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The Browns return to action this weekend at home vs. 6-1 Patriots

Transcript: Cleveland Browns Players, 11/7
Barry McBride on November 7th, 2010 AT 10:37 PM

LB Eric Barton

(On the progress made in the last two games)- “I think we’re just showing we’re a tough team and we’re going to fight for four quarters and whatever happens, happens.”

(On holding the NFL’s No. 1 offense to 14 points)- “It’s great. (Defensive Coordinator) Rob Ryan coached there. Coach Mangini, of course, coached there, so to go out and do it against that team, I mean they’re a talented bunch. Tom Brady-it is what it is. To be able to stop them, it’s a great feeling. It just shows what we can do when we execute and follow the game plan.”

(On if his past experience playing against Patriots QB Tom Brady helped the defense)- “There were certain things that I knew he was going to do and I tried to help, but he’s tough. Everyone knows what he’s going to do. It’s just that you have to go out there and execute.”

WR Josh Cribbs

(On the team starting to get people’s attention)- “I think that at this point in our season we don’t care who we play. I just feel like we’re so reckless right now, with the way we’re going out there and playing, we’re leaving it all on the table. Whether it is the trick plays, moving down the field, we scored offensive points this time. We didn’t have to rely on the defense to score. Everybody did their part. When we can win the turnover game, we can win the football game.”

(On QB Colt McCoy)- “The ability that we know he had, he showed it today. I always boast that he’s the winningest quarterback in college football history and he’s showing that he can carry over to the NFL. He’s doing a great job. With the team behind him, everything is clicking.”

DB Abram Elam

(On his forced fumble and recovery on the same play at the end of the first half)- “Yeah, they were driving down late in the first half and it was an opportunity for us to make a play. We stole the possession from them because that would have to led to points and they were getting the ball after halftime.”

(On if the team works on stripping the ball in practice)- “Definitely. That is a point of emphasis everyday at practice, trying to create turnovers. We’re just trying to get our offense the ball back.”

(On if the ball was in a position to strip)- “No. But it was an opportunity that I was going after the ball. It was a great chance for me to make a play and I did.”

(On if he knew the importance of the fumble recovery)- “I did. There were less than two minutes left and they were going in to score. Anytime you can keep a good team like that from scoring, it’s definitely big for the team.”

(On what the win meant for the team)- “Well, it was a big win for us, knowing the ups and downs of this season, showing that we’re continuing to progress and the things that we’re working on are getting better.”

RB Peyton Hillis

(On the offensive line)- “The offensive line did a nice job today, I couldn’t have done it without them. I have to give thanks to the guys up front for making it all happen.”

(On fumbling and coming back)- “Against a team like that, you never can let off the gas. If you want to be successful in life and in this league, you have to learn to let the mistakes fall behind you and run with the curves. It’s the only thing you can do. We rebounded well today.”

(On the team and game )- “We played the way football should be played; well on both sides of the ball, taking time off the clock, you rest your defense and that’s what you have to do.”

(On the team)- “I think that with the guys and coaches we have on this squad, we’re finally proving to people that this is a winner – not two or three years from now, but a winner now. If we put our mind to it we can beat anybody.”

(On what Coach Bill Belichick said to him after the game)- “He said ‘congrats’ and that he was impressed, and when you get a compliment like that from a great coach, it means a lot.”

(On having two weeks off)- “Two weeks off did wonders and I came out today healthy.  Hopefully there are no side effects going into next week.”

QB Colt McCoy

(On the execution of the game plan)- “I thought we executed well.  Coach Daboll had us all prepared and the coaches did a fantastic job, especially during the bye week.  We worked really hard in the bye week and kind of had an idea of what we wanted to do when we came back.  We really just added on to that and worked really

hard.  The offensive line played tremendous.  When those guys play like that it’s easy to run the ball and we get a lot of open lanes in the passing game.  Peyton (Hillis) ran the ball well, and when you can execute like that you give yourselves a chance to win, and that’s what happened today.”

(On his touchdown run)- “Yeah I felt real slow.  We talked all week and when we got into the fringe area, the fringe meaning inside the 30 and 25 (yardlines), they like to play a lot of double coverage.  We felt they might double cover Ben (Watson) a little bit and I just stepped up a little in the pocket and everyone was man-to-man outside.  I was playing (Josh) Cribbs and they double-teamed him, and had Peyton (Hillis) on the outside,  and there were some running lanes.  That’s always in the back of my head, especially this week, when they play that certain coverage.  I was just trying to make a play with my feet, get a first down, and it ended up that the receivers made some great blocks downfield and I got in the end zone.”

(On the fourth down quarterback sneak)- “Nothing is all on me, I thought we executed it really well.  We practiced that during the week.  When we shift them (wide receivers) out like that, you see if the front (defensive line) moves and see who goes out.  Really at that point, backed up, it was pretty gutsy but they moved the front and I had an opening and I took it.”

(On not starting the game with a conservative game plan)- “I like it when we come out and throw the ball on the first play.  We ran a good hard sell play-action.  We had a man-to-man look and I wish I could have gotten the ball up a little bit, he (WR Mohamed Massaquoi) could have had a chance to run a little more maybe.  He made a fantastic catch and that was not the only one he made.  He made one on the sideline on a big third down play, made a great catch, and it was good to get the ball outside to Mo.  We had a long one down the sideline to Peyton (Hillis).  We could work those corners a little bit which really helps out.”

(On his growth as a quarterback the last three games)- “I prepare really hard, I’ve got great coaches and great teammates and the defense played lights out the last two weeks.  I just try to go into a game and be my best for our team.  Today, the offensive line played awesome and Peyton (Hillis) ran the ball so well and the defense played well.  I think we gave them a little bit to play for early on when we got up (by) 10 in the first quarter.  I just really had to go out there and execute and I just played my game.”

(On his accuracy and his confidence)- “I missed a couple of balls early but I felt really confident.  I worked really hard with those guys during the week, and they’re willing to work, and that’s what I try to hang my hat on is that we’re going to go into a game prepared.  It’s up to us the way we executed and I just really thought the receivers played great.  They made some great catches and I had to put some balls into some tight windows and they made plays.  (Josh) Cribbs made a great catch across the middle which enabled us to go for it on third and short and get the first down.  Mo (Massaquoi) made some great catches.  Ben (Watson) made some good catches.  I thought we were close on a little corner route that we threw in the end zone.  I would like to see that

one on tape.  (TE) Evan Moore made a great catch down the sidelines.  So when guys are catching the ball like that, I just had to get it into an area where they can catch it.”

WR Chansi Stuckey

(On WR Josh Cribbs’ effectiveness as a quarterback)- “I think because anytime he has the ball, he’s a threat and you have to account for him, so it just spreads things out for other guys.”

(On his touchdown run)- “It was great. (TE) Ben (Watson) and I were just lying on the ground, just laughing and basking in just what happened.  It was very positive.”

(On the touchdown play)- “Well, it’s kind of a confusion play. I go up quickly behind the linemen and try to hide. Josh comes in and snaps it quickly.  You know the threat that he is, so guys are going to run to him and once everything clears out, I give a “go” call to the linemen and they go. Ben (Watson) did a great job of blocking and I just squeezed in the corner at the end zone.”

LT Joe Thomas

(On the win)- “It was a huge win for us today.  I know most of our coaching staff came from the Patriots and the Patriots are one of the top teams in the NFL, so to run the ball the way we did and play great defense on one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL is a big thing.”

(On the last few games)- “We’ve been playing big in big games.  Going back to when we beat the Saints in their house, we sent a message and it put us on a roll that should take us into the second half of the season.”

(On the fans)- “There’s a history here and Browns’ fans are the best fans in the NFL. They’ve been tailgating since as long as I can remember. They’re the best and they get here every Sunday and prove it.”

FB Lawrence Vickers

(On the running game)- “Coach (Mangini) came out and said he wanted a physical game and he wanted us to be the thumpers, so we came out and got our ground game going and did what we needed to do to win the game. Today, we had a chance to run it more and we executed and did our best.”

(On the win)- “It’s great win for Coach Mangini, standing on his own and doing his own thing right now and saying ‘look at the things I’ve done.’”


Transcript: Bill Belichick, 11/7
Barry McBride on November 7th, 2010 AT 10:34 PM

(Opening Statement)- “I’ll start off by giving Cleveland a lot of credit.  They did a great job today, they obviously did everything better than we did, every single thing you could measure.  They were clearly the better team.  They deserved to win and had an outstanding performance.  We didn’t do the things we need to do to win, to really be competitive, and that was the result of the game.  Obviously, we have a lot of work to do.  We’re a better team than we showed today but we weren’t today.  Certainly hats off to them, they did a good job.  Clearly the better team.”

(On the two Patriot fumbles)- “We didn’t take care of the ball.”

(On frustration over turnovers)- “We didn’t do a good job on anything today.  Pick any subject you want and say ‘How did it go?’ and it wasn’t very good.”

(On whether the loss was more a lack of preparation or execution)- “They just did everything better than we did today.  I’m sure there are a lot of factors involved.”

(On what phase of the game played the most important factor in the loss)- “Like I said, they did a good job, they played well.  They played well across the board.”

(On the status of K Stephen Gostkowski’s injury)- “His leg tightened up in the game; obviously he wasn’t able to finish and kick.  So, we’ll have to see.  But he wasn’t able to finish the game.”

(On if Browns RB Peyton Hillis surprised the Patriots)- “No, he’s a good player, runs hard.  We’ve seen him do that.”

(On the difficulty of the offense getting in a rhythm)- “We didn’t have anything today in any phase of the game.  I wouldn’t single out anything or anybody.  It was just a total victory by Cleveland in all phases of the game, everything you can measure.”

(On if the Patriots had seen anything like the touchdown run by Browns WR Chansi Stuckey)- “No, it was a new play, they hadn’t run it this year.  We had prepared for plays like that, but we obviously didn’t prepare very well.  It was a good play by them, not a good play by us, that’s all it is.”

(On if the Patriots expected the Browns to be as physical as they were)- “We’ve seen them (Cleveland) play all year, that’s the way they play.”

(On message to the team after the game)- “We’ve just got a lot of work to do.”

(On why there were a lot of missed passes)- “They (Cleveland) did a good job.  They did a better job than we did.”

(On what he said to Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini during the postgame handshake)- “I congratulated him.”

Transcript: Eric Mangini, 11/7
Barry McBride on November 7th, 2010 AT 10:29 PM

(Opening Statement)- “Good afternoon everybody, it feels pretty good after a win.  I’m really proud of the way the guys played, really proud of the way they played.  We were able to run the ball effectively (with) Peyton Hillis having 184 yards (and) being able to put up 230 yards rushing against them, a 5.2 yard average.  Third downs offensively, all of that stuff, I thought, was very good football.  The same thing defensively.  Dealing with a guy like Tom (Brady) and an offense like that, not giving them a lot of pre-snap information was extremely important and I thought the guys did it well.  I thought the coaches did a great job of getting them ready and as I said, I’m really proud of the effort today and the way that we played today.  I know I’ve talked about this quite a bit, but that’s how I envision Browns football.”

(On what it means to defeat New Orleans and New England in consecutive games)- “I think it goes back to what we talked about a lot.  First you learn how to work, then you learn how to compete, then you learn how to win and then you learn how to win consistently.  What my expectation is that we are learning how to win, then we continue to learn how to win consistently.  That’s the important thing is taking those steps as a team and understanding what we have to do each week because it’s going to be totally different next week against the Jets than it was this week.  It’s going to be important that we execute that plan, that Sunday to win that game.”

(On what this win means to him personally in his career)- “It feels great.  I feel like I’m in that movie ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’, how we had New England this week and the Jets next week.  It’s special and it’s special to me because of our guys, because of our team, not because of their team, because of our team.  It’s a good group of guys that work hard and for me to see them be rewarded with the victories, that’s what’s special.”

(On the importance of Abram Elam’s forced fumble at the end of the first half when the Patriots were driving deep in their territory)- “It was a huge play.  They’re driving down in typical New England fashion towards the end of the first half and I’ve had a bunch of games against them where they’ve been able to score at the end of the first half.  To get that strip when we did was huge.  It took points off of the board, totally changed the momentum going into the locker room and it was a pivotal play.”

(On if they had to entrust Colt McCoy to do more to win today)- “He’s continuing to earn that trust.  Trust, we are talking about that all of the time.  Trust is one of our core values and in order to have it, you need to be trustworthy and everybody needs to know that they can trust you.  Colt has done an excellent job each week showing that he’s able to do a little bit more.  As he does that, he’s getting a little bit more and he hasn’t disappointed.”

(On what specifically has happened in the past few weeks to get these two wins)- “I really think the thing that has been going on around here, and it’s been going on for some time, is consistency.  That’s it.  You have got to keep putting snow on that mountain and eventually, it triggers.  It’s everybody making good decisions each day and there’s no magic formula and there’s no short cuts.  It’s hard work and it’s consistent hard work.”

(On what he likes best about what McCoy did today)- “I like the way that he managed the game.  We gave him quite a few alerts, which means he had to come out and look at what they’re playing and make decisions at the line of scrimmage.  For the most part, he made really good decisions and he managed the team really well.  Outside of that, I thought the scramble that he had for a touchdown was an outstanding play.  I thought the other scramble that he had on the throw to (Joshua) Cribbs was another real outstanding play.  He just hasn’t been phased.”

(On the scramble on a pass to Brian Robiskie being another good play)- “There’s another one, yes.  He’s done a nice job with his feet and that adds another dimension to what he can do because it forces different types of rush lanes from the defense and it forces the coverage to hold up longer when you can do that with some success.”

(On the touchdown call to Chansi Stuckey and the job that Brian Daboll did today)- “Yes, that’s a play that we ran last year against Detroit and it went for a touchdown and got called back due to a holding penalty.  We had it in this week and practiced it a few times.  It got me at practice one time because I looked at it like, ‘What are we doing?  We are not lined up, what is the problem?’  I wasn’t looking at the script at the time, ‘Okay, that’s what we’re doing.’  Brian has done a really good job.  He has worked with a young quarterback and that’s hard to do.  He’s worked with multiple quarterbacks this season, whether it’s Jake (Delhomme) or Seneca (Wallace).  It’s not an easy thing as a coach, especially at that position, to be able to get the offense to run effectively.  I think Brian has done well with that, Carl Smith deserves a lot of credit too.  There’s a lot that goes into getting them ready and they’ve done well.”

(On if he feels more comfortable with Colt McCoy starting more games)- “I’ve been very comfortable with the things he’s done.  I’m sure we’ll talk about this tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday, but thank you for bringing that up now.  He’s done really well.  I’m happy for him and am pleased with what he’s done.”

(On how the Gatorade bath felt)- “It felt warm and refreshing.”

(On the call to go for it early in the game on fourth and inches)- “Yes, there’s another good point on decision making.  That’s something that you shift to and if you get an opening, you make that call, but that’s really the quarterback’s decision.  If he thinks he can get it at that point and if he’s wrong, it’s points probably for the other team.  Again, we trust  him to go out there and do that and that’s something we work on all the time.  We have some other plays off of that that we could go to, but that was the version that we chose there and it he made a good decision.”

(On it being demanding of him to trust him with big decisions in his third start)- “Yes, it is.  Like I said, he’s earned it.”

(On if the decision is to go with the shift or to actually execute the sneak)- “It’s all built in and then it’s just based on the look.  So if you have the look, you shift and see what look it is and then you can sneak it.  There’s some passes off of it.  There are a couple different things, those three options, that we gave at that point (and) the sneak option was his option there.”

(On if he could have not done the sneak after the shift)- “Yes, that’s right.”

(On what he said to Bill Belichick after the game)- “Good game.”

(On what Bill Belichick said after the game)- “Good game.  We were making plans for the summer (joking).”

(On if he saw Brian Daboll get knocked down by Joe Thomas)- “I did.  There’s a place for a little man invfootball, just not in front of the big man.”

(On if this is the first time Peyton Hillis has really been healthy since the Cincinnati game)- “No.  Often times whether it’s the quarterback or the running back, when they have success in the passing game or the running game that player gets a lot of credit.  But it’s Lawrence Vickers, the tight ends, the offensive line, it’s a group effort, the receivers and everybody has to do that.  Then Peyton does a nice job of grinding down the defense which is fun to watch.”

(On the drive in the fourth quarter where they took eight minutes off the clock)- “Huge.  The more time you can keep Tom Brady and that offense off the field, the better we are.  It’s an offensive series, but it’s also a defensive series because that time ticks off and it keeps an explosive player and an explosive unit on the sideline.”

(On if this win was a more solid victory than the last)- “I know what you’re saying.  That goes back to the whole concept of (planning differently for the) next week.  I’m not sure what it’s going to be, I really have no idea, but we’re going to have some different things against that group.  Against New Orleans, we saw some opportunities on special teams that we liked and they worked out great.  This week we had a couple things that were different and those worked out.  I’m sure versus New York, it’s going to be the same thing.  I’m not sure what it’s going to be, but it’s going to have to be different in order to beat them.”

(On if the way McCoy has played has made him look at the quarterback roster differently now)- “It just reinforces that we have three guys that can go in and play the position and play it well and operate the offense well.  To me, it’s a real positive.  You never want to have three quarterbacks play,  that’s not what you necessarily go into the season thinking, ‘Okay they’ll all be part of the season.’  But we have and for them to go in, all providing different pluses and all providing different problems, it’s just nice to see that from three different players.  It’s really a compliment to the whole offensive group.  It doesn’t matter who’s in, they’ve responded well.”

(On if McCoy will start next week)- “Can we just really enjoy this moment right here (joking)?  We’ll talk about it tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday.”

Browns-Patriots: Post Game Notes
Barry McBride on November 7th, 2010 AT 9:58 PM

From the team…

·          With today’s victory, the Browns improved to 12-9 all-time against the Patriots, including a 7-4 mark in Cleveland. The win marked the Browns first victory against New England since a 19-11 decision on November 12, 2000.

·         Browns head coach Eric Mangini is now 4-1 in his career coming off the bye week. Following the bye, Mangini’s teams have a combined 21-15 (.583) record over the rest of the season.

·         The Browns set season-highs today in points (34), first downs (22), total yards (404), rushing yards (230) and time of possession (38:08).

·         The Browns have scored 30 or more points in back to back game for the first time since 2004, when they racked up 34 against Cincinnati followed by 31 against Philadelphia.

·         Running back Peyton Hillis totaled a career-high 184 rushing yards on a career-high 29 carries and tied a career-high with two touchdowns. Today marked his third 100-yard rushing performance this season and fourth of his career. Hillis has now scored a touchdown in every game this year except one (at Pittsburgh). He has scored a career-high seven rushing touchdowns this season, surpassing the five he scored as a rookie in 2008 as a member of the Denver Broncos.  His six rushing scores this season are the most by a Brown since Jamal Lewis totaled nine in 2007. Hillis added three receptions for 36 yards for a career-best 220 total yards.

·         Quarterback Colt McCoy completed 14 of 19 passes for 174 yards with no interceptions and a career-high 101.6 quarterback rating. He also rushed for 20 yards on three attempts, including a 16-yard touchdown run, the first of his career.

·         Quarterback Colt McCoy improved to 2-1 as a starter. His two wins are tied for the second-most by a Browns rookie quarterback.

Most Wins as a Starter by a Browns Rookie Quarterback

Player                   Year    Starts   Wins
Bernie Kosar         1985    10         4
Colt McCoy         2010    3           2
Charlie Frye          2005    5           2
Tim Couch            1999    15         2
Milt Plum              1953    3           2
Eric Zeier              1995    4           1
Don Gault             1970    1           1
Brian Sipe             1947    4           1

(Editors note: Looks like there might be a typo in that Brian Sipe entry, LOL)

·         The Browns recorded a rushing touchdown by three different players for the first time since 2004 when Jeff Garcia, William Green and Lee Suggs all found the end zone against Philadelphia on October 24.

·         Wide receiver Chansi Stuckey recorded his first career rushing touchdown on an 11-yard scamper on a handoff from Joshua Cribbs. Stuckey added two receptions for six yards.

·         On a first and goal from the Cleveland 9-yard line with 30 seconds left in the first half, defensive back Abram Elam stripped Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and recovered the fumble at the 2 yard line, preventing a potential Patriots score. The play marked Elam’s sixth career forced fumble and third career recovery. Elam finished with a team and season-high eight tackles.

·         After a three-and-out by the Patriots on their opening drive, Cleveland has not allowed a team to score on their opening possession all season. In addition, the Browns have allowed just 13 first quarter points all season, including just one touchdown.

·         In the second quarter, defensive lineman Ahtyba Rubin recorded his first career NFL sack.

·         Punter Reggie Hodges booted three punts for 107 yards, including two inside the 10-yard line. The punts increased Hodges’ league leading total to 11 punts inside the 10-yard line this season.

·         Defensive back Sheldon Brown has appeared in all 136 regular season games in his career, which began with Philadelphia in 2002. His streak is the second-longest among all active defensive backs.

·         Offensive lineman Joe Thomas has started all 56 career games at left tackle and has not missed an offensive snap since joining the Browns as the third overall pick in the 2007 draft.


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@Nic_Dion The Dawg Pound? My pre-game advice would be to eliminate any sensitivity to foul language ;-)

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And that’s it, folks! Pats take a knee near their own goal line, and it’s over. BROWNS 34, PATRIOTS 14.

4:48 PM

The Browns get the ball back after a Wright interception, Hillis gets a handoff, and Mangini gets a Gatorade bath. Two-minute warning.

4:46 PM

RT @AaronONU: @TheOBR at least belichick is experienced at losing games in cleveland.

4:44 PM

After Hillis’ TD run, Pats coach Bill Belichick is no longer wearing his head set. That’s your ball game kids.

4:43 PM

Hillis runs around right tackle for 35 yards and a touchdown. And the HILLIS HAMMER COMES DOWN!!! Browns 34, Patriots 14. WOW!

4:42 PM

RT @CandyBuckeye79: @TheOBR my son says Brady looks like a fruitcake. “Cut your hair hippy” (from my 7yr old)

4:39 PM

66,292 — today’s paid attendance

4:38 PM

@AprilDlicious McCoy 14-19 174 0 TD, 0 INT, with 16-yard TD run.
Brady 19-36, 224, 2 TD, 0 INT.

4:36 PM

Aaron Hernandez pulls down another short TD pass from Brady and it’s BROWNS 27, PATRIOTS 14. 6:37 left in the game.

4:36 PM

Aaron Hernandez pulls down another short TD pass from Brady and it’s BROWNS 27, PATRIOTS 14. 6:37 left in the game.

4:28 PM

Just saw a closeup of Mr. Brady on a TV, he looks grumpy. #sucksforhim

4:25 PM

Browns RB Mike Bell hip injury, his return is questionable.

4:23 PM

Browns own time of possession: 32 minutes to 17 minutes for New England.

4:22 PM

Dawson’s field goal attempt is GOOD! BROWNS 27, PATRIOTS 7, 10:45 left in the game. Man. Wow. Sorta freaked out here.

4:21 PM

RB Mike Bell has been helped off the field. Dawson linine up for a 37 point field goal attempt.

4:20 PM

@pwthornton The Hardesty injury at least allowed Hillis to play. But we’ve seen from Bell’s performance that another RB is needed.

4:15 PM

By the way, if you ever get in a bad mood just remember: Browns traded Brady Quinn for Peyton Hillis.

4:13 PM

Hillis has 114 rushing and 36 rec after 3 qtrs.

4:11 PM

Halftime: Browns 17, Patriots 7: Everything has been breaking right for the Browns in the first half as they tak… http://bit.ly/b9TEBZ

4:11 PM

QB Ratings so far… McCoy 94.7, Brady 91.2. Again, Browns fans, that’s a “94″ not a “49″. It’s kind of weird, I know.

4:08 PM

@stephenroderick Doesn’t look like your day, bro. But Browns fans know better than call this a W yet.

4:06 PM

Patriots drive stalls at mid-field. Browns ball at their 19 after the punt. BROWNS 24, PATRIOTS 7, 3:33 3Q.

3:59 PM

@216dotcom Yeah, I still think we have to draft a QB. Sixth round, maybe. Need a developmental prospect :-)

3:57 PM

Play stands! TOUCHDOWN BROWNS!! Pats lose timeout. BROWNS 24, PATRIOTS 7, 5:53 3Q.

3:55 PM

Speaking for myself (Barry da webdork), I don’t see any way you take this kid out, even if the vets are healthy. Your new starting QB folks.

3:53 PM

16-yard scamper by McCoy for a touchdown? Maybe. Belichick wants a review.

3:50 PM

Peyton Hillis has gone over 100 yards on the day as the Browns are driving… now in the red zone at the Patriots 11.

3:44 PM

Browns thwart Pats first second-half drive. They are thwarted. In a state of thwart. BROWNS 17, PATS 7, 12:53 3Q. Browns ball at their 28.

3:42 PM

Two things to remember in second half: Pats a good second-half team. Return for NE kicker is questionable.

3:36 PM

Pats 2-for-6 on third down. Hillis 6.6 yards per carry. Most important, Browns 17, Pats 7.

3:27 PM

GAME PREDICTION POLL: Cle by 10+ (11%) Cle by 0-9 (37%) NE by 0-9 (25%) Pats by 10+ (5%) Belichick revealed as cyborg (20%)

3:25 PM

Poll results from the OBR chat room coming up….

3:25 PM

It’s halftime in Cleveland! BROWNS 17, PATRIOTS 7! Abe Elam suddenly less unpopular!

3:23 PM

DENIED!! Pats drive inside the Browns ten, but the Browns rip the ball away and Abe Elam recovers!! Browns ball at the 3 with 22 sec left.

3:12 PM

Here you go, folks: BROWNS 17, PATRIOTS 7, 3:23 let in the first half. Browns up by 100 total yards and 7 minutes time of possession.

3:12 PM

Browns mix up pass and run to go 60 yards and score on another trick play… Cribbs strolls up, takes the snap, hands to Stuckey. TOUCHDOWN!

3:08 PM

Official: Gostkowski return questionable (thigh injury)

3:06 PM

@216dotcom You must be watching another game. :)

3:03 PM

Pats kicker Stephen Gostkowski may be hurt. Wes Welker is practicing kicks on the NE sideline.

3:03 PM

Browns start at their own 40 after a dribbling kick by Gostkowski. The Patriots PK may be hurt. Waiting for more info.

2:58 PM

New England goes no-huddle and gets some offensive traction. 79-yard drive ends in a Brady-to-Hernandez TD. BROWNS 10, PATS 7, 8:43 Q2

2:56 PM

@216dotcom They did try long to Cribbs once, but I think they just don’t have the horses at WR to really open it up.

2:50 PM

Browns can’t do anything with the good field position. Patriots ball at their 21. 13:44 left, first half.

2:47 PM

QB Ratings after 1 Quarter…. Brady: 39.6, McCoy 76.6

2:46 PM

@kgmoome Pats looking very average so far. Browns defense looks especially good, really swarming to the ball.

2:44 PM

Browns end first half with seven first downs to Pats’ one.

2:44 PM

Patriots go three-and-out from deep in their own territory. Browns ball @ CLE 49 after the punt. 23 seconds left, 1Q.

2:39 PM

Sorry… at the Patriots 39. Thanks to a Pork Chop false start it’s now the Pats 44 (sigh)

2:39 PM

Tales from a Dorkbook: Updated throughout the game with yet more useless webdorkian nattering! http://bit.ly/b5c5H5

2:38 PM

Browns use their second timeout @Pats 36 with 1:40 left in the first. Third and seven coming up.

2:34 PM

Enjoy pointless in-game yammering? Get more of it here: http://bit.ly/94B1Oe

2:31 PM

Patriots throttled after a single first down. Browns ball @CLE 20 after the punt. BROWNS 10, PATS 0, 5:17 1 Qtr.

2:31 PM

Great start, but be wary Browns fans, Pats have been a great second-half team this season.

2:29 PM

They can’t tackle Hillis, so they go after the ball, Part 23: Hillis fumbles at the tail end of a 16-yard run. Pats ball @ NE 36. 6:54 1Q

2:25 PM

McCoy’s helmet is messed up after the QB sneak, and Browns take their first timeout. First down at the 39. BROWNS 10, PATRIOTS 0, 8:00 1Q

2:24 PM

Browns go for it on their own 37 and make it after Browns shift to an empty backfield. Very nice!

2:21 PM

Patriots go three and out. Browns at the 27 after the punt and go right back to Hillis for 8 yards…. 10-0 Browns, 9:27 left 1Q.

2:14 PM

Patriots defense in the first quarter — First seven games: Gives up 17 points First four minutes today: 10 points

2:13 PM

17-yard pass to Evan Moore, 2-yard run by Hillis… TOUCHDOWN!!! BROWNS 10, PATRIOTS 0, 11:11 1st qtr.

2:12 PM

Browns recover a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Browns ball at the Patriots 19!

2:11 PM

Cribbs runs the KO back 36 yards. A McCoy pass and Hillis run puts the team in field goal position. 38-yarder is good! BROWNS 3, PATRIOTS 0

2:01 PM

Browns win toss and elect to receive.

1:49 PM

Browns alumni honorary captains: Kevin Mack & Eric Metcalf.

1:43 PM

Floyd Womack starting at RT. Billy Yates starting at RG.

1:22 PM

@THEPHIL54 He’s active.

1:07 PM

Notable inactives for the Pats: Fred Taylor (RB) and Patrick Chung (S)

1:03 PM

Seneca is out. Other ia are delhomme, clayton, vallos, st clair, a smith, d williams, j mitchell. Mccoy starts yates starts at rg.

1:00 PM

For the uniform nerds like me: Browns: brown jerseys, white pants. Patriots: Regular unis (throwbacks last wk) white jerseys, blue pants.

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire
OBR Newswire on November 7th, 2010 AT 1:00 PM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for November 7th from 00:24 to 12:36:

12:55 PM

Brett Ratliff is the Browns’ backup QB today.

12:53 PM

Seneca is out.

11:58 AM

Browns vs. Patriots: Live Chat!: Chat Live with OBR and FSN Analysts, including Fred Greetham and Don Delco stra… http://bit.ly/9VeUy6

1:15 AM

Pasquarelli: Mixed Nuts: Shawne Merriman and Randy Moss show how desperation can spell a coach’s doom. http://bit.ly/cqHc3k

1:15 AM

Greetham: The Belichick Way: Looking back on Belichick’s tenure in Cleveland and his lasting influence… http://bit.ly/9r6AAs

1:15 AM

Browns-Patriots: Game Snapshot: The raw data you need to gear up for Sunday’s game. GO BROWNS! http://bit.ly/a8MfRm

Patriots Officially Activate Mankins
Barry McBride on November 7th, 2010 AT 12:50 AM

It’s been predicted all week, but the Patriots acknowledged the move today with the following press release:

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. –The New England Patriots announced today that G Logan Mankins has been activated to the 53-man roster. Mankins reported to the Patriots on Tuesday, Nov. 6. In addition, the Patriots released CB Terrence Wheatley from the 53-man roster and LB Tyrone McKenzie from the practice squad.

Mankins, 6-3, 310 pounds, was originally drafted by the Patriots in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft out of Fresno State. During his five seasons with the Patriots, Mankins has started 80 regular-season games and nine postseason games. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2007 and 2009 and was selected to the Associated Press All-Pro second team in 2007 and 2009.

Wheatley, 5-9, 185 pounds, was originally drafted by New England in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft out of Colorado. He played in 11 NFL games with one start. Wheatley did not see action for the Patriots in 2010.

McKenzie, 6-2, 245 pounds, was originally drafted by the Patriots in the third round of the 2009 NFL draft out of South Florida. He spent his rookie season on injured reserve with a knee injury and the first eight weeks of 2010 on the practice squad.

5:42 PM

Today in the Mediaverse: Writers trying to work Belichick’s WCO remarks into being part of a grudgematch story line. Eye-rolling ensues.

1:39 PM

Browns-Patriots: Don’s Game Preview: The hopes of the Browns may well lie on the well-rested legs of RB Peyton H… http://bit.ly/abw9FP

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire
OBR Newswire on November 6th, 2010 AT 9:00 AM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for November 6th from 08:12 to 08:18:

NFL Network Says a Wistful Goodbye to Credibility
Barry McBride on November 5th, 2010 AT 11:25 PM

Look, I’m not even going drop a hyperlink to this crap because it’s such blatant linkbait. I probably shouldn’t even comment on it, frankly.

Sometimes, an item comes across my desk that is clearly idiotic on purpose, if only to create some attention for the network or publication that puts it out.

Here’s the latest example: The NFL Network sent me an email not long ago relaying that their purpose-free rundown of the greatest NFL players of all time listed 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice as #1 and Browns RB Jim Brown as #2.

There are two ways they reached this conclusion:

1. They decided that it would make a dull, pointless feature even more boring to list Brown as the best ever, simply because it’s been acknowledged so many times that his stature as the best football player of all time wouldn’t cause a ripple.

– OR –

2. After careful analysis, taking into account career longevity, the quality of competition, the importance to the team’s offensive success, and number of touches per game, the esteemed panel of NFL Network decided that… that… hmmmph… mmpfh…. sorry… laughing… too hard… oh my.

It’s total garbage, of course, created only to get people to pay attention to the moribund network’s generally uninspiring programming. Frankly, it’s an encapsulation of the worst elements of the sports media circa 2010:

Creating features that impart absolutely no new information whatsoever but fill up lots of air time/column space? Check.

Deliberately creating a controversial result to receive unjustified attention in an oversaturated market? Check.

Co-opted by the league or team it covers? Check.

Simply repeating well-worn sportswriting tropes (“the all-time list”) at the expense of anything creative or new? Check.

Ultimately, though, the servers of this sort of slop can’t be blamed for it, because too many people eat it right up. It’s the same reason content factories and blogs churn out pointless Top 25 lists that play better to SEO than the human brain.

This sort of thing is absolute dreck, but we have only ourselves to blame if we choose to consume it. Ignore it, and maybe it will go away.


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