Browns-Saints: Gameballs and Goats

Some aging linebackers find the fountain of youth... and a truckload of gameballs.

SUMMARY: Browns fans had a pleasant problem when filling out the Gameballs and Goats Sunday and Monday - not enough spaces for gameballs. They worked their way through it, though, and awarded veteran linebackers David Bowens and Scott Fujita a garage full of gameballs...

Player Gameballs
David Bowens (OLB / 96) 455
Scott Fujita (OLB / 99) 233
Reggie Hodges (P / 2) 180
Rob Ryan (DC) 142
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 124
Brad Seely (ST) 121

Player Goats
Eric Wright (CB / 21) 182
Drew Brees 92
Steeler Gift Calls 92
Anything Braylon 58
Yamon Figurs (WR) 49
Lawrence Vickers (FB / 47) 48


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
Rob Ryan
mortdogsr Coaching staff
coaching staff
ChiefWahooPaSP none
David Bowens, Brad Seely
dawgbown Celebratory Beers! Really hard to pick a goat this week!!
dawgIN Defense
battershell Coaching Staff.... wow did I just write that? n/a
vick entire Defense, Rob Ryan,
Browns004 Solomon Wilcots
Cooper7 Fujita, also Wright & Elam were much improved No goats this week
Burcher Colt McCoy
Eric Wright
superduver Brad Seeley
The entire coaching staff
DAWGDC Condoleezza Rice, Entire Coaching Staff, Colt McCoy, Reggie Hodges, Brian Robiskie, Abe Elam
hymruss The Great Pumpkin
Drew Brees
commtech Solomon Wilcots
patyost cleveland defensive unit
Entire Defense
rim82nd Brad Seely Eric Wright
Reggie Hodges
eryze19 the whole defense noone
CaryNCBrownsBacker Defense
A Pass That Eric Wrigth Actually Caught Idiotic challenge Mangini tried to make, only to allow an equally idiotic challenge by Sean Payton
Peyton Hillis, Rob Ryan, Brad Seely
brianes Denver GM
Colt McCoy for game management
Devilinmypocket The Cleveland Browns
Scott Fujita
RabidDawg Rob Ryan
bdr1231 rob ryan, reggie hodges
Chain holder OBR/Richard Dunne.
Writerdawg Peyton Hillis
hegemonic Reggie Hodges
eric wright
SlamBar Scott Fujita, Eric Wright, Peyton Hillis, Colt McCoy, The Yard Marker Holder Guy
Rob Ryan
houndfromhell Great win, there cant be any goats this game. Everything not Browns!
Easton503 Chad Johnson
FldDawg Coaching Staff
EFERG7265 Entire coaching staff pectoral tears
Appraiser All Coaches
Bengals for being the worst team in ohio James Harrison
Refs of Steeler game
SBinmylifetime colt mccoy, scott fujita, rob ryan, brad seely
Scott Fujita showed us why he was brought here! Eric Wright needs a coming to Jesus meeting!
Finally having a quarterback James Harrison
TychoMagneticAnomaly1 Passes to Vickers
GlennChannell Entire Special Teams Unit DB's hands...
southwestohiofun2000 special teams
Payton hillis
Reggie Hodges
Reggie Hodges
veverkap Robey
Rob Ryan/ Brad Seely
mtsames Art, and his two Baztards
Eric Wright & Daboll SUCK
chowdogg Seely
Peyton Hillis Mangini
djw333 Drew Brees
TpostDawg Eric Mangini none
idrthrbncleve Entire Defense Assante
wide receivers
Yeti83 Trickery
Crunkadelic Special teams
rutger Everyone gets one today, what a win! None, are some deserved? I don't know, I don't care what a win!
Reggie Hodges
coaching staff
egillen McCoy-1st pro win
dawgonit0207 Scott Fujita, Peyton Hillis Whoever decides that the Browns do not have cheerleaders
RenoBrownsFan Entire coaching staff Anyone that votes Eric Wright for a goathorn this week.
derCAhund No goats today brother
extzed Coaching Staff
E. Wright, R. Hodges, C. McCoy, O-Line,B.Daboll,P.Dawson Drew Brees
Sykotyk Peyton Hillis and the rest of the team, coaches, etc.
Games23 The Education of Colt McCoy
snoopdawgydawg Jim Donovan Mangini's slim fast plan
special teams played well offense is still asleep
jellyfish Special Teams
scott fujita
The Whole Damn Lot Of 'Em!
Chain gang member that got steamrolled
Chain gang member that was steamrolled
OklahomaDawg Eric Wright
Rob Ryan Eric Mangini
The legend of Peyton Hillis!
eezer Weldon, Lebron
jbaker Offensive/Devensive coordinator & sp teams coach
Phil Dawson
ClevelandSportsFan2310 Coaching Staff Eric Wright
Mark Zickefoose Ahtyba Rubin, Rob Ryan, Drew Brees, Scott Fujita James Harrison
RocknRollDawg Entire Organization
TychoMagneticAnomaly1 dropped interceptions
Special Teams Coach
Art Modell
Saints special teams Saints
PitbullTerrier Peyton Hillis
Peyton Hillis Frank Minifield/Hanford Dixon
reverendvargo Pittsburgh....I mean NFL officials
Payton hillis
jake131 special teams
Brad Seely
Eric Wright
Reggie Hodges and Peyton Hillis !!! AAA+++ NO HORNS... Even the coaching staff get's an A+ !!!
MagicDog ben rothlesberger and his refs
Beer Dick Modell, LeBron's ego
1stAnubiis Colt McCoy
Courtney Roby
Peyton Hillis running catching and throwing
luvbrowns NONE!!!
Colt McCoy
the saints dirty play
BrownsFanMN13 All Coaching Staff
ReggieHodges Eric Wright
Colt McCoy
Permes Reggie Hodges
outofmytree Brian Daboll, Peyton Hillis,Colt McCoy
Colt McCOY
salemdog Eric Wright's Tackles
dp10451 Steelers
The entire team for playing the most complete game in two years.
The goofball that reviews plays for challenges
ernielogo Entire coaching staff
Dawgpoundr Rob Ryan/Brad Seely Ravens gift calls
Entire team who played on Sunday
DawgHowl Reggie Hodges
Colt McCoy Josh Cribbs Phil Dawson
TaipeiDawg Peyton Hillis,Colt McCoy, Reggie Hodges, Rob Ryan James Harrison
tochigi Brad Seely The NO wr guy who hit that official
Specia.l Teams
special teams

Fan Gameball Comments
Excellent play from defense & special teams. McCoy managed the offense and didn't turn the ball over.
We've heard how BAD our coaches are ....maybe a little premature.
We've heard how BAD our coaches are ....maybe a little premature.
ChiefWahooPaSP Coaching Staff gets an attaboy!
Ahtyba Rubin is a beast
vick There isn't enough boxes to vote for everyone you want
Burcher Colt gets a game ball because unlike Jake Delhomme against Tampa Bay and Seneca Wallace against Kansas City, Colt did not make any mistakes that allowed the Saints back into the game.
superduver Sure threw N. O. off their game. Go, Browns!
drdarius giggity
Loved the offense you ran today with all the trickery!
DAWGDC David Bowens is probably the defensive player of the week this week...great game! Fujita had a great game and probably help with the defensive film work on the Saints this week...great Game Scott. The beast called Peyton is CLEVELAND BROWNS FOOTBALL...I will follow him to war every Sunday! The entire coaching staff coached there behinds off this week...Mangini, Seely and Ryan deserve game balls. Condoleeza Rice gets a gameball...she's Mangini's lucky charm so let's give the ex Secretary of State a gameball. Colt for Managing the game and if I'm Mangini let Colt start the rest of the season. Reggie Hodges is more than a punter he's an athlete run Reggie run Reggie!! Brian Robiskie for just catching passes
First time since last December that I've seen the defense put that kind of pressure on a QB. Earth to Browns: THIS WORKS! Leave the "bend don't break" nonsense on the Crennel ash heap
Prediction: Rob Ryan will either be interim coach for the Browns by the end of the year or head coach somewhere else. Great gameplan, great execution. Notice which coach did NOT receive a Gatorade shower at the end of the game....
Colt McCoy was poised ,even with dropped passes and receivers not coming back or turning around and lots of pressure,he is our man. Bowens and Fujita,excellent
Brad Seely for President
Tip o' the hat, David Bowens. Well done, sir.
brianes Wow. Just... Wow!
what a game plan!!

Rob Ryan and defense ROCK!
Devilinmypocket Everyone should get a gameball today. We ran the football, we passed when we needed to, special teams was best in the NFL this week, and the defense just completely locked the Saints down just about every drive.
RabidDawg Brilliantly executed defensive game plan
dude took a big hit.
Writerdawg I picked Mangini, but the award should go to the entire coaching staff for the great scouting that showed those trick plays would likely work.
hegemonic Entire Coaching Staff
Brad Sealy gets the game ball!!
houndfromhell This was a win by the entire organization, for all the great Browns
loyal fans. I also put down Dandy Randy
Lerner, because I been whinning about him so much these last few weeks. Way to shut me up Mr.Lerner, and lets not forget your father that got this team back and pulled out all the stops, trying to get this team in the playoffs.
We will never forget his time he put in and his effort`s...GO BROWNS SUPERBOWL.
brownsclown I thought about the entire defense, I thought about the linebackers but David Bowens and Scott Fujita were just outstanding and deserve to be praised. I also thought about "the special teams" but I decided to single out Reggie Hodges. Anytime the punter is a star of the game it's special.
CCClay57 Could have given one to Reggie Hodges and whoever called all the cute plays. Bowens got game.
FldDawg Great creativity
EFERG7265 Great game plan.
SBinmylifetime Colt McCoy managed the game well with no stupid mistakes under relentless pressure. Scott Fujita with crucial score saving interception leading us against former team. David Bowens, what can you say? Almost out-scored Saints by himself. Ryan/Seely with great creative game planning and Cribbs courageous in return from head shot and great throw on punt return lateral.
Congratulations COLT - Win #1
David Bowens-way to step up today! Front seven-2 thumbs up! Secondary- you make baby Jesus cry :(
The defense keeps coming to play, especially A. RUBIN! Big game by the special teams, and Reggie Hodges.
GlennChannell I gave one to Brad Seely, but the guys on the field deserve one too. Great coverage, solid returns, and excellent execution on the first punt return and the fake by Hodges.
Called a great game!
Great game plan by the D kept the Saints confused all day.
mtsames Great job. Keep it up.Dave Bowens exceptional game.
djw333 Great game plan by our coaching staff.
TpostDawg I gave the whole coaching staff game balls because
this was coaching win all the way.
idrthrbncleve The defense won this game. Ward played well, fujita and bowens. Rob Ryan schemed a great game.
VEGASDAN David Bowens-- 2!?! Need I say more? Fantastic.

Josh Cribbs-- You can still hurl that rock my friend. Well done.

Colt McCoy-- I'm really enjoying watching you grow. Keep working- you're on the right track.
Didn't want to vote for Ryan exactly... wanted to vote for the defense's entire coaching staff...
egillen Gotta give Ryan, Daboll, Seely and Mangini credit for an exciting and successful game plan. Really out-coached the Saints.
mddawg28 How could Bowens be inactive Week 1? Scott Fujita has got to be the best free agent pick up since "Plan B" free agents. Peyton Hillis is bringing back real Cleveland Browns' football.
dawgonit0207 Wow, It's way past time that we've seen this type of creativity with the game plan. Hats off to the entire team for this Big Win!
NewMexicoDawg Bowens for the two pick 6's. Fujita for helping structure the defensive game plan. Seeley for having the guts to think out of the box and help create offense for an team that desprately needed it. Way to go Brownies!
jaydawg74 Bowens, Entire D, Brad Seely.
Terrific performance on both sides of the ball. The defense set the tone, and Colt didn't throw it away. I knew the playbook was deeper than 3 yards and a cloud of dust, but who would have thought Hillis to McCoy? or Hodges up the middle for 68? Tremendous effort!!!!!!!!!
Games23 This is how you are supposed to bring young QBs along.
snoopdawgydawg Jim Donovan is the secret weapon as was announced on the radio this morning that he and Dieken are now 3-0 calling games at the Super Dome.

The team just seemed to play together, offense and defense and special teams combined...and a QB that finally managed the game.
Hard to be critical after a win, but it still would be nice to find an offense.
OklahomaDawg Congrats to David Bowens for singlehandedly beating the Saints, since no one else (other than maybe Reggie Hodges) had the balls to do it themselves.
Outstanding bend but don't break defense cooked up by Ryan. The bar has been set.
How often do you get to give a gameball to the punter for leading the team in rushing?!?!?! Props to Seely and the special teams... executed nearly to perfection on the punt and punt return!
Nice game Defense and ST
Unfreaking believable!!!!!
bohns75 I've gotta tell you ... the Browns coaching staff was in sink today!
Way to cut those strings loose! Great job!
From the time he arrived he has brought credibility and the team has bought in. This is being built the right way!!!
PitbullTerrier So many candidates for a game ball that this was hard, but overall, I gave Barton the top game ball, followed by Reggie "Run Big Boy, Run!" Hodges, and Rob Ryan.

I am starting to see things come together. God Bless the Browns; this is a fantastic win for a franchise that hasn't quit this season. - PBT
Peyton Hillis is our QB of the future. Colt Mcoy will be a great target for him for maney years to come...
Brad Seely and the coaching staff for being creative and gutsy.
bankone That was fun to watch.
1stAnubiis Woof, woof, woof!! What a game people now that's what we wanna see for the rest of the season and then some! I gave a game ball to coach Mangini but also he should divide that up amoung his assistant coaches. Ryan, Daboll and Seely, you guys and your players looked great. The game plan was aggressive and very well executed. That's how you win by minimizing mistakes, taking advantage of opportunities and continuing to play hard. Colt keep it up your poise is showing and as you and your TE and WRs get more practice I hope to see the passing game take off and that will in effect help a effective running game. Bowens you made to 21st street and Primetime! Hey keep it up cause we will need more plays like that one.
Delicious Celebration beer
Great win in all 3 phases of the game and ZERO turnovers!!!
dirtydave98 The team as a whole played a great game today. There are plenty of Gameballs that deserved to be handed out, from the coaches to the players.
Great Special teams but where is the offense?
BrownsFanMN13 I have to say, Mangini and crew did a heck of a job coaching this game. To put a team lacking so much talent and having injuries and still beat that team is amazing.

Only problem I see is hopefully the team will be motivated during the bye week, like last year. Hopefully they won't be dancing around being too happy and lay an egg when they come back.
studawg entire defense
coaching staff
entire offense
special teams
generally a good team win
rogerc Nick's fighting for that fumble was a HUGE play. He's a special special teamer
dp10451 Bowens had an outstanding game, showing the young'uns that age alone is not a deterrent to good play. Kudos to Hodges for a super run. I enjoyed every step. Reminded me of "Run William Run". Rob had these guys figured out all the way. Ya couldn't game plan this game any better.
This win made my entire week!!!
DawgHowl Rob Ryan: dialed up blitzes and a defensive gameplan that had Brees confused for most of the game.

Brad Seely: Special teams dominated in this game and Seeley came up with some nice trick plays. I loved the fake punt, it was gutsy and brilliant.

David Bowens: The old man had quite a game, he can still play.

Reggie Hodges: Not only did he punt well (2 punts inside the 20), he was the second leading rusher only 1 yard shy of Hillis LOL. I have never seen a punt run like Hodges did, that was pretty impressive.
TaipeiDawg That's more like it! The Browns wanted this one badly and went after it.
Fabulous special teams play.
Rock solid aggressive defense.
A capable QB who is making good decisions and managing the game well.
Really happy for Fujita for having a great game.
Bowens for the career day.
I can't help but notice Rubin playing hard every game.

tochigi First is our mistake free QB. A couple of mistakes and we could have lost the game.
Also ST are truly awesome on this team
There aren't enough Gameballs. I'd also give one to Brad Seely, Reggie Hodges, Scott Fujita, and Peyton Hillis.


Fan Goathorn Comments
Nobody needs a goathorn today!!!!!!!!!!!
Burcher Carlton Mitchell get ones because had it not been the tv guys showing number 18 I would have never have known he played in the game.
LV4Brown This win feels too good to give out any goats.
superduver Thank you, Drew.
drdarius scissor
DAWGDC Eric Wright and Sheldon Brown look like Mutt and Jeff neither and tackle and neither can cover...we need to draft 2 corners and 2 more safeties next year. Abe Elam because he's a waist of roster space and the Officiating crew because they went drinking on Bourbon Street last night!!
commtech For suggesting that if Colt McCoy had taken a sack on the 3rd and goal play at the Saints 5 yard line, the Browns might have been knocked out of field goal range...
Can we start getting over/unders on how many times Solomon Wilcots will A) mispronounce names and B) say "What did he tell us?"
Everyone looked grat today!! No goats for once
If not for Eric Wright's weekly foul ups, this game wouldn't have been as close as it was! Daboll has to let McCoy roll out and use his skills. Take the handcuffs off the kid already!
Other BJK Other than Eric Wright and the TV announcers, can't think of any goats
Mangini looked totally oblivious and apathetic to what was going on in the game. Ryan's defensive scheme won the game and Daboll was able to actually put his gameplan to successful use. Gadget Play A-Go-Go won't win us many more games....
dropped passes,letting receivers get behind
brianes Write-in: And Denver has issues with both QB and RB. Seriously? SUCK IT BIG D!
Devilinmypocket Nobody should get one this week. Our weakest link - the passing defense - came up strong this week. Brees is going to get yards, but he never got the passes he needed until the very last drive when we were too busy celebrating to care about what was going on the field.
it's Aston Villa, not Ashton Villa but Aston did lose this weekend on an own goal by Richard Dunne.
Writerdawg No goathorns should be given when you defeat the defending champions on their own field.
GregTNG Bowens gets a gameball and a goat for that trashy sauntering into the endzone following his second int. I've got no respect for that crap- you're not a stiller.
SlamBar Can't really think of any goats today.
houndfromhell Typically, I listened to the post game show on that directv channel. Those
sports casters hate to admit when their wrong. They also hate to talk about the Browns in a good way, even after beating
the superbowl champs.
Not ONE damn commontator even said the Browns by name, they only said that the Saints only lost today, because they have some key injuries and a SUPERBOWL HANGOVER. W.T.F.
One idiot said that if it wasnt for the Browns defense or special teams, that they never would have beat these Saints.
Well, duh, but the fact remains that they do count the defense and special teams.
They tried to downplay the game that the Colt played, in only his second start. He didnt light the world on fire, but he didnt lose the game for the Browns either. The spin was that the
Saints had a Q.B. that had a bad day.
Drew Brees thru 4 int`s, like the Browns defense didnt have anything to do with it.
Why are these kiss butt commentators so freightened to just admit that the Browns were the better team today?
Their 2-5 and now in 3rd place in the A.F.C. North division, the best, and toughest division in the entire N.F.L.
brownsclown NONE. Why should there be a goathorn, we beat the Super Bowl Champs in their house. Mister automatic goathorn Eric Wright was close again today but his return kept him out. Great team effert, no one really played poorly or coached poorly.
CCClay57 I don't care about Wright's 60 yard punt return, it was set up with a nice throw by Cribbs. Wright pooped out after 60 yards. Brian is the king of the 7 yard route when you need 8. He and Quinn were a good pair. Lawrence had stone hands.
EFERG7265 Not many goathorns really. Everybody played their A** off. Nice win at a very needed time.
SBinmylifetime Love Vickers but he could have helped McCoys passing stats by paying attention and holding on to the ball. Great punt return by Wright but still giving up pass plays. Was burnt for TD but dodged bullet due to off-setting penalties. Steelers still luckiest team in the league. Hate'em!
donreich eric wright has to be tired of taking the blame for TJ's coverage mistakes.
Secondary- you make baby Jesus cry :(
74 yards passing? Brian Daboll don't want to hear your excuses!
Reggie Bush getting layed by Kim on Sunday, rather than #99 laying him out.
GlennChannell Two more dropped interceptions. This is getting very disturbing.
veverkap Seriously, you can't stop yourself from hitting a defenseless chain gang member with 10 yards to stop?
mtsames No goats for winners except for Art and his Baztards.
Eric Wright & Daboll SUCK
Eric Wright - can't tackle, can't cover, wimps out on hitting and he let that last play on 4th down go for a first because...(see above). // Daboll - WTF? Stop outthinking yourself. HIllis, Hillis, Hillis - is it that hard? // Mangini - for letting Daboll call such ass-a-riffic plays. Watch out, dude, Rob Ryan's coming for your job.
mtsames Art and his 2 Baztards for eternity.
djw333 Hey Drew, you generally have to show up to win an NFL game.
TpostDawg none this was very good win.
idrthrbncleve Assante gets a goat for not being able to beat out Elam. Wright and Elam, Elam and Wright. The defense would have been perfect if it wasn't for them.
VEGASDAN Screw it-- no goats today. Good win. Brad Seely even prompted Brian Daboll to think outside the box!
egillen While there were penalties on the Browns, you can't really ding anyone after this total team win. Brees had a DA-like performance.
mddawg28 This guy is a joke. He has an opportunity to score and he allows himself to be tackled with a heel swipe by a guy who was blocked to the turf! Then in the fourth quarter, he once again drops his coverage, makes no attempt at the tackle, and then jogs his ass across the field praying that one of his teammates will clean up his mess. Why, oh why, is this guy still on the field? Free Joe Haden!
dawgonit0207 What was up with the officiating? Weird calls! Also, Sean Payton. His team was looking beyond the Browns this week.
NewMexicoDawg No Goats! A great team win. Altough the offense was stagnant, we never turned the ball over and Colt demonstrated poise in a hostile environment. Hopefully this is a springboard to a great second half of the season.
snoopdawgydawg Do the Browns hold the record for the most wins with a quarterback throwing under 100 yards?
No one can tell me the Browns have no talent. The lack of talent rests mainly with the coaching staff's inability to coach; and the coaching staff, as bad as it is, excepting Brad Seely, is the responsibility of the Walrus and his devious ways. I never thought Holmgren to be the man for the Browns.
OklahomaDawg Heckert, we need some real targets for Colt McCoy. The kid's head swiveled around about 4 times trying to find someone, ANYONE to throw the ball to.

Eric Wright, toasted again. F*ck that guy and his couch.
What were you challenging??? ERIC still prove to be a poor game time manager - Daboll's offense could not do nothing with out players like Hillis and McCoy. Where was the O-line???
BrownsMan Another unimaginative game and ZERO killer instinct.
Nobody Today!!!!!!
PitbullTerrier Only reason I gave TJ Ward a Goat vote is because of that potential pick-six INT that he dropped. It doesn't get any easier than that, TJ, but you're still a great player.
For going into retirement. Those old boys can still do a better gob than Write and Brown.
bankone I got nothing....except maybe on offense we could do something even crazier than halfback (except it's Peyton Hillis and there is nothing half about that boy) pass to the QB and maybe pass on first down?
With all the other shennanigans it just might work!
Eric Wright was the only negative thing out there. Messed up a sure touchdown by getting tackled by a pinkie finger. Was responsible for giving up a touchdown at end of game because of missed tackle on 4th down that kept Saints drive alive. Plus he can't cover anyone on any team. He is the re-incarnation of Ralph Brown. See a completed pass and you will see No. 21 in the area.
MagicDog had to stick ben and his refs in there for the freebie he got this week
1stAnubiis Soloman Wilcot and his sidekick need to go, Wilcot is a Browns hater and continuely talks up whomever is playing against Cleveland and you won't hear a good thing from him unless the guy working with him says it first. Ward you were solid but please get an interception please. You are so close but someday soon making an INT will save us the game not just a knock down. Drew Brees for being too lame to acknowledge that his opposition was not as lame as their record.
dirtydave98 Loved Bowens picks but can do without the BS endzone stuff...act like a professional!
We need more running and less passing to Vickers.
BrownsFanMN13 For once, can't really think of a negative after that game.
Wright extended 3 drives for the Saints.One on a blown coverage, two on brutal piece of tackling on fourth down & three on a penalty call on fourth down.
none - all is well for at least 1 week
dp10451 Wright is still struggling in coverage. I'm still not convinced of Daboll's play calling ability. You can always hang the horns on the Steelers.
Is this guy reviewing plays for challenges working for pissburgh???
Vickers - Your new nickname is the hands of stone.
Daboll - You get a set for calling plays for the hands of stone.
Eric Wright - You should have scored on the punt return and gave up a touchdown near the end of the game. Dude what's up with you game. I'd draft another DB based on your performance.
DawgHowl Lawerence Vickers: I like him alot but man he has got to catch the ball. I donno what was with his hands in this game, he is usually pretty sure handed.

TaipeiDawg Goathorns to Iron Head Harrison for being an ignorant Neanderthal.
tochigi That WR was mad that he was pushed out and deliberately hit the official. Sick!

Eric W was better but another questionable game. If he doesn't turn it around soon, will lose all confidence.
Did Mike Bell have any runs with positive yardage? He made the field goal attempt in the fourth quarter much harder.


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