Rob Ryan ready for twin brother, Jets

Close-knit growing up, Rob and Rex followed their dad Buddy into the coaching ranks.

Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and his twin brother, Rex, were never into computers. As for football, well, that would be their destiny.

"We're both smart guys," said Rob Ryan in a Tuesday morning teleconference. "Our older brother is even a lawyer so we're all three smart. Coaching football is something Rex and I have always loved to do. We love the strategy, we love dealing with human beings and not necessarily computers. It's always been right up our ally.

"It's a great life, a tough life, but it's been a great business for us and a great business for our entire family."

And lately, business has been good for Rob and Rex.

The Ryans will converge 1 p.m. Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium when Rob's Browns play host to Rex's New York Jets. Their dad, Buddy Ryan, also will be in attendance.

The Jets are tied with five teams for the NFL's best record at 6-2. The Browns are riding a two-game winning streak, thanks in part, to strong defensive efforts against the Saints and Patriots.

"We're starting to turn the corner with our team," Rob Ryan said. "We're on the upswing. We're looking to keep going and do better things. Credit to Eric (Mangini) and our entire team and all the players. We're all working hard together and starting to go in the right direction."

In middle school, Rob and Rex moved in with their father in Minnesota. Their parents were divorced and Rob said he and his brother needed discipline. Buddy Ryan provided that discipline. It was then Rob and Rex knew they would follow in their father's footsteps.

"We knew he was very successful and he was always our idol growing up," Rob Ryan said. "We loved what he was doing."

From that point, it was Rob's ambition to own his own trailer, live in said trailer and coach football. While his career goals have remained the same, Rob's wife was not keen on living in the trailer.

Rex Ryan splashed onto the NFL scene last season after being hired as head coach of the Jets. This summer, Rex and his team was featured on HBO's Hard Knocks and the country got a behind-the-scenes look at Rex and his coaching style. Rob said he has a similar style.

"Rex is genuine," Rob said. "He doesn't lie or put up a front. He's direct with players and tells them the truth. I had to deal with Warren Sapp (in Oakland) and that's the best policy. They'll come back at you pretty hard, but the bottom line is you are who you are. Our father has always instilled in us to be honest."

Now adults, who are both successful in their respective careers, Rob and Rex remain close. According to Rob, they talk every day and when there is an opportunity to get together, like at the Senior Bowl or NFL Combine, they are together 24-7.

"I don't think you'll find any pair of brothers closer than we are," Rob Ryan said. "We're extremely close.

"We'll talk early this week, but usually out of respect for the game we'll stop talking to each other later in the week. He knows they're going to get our best shot and we knew we'll get his. It'll be a great game."

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