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The Browns bye weekend has arrived, enjoy the rest, as a QB controversy and Pats, Jets await

Bengals Kicked into Last Place
Barry McBride on October 31st, 2010 AT 10:12 PM

The Browns are (technically) no longer the last place team in the AFC North thanks to the Dolphins defeating the Bengals 22-14. Cincinnati started off with a strong offensive drive, but Carson Palmer retreated to his ineffective 2010 self in the second half, and the Dolphins kicked five field goals to push Cincinnati to a home loss.

The Bengals are now 2-5, like the Browns, but lost to the Browns earlier this season, giving the Browns a tie-breaker between the two teams. This is of no importance to anyone outside of Cleveland or the worldwide community of Browns fans, but it can at least make us feel a little bit better about the progress the team has made when, not long ago, prognosticators were foreseeing an 0-7 record by this point in the season.

At this point, it should be Marvin Lewis, not Eric Mangini, most fearful about keeping his job. Despite the loosest character standards in the NFL, the Bengals have tumbled into an embarrassing spot, and the entire locker room is probably due for a thorough cleaning after the season. Whether Mike Brown will dump Lewis depends a lot on how much money is left on his contract, but the Bengals head coach has certainly failed to deliver despite his lengthy opportunity.

A good part of the blame has to lie with QB Carson Palmer, whose promise appears like it will remain largely undelivered due to a history of injuries. The Bengals QB will be lucky to make it through the year without having to punch Shaun Smith at some point.


There Is No Escaping the OBR Daily Blog Now
Barry McBride on October 31st, 2010 AT 8:30 PM

We’ve implemented some more webdork hackery this evening, which will help us eliminate some linking issues we’ve been having with the blog. At the same time, you can now see the latest blog entry from the OBR forums. Links to the latest blog entry have been added to the forum lobby, Ask the Insiders, TAP Room, Watercooler, and OBR Football.

I was enjoying some Great Lakes Brewing Nosferatu Ale (evil laugh) while coding this, so let me know via the contact us form if we’ve somehow blown up the internet again.

For what it’s worth, the OBR staff is not responsible for the other technical weirdness you have been experiencing since Wednesday. People find this strange, because we’re usually responsible for things that don’t work. But it wasn’t us this time, for some reason. Kind of scary. It’s Halloween, after all.

5:00 PM

Dolphins top Bengals 22-14, Bengals now technically in last place in the AFC North, meaning that the Browns are in third. Progress! Sort of.

3:42 PM

@Spectre14 Thanks bro… and thanks for all the re-tweets and replies as well!

3:16 PM

@AdamSchein How could *anyone* beating the Cowboys be considered an upset?

3:13 PM

While I was tending to system issues on Scout, the OBR’s Twitter feed went over 5,000 followers. Awesome!

3:13 PM

@telichtwit8 FWIW, I think Lebron’s latest Nike commercial is strangely appropriate. My 12-year-old likes that same exact type of donut.

3:11 PM

@telichtwit8 Depends. Is LBJ still going to have the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old in five years? It’s up to his enablers, inc Nike.

Browns Outline Media Schedule, Chuckle Quietly to Themselves
Barry McBride on October 31st, 2010 AT 1:30 PM

The Browns will have availability on Monday (players and Eric Mangini in the AM) and Mike Holmgren will talk to the assembled media Tuesday at 3PM. We’ll be there for both activities, of course, although your expectations for big news coming from either should be low. Very low. Non-existent, really.

Still, there will be media hordes assembled tomorrow morning, and they’ll be looking for any possible signs of a quarterback controversy (Seneca Wallace is stretching with extra vigor this morning!To the presses!) in order to try to remain relevant or get people to click on ads or get their names elevated enough to jump to new jobs. Or whatever.

We’ll be there with the rest of the media jackals looking for something interesting without overtly making it up. If we’re lucky, someone will get fined for a water bottle or be forced to take a red eye back to Cleveland, which makes them sleepy. Then we can be featured on Pro Football Talk or sports radio for bringing the world that bit of awesome news. Cause that’s how the media works. Wish us luck.


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