Browns-Steelers: Gameballs and Goats

We give you the highlights during the Tuesday radio show. Here's the full listing of your Gameballs and Goats voting.

SUMMARY: Peyton Hillis was injured and gutted it out, and got a lot of love. Jake Delhomme was injured and gutted it out and, well, threw two interceptions and got no love. Sorry for the late GB&G posting... I had some traveling late this week that threw everything all higgedly-piggeldy. Which is bad, I think.

Player Gameballs
Colt McCoy (QB / 12) 293
Joe Haden (CB / 23) 142
Reggie Hodges (P / 2) 120
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 77
Evan Moore (TE) 48
Phil Dawson (K / 4) 44

Player Goats
Eric Wright (CB / 21) 258
Sheldon Brown (CB / 24) 82
Headshot No-Calls 70
Officiating Crew 67
Chansi Stuckey (WR / 83) 47
Abram Elam (S / 26) 46


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
idrthrbncleve Evan Moore
LV4Brown Pittspuke
bluezhound Front office for not upgrading the worst reciving corp in team history
Evan Moore
Evan Moore Brian Daboll
mtsames Art and his Baztard David
Colt McCoy The secondary
James Harrison
Cooper7 Mangini & Daboll
houndfromhell Reggie Hodges. Ahtyba Rubin.Brian Schaefering Officiating Crew, T.V. Announcers,
jdailey23 Hillis James Harrison
FldDawg Evan Moore, Ben Watson
Reggie Hodges
egillen front 7 on defense
DAWGDC Evan Moore, Reggie Hodges, Sheldon Brown
That chick in the Zeppe's podcast
smrajan Tony Paschos
Pittsburgh Steelers
Poqdawg Wide Recievers
Evan Moore
dawgbown Playing catch with my 13 year old during 2+ hours of commercials James Harrison better get the TJ Ward->Shipley treatment
Magnini & Daboll suck
battershell Colt "The Hay is in the barn" McCoy Is Robiskie still on this team??
OutlawJesseJ Cute hooter girl w/ my beer refills, "another one, over here please". The 2 azzhole steeler fans @ our b-backers game meeting place.
bluezhound Phil Dawson
djw333 James Harrison
Erica Womangini
Eric Wright for the 3rd or 4th or maybe 5th week.
bill01 colt m'coy offensive line
SBinmylifetime Colt McCoy, Phil Dawson, Ben Watson James Harrison, Steelers Luck
i feel like we have a future with colt. My steeler friends were saying "wow".
jcart57 colts family
Peyton Hillis The Steel Heads
rambodawg Mangina
Scott Fujita The
SlamBar Whoever decided to have them punt it over 2x when we didn't have a returner to catch it.
hegemonic Holmgren for Overruling Heckert to Pick Colt
James Harrison, Cheap-Shot artist.
glousterbrown Officials
murdocky1 Referees
Special Teams!
WR Corps
froggy60 officating crew
James Harrison
Eric Manginis stupid floppy browns hat. Browns secondary. The entire franchise.
B Dabol, E Mangini, B Watson, A Rubin
The Loyal Fans for putting up with another loss Randy Lerner
Joe haden
houndfromhell Peyton Hillis, Colt McCoy, Evan Moore, Eric Barton, Abram Elam, Still suck!
Number1BrownsFan Tom Heckert, for being ok with our talent at WR.
deathbyeagle Browns fans Braylon's TD dance
Griz13 Evan Moore The media's stroking of Ben all day, James Harrison
Peyton Hillis Mo Massaquoi
luvbrowns Braylon Edwards being a douche
dwatkins reggie hodges
Mr. Rooney, for helping to retore the natural order of all things Anyone who used the schedule to say the Browns are improving even though they lost to KC n TB to start the year (something everyone seems to be forgetting).
Mangini for leaving wright in the game
Reggie Hodges
James harrison
PissonPitt James "Douchebag" Harrison
Lady Fate, who conspired with the Injury Gods to make happen what Eric Mangini would have never allowed otherwise: the playing of our best quarterback! - Richard Schmoker in Akron
Phil Dawson
Keith322 Barton and Elam were absent........again
the convict wearing 92
billling ben watson peyton hillis phil dawson JAMES HARRISON
egillen front 7 on defense
mtsames Art and his other baztard son
saurus James Harrisons helmet
Shinigami Tight Ends The Announcers for sucking off Roethlessburger the whole game
mrgrinch anyone on the field for "90 yds in 2 plays"
eezer Weldon, Lebron
dawgonit0207 Daboll's game plan. Aggressive is good Whoever decided that Cleveland has no cheerleaders
vick Haden, Stuckey, Hodges

Fan Gameball Comments
idrthrbncleve You don't have Moore on the list?
CCClay57 Colt looked like an NFL QB to me. Watson was the only player that could catch the ball. Hodges is getting good at the inside the 5 bounce.
Colt McCoy settled in a little bit into the game, and looked pretty good. A few rookie mistakes, but nothing terrible. The two picks really weren't ALL his fault.
Reggie Hodges has been excellent for the team this year. Today was no exception, by landing 3 punts within the 10 yard line.
Ben Watson and Evan Moore are both playing tough and making catches whenever they get the chance. Evan Moore has great hands, and I hope to see him stay with the team for years to come. Ben Watson has been good as well.
TpostDawg Never have I felt so good after an
18 point lose and to the Stoolers no less.
At 1 and 5 McCoy needs to play and please no more Delhomme.
mtsames Losers get nothing.
I like the kid. He made some real nice throws. He dropped one into triple coverage almost perfectly (and Watson didnt lay out for it). Lets see how he does against the Saints now that there is some tape out there on him.
Cooper7 I've given these guys some grief, but I loved that they didn't call a conservative, safe game. Instead it was very enjoyable, they called plays like they were trying to win. Which hasn't always seemed the case.
krunch11 A sad day when a gameball goes to a punter...unless your Tressel.
houndfromhell Chansi Stuckey is comming on. The muffed
punt was bad, but he hasnt done that for us this year, so he get`s a pass.
Phil Dawson is Mr. Cleveland Brown, pay the man.
Hillis ran hard again. Colt didnt set the world on fire, but for his first game against the best defense in the league, he showed well. The Int`s were bounces off the W.R.`s, not his fault. His stats were better in the second half than the first, and that`s after losing, Cribbs and Massaquoi.
This year, this is the best outting from any Browns Q.B.`s. Let the kid play
out the rest of the season. This is best thing that could happen, by end of the season, they will know if Colt can be a starter or not. He play`s like a veteran, looks cool in the pocket, more so than Delhomme. Wallace is #1 backup in the N.F.L. Thats a start...
Wear is James Davis? not on the injury
report. If they wont play him, then trade him too. Is Justin Trusnik still on the team? T.J. Ward didnt cover real well, but he`s back to hitting like a Mac truck again.
Was I right about putting Evan Moore out wide? It wont matter ir Dabol only calls his number 3 times a game. The pass that he didnt catch while falling into the endzone, he had a D.B. with a hand full of his jersey, and still came close to catching it. No penalty was called of course.
jdailey23 Hillis is an animal, love that guy!
dp10451 Colt did an admirable job in the face of a fierce Steeler pass rush. Kudos to Joe on his first INT. Hodges kept the the Steelers backed up and the Browns in the game.
Young McCoy looked pretty good. Too bad he doesn't have receivers that could open up the passing game.
egillen Pretty bad when your 2 kickers are the stars. I'd give Colt credit for staying vertical.

tvuno1 Ward
DAWGDC Joe Haden needs to start great position on his first interception and he tackles something I can't say for the rest of the secondary. Colt McCoy played a excellent game...yes he threw 2 picks and he was rattled early on, but all in all after he settled down he played a good game. TJ Ward is the future I love the way he plays. Evan Moore needs more plays called his way plain and simple. As hard as it is for me to say this but Reggie Hodges played an excellent game today.
GertBFrobe I was not a fan of the pick, but McCoy looked like he can play in this league. Get some freaking receivers on this team and we may win a game! Nice game young man!
dawgbown Encouraging performance by McCoy
A loss is a loss but good job Colt
OutlawJesseJ Mangini-for using all those end of game timeouts and showing the "we won't quit you piss & black $#*%@!...(Oh sorry, probably shouldn't read this on air)
RuinMySundays Hodges incredible punting inside the 5 twice.
McCoy very nice game, huge improvement over preseason performance.
Haden, nice pick and return. Should be returning punts instead of Stuckey.
bluezhound Congrats Phil for passing the legendary Toe for first place all time . a shame your accomplishments go unnoticed for the most part .
djw333 Hodges gets one for pinning them deep three times.

Hillis gets one for being Hillis.

Colt gets one for having the balls to hang in there and keep going at them until the bitter end.
Colt really impressed me today. good first game cant wait to watch him grow this year.
mccoy did a decent job for his 1st start.hodges has done great job all season.robinson and schaefering need to play more often.
SBinmylifetime Good composure and accuracy for McCoy's debut against great defense.
SBinmylifetime Good composure and accuracy for McCoy's debut against great defense.
brownsclown Ben Watson adnd Peyton Hillis are steady and dependable. Colt McCoy held up very well. He threw some nice passes, moves well and at first blush MAY be our guy finally!!! I start him next week no matter the health of the other two.
rutger Yes, McCoy does remind you of Sipe.

jmiller40 Colt did well enough to continue starting. We have to know whether he is the QB of the future or not. We will draft very high, so better to see now than second guess later.
vadawglb Hodges had his best day since joining the Browns.

McCoy played well and deserves another shot at starting.

Hillis still showing he is a beast.
McCoy looked very steady despite a few sacks and a couple of deflect INTs. Now, if he only had receivers to throw to...
roscoe2009 Colt you make our future look a lot better,just need some wide receiver's and running back to go with Hillis.Why do they take Vickers out and have no lead blocker for Hillis.
Colt showed he's an NFL Quarteback Sunday. He held his own versus the best defense in the league. Let him the rest of the season to get those game reps. We finally have accurate QB. Hodges had an outstanding game. His position punts controlled the game. Hillis is consistent.
jaydawg74 McCoy, Hodges and Dawson. Pretty bad when your gameballs go to a rookie qb making his first start and two kickers.
murdocky1 Colt McCoy is helping the future of this organization look bright. Colt, Hillis, Evan Moore and some future WR's will hopefully provide future enjoyment fore all Browns fans.
If the Browns didn't have Hillis there would be no reason to even watch the game. Vickers and Hillis are the Browns Offense. Ward keeps bring the wood; some very nice hits.
froggy60 congrats Phil

excellent jog Reggie

solid game Joe
Reggie Hodges sweet bicep tat with his initials RH. I enjoyed seeing it every 3 and out.
I liked how fugita punched big Ben in the face that was cool.
I also would like to get a pair of those khakis that the entire browns coaching staff sports. Those look really cool as well.

Joey Critical has spoken.
Colt played well enough to get one here
Finally, someone threw the ball downfield, and then...someone caught it. It looks to me like Colt McCoy has what it takes to play in this league. I would like to see more of Evan Moore. All things considered, the defense did a great job too. Looks like progress.
Colt McCoy is Cleveland Future Quarterback. His accuracy is so refreshing. Does not throw bullets to receivers 4 feet away like Anderson, or over throws like everybody else we had at quarterback. Wastes very few downs, and gives us a chance to succeed on every play.
brownsouth Colt's first start under extreme conditions - not all that bad - and you could see improvement as the game progressed.
houndfromhell Ahtyba Rubin, Brian Schaefering, Chansi
Stuckey, T.J.Ward, Ben Watson.
These are the player`s that seemed to
put out 110% Sunday.
Should I put Brian Robiskie over here?
He was spotted this week, I beleive he made 2 entire catches! Let`s vote him to the Pro Bowl.
Number1BrownsFan Hodge for the great punts, McCoy for playing smart, and Holmgren for "pulling rank" and drafting McCoy.
merrimi I'm bummed that we wasted Hodges great day punting the ball inside the 20. I am also excited to see Colt mature and grow, now we just need to get him a #1 WR and we may just be decent. I'm also excited for Haden getting his first career pick and showing so much promise.
Colt needs to finish the season out at QB or as long as he can last before our offensive line lets him down.
deathbyeagle Colt was accurate -- to quote Borat: "Very Nice!"
Great Offensive effort. D-Line was tough.
Coach RYAN the D scheme was very solid
and COLT Mccoy looked great let him play the rest of the season he is the FUTURE not that retrard Delohmme
Guys, I gave a game ball to both Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, because without them both going down, Eric Mangini would have never played what is now so obviously the best QB on our roster. It's flabbergasting that all I can think of, coming out of a game where the Browns held up as well I ever could have hoped, is that Eric Mangini is, yet again, an idiot for not playing McCoy over Dellhomme against Atlanta. You can always depend on Eric Mangini. He'll always let you down.
egillen Pretty bad when your 2 kickers are the stars. I'd give Colt credit for staying vertical.

mtsames No game balls for losers
Shinigami Nice job McCoy.
dawgonit0207 Nice start Colt. Better than expected against Pittsburgh in the Steel city. Congrats Phil on breaking the record. Also, Reggie did a great job on punts


Fan Goathorn Comments
LV4Brown for running up the the score
CCClay57 Elam and Wright both play like they want to be touched or get dirty. Brown like to fall down while covering deep.
Solomon Wilcots comparing the Steelers' D to the Bataan Death March.

Kevin Harlan saying Brian "Schaeferling" multiple times.

Eric Wright's tackling
Sheldon Brown and Eric Wright are both putrid. Eric Wright, we've seen him for a few years now, we know he's better than this.
Officials, they just disgusted me today. How many times was Pittsburgh offsides? Quite a few, and was flagged only once. James Harrison was head hunting from the get-go. That was Pittsburgh D's gameplan, "Take out Josh Cribbs" and that's what he did. They figure they'll take a 15 yard penalty in exchange for him to be a nonfactor. Well he did it twice and guess what? He wasn't flagged either time. I seriously doubt the NFL will punish him with fines and/or suspension.
No more freaking wildcat offense!
mtsames Our WR's suck azz. Time to get Colt some new targets. Looks like we need anohter CB in next years draft.
We need to draft the CB out of LSU (Patrick Peterson) in 2011. Wright sucks and Brown should be moved to safety. Would be nice to have some DE's that could collapse the pocket.
krunch11 It's tough to give a goat to the entire Defense since they kept the O in the game until the end. But, DAMN, could you please keep them pinned inside their 5...or cover receivers 20 yards deep?!?!?!?!?!? Eric Wright STILL sucks, even with a new number.
houndfromhell Ben Watson caught some passes, but his 2 nd pass was catchable, he just short armed it, He is suppose to be a pro, he should lay out for it..
I sure hope the coaches didnt ask Shaun Rogers to break a sweat. Cause he damn sure didnt, trade this lazy ars or flat out cut him. He will not play for us, He will only try for a team that reaches the playoffs.
Eric Wright is best player, for the other team. People said that last week he played super. That`s not the case, he just didnt get turned around and toasted like he has in every game this year. Need a long pass for a first down?
Pass the ball to where ever Elam and Wright are covering.
Manginni quit on this team for the second time in 2 weeks. Last week, 8 seconds before half time, clock ticking, Delhomme doesnt even attempt a Hail Mary. This week, Steelers punt from their endzone, We get the ball at mid field, but time expired. Steelers were pentalized, ref`s asked Manginni if he wanted them to repunt,He said NO.
WHY not try to at least run it back, or try blocking the punt. He play`s NOT TO LOSE. THIS IS WHY, HE`S A LOOSER.
jdailey23 Nice for once to not have to put a QB on this list...with that said FU Harrison.
dp10451 Sheldon looked lost all day. Eric regressed this week. Stuckey's special teams play wasn't so special.
rottnmoore i am surprised Solomon could talk with Ben's balls in his mouth half the game.
One wonders what part of Allegheny County these refs are from! Two, not one but TWO helmet-to-helmet hits by James the Jerk Harrison and not one flag????!!!! The NFL should fine Harrison $50,000 for EACH of these muggings and suspend him for 3 games, as well as firing the refs who looked the other way. Hard-hitting football is one thing. Dirty cheap shots are something quite different! I hope somebody cleans his clock but good this year!
egillen I'd give a weeks pay to see a Joe "Turkey" Jones-like play vs. the Squeelers. I'm getting sick and tired of everyone trying to arm-tackle the QB, especially he pittiful db's swiping at his ankles. Hell send in Ward, not the weinnie corners. At least he lowers a shoulder now and then.

How come our guys keep getting knocked-out by individual hits while the Squeelers who left the game were in scrums. I rue the day we sent Brian Russell packing to Seattle.
DAWGDC Eric Wright sucks and I hope we don't think about resigning him at all...he can't check a 87 year old woman. There is no way an wounded duck throw should ever be caught for a Touchdown, and he tackles like a toddler. Sheldon Brown hits hard but can you please knock down a pass every now and then? Abe Elam why does he play for us again. Headshot no calls Harrison went out of his way to hit Mo and if he doesn't get fined by the League I'm going to have issues with that!
GertBFrobe Blow me Harrison!
please please please somebody get rid of Eric Wrong. This man is nothin but a jerkoff! he has to be benched. The jerkoff is killin this team. Can't cover can't tackle. He's afraid to tackle anybody. My God I'm tired of wacthing this guy blow p[lay after play.
I'm sure the woman on the podcast is a nice person - BUT for god's sake - either buy her "hooked on phonics" or replace her. The show is damn near un-listenable thanks to her inability to read a sentence fluidly. I've never heard someone so consistently put the accent on the wrong syllable. She sounds like the kid in third grade everyone is praying the teacher doesn't ask to read aloud because they're so damn slow. She makes our ears bleed. She drags down the whole show and makes it sound completely unprofessional. PLEASE REPLACE HER.
Officials for not calling the two head/head hits on Cribbs and Massaqoui.
dawgbown Our secondary (except TJ Ward) SUCKS
How bad does Eric Wright have to play before being benched? It's time to play the rookie and live with the results because it can't be any worse.
just think if we would have played colt last week. how about giving all our draft picks away for gogone, superior play by barton wow with speed and power like that wow
OutlawJesseJ It's 9:23 pm on sunday night, after the game, and the steelers still suck.
RuinMySundays Wright terrible again, pathetic effort against Ward.
Elam afraid of contact.
Rogers big baby no longer a force.
djw333 It's official. Eric Wright sucks. How about turning around and looking for the ball?

Heckert gets horns because it's an abolute, inexcusable joke we have gone this long without a legitimate NFL WR on the roster.

James Harrison is lucky I don't play on the Browns offense. After headhunting two of our players, I would have taken him out at the knees.
sheldon brown runs like a 70 yr old.what the heck was tom heckert thinking?I like ryan but he needs to stop blitzing.The browns dbs have been getting burned all season.
What has happened to Eric Wright?

Also nice fail on Womangini before the first half ended. Went out of his way to call 2 timeouts to get a punt return, so what happens? Steelers commit a penalty, and Mangini decides to decline it an pass on the 2nd punt attempt. Idiot.
SBinmylifetime How does Eric Wright hold on to his job? Daboll's play calling often leaving you scratching your head as usual. Harrison should be arrested and doesn't even get penalized. Would like to give Pittsburgh fans a "terrible towel" enema. It's not enough to be talented. Steelers also luckiest team in the NFL and get all the lucky breaks.
SBinmylifetime How does Eric Wright hold on to his job? Daboll's play calling often leaving you scratching your head as usual. Harrison should be arrested and doesn't even get penalized. Would like to give Pittsburgh fans a "terrible towel" enema. It's not enough to be talented. Steelers also luckiest team in the NFL and get all the lucky breaks.

brownsclown Eric Wright is a regular here. His letting Hines Ward muscle to that touchdown was a killer. Mike Adams showed uo alot, and not very well. Rarely do I think the officials were bad, but today they were bad.
rutger I'm sorry but TE around? Who the hell made that call against a speed defense? I think we know who.

No flags on either helmit to helmit hit, are you kidding me?

Wright better not be in a contract year.
rambodawg anyone who thinks we dont need to bring in a WR
jmiller40 Eric Wright wants to think he is like Deon Sanders. He is, but only in the non-tackling department. Start Joe Haden and put him as the nickle back.
Our receivers are the worst in the league.
Roadpiechef Open season on orange helmets. Intentional grounding galore, never in the grasp...astonishing. Not that they wouldn't have lost anyway, but I'm sick of this. Red Right 88--right in the frame you see blatent pass interferance! Same old BS.
Enough said!
vadawglb Wright couldn't cover me.

How could they miss the second helmet to helmet hit on Mo? PATHETIC!!

Announcers are STEELER HOMERS!!!
Here, we thought the Browns' D was much improved. And then we see a RB make a 20-yard gain when he should've been stopped for a loss hemmed in at the 2. And then we see a wide-open receiver make a catch for 50 when they're hemmed in at the 4. And then we see a TD vs. an all-out blitz.
roscoe2009 Daboll and Ryan have to go, poor play calling on both side's of tbe ball. Why keep blitzing when you can't get there.Eric Wright is a joke, how much longer are they going to make excuse's for him.Mangini is doing a good job, but he need's to get rid of Daboll and Ryan.
Every week Wright get toasted for at least one touchdown. He needs to switch with Haden and come in the nickel situation. If Haden gets toasted it's a learning thing. Sheldon Brown Is no longer a starting corner, next season should be moved to safety.
jaydawg74 Horns go to Stuckey for the muffed punt, the officials for their lack of consistancy in making calls and the tv announcers for sucking the steelers cocks the whole game.
glousterbrown Officials get the horns for 2 head injuries without a flag. Ryan needs to keep the corner blitz on the sidelines along with Wright and Elam
murdocky1 Referees: For being on the band wagon of the Pittspuke Sqeelers and not calling the flagrant fouls committed by Harrison the Head Hunter
We have an issue when all of our WRs are slot or number 4 WR on other teams. We need a number 1 and 2 WR badly. Where is Mitchell? He's got to play better than Robiskie. The secondary was burned often and gave up the big plays. It was painful to watch this game. I turned the game off in the 4th quarter to prevent breaking something.
froggy60 our corners are not doing well

hoiw many times do they ben....was over under is vegas 500??????

Ben for trying to act like he did nothing wrong....glad i have no daughters.......

was a horrible officating crew...harrison hit 2 players with helment and no penalty called. player stand over ours pushes him back down when trying to get up and no taunting called? def. 24 told by offical to watch his mouth over by browns bench....
the crew should be banned
It is obvious how important Cribbs is to this team. Maybe now he'll stop standing up at the end of runs. Coach Ryan needs to stop sending the blitz because brown and wright look terrible and Ward looked like a rookie blowing two coverage TD situations. Eric Wright needs to be sent back to compton California on bus. He never lays down a hit and I can't stand watching him any longer. I thought guys from Compton were tough??
Eric Wright sucks!!

Joey Critcal has spoken.
Wright Had another horrible game
Alex Mack needs to get a grip. How many weeks in a row will we hear his name called for a stupid penalty. He needs to cool his jets.
It been a long time since Browns got back into this league and we have been starting over every year ever since.
Cheap New York owner of the Browns, wish he could pick up a clue from Steinbrener.
Not only does he give up receptions and TD's to ant receiver in his general area, he can't tackle and appears afraid of contact. His contribution to all of the Browns losses this year can't be overstated.
how long do we have to put up with the weak play of Eric Wright
brownsouth Every week Wright seems lost out there and every week he costs us(except for this week when stupid play calling/coaching decisions were running rampant and pushing him for "goat time")
The officials had money on the game and didn't think the stoolers could win without their help. Inexcusable! The ref's should be fined too!
houndfromhell Where on earth have James Davis, Justin
Trusnik, Shawn Lauvao, gone? Did they all take a world cruise? Havent seen or heard anything about them.
The officiating crew was employed by the Steeler`s per typical. T.J.Ward lay`s the wood, BAD. Jerome Harrison lay`s the wood, and his helmet and knocks out 2 player`s,GOOD. Of course, that goes for any Steeler`s player. Just
ask the officials. You need to get their names to go ask them, go look at
the Steeler`s most rescent paycheck stub`s. There`s a payroll check for each and every one on the Steeler`s officiating crew, I mean N.F.L Officiating crew. excuse me..
Eric Wright is freightened of getting a boo boo. How dare anyone blame him for running away and behind the W.R.`s. If he makes contact, he may stub a toe or something. Shaun Rogers is a crybaby that the Browns would be smart to unload her anyway they can. She`s a cancer on this team.
Eric Manginni is here only because of a few mistakes on his part during the game, and for not having Dabol utilize
all the players he`s got, not just 1 or 2.
Number1BrownsFan Wright for blown coverages and bad tackling, Officials for not throwing flags on Harrison TWICE, and TV Announcers for not wearing lip stick while they slobbed Big Bens knob.
merrimi How long will the "mangenious" allow Erica Wrong to sabotage our secondary. He is absolutely horrible and quite frankly he's hurting the team. He can't tackle and he can't cover so why is he even on the field, let alone on the team!? Trade him for a draft pick and let Haden start. Wrong has cost us at least 3 games this season! Mangenious deserves to be the goat every game he allows that bum to step on the field. Heckert deserves a goat for every week he's on the team. We could've picked any Steelers fan out of the crowd and they wouldve played better against their own team than Wrong played...he (excuse me, she) is absolutely horrible. Even Abe Elam is better than she is, and that's about as bad as you can get!
I thought helmet to helmet was illegal? What were they smoking before the game? I hope the NFL does something with the Stooler who did this not once but at least twice and the NFL should do something with this so called officiating crew. But as Browns fans we know about the REAL NFL. WORTHLESS.
deathbyeagle Robiskie is a major freakin bust - as worthless as Veikune.
DB's let us down in this game.
luvbrowns If Edwards, or Etwards as Soloman Wilcots likes to call him, wasn't such a big dbag we would have an offensive weapon that opposing D's would have to respect. Furthermore, I blame my dad for making me a browns fan in the first place. He ruined my shot at a happy sports life. ALSO, Tressel & Heacock- emphasis on cock- didn't help the weekend by having only 7 in the box most of the time and getting it run down our throats. WTF!?!?! If someone let me call D plays off of my Xbox the game would've been closer- and yes I live in reality, have a job, graduated from college, and am not on drugs. Thanks!
The Browns played as well as I could have hoped and still lost 28-10. And I all I come away from this thinking is, "Man, Mangini is an idiot! Colt McCoy looked more like a real QB than Seneca and Jack combined, so where has this kid been all year? More importantly, how is it possible a professional football coach could have thought it better to play a one footed Jake Delhomme over McCoy last week, especially when it appears McCoy is already better than a two-footed Delhomme?

Every week, same story: something new jumps out at me and says, "Mangni should be fired for THIS!" There are now about 20 different things that can be filled in as "THIS."
Mangini is an IDIOT on two fronts leaving that moron jets reciever in to field punts almost fumbled 2 did fumble the one that counts!! and leaving Wright on the team he sucks
Last week the refs missed calls vs Falcons on several late hits. Sunday, Harrison was allowed to hit helmet to helmet when he wanted. Is this open season on the Bronws?
Keith322 Why doesn't Ryan replace Wright with Haden?
I voted for Eric Wright 3 times, I am sure I don't need to explain why....
egillen I'd give a weeks pay to see a Joe "Turkey" Jones-like play vs. the Squeelers. I'm getting sick and tired of everyone trying to arm-tackle the QB, especially he pittiful db's swiping at his ankles. Hell send in Ward, not the weinnie corners. At least he lowers a shoulder now and then.

How come our guys keep getting knocked-out by individual hits while the Squeelers who left the game were in scrums. I rue the day we sent Brian Russell packing to Seattle.
mtsames Eric Wright, Sheldon Brown and Abe Elam are terrible. As for Mo Mass & Cribbs toughen up that's how Pittsburgh plays. That is how the Real Browns used to play. Paybacks are a Bitch. Don't get mad get even.
dawgonit0207 WTF Browns. 2 players get cheap shots by Harrison and no one rings his bell or even gets in his face. Grow a set!


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