Ask the Insiders forum, and here are some of the recent discussions from the forum. If you can take a break from news coverage of weightier matters, join us and talk some football with our Insiders!"> Ask the Insiders forum, and here are some of the recent discussions from the forum. If you can take a break from news coverage of weightier matters, join us and talk some football with our Insiders!">

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Lane, Mike, and Dave have been busy in the <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders forum</A>, and here are some of the recent discussions from the forum. If you can take a break from news coverage of weightier matters, join us and talk some football with our Insiders!

Zorba7: What is the situation with S.Page? Have we thrown in the towel on free agent lineman, other than long snappers? Also, do you foresee any possible June 1 cuts that the Browns might be eyeing? Finally, any news on Q.Mitchell and how plausible is it that he will be starting this upcoming season?

Mike McLain: The Browns aren't likely to sign any player of significance in free agency because of their much-discussed problems with the salary cap.

As for June 1 cuts, it's too early to tell what players might be on the market at that point. But, yes, I do think the Browns will be interested in what happens in the second wave of free agency.

Qasim Mitchell is definitely in the plans. The coaches like what little they saw of Mitchell last year before a minor lung problem forced him on IR in training camp.

The door is wide open for Mitchell to move in as the starter.

Lane Adkins: The Browns will remain in their holding pattern in free agency, for the reason that Mike has stated above.

The team would make a major move in free agency of trade if the right player were to be available, at the right price. Right now, I don't see that player on the horizon.

As for June 1st, it is too early to tell, but the Browns are definitely keeping an eye on the free agents, looking for the bargain price deals to enhance the roster if that possibility presents itself.

David Carducci: The Browns like what they see in Mitchell's potential and there have been some hints that they would like to see him win the RG job this year.

There are some things in listening to Davis and people in the organization that make me doubt that this is the year for Mitchell, though.

Davis admits that traditionally he thinks linemen should be brought along slowly. Obviously, Mitchell is an undrafted free agent who was not able to benefit from a full season of hitting and practicing full go with the team. The injury was minor and allowed the Browns to keep him on the roster, but he only had a chance to learn from watching and studying, rather than working against Warren and Roye every day in practice.

It is a difficult transition that takes a while, and from some of the things Davis said recently, I think he is more confident in Stokes than people believe, especially after his final third of the regular season. I think Davis expects to see more out of Zukauskus in training camp.

Mitchell is talented but raw, and while his upside might be far higher than the guards on the team right now, his ability to step in will depend on if the staff believes he would benefit more from learning on the job or from being an understudy and potentially taking over at some point in the second half of the year.

DCBrowns: I hate to keep beating a dead horse. Should we read anything into the Browns attending Boller's workout?

Lane: The QB position from what I have been told is not on the radar screen in the first round.Now, defensive line, offensive tackle, and linebacker are the positions that I am hearing that the Browns have the greatest interest.

Do not pass on the thought of the Browns possibly wheeling and dealing in the first round. If there is a player on the board that they like, they will attempt to move on him. Likewise, accumulating selections to drop down a few positions is not out of the question either. All will depend who is on the board and at what time.

David: I'm hearing some of the same things Lane has heard in terms of possibly moving, although the better bet from what I am hearing is moving down.

I think you can read several good things into the fact that they are scouting Boller. More than anything, it shows that the Browns are being thorough, examining any and all possibilities. Should something come up in the future (a trade offer, a need, an injury forcing a move, etc.) they have some important information on a valuable player. I think this is just one more reason to like the work that goes on behind the scenes with this organization. They strive to be informed on everyone who is out there.

From everything I have heard, there is nothing brewing with Tim. I still believe that he will be given every opportunity to win the starting job. I would be shocked if he is not the starting quarterback against Indy.

Howldawg: My thought is it's time to make the OL a priority.My question is how far would the Browns need to move to get Kwame Harris,without over paying for him? What would it take to make that move(players, picks)? Also I see a lot on Eric Steinbach, he's often referred to as a guard/tackle (insiders prospects..refers to him as a tackle) is he better suited to be a guard or tackle? Is he a tweener that definitely can play guard but might make a good tackle?

Mike: From what I've heard, Harris looks like a 10-15 pick in the first round, which means the Browns wouldn't have to move up too far to get a chance to draft him. (Ditto for Eric Steinbach.) While getting either player is enticing, I'm not convinced it's worth giving up a later-round pick (say a third) for either player. The Browns need to add picks, not subtract form their total. Unless there's a Bryant McKinnie-type of lineman that slips near 20 (there isn't anyone like that in this draft), the Browns would be wise to stay put at 21.

Lane: The draft should take an interesting twist if there is a run at a specific position. At the present time the Browns appear to be on the outside looking in when talking about the offensive tackles (including Steinbach)

If there is one of the linemen that could slide a bit to #21, which I doubt would happen is Steinbach. Look for the Browns to keep a close eye on this kid, they believe that he has the ability and intangibles to become a very good LT for many years.

DBoots: Insiders, if for some reason one of the so called "blue chip" D-Linemen or cornerbacks were to fall to the 10-15 range, would the Browns look to trade up to get them? Would they be more apt to trade down for more picks?

Lane: Indications are that the Browns have a willingness to move on the 'right' player.

If one of the CB's, OT's, or DL'men drop into an area of dealing interest for the Browns, that may perk their comfort zone and a deal would not be out of the question.

One thing to remember is, many teams are looking to upgrade the CB position and after the first 3-4 players, there is a definite drop-off in talent.

Skippy54345: I have read a lot about which position will be targeted for the Brown's 1st round pick. I believe that Butch will go for the best available player. What about the 2nd round pick? Do you think that will Butch will be looking for the best available player at that spot or do you think he will be looking to fill holes? I would appreciate any responses to this question?

Mike: The Browns have enough holes right now that taking the best available player might also fill a need. It's not the positon they want to be in, but that happens when you have bad drafts and poor free-agent selections in prior years. If you're looking to target areas, I have to believe that Butch Davis wants to draft a cornerback high. Next on the list could be an offensive lineman.

Lane: From what I have been told and this coming from a very reliable source within the organization, the Browns are going with the best player available theory. When the team has to make a decision between two players with a very close upside, they will they be inclined to select the player that fits the scheme or need. I have been working on a draft piece that I hopefully will run with in the next week or so that looks at some players that are definitely on the Browns radar screen.

DBoots: Insiders, do the Browns have any interest in the ageless one?

Mike: Centers would be an addition to the passing game, but at this time the need is for a fullback that can block. That's not Centers' style.

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