Holmgren: 'Bottom Line Is Wins'

Browns president Mike Holmgren addressed the media Tuesday in Berea.

BEREA, Ohio — For the first time since training camp, Browns president Mike Holmgren spoke to the media in addressing a variety of topics. The Browns entered the bye week at 2-5, one game better than a year ago, when the team started 1-6.

"We're an improved, better team," Holmgren said. "But, the bottom line is about wins."

Here's a highlight of topics covered (check back for more detailed information later or listen to the OBR radio show from 4-5 p.m. Tuesday on KNR2 am1540 or listen to the podcast).

Q: Will Colt McCoy be the starter?

Holmgren: "Before anyone anoints him, he has more to prove. That's a coaching decision and Eric and his staff will make that. If he goes back to the bench, he has that experience in the bank."

Q: Will there be a consensus among yourself, Tom Heckert and the coaching staff?

Holmgren: "Given how we've worked so far, I don't anticipate it being a problem."

Q: How will you evaluate Eric Mangini?

Holmgren: "He'll be evaluated at the end of the season. There's more to it than wins and losses. It's too premature at this point."

Q: What have you been most encouraged about?

Holmgren: "The most encouraging is we've been in most games and have had chances to win the games, but it's almost discouraging because we lost those games. The effort and the competitiveness I like, but it hurts because we've lost."

Q: Why are the wide receivers not as integrated into the offense?

Holmgren: "The system I grew up in (San Francisco with Bill Walsh). That was our scheme the way, we played offense. I think there's an emphasis to work the middle of the field with the tight end here. We don't throw as many balls here as we have in my background. The third thing is you have to look at the receivers and they don't get as many opportunities."

Q: Thoughts on Brian Daboll:

Holmgren: "This is a hard working group. My greatest challenge is what hat I'm wearing my coaching hat or president hat. This first year is hard for me to get used to the system."

Q: Do you still want to coach?

Holmgren: "No, I'm doing  OK. The challenge for this has been a challenge for me and I enjoy the challenge. I'd be less than honest if I didn't say I get fire up at the games. The hard part is you're watching the game and you're right there. I have a phone but I've only used it once to check on an injury."

Q: Do you have to see if Colt McCoy can play?

Holmgren: "We have to have that discussion and see if you're doing it just for the future. We have to have that discussion once the other quarterbacks are ready."

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