Harrison's Hits: Legal or Not?

Eric Mangini provides an update of Browns wide receivers Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi at his Monday morning press conference.

BEREA, Ohio — Eric Mangini confirmed that Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi have concussions after being hit in the helmet by James Harrison in the first half.

"Both guys have concussions and we have to go through the procedure to see where they're at going forward," Mangini said. "They're going through the standard procedure."

Mangini said the pair will be updated on Wednesday and he's hopeful.

"Josh wanted to go back into the game, but that wasn't the right thing to do," Mangini said. "It's hard from a coaching perspective, but its right from a human perspective. With Josh, I'm really hopeful. I do have a lot of confidence in the protocol we have in place."

Mangini was asked about the legalities of the hits by Harrison.

"Typically they call those plays pretty tight," he said. "I've been on all sides of it. What I want to do is the guys are doing it the right way. Really, it's a league matter.

"The game is inherently violent and guys want to deliver big hits and guys don't want to injury someone but it sets a tone."

Mangini said he wants the Browns to play physical, but within the rules. He was asked if the players should've retaliated.

"I pride ourselves in being physical and the best way to respond is to win the game," he said. "You shouldn't need a catalyst to make you play that way."

As questions continued about Harrison's hits, Mangini steered clear.

"We're getting in an area where the next guy to be fined will be me."


Slow Starting: In the two years under Mangini, the Browns have lost 16 out of the first 18 games. In 2009, the Browns started 1-11 and in 2010, they are 1-5.

Haden Time: With Eric Wright getting beat for two touchdowns against the Steelers, Mangini was asked if it was time for Joe Haden to play more and, perhaps, start.

"I think Eric definitely has things he can correct," Mangini said. "He's played a lot of games at a high level and I expect him to do that week in and week out. That's what I expect him to do."

Wright was beaten by Mike Wallace for a 29-yard touchdown and by Hines Ward for an 8-yard score.

Mangini said that Haden had his best week of practice leading up to the Steelers game and it translated in his play.

"Joe played quite a bit," he said. "I thought Joe had his best week of practice since he's been with us. He now knows what he needs to do to be prepared and his week of preparation led to his performance.

"The younger guys, sometimes, don't realize that what they do during the week correlates to their play on Sunday. Joe can now easily see how it translates on the field on Sunday. I'm looking for him to get better and to push those guys."

Dawson Kudos: Mangini took a moment to congratulate Phil Dawson for breaking the record of Lou Groza on a 39-yard field goal against the Steelers.

"I want to take a moment to congratulate Phil on the amazing record he broke," he said. "That is an incredible accomplishment and it would have been better in a win."

Robaire Done?: Mangini said that Robaire Smith had a back injury and if it lingers, could lead to a possible injured reserve situation, which would end his season.

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