Tough Qs: The Real McCoy?

OBR's football analyst Lane Adkins answers the latest questions from Browns fans in the exclusive Ask the Insider's forum. As expected, Colt McCoy and the Browns' QB situation is the hot topic.

Below are a compiled list of questions from OBR insiders and answers from Lane Adkins in OBR's exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

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What a pickle

fletch416: It is still early, but I like the looks of Colt McCoy.  It has been a while since we've had someone in the pocket that didn't look confused or anxious.  He also was able to find alleys and windows to move around behind and to the side of the line.  We'll see.

What a tough spot.  The Browns will be picking early in the first round with Buffalo and Carolina with potentially three franchise qb's in Luck, Mallet, and Locker.  The Browns have many holes, but don't you need to address the most important of them all, quarterback?

Adkins' Answer: I think this organization must find out what they have in McCoy. The rookie handled himself rather well in his first appearance.


Can/will Holmgren tell Mangini to start McCoy?

jeffopolka: Or will he absolutely allow Mangini free reign to make that decision?

Adkins' Answer: After the start McCoy had, the organization may want to see more of him -- may be the decision to make to determine whether he has the 'it' factor.


McCoy to remain starter?

Cavsfan70: Will Mangini continue with Colt as our starter for the rest of this season?

Adkins' Answer: I suspect Mangini would go with the player he feels gives him the best opportunity to win now.

I also suspect the top of the organization may want to see more of the young man though now that he has been thrust into playing.


Locker room's impression of Colt?

RenoBrownsFan: I know Colt is kind of a 'Gee Whiz'-type of person.  I think I even remember after we drafted him that he has never even said a swear word.  Which would make him sort of an anomoly in an NFL locker room (and most places actually).

I also read (and heard in the interviews) that alot of the guys were (playfully?) giving him crap before his interview session with the media.  Also this afternoon I saw guys on twitter joking about him.

Obviously these things can be taken in a multitude of ways.  IMO, it seems like most of the guys like him, but it is hard to tell.

So I guess my questions are:  How is he looked at in the locker room?  Does he have the respect of the guys, especially on offense?  What is the general opinion on his ability?

I know that these may be difficult to answer, but I always found it interesting that it seemed like everyone in the locker room loved DA.  Most seemed to never really totally accept Brady.  Neither ever proved to be a good QB, but it always seemed like guys would rather play with and/or rally around DA.  I am hoping they feel the same about Colt.

Adkins' Answer: Respect has go be earned and McCoy has handled himself well in the locker room.

In the days leading up to his first start, he remained loose and some within the roster he fun with him and the team was pretty loose.

His approval rating improved during this game as he performed fairly well and did not really hurt the team.


Why start Delhomme again?

brownwarrior: I get why we'd start McCoy the rest of the way. In fact,  it makes the most sense, given the magnitude of the decision we'll have to make next April, perhaps with a Top Five pick

I also can see Seneca Wallace on the team in 2011 and beyond, partially because I think we'll go to Holmgren's WCO and he knows it well, as a spot starter and backup with plenty of years left.

What I can't make sense of at all is trotting out Jake Delhomme for a 1-5 team clearly building for next year. Delhomme probably won't be completely healthy until late November anyway... and then it just doesn't seem to make a lick of sense.

I didn't really understand the point of Delhomme period, given his age and caliber of play the past few seasons. But now I'm not even sure why Mangini keeps talking about him.

Does anybody really see him in an orange helmet in 2011?

Adkins' Answer: Coming off the play of McCoy and what I believe is him getting additional opportunities, Delhomme may ultimately be finished as a starter. Much is going to depend on McCoy and development.


Very well said

amwardwell: "Among the  last things a losing club like the Browns would ever need is a head coach who won't play, entrust or empower his young players. If the coach can't truly develop  his youthful prospects, what good could he possibly be to an outfit needing to be rebuilt?"

The above quote is the point I think a lot of us subscribers have.  A coach needs to play the game to win, not to not get fired.  He can say that the veteran gives him the best chance to win on that Sunday, but what about the development of the QB with tremendous upside that could be (or not be) a franchise QB.

Adkins' Answer: I am getting closer to the belief that this coaching staff will have to play some or the youth/development types for this organization as a whole to gain a better perspective as to what they have and need.


Too much credit for Rob Ryan?

dawgpound00: I am really starting to think that Rob Ryan gets way more respect than he deserves. For some reason every Browns fan is in Love with him. Every sunday it seems he is putting our DB's in bad positions. I know we have problems at D line and creating a pass rush, but we keep giving up big plays by leaving the corners in single coverage and blitzing safties.

One play really stood out yesterday when Eric Barton was covering Hines Ward, How does this happen? Eric Barton has no business covering a wr.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on Ryan and the Deffensive scheme?

Adkins' Answer: Ryan loves to blitz, these chances which are not successful place the defensive backs in tough situations.

When you put DB's in man coverage, it eases the opportunities for an offense when the blitz schemes don't get to the QB.

This team does  a poor job in disguises blitz schemes as well, one can nearly read the blitz as easily as the QB does.

At times an LB will have to pickup a receiver in the scheme, this is a matchup issue that will reside in this trype scheme, but there is generally help for the LB.


More disappointing playcalling

brownsrthebest04: Lane I understand the injury to cribbs and mass, also starting a rookie qb but again there were way too many problems with the offensive play calling. I felt the first half Daboll was way to conservative  and then in the 4th he got a little better. Really upset with the playcalling again. your thoughts on the play calling?

Adkins' Answer: I thought the play-calling was somewhat protective of the young QB and they opened it up more folowing the Cribbs injury and falling behind by more than 11.

In all, McCoy didn't appear to be overwhelmed and took chances when he could.


More wrong from Wright

brownsouth: Its been said many times how this coaching staff has lost confidence in this player and that player but every week Eric Wright goes out and gets torched  but evidently noone loses confidence in him? The same is true to a lesser extent with Elam. Corners getting torched and no communication between corners and safeties, but they "lose confidence" in young players  like Robiskie(sp?)? Why so selective when handing out confidence?  On a side note, Drew Brees against Eric Wright?????

Adkins' Answer: Unfortunately the selective process is how they work.

The Wright thing is not all his fault, there are issues in the defensive backfield with communication and responsibility awareness.


How long until a Super Bowl contendor?

stankdawg: I have been a fan 30+ plus years and since they came back with all the losing this team has had, I lost my passion and faith as a fan.  I don't live in cleveland (syracuse), my 'cuse hoops team has been a winner 41 straight years and won a national championship, greatest feeling ever,  yanks r well the yanks, 'cuse football is showing some signs.  Then u have the browns, can't even wear their colors without being absolutely picked on by my friends (fans of giants, steelers, cowboys etc, etc).  They constantly ask me wtf r u a browns fan? they suck!  I tell them, I loved Sipe and the kids back in the late 70's, but this team they call the browns r not the old browns never will b.  So my question? after I needed to vent is:

How long will it take, honestly, to get this team to be a legit winner and superbowl contender?  I am beyond sick and tired of the losing as probably thousands of others, but look at the chiefs their winning, browns 1-5.

Adkins' Answer: I don't see it happening unless this organization can secure some difference makers on both sides of the ball and a staff that can display the ability and vision to lead, rather than sputter along.

I don't see a quick fix and believe we are going to see changes following the season.


Three quick questions

dadawg: 1.  Is it my imagination, or are our safety's always out of position?  I watched games on television all day and better defenses always have safety SOMEWHERE near a long pass or a pass down the middle. Yeah, once or twice a scheme or great move finds a guy all alone but not consistently.

2.  Should we be using Moore like a Joe J type of receiver. Not fast but can find the open spots and catch the ball?

3.  Do you see any hope for Robiskie? Can he possibly be invisible every single game?

Adkins' Answer: The play at the safety position is and has been an issue. Those at safety have made mistakes, including being out of position, late in coverage and communication/recognition has been slow.

Moore is a big target with good hands. As his route running improves he becomes more of an option and could become a solid target as Joe J was.

I've seen Robiskie get open and not get a look. I believe the staff does not call his number often and has lost confidence in his ability.


Carlton Mitchell's inactive status

kawoodwa: been active all year - what is the issue?

Adkins' Answer: Another case of a young player not getting playing time due to the coaching staff deeming him not ready to contribute.


"The next person to be fined will be me."

ZeroSquared: Isn't that just coach speak for "the reffs blew the call, and we should have gotten the penalty yardage at the very least, but I can't say that without being fined for criticizing the reffs"?

Adkins' Answer: Yes, pretty much so. Either the organization or Mangini did question and criticize the non-calls.


Sheldon Brown at safety?

mtsames: When do anticapate Brown to Saftey? Three games in a row whole wheat and rye. Also it looks like we will need another CB in next years draft. Your opinion please

Adkins' Answer: I've noted in my opinion that Brown would be a better player at safety for this team in the long run and that hasn't changed.

There is little reason not to make the move.


All quiet on the trade front?

brownsrthebest04: Lane any word on if we will be dealing rogers or any other player? really hasnt been playing much and I know the eagles need lineman....hearing anything?

Adkins' Answer: I'm not getting much on the trade front. I know the Browns have made it known they are willing to make moves.

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