton Hillis-- Wow. You were born to be a Cleveland Brown. You're heart and desire are making Paul Brown smile from afar.

Chansi Stuckey-- Nice of you to join us. You're getting open and helping our QBs and your concentration has lead to several catches I never thought you'd make. Well done.

Defense-- Kudos to all of you (yes, even you Eric...) for one hell of an effort. You deserved to win.
brownsclown There was a Massaquoi sighting. He could really help this team. Marcus Benard is really showing out there and the defense as a whole was good enough to win.


Fan Goathorn Comments
Let's leave the offense at home for the next game. The game's outcome would be the same and who would notice this bunch wasn't at the game?
Delhomme definately the goat and of course all those involved in getting him to cleveland. you have to love watching wallace nothing special but he at least gives us a chance. joe thomas in his worse game as a pro but you have to call him out on this one.
jerome harrison should be drug through the streets for that garbage
houndfromhell This team is too full of coward`s to beat a class organization like Pittsburg
I hate that team, but they do have the best owner in the N.F.L. He cares about his team`s fan`s,and it show`s.
If his team get`s` beat, he want`s to know why. Cleveland get`s beat, Dandy Randy Lerner say`s oh well, how much money did I get this week from all those braindead Cleveland Brown follower
This debacle is on Mangini. Someone will have to explain to me how in the world you leave a still hobbled and limping Jake Delhomme in the game and how Colt McCoy could have done any worse than a pick-6 INT and a game ending INT. If this wasn't a rare opportunity to give this kid some playing time, then when will be? Mangini should be ashamed of himself for this stupidity. He wants players to "play smart", then he coaches dumb!
GertBFrobe Thomas was schooled today! Mangina for throwing Delhomme to the wolves.
JSinCT I blame my heart for outvoting my gut decision to re-up my season tickets. My gut told me it was a bad idea, and I didn't listen... Bah humbug
if brown cant run he needs to get a jam on the line on the wr.joe thomas got embarrassed today(should not collect his pay check)terry robiske blocks like a woman(he is not at ohio state anymore)
drumslayer The Quarterback M.A.S.H unit we have.
at least hitler knew offense....
idrthrbncleve Joe Thomas is responsible for both QBs ankle sprains - what is his problem this year?
Mangenious should have put in a healthy Colt McCoy instead Delhomme..Why not put the kid in and see what he's got? He couldn't do much worse than Delhomme did and throw 2 picks and miss a WIDE OPEN Josh Cribbs.
BulldogDad I love Joe Thomas, but Abraham clearly won that match-up today. Elam's attempt to "tackle" Turner on that long run was high comedy. The dude is clearly the defense's weakest link. I know Jake was playing hurt, but that's why he's paid the big dough: to make plays - or at least not make bad plays.
ufgolf How could the staff possibly think that Delhomme was a better option than McCoy yesterday. Jake could hardly walk. Is Colt that bad or is the staff overprotecting him?
Have to say I wasted another nice day watching the Browns play once again on Sunday. Ok we didn't have a quarterback as both were crippled. My question why not bring in the rookie at that point? I rather would of seen if Colt McCoy could do something then watch a one legged quarterback out on the field. I guess the Browns no matter who is calling the shots would rather McCoy rot on the sidelines as Romeo let Quinn rot a few years ago rather then give McCoy a little experience out on the field being they were not going to win at that point anyway. At the least they could of just played Josh Cribbs at quarterback for the rest of the game I feel. Maybe even let Cribbs throw a pass rather then run him all the time. Some dumb coaches calling the shots I feel.
Do we have a Robiski (MIA) on our roster? I hear about him now and again, but never see him. Coaches screwed up by putting Jake in injured, should have given more Cribbs and Colt. An injured Jake is worse than a healthy Jake and that can be bad. We need some help at WR. Why did the coaches put Sheldon Brown right back in? I think you have to trust the depth now and again. The coaches blew the fourth quarter.
Daboll must go!!!!!!!

Jake needs to be cut as he doesn't have it anymore and playing McCoy couldn't be any worse.

Homgren get off your big butt and get this fixed and force Mangini to let his friends on the coaching staff go as they can't coach.
Appraiser Trotting out an injured quaterback is moronic. And, you sirs, are morons. i hope you both go away...please..
Offensive Line was bad today! They were man handled. I blame them for the loss.
Honest Abe can't tackle...Honest! Is Elam really the best we can field at strong safety? His playing "pattycake" with RB Turner instead of laying the wood enabled his big 49 yd. gain. How pathetic! $%#@&%*
Honest Abe can't tackle...Honest! Is Elam really the best we can field at strong safety? His playing "pattycake" with RB Turner instead of laying the wood enabled his big 49 yd. gain. How pathetic! $%#@&%*
This year Rogers is like a planet-big, round and always there, but no doing anything. Trade the Slacker now!
dp10451 Injured or not, Jake looked bad. Mangini is the reason Jake had the opportunity to look bad. Shame on the fans who didn't show up for a warm weather game with our team coming off a big win against Cinci. Support your team people!
mtsames Joke Delome is a terrible QB. The whole defense is a bunch of over paid PUSSIES.
Whichever among our geniuses decided that, with two sprained ankles among our QBs, to keep Josh Cribbs in a sheath for most of the 2nd half. Four wildcat plays with a QB corps with four working legs spread out over three players? Really?
Walldog Next to no running game. :>(
djw333 The whole offensive line, and Joe Thomas in particular get goat horns for their performance today. And who is the young girl who was wearing Jerome Harrison's uniform?
Bad team if you can get anythong for wright ,rogers and yes cribbs go for it.None of them are helping this team
jaydawg74 Delhomme, Elam, Thomas... man, i never thought I'd be voting Joe Thomas for a nice shiny set of goathorns.
dirtydozen Wow, how in the hell did they beat the Bungles?
dirtydozen Wow, how in the hell did they beat the Bungles?
rutger Mangini, Daboll and Massaquoi.

Mangini gets his for retaining Daboll and for allowing an obviously injured Hillis and Delhomme to play.

And then he doesn't even attempt to drag that second foot on the only catch he made all day with his hands and not your body and forearms.
A pitiful performance by the coaches & trainers. How does starting a crippled running back give you the best chance to win? You lack imagination, you have no common sense. You are not just are dangerous.
DawgHowl Joe Thomas: Never thought I would have to give JT a Goat, but today he flat out got it handed to him. Worst game as a pro for JT, I know he was going up against a pro bowl pass rusher but that was bad.

Entire OL: As bad a game as JT had, the rest of the OL really wasn't much better. I saw them getting pushed back a number of times in the running game and of course the pass protection was poor throughout the game.
Joe got schooled. All pro? Mack was pushed back a few times. Harrison is a shadow of his former self.
Savage players Joe Thomas (over rated), Eric Wright (now that the other bums are gone they can pick on him), Jerome Harrison (fluke), Dqwell Jackson (another miss). All the players drafted by Mangini, Alex Mack (wasted for what we should have gotten), Robiskie, Massaquoi, Veikune, and the rest of the trash. Heckerts draft: (Tons of picks and no value) Joe Haden (ok but not worth where he is drafted), TJ Ward (good tackler but no ball skills), Montario (no knees) Hardesty (extra wasted picks), Sean Lavao (can't crack a crap line), the one and only Colt McCoy (lets just shoot and dart and waste a 3rd round pick), Larry Assante (cut). Thats why we suck in a nutshell. Only good players are the undrafted free agents and pickups from waivers (Bernard, Roth, Cribbs). Never going to catch up like this. Now we have the face of the franchise a Walrus we never see or hear. An owner who is a wuss, (did anyone see Arthur Blank cheering on the sidelines for his team?)



mtsames Sheldon Brown 2 weeks in a row TOAST.
roscoe2009 Holmgren and Heckert for bring Delhomme here and for letting Dumbass Daboll stay.We have a pew wee football offense and we need to fire Daboll now.Get ready for a ass kicking next Sunday at Pittsburgh. Now we are going to hear the injury bug for an excuse, then get better backup's and it won't matter.
Shrooney Delhomme - if you're too hurt to play you need to pipe up... Cribbs and Mccoy in the backfield could have been as effective!

JT - you wont get one often but in the situation we're in can't have our best player get beat
dawgonit0207 WTF... The Chiefs, Rams, Lions, Raiders, Bucs are better than this team.
It's about time Holmgren, Heckert, and Co. are exposed for purposely trying to derail the 2010 Cleveland Browns. Delhomme, Wallace, Massaquoi, Robiskie, and Stuckey...what a frightening offense! All to prove Holmgren will be Master and Coach, just like in Seattle.
"The Mayfield Road Boy"
TxBrownsGuy Where in the hell is the guy from the end of last season and how do we get him back?
Trade Shaun rogers now - get some picks in next draft. He is not doing us any good and does not bring pressure.
TpostDawg I can not give this "M.A.S.H." unit goathorns for
a gutzie game.
ddubia Mangini plays Delhomme who wasn't healthy enough to be on the field setting his injury recovery back for weeks. We now have no starter going into Pittsburgh.
Brian Daboll
Make a change! Your playcalling is too predictable. Colt time at least he would be mobile.
oldergoat Delhomme with a steriod shot in the ankle was our best option????
StrobeDog Can't believe i hat to give goat horns to Joe Thomas, but he was getting owned all day and allowed the sack that hurt Seneca Wallace.

I'm just so tired of Abe Elam not being physical against the run. The Falcons like to run the ball and several times Elam was late and/or weak in support.
TaipeiDawg I know DelHomme is injured so I should give him a break but I just don't know if he is the answer. His ankle doesn't make the poor decisions of where to throw. I would choose Wallace over Jake as a starter even if he were healthy. And if Seneca can't go and Jake is THAT banged up I wanna see McCoy in there. I don't think his ego is so fragile that they will ruin him for life by playing him for a while.
houndfromhell Eric Barton made 2 play`s in the game today. That`s 2 whole play`s, out of the 397 play`s that he has been in since imitating a linebacker with the Browns.
Who`s responsible for Abram (standstill) Elam being out on the field? He play`s freightened. He will stand like he`s a spectator, watching a W.R. catch the ball 20 yard`s in front of him and will wait for the W.R. to run up to him, as he just stand`s there,
then he will pretend like he`s trying to make a tackle. He 99% of the time, just whiff`s a half hearted arm tackle anyway`s. Mike Adams should be the starter, and I would bench Elam, and even call up Larry Asante to take his roster spot.
Joe Thomas is vastly over rated! He`s been exposed in every game this year. He
was bitch slapped all over the place today. When your so called super player`s, like Thomas and Harrison are
playing like a couple Free Agent`s, then the coach should have the courage to bench them, to gain their attention.
Dabol is the worst coach this team has had yet. He will be the reason Manginni get`s fired at the end of the year, and we will have to start all over once again with new coaches and their approach`s to playing, and also they will require 4 year`s because there`s not a player on this roster that will fit in his plan`s.
I`m not going to forget Mr.(I`m to damn
good to ever have to pratice) Shawn Rogers. Did he even try to break a sweat yesterday? He is another past his prime vet that is tearing this team apart. He refuses to pratice, yet the coaches are too scared to bench him, he play`s every Sunday regardless. This kind of get`s under the other player`s skin, while their out there sweating during pratice, and there he is sitting on a bike or 2.
While I`m on a serious RANT, let me add that just because a player makes a mistake during the game, like offsides, a fumble or a interception that bounces off a receiver is no reason to sit him for the rest of the game. This takes away his loyalty too the team. Only sit him if he`s doing it all the time or cant hardly play from a sprained ankle.
Damn, I got`s so much more and so little time and printing space.
If you are really a Browns fan, then help boycot this team any way you can.
Stop spending all your hard earned cash on a team that has no heart. Hold Dandy Randy Lerner responsible for the trash he`s created. If Holgrem doesn`t fire Dabol after that crap pre school play calling, then we will know, it`s all about our money. Winning to make these fan`s happy mean`s nothing to the organization. After all it`s a bussiness
and it`s suppose to be entertainment. It
just happens, that Clevelands entertainment sucks and alway`s will as long as we spend our money on these Clowns..
BernieSipe Eric Wright's tackling skills continue to mimic a first year Pop Warner kid!
Eric Mangini gets all three of my horns this week for not challenging the interception at the end. It does not matter if it "looked" good or not, because allowing it to stand was tantamount to conceding the game. A ten point lead with four minutes to go was insurmountable (considering the Browns had only scored 10 points during the first 56 minutes), so by not challenging the call Mangini basically said, "We quit!"
Keith322 Delhomme's play was terrible. He picked up right where he left off last season.
WhoFartedinhere Fart Modell always gets goathorns and a bruised ballsack

Delhomme can't hand off or pass- we may need to start putting some of our best tacklers on offense. These pick 6's are killing us.
bohns75 Browns haven't won much since she's covered them. It's those damn voodoo necklaces that she wears.
shuffleboy If I could, I'd give all three Goat Horns to "Joke Delhomme-my-God-he-threw-another-pick-six"
stuckey is only player who seemed to stand out on offense - even joe t. seemed to be getting handled all day.
Aqib Delhomme sucks. It was a stupid move to sign him so Heckert and Holmgren get a goat for signing him
sattijr harrison- no heart

Fans- for booing Jake, and for making the game experience sub par. (dumb women fighting with me in the middle)
Hines Ward, meet TJ Ward (often)
Jake Delhomme-- This loss is on you, buddy. I give you all the credit in the world for trying to play on that ankle, but when it is obvious that you aren't effective and are totally immobile on it, you've got to say so. Even if he wasn't ready to go, Colt would've given us a better chance to win. You're vanity/ego cost us that game. Poorly done.
brownsclown Joe Thomas got beat and the QB got hurt, he has to be on the list. I know Jake was less than 100% but two games, two pick six. The entire offense is bad. Do we switch coordinators during the bye? Daboll out Haskell in?
Delhomme had no business being in the game. Once he was limping around, why not run more Wildcat plays?


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