It Could Be Worse...

Don Delco takes a look at the somewhat-less-fortunate around the NFL

The bye week is officially over. For the third time in the last four seasons, the Cleveland Browns entered that bye week with a win. Yet this year, that win came over the defending Super Bowl champions.

Positive vibes have been flowing since, but the bottom line is the Cleveland Browns are still only 2-5. The Browns were expected to start the season 2-0, not 2-5. Remember those first two opponents who were supposed to be easy victories? Tampa Bay and Kansas City are a combined 10-4.

No matter what you encounter in your life, from your career to your favorite sports teams, there will be others who are doing better than you and there will be others doing worse than you.?What better way to put your team's prospects in a positive light than to enjoy the misfortunes of others?

This is... It Could Be Worse.

Dallas Cowboys

The size of this franchise's arrogance is as big as its new stadium that will host this year's Super Bowl. The Cowboys expected to play at home for a Super Bowl title.

Well, they are 1-6 with non-divisional games remaining against Green Bay, New Orleans and Indianapolis.  Their starting quarterback has a broken clavicle and their defense was just torched by Jacksonville.

Although the national media continues to talk about the Cowboys ad nauseum, they are a non-factor for the remainder of the season.

Buffalo Bills

Everything goes in cycles. A little less than two decades ago, the Bills and Cowboys met in consecutive Super Bowls. This season, Buffalo remains as the only winless team in the NFL. In the last two weeks the Bills took their opponent into overtime … only to lose.

On Sunday against Kansas City, Bills kicker Rian Lindell made a 53-yard field goal with about seven minutes remaining in overtime, but Chiefs head coach Todd Haley called a timeout just before the snap. Lindell missed his re-try.

To make matters worse, Bills fans are glad Trent Edwards is no longer the team's quarterback and instead glad Ryan Fitzpatrick is their quarterback. Ouch.

The Bills have not won more than nine games since 1999. Since the Music City Miracle, the Bills are a combined 66-101.

Minnesota Vikings

On one hand, the Vikings went all out to try and win this year. Considering they were so close last season, you have to give the team credit for going for it all.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, they tempted old-man time one too many seasons. Brett Favre looks every bit the 41-year-old grandfather out on the football field and the Vikings are reeling at 2-5.

The relationship between Vikings' quarterback and head coach dislike each other and after this season, the future for the Vikings, on and off the field, looks dire.

Arizona Cardinals

Two seasons removed from playing in the Super Bowl, Arizona is playing Derek Anderson at quarterback. ‘Nuff said.

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