Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Dave Carducci dropped by the Browns Uncensored chat room last night to talk draft, linebackers, and all kinds of stuff. With a number of roster holes, little cap space, and the draft coming up, a discussion of the team's strategy took center stage.

artbtz Welcome Dave!
DavidCarducci So what's everyone talking about?
KJ This military AMAZES me with it's potency
artbtz They haven't even dropped the MOAB yet.
artbtz Anyhow... back to football...
DavidCarducci The MOAB is the big bomb they tested in Florida last month, yes?
artbtz It's also a term used to describe the Browns 1999-2001 draft history
howldawg lol
ramllov Any LBs on the signing position?
DavidCarducci Ram, you might very well be right. It's odd because there are so many needs, and that's the only way they can fill them
KJ Dave, how convinced r u that Davis sees Stokes as the 2003 LG???
DavidCarducci KJ, from hearing Davis and also listening to others who have talked to Davis, he thinks Stokes added a sort of toughness that the line had been missing. He did improve over the final third of the season. I don't think Davis sees him as the guy to ultimately fill the spot, but I think they believe they can get by another year as Mitchell, Z and hopefully some other young G's develop
ramllov Dave are you saying that Stokes could be the LG this year?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think there is a pretty good chance of it
jmazzulo920 Dave, who do you project as the starting LBs in 03?
DavidCarducci Jmazzulo, it is so hard to say because I don't really think Gardner is a great option as a starter. His reads better than Rainer, but he has similar speed. That was a huge negative with him in Philly, or at least considered a huge negative. I'm hoping for a draft pick in the first or second round to fill one spot, or maybe resign Miller.
DavidCarducci The point is, I think the LB situation could change significantly by training camp.
superfork2002 So Mitchell won't be ready until 2004?
ramllov Dave were the Browns High on Taylor at SSLB last year? Prior to his injury?
artbtz Courtney, Warren, or Couch. Any guesses which of any of them will come back in 2003?
artbtz (My money is on Gerard)
DavidCarducci AB, all three will be back. If you mean come back in terms of improved play, I think Couch and Warren will have breakout years. Just a guess.
superfork2002 What about drafting Wilhelm?
DavidCarducci I wouldn't mind Wilhelm. He has some physical deficiencies, but he is a player.
superfork2002 maybe a later round pick too
DavidCarducci I agree. Even if he doesn't project as a top starting LB, Wilhelm is the kind of guy teams need to have around.
DavidCarducci He's a football player
ramllov Dave, Hunter from Hawaii LT, where will he go in the draft?
jmazzulo920 I thought Miller was being looked at primarily for DE
howldawg Dave on Miller is the talk of him as a DE sreious or a smoke screen?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, that's interesting, because Butch has said several times that if he had Miller from the start of his career, he would have played with a hand down his entire career.
DavidCarducci My guess is that if the Browns bring him back, it would be in his old role, simply because of need
DavidCarducci I do think Miller's natural abilities best translate to DE, though. I always have
KJ I know you're not speedy gonzo on the draft, but who do u like better...Henderson or Pierce???...both can play SSLB
DavidCarducci I love EJ Henderson, but that back injury is a bit scary. I have seen a lot of him, and think he is big time.
superfork2002 what about Hambrick I haven't heard anything about him?
ramllov If Miller comes back, Hambrick will not? Is that correct?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think that is probably the case.
artbtz Hambrick is still on the roster at the Official Site. That means either (1) something's going on or (2) their webmaster is even worse than me.
DavidCarducci Interesting, AB. I'll try to check into it. I have some time tomorrow.
superfork2002 If Miller doesn't come back
DavidCarducci superfork, last I heard, and that was a month ago, the Browns would be interested in bringing Hambrick back, but they haven't done anything with him. It's worth trying to call his agent to see if they've talked.
Greg Let the youth be served... time to see what Butch has in his drafted LBers...
newdawg if we draft henderson, we need to bury the myth that butch loves fast linebackers.
DavidCarducci From the scouts I've talked to, Henderson is much faster than his timed speed because he reads and reacts so well. His recognition is outstanding.
OklahomaDawg Hypothetically... if players of equal quality at OL or defense are available at 21, which direction do we go? Would Butch be willing to spend a high pick on an offensive lineman?
jmazzulo920 Dave, What are your thoughts on Michael jameson and his role with the team this year?
DavidCarducci I think Jameson has to get a chance at some point. I've talked to Jameson quite a bit, and he always impresses me. Good guy with a good work ethic. I talked to him midway through last season and he said his speed is completely back, in fact faster than ever. I wouldn't be surprised to see him compete with Little.
jmazzulo920 I liked what I saw of Jameson in his limited role, and special teams, that guy can hit
ramllov Dave they signed McKinley for four years, does Butch Davis see him as an eventual starter?
artbtz There are cap advantages to that long contract, Ram.
ramllov Yes, I agree, I just wonder what his upside is?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Davis believes he can become a starter at some point, and I think that simply because he loves his potential. For right now, McKinley fills a nice role on the team. He can penetrate as a DT, but he also anchors well against the run. The nice thing about him is that his best football is still far in front of him. I think that's the deal with Davis. He wants to keep him a while and watch his development.
howldawg Dave have you heard what kind of money people are discussing in reference to J Miller? other than him and his agent that is.
DavidCarducci I am not as up to date on Miller's $$$ demands or possible offers because I've been out of the loop on basketball beat.
PCDawg Dave, are we EVER going to get rid of Carmen Policy and get someone in the front office who actually respects the Browns' history and the fans?
superfork2002 I think this is his last 5 years
artbtz Maybe we should keep sending him emails about how pleasant the Napa valley is this time of year.
DavidCarducci PCDawg, I was very surprised to hear about Policy. I did not see him here for the start of 2004. That was my guess. I was very wrong.
jmazzulo920 What about Ben Taylor, What position will he be given a shot at starting this year, SSLB, MLB, he was drafted as a MLB was he not?
DavidCarducci Taylor would be strongside, but I don't think he really has a shot of winning that spot. He missed a year of development, and he really needs to bulk up.
Greg Dave- have you heard anything about the ""concerns"" calming down among the players since the big purge?
DavidCarducci Greg, with the ""concerns"" of players ... I don't think that is going to die down any time soon. SOme of the things the departed players talked about (feeling like they didn't really trust what they were hearing from the top, loyalty issues, etc.) are very real. Someone recently put it very well, though, when they said Davis is actually a pretty loyal guy, but he is loyal to ""his"" players. Guys like Gerard Warren. The more he continues to change the roster to fit his personality, the more you may see some of those questions disappear
ramllov What is the chance of Holmes coming back, limited or none?
DavidCarducci My guess with Holmes is next to none.
OklahomaDawg Was it Taylor that they showed the film of him hurdling the offensive line on a field goal attempt?
jmazzulo920 yes
OklahomaDawg Yeah... loved that. :)
jmazzulo920 taylor had the greatest draft highlight film ever!
superfork2002 right now all LBs have a shot to start
donodawg not to be a pest, but some kind of deal perking on the offensive line, or is that dead?
DavidCarducci I don't think any deals are in the making. I'd be surprised to see the Browns sign anyone other than their own free agents between now and the draft.
rabidbrown can we believe the reports on Courtney Brown are true? Is his recovery going well and is he pain free like the article said?
DavidCarducci Rabidbrown, I don't really think you can ever fully believe what you hear out of Berea regarding injuries. They never tell you tell the whole truth. The best we can do is hope for the best.
jmazzulo920 Dave, If you were making the decisions, would you keep CB, or cut him June 1st? personally I'd cut him June 1st.
DavidCarducci jmazzulo, I would keep Courtney. I know I've been just as critical of anyone concerning Courtney, but knowing what I now know about the defensive staff from the last two seasons, I'm anxious to see if the changes and a return to health can finally tap into his potential. Dominant DE's are so hard to come by, and Brown without a doubt has the physical skills to be a dominant end. The question I have is how much he wants to be that player. I want to see if Campo can light a fire under him. If he can't, then I think it is time to consider cutting bait.
superfork2002 I think Brown will get 1 more year
ramllov Dave do you see this as an 8-8 year or to soon to tell?
superfork2002 I see 9 or 10 wins myself
DavidCarducci Ram, I think it is way too soon to tell. I think if the threat of a qb battle gets Couch to have a breakout year and if Warren and Courtney start to live up to their potential ... and while those are big ifs, they are very possible. ... this could be a very good year with the right role players filling in for the current needs.
jmazzulo920 I don't know how much more can be taught to CB, he can't seem to stay healthy, He was dominated by Roman Oben among the many other that had their way with him last year, and he doesn't seem to care. I just think that if CB weren't such a nice, coachable kid that he would be cut this year
donodawg even if Brown comes out smoking, do we still need a pass rush DE someone from Miami in the first round, perhaps?
DavidCarducci Actually, I don't know that much more can be taught to Courtney, but a lot can be done in my opinion in terms of helping him translate what he learns to production on the field. For example, he learned some very intricate pass rushing moves in camp last year, then never really brought them to the game. I studied the film of his first four games, and he only really tried three different moves. I think there can be some ways of creating an atmosphere where Courtney motivates himself better.
donodawg courtney is not an edge rusher no matter what
donodawg pigs will fly before anyone is scared of Brown coming off the edge
ramllov Dave any question who the Browns are looking at for their first choice or do you see them trading down to get extra pick?
CCDawg49 for me, if steinbach, henderson, or bailey aren't there, trade down!
rabidbrown Personally I think McDougle has McBust written all over him
DavidCarducci Ram, I doubt there will be a trade, but I think if there is it is much more likely to be a trade down.
ramllov down as in a lower pick like 15?
KJ Dave, just curious. R u gonna be able to do the chat site thing from the field on Sundays this year?
DavidCarducci KJ, I'm willing to do it when it is possible. I can not do it from Cleveland Browns Stadium, but I can often do chats at road games.
KJ Man...with Henderson, pirce, maybe Bailey, foster and Hunter there at 21...we gotta go DOWN for an extra 2
CCDawg49 Dave, who would be your choice at #21
DavidCarducci CCDawg, I go back and forth on that over and over. I have long said that I want a big-time first round offensive lineman, but I'm not sure that I like the options that will most likely be available at 21. The Browns might be better off filling their need at LB or CB in round one and then considering a guard in round two.
KJ Trade down and get the best of the remaining top 5 OT's or top 3 LB's
DavidCarducci I wouldn't disagree with you at all KJ
DavidCarducci I've always been in favor of trading down, especially with the way Garcia, Davis and Co. have shown that they do their homework and can find those hidden gems.
ramllov Dave do you see this draft as Butch Davis's signature draft?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think it needs to be simply because this team has to fill so many immediate needs for Davis to keep what he has built rolling along.
jmazzulo920 Dave, I don't think Wayne Hunter is going to be able to start at any OL position this year let alone LT, please tell me he is not being considered for the 1st pick?
jmazzulo920 Dave, how do you feel about Wayne Hunter?
DavidCarducci I actually just did a little work on Hunter. I've heard some nice things, but again he is a big-time project. He would not be a guy who could help this year.
DavidCarducci He is one of the few guys who could be available late first day or early second who could translate into a starting LT
wideright David- do you expect a contract extension for Butch at the end of the season
DavidCarducci wideright, I wouldn't be surprised. I had originally seen Davis and Cleveland as a good match for four or five years, but I don't see him leaving until he has turned this team into a championship contender. He has too much pride
rabidbrown Is the Browns organization as high on Eric Steinbach as a lot of people on these boards are? I'm not a big fan of his at all. He sounds like he fits the mold of Oben.
howldawg Dave i get the feeling that Steinbach is a tweener what have you heard?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, that's the consensus. He probably is best suited for tackle in the NFL. I've even read where he thinks that. I haven't had a chance to see him in person yet, but at 6-5, I would think he could add some more bulk to his frame. Get him in, then working with an NFL training staff, bulk him up, and with his athleticism, he could end up being a very special guard.
ramllov Dave do you see O'Hara or Fowler as the starting center this year?
DavidCarducci Ram, my bet is that O'Hara starts at center, with Paul Zukuaskas winning the RG job, then possibly giving way at some point to Mitchell, if he develops the way the Browns hoped
KJ It amazes me that a guy like Hunter who's been touted as a 2nd day draftee ALL year long, all of a sudden SHOOTS up the boards because he puts a leg over his head in a work-out...this tells me WATCH-OUT...crap shoot
DavidCarducci KJ, I can see what you mean. Workout warriors are always something to fear. But then, he is one of those guys who could be a nice project. When someone shoots up the board like this, people think 'oh, he's a guy who has to contriubte right away because of his standing' and then when he isn't ready, he is quickly labeled a bust. He is a guy who probably shouldn't go as high, because it will keep teams from being patient with him and allowing him to develop
ramllov Dave what position would you want with the first pick? LT?
DavidCarducci Ram, ideally, if it were a dominant LT, that's what I would want. But I don't think that is going to be there at 21. I think there are some very good CB's late in round one. I'd like a dominant linebacker like a E. J. Henderson, but that my lifelong theory is that an inside linebacker isn't always a good first round value. But then, if you have a chance to pick up a Kendrell Bell in round one, wouldnt' you have to do it?
donodawg i read where davis was most uncomfortable at CB with his defense true or more Butchspeak?
donodawg so, why not Dennis Weathersby?
DavidCarducci Weathersby has tons of talent, and great size, which I love in a cornerback. With Sanders, Henry and Weathersby, that would be incredible size, speed and athleticism at the position. THe problem is, again, that he is a project in that he doesn't have great cover skills and he is not known as a hard worker. Henry and Sanders are still projects. You might be able to find a more refined corner who could help right away, but then, would he have the upside of a Weathersby?
ramllov Dave how big of a change in the Defense will happen with an new and improved Warren?
DavidCarducci Ram. I think an improved Warren would dramatically change the defense. Like I've heard so many coaches say, an interior pass rush, a guy who can disrupt up the middle, is as valuable as anything in the game. He can make the other 10 players on the field more effective
ramllov Can Weathersby tackle?
KJ Gotta love the 6' 1"" plus corners
CCDawg49 he's a cornerback, of course he can't tackle :-)
donodawg there is no way in hell he could be a worse tackler than Henry
DavidCarducci that's true donodawg. Henry may be the worst tackler in the NFL
ramllov Can they coach Henry into a tackler?
DavidCarducci I'm sure they can, but there are other more pressing skills to teach Henry. I think his biggest problem is not physical, but mental. He is a guy who should benefit from an offseason watching film and from some serious individual work with his position coach.
KJ IMO...our secondaries success this year will directly proportional to our front 7's pressure on the backfield...scientific equation *L*
jmazzulo920 Dave, do you see us taking a safety early or later in the draft?
KJ I also think we need to get our corners up on the LOS and start punchin' chumps like Ward and Burress in the face
howldawg hell yes
CCDawg49 we need the pressure from the front 7 to make that work
KJ Which means we need improved Safety play to cover their asses
jmazzulo920 does anyone else hate hines ward as much as me, he is by far my most hated athlete!
DavidCarducci I can understand why opponents hate Hines Ward, but man, if he were on the Browns, you'd love him. He does all the little things so well.
howldawg yuk
KJ Kordella's boy friend!!!
jmazzulo920 it is that stupid smirk he always has on his face, whenever pittspuke does anything good against us, they show his stupid ass smirk, thats why I hate him
KJ lmao
Fairwayseeker ok
DavidCarducci Believe me, I understand
KJ gotta love to hate em' while he ain't a Brown though
Fairwayseeker David, do you think J. Miller will be back to give us that Pass Rush?
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker, I'd like to say yes, but right now I'd say it is less than 50-percent, in my opinion.
jmazzulo920 Dave, do you think Kevin Bentley is the only sure thing to start at LB, or at least the closest to a sure thing.
donodawg any thoughts about offensive picks in the second day of the draft, or will this be strictly a defensive draft?\
DavidCarducci I think exactly that. Bentley for right now seems assured of a starting spot, and I for one am excited to see what he can do over a 16 game season.
howldawg on that same tought if we draft a LB high can bentley play else where in the lb scheme
donodawg sorry I didn't see the time probably an unfair question given the time remaining
jmazzulo920 does anyone remember when bentley upended Frank Wycheck in the tennesee game
ramllov Dave is the SSLB looked at as the pass rushing LB?
DavidCarducci Ram, it doesn't have to be. The scheme can be altered. It wasn't that last year. I think the LB's in the current defense are asked to do a lot less in terms of rushing the passer. Davis really wants to generate the rush from the front four.
jmazzulo920 great hit
CCDawg49 David, do you think Gerald Hayes can play the strong side?
DavidCarducci CCDawg, I'm not sure on that. Hayes seems to have the instincts to do it. He would be able to handle the job as a run stopper.
KJ R we satisfied with Andra Davis as the starting MLB???
DavidCarducci KJ, I don't know if we are satisfied. They may end up being resigned to the fact, though. I'd have liked to see Davis get at least another year as an understudy. I don't know if he will be ready yet. I do like his intelligence, though, and his nose for the football. He might be able to do it.
KJ And WHY r we waisting our time working out Witten, the TE from Tennessee???
jmazzulo920 I wouldn't hate it if we picked Witten, I think Witten might help our offense as much or more than any defensive player would help the defense
DavidCarducci I don't think Witten is under serious consideration. Too many other needs ... Now Hard Hittin' Mark Whitten, that's another story. What an arm
KJ hehehe
CCDawg49 lol, don't forget the 4-homer game
DavidCarducci Yeah, but that was with the Cards
CCDawg49 true
DavidCarducci he needed to do that here
CCDawg49 with spiderman in CF.
DavidCarducci Guys, we are coming up on 8 p.m., and my girlfriend will be waiting on me. Time for me to run.
KJ Tribe talk time???
CCDawg49 thanks david.
artbtz See ya Dave
ramllov bye
DavidCarducci Thanks everyone
donodawg lucky you
howldawg thanks Dava
donodawg thanks for the chat
Fairwayseeker later, Dave
jmazzulo920 thanks dave
KJ thx dave, tell the lady i said hey
howldawg night gang good seeing all of you
DavidCarducci i'll do that. Thanks KJ
KJ Later all... All is well in C-Town!!!
KJ As long as Rainer Wali the Weeble stays in Jax!!

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