Browns-Patriots: Gameballs and Goats

Was there any doubt who would be at the top of the Gameballs listing? Nope.

SUMMARY: Peyton Hillis and Eric Wright both set records in opposite directions this week, as they got some of the highest vote totals in the ten-year history of the Gameballs and Goats. Listen to the OBR podcast for some of the other Gameballs and Goathorns finishers outside of the top five.

Player Gameballs
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 446
Colt McCoy (QB / 12) 383
Entire Organization 107
Eric Mangini (HC) 99
Entire Defense 82
Brian Daboll (OC) 70
Entire Offense 41
Abram Elam (S / 26) 37
Rob Ryan (DC) 31
Chris Gocong (LB / 51) 27

Player Goats
Anything Pittspuke 123
Anything Braylon 110
Hoodies 69
Media QB Controversy Lust 50
TV Announcers 41
Eric Wright (CB / 21) 36
Overhyped Grudge Matches 33
Steeler Gift Calls 32
Mike Adams (S / 20) 30
Mike Bell (RB / 22) 29


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
BuckeyeInDenver Absolutely nobody this week
FldDawg Rich Gannon and his Man Crush on Tom Brady and the Patriots
houndfromhell Dont have enough time to list them all. All the new bandwagon Browns fans.
brianes Mike Holmgren -
kevinmrohr whole team
Brian Daboll
Bill Belichik
O Line...... Anyone who takes Colt out
Lawrence Vickers
Daboll goes here, 'cuz I need the space.
donodawg offensive line not today
oldbrownsfan The Coaching Staff
Justin Bieber haircuts
syousko Browns Fans Haters
mike adams
Peyton Hillis steelers
Bill Belichoke
Lopeslow The football
peyton hillis none
Mangini Nobody
No one!
fuedawg entire team
Bill Belichick
battershell EVERYONE. Coaching Staff A+ NONE
TpostDawg Rob Ryan Nobody gets horns this week.
HollywoodDawg Ruuuubin!!!
bill01 Peyton Hillis &Colt McCy Eric Wright
bill01 Peyton Hillis &Colt McCy Eric Wright
OutlawJesseJ Peyton Hillis's cool facemask Premature gatorade splash.
entire coaching staff!!!
Daboll, Mangini, Defense
eryze19 The Oline no goats
dadawg Colt McCoy
Dawgpoundr Brian Daboll Hot wings sitting in my gullet
Lawrence Vickers
CaryNCBrownsBacker Daboll
Bill Belichick
The whole defense
Rattdawg Mangini
bamatic Eric Mangini Philly fans
puyallupbrownsfandan Colt McCoy zip nada none
fishman This was such a team game... there really isnt any Goat
Writerdawg I picked Mangini but the entire staff, again, deserves kudos. Great game plan all around.
Bill Belecheat
Walldog O-Line
Brian Daboll
kola1 Keeping Mangini's job on the line each game Warren Sapp on NFL Networks laughing when they talk about the Browns able to beat the Pats
Who else?Peyton Hillis
the whole team
Offensive line
mddawg28 Entire Offensive Line
E. Mangini, Entire Offense, E. Wright, B. Costanza
E. Mangini, Entire Offense, E. Wright, B. Costanza
More specifically, Belichick's shortsleeve hoodies
brbbva TomServo
the entire offensive line!!!
Pissburg Squeelers
rogern Offense line
rambodawg Big Money Warren's cologne
basler Cribbs all season long Bellichicken
theweeman The Ball. For falling out of Peyton Hillis hands
RabidDawg Mike Holmgren
Devilinmypocket Rich Gannon
Offensive line
djw333 Peyton Hillis Again Belichick's Arrogance
taroli Peyton's Superman leap.
jaztip art modell
hegemonic Entire Team
BrownBleeder No Goats This Week!
braddawg99 Brian Daboll & Entire Coaching staff
No goathorns for a dominant win
DAWGDC Coaching Staff, Vickers, Mo Mass, Stuckey, Robiskie, Evan Moore and Ben Watson, and O LINE
lawrence vickers Tom Brady
Offensive Line Bill Bellichick
dawgIN rex Ryan, Brian Dabol
the cheater from new england
Rob Ryan and the entire defense! Lebron
Coaching staff bill belichick
jasoncheatham Art Modell
The entire team. I can't believe I'm saying that.
SBinmylifetime Mangini and entire coaching staff Belichick and Brady
CZARAYN Entire offense, defense, and special team coaches
CZARAYN Entire offense, defense, and special team coaches
Josh Cribbs 1st three games
southwestohiofun2000 Total Team all 3 phases
ohjc50 bill belichek
footballwave The whole team
Brian Daboll Nancy Pelosi's mother
Shrooney The coach at Kent State for the Stuckey Play Daboll for the worst chest bump ever
I can't believe I'm voting for, gulp, Brian Daboll.... Not quite enough shots of Tom Brady sitting on the bench.
eezer Weldon, Lebron
offense line
Chips N Salsa Cantina Bruce Arians
Brady's Hair
Rob Ryan and the Defense
No Goathorns. What a great team effort!
froggy60 Fans
Invinsor The Defence for not losing the lead. Belichick for cutting Kosar.
3rd Down Conversion
Left side of the Line
toledobuck Abram Elam No Goats This Week.
gcrandall None
Entire Coaching Staff Whoever makes the decision for the Browns to not have cheerleaders
Eric Mangini
madsoxx There weren't any
Entire Defence
Appraiser special teams and all coaches me for not believing in the coaching staff
1stAnubiis Entire Defense
swalidawg Joey Porter
Run Defense Pass Defense
houndfromhell Old, loyal and patient Browns fans,real ones! fair weather Browns fans. All Steelers fans.
idrthrbncleve Offensive Line
dawgbown The Weather My voice, for abandoning me in the middle of the 4th quarter from screaming so much
fart modell
Offensive & Defensive Lines Art Modell
Streaking across the field, i am so happy! Nobody on the browns, truly amazing.
rayvincenzo O-line
Dawg Pound Muscles Back
Josh Cribbs
The Handshake
Technician NONE
Daboll Backflip Patriots Kneeing the Last Play
Vintage74 Tom Brady's Conditioned Goldy Locks Hair flowing from his helmet Mumbles being Mumbles
saurus Joe Thomas's chest bump knock down
Eric Mangini
Grovelanddawg only mistakes were penalty's
bankone Mangenius!
Pipehitter09 The Browns!!!!
DawgHowl Brian Daboll cbs broadcast
BernieKosarRules Bill Belichick
mrgrinch not being able to pick more than 3 gameballs!

Fan Gameball Comments
BuckeyeInDenver Hillis was an absolute monster out there, and McCoy is looking more and more like the second coming of Brian Sipe. As I said to a buddy of mine, that scramble & pass to Robiskie was a big-boy-pants kind of play.

And while this was a great win for the whole organization, I think Brian Daboll merits special attention. For all the mostly-deserved grief he's gotten over the past two years, he called one hell of a game today. His play calling kept the Pats on their heels all game long, he showed great confidence in McCoy's ability to run the offense & in Hillis after he fumbled, and the Stuckey gadget play was absolutely inspired in design & execution.
USSPARGO I have been critical of Elam, so I wanted to make sure he is recognized for stripping the football and recovering just before the half.

Hillis is a beast.

McCoy should start the rest of the way. We need to see more. Wallace is the back up and Delhomme should be released so we can sign someone else.
houndfromhell Entire organization. This is what happens when the Browns play to win!
Colt McCoy looks and acts like a 10 year
veteran out there. But, anyone would with this offensive line. Make a mistake? Dont sweat it, the defense will
take care of bussiness and get the rock back to the offense.
Special teams are 2nd to none. The Patriots were suppose to be so great, but they only looked ordinary against the Browns.
brianes - For playing the HMFIC card and taking McCoy
jaydawg74 There's not enough gameballs to go around. I'm goin McCoy, Hillis and Mangini.
Great game coach....well deserved victory. City has a football team to be proud of.
Called one hell of a game today!
redright MIKE HOLMGREN for giving a Mangini & Daboll a much needed kick
SirPaul Maybe we DO have a qb.
rutger Two games in a row. Everyone deserves and gets a game ball! Daboll and Ryan called great games and Mangini had to be smiling on the inside all game long. Plus Holmgren has to be sitting up there with the biggest grin of all!
redright MIKE HOLMGREN for giving a Mangini & Daboll a much needed kick
For want of 15 points in the first three games, the Browns would be 6-2.
Browns win big!!
ghostwolf Peyton Hillis makes football players want to take up knitting instead of tackling.
whole team
Awesome!!!!! Go Browns
glousterbrown Great game on all fronts
SPICYDEIGO There is a NFL team in Cleveland.
fuedawg this is getting fun to watch again
battershell There aren't enough spaces to name all the gameballs. Every single player and coach deserves a gameball. Everything was executed with precision and best of all they played as a team.

TpostDawg Great team win, Again.
HollywoodDawg Hit those crudders in the mouth!!!!!!!
This team is starting to come together nicely! McCoy and Hillis were awesome today. Daboll is getting tolerable. Mangini had them ready to play today. The Defense was great again today also.
Dawgfather Fantastic game!
eryze19 Daboll deserves one this week. The whole coaching staff also. Complete team win. The "process" appears to be working.
Dawgpoundr Who is this team? Playing smart and hard? I'm so unfamiliar with this type of football I don't know what to do?
Rattdawg Excellent games by all. No goats!!!
brownsclown The best game played since they returned. I just gave the entire offense, the entire defense a gameball. Hillis had a great game, McCoy too but I saved the last gameball for Eric Mangini. He has caught nothing but crap since day one, this one has to feel very good.
bamatic more of this !
Tburgbucks DaBoll is awesome... who knew?
puyallupbrownsfandan Ran the offense like a seasoned pro!!!
Coaching staff...Thanks for showing the FIRE today!!!!
Writerdawg Ryan, Daboll and Seely all had their units playing very, very well. All deserve a mention along with Mangini.
Somebody stole Brian Dabolls brain and put in a football players, great move.
Signature win for Mangini!
Signature win for Mangini!
Though Colt is very deserving,Mr.Hillis put a hurt on N.E .Also right up there would happen to be Eric Mangini,though some will never give credit where it's due.A great weekend for Browns fans.
mddawg28 What else can be said about Peyton Hillis? The guy is a workhorse who is humble. Could there ever be a better match between a player and the root of a team? Mangani haters have to give it a rest. He has established core values for this team that we all can be proud of.
Colt McCoy is the real "McCoy." At his post game press conference, he referred to Tom Brady as "the real number 12." After his performances against three of the best defenses in the N.F.L., one couldn't blame him if he had some braggadacio about him. But no, he has his head in the right place. Another perfect fit for our beloved Browns.
Finally, the defense holding the highest scoring offense in the N.F.L. to an insignificant 14 points and holding them to 58 yards rushing. Did you hear me?! FIFTY EIGHT YARDS RUSHING! I don't know how far this team is going to go, but they most certainly are going to be fun to watch from here on out.
lenke08 GREAT GAME!!!! the browns have shown that they can now compete with other teams that are playoff contenders. COLT MCCOY QB OF THE FUTURE.
What I liked best were the two sustained drives in the 3rd and 4th quarters that resulted in touchdowns. A terrific effort by the entire organization.
What I liked best were the two sustained drives in the 3rd and 4th quarters that resulted in touchdowns. A terrific effort by the entire organization.
I am so proud of my Brownies!!!
his recovery changed the game!!!!
Everyone gets a gameball, but especially Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis. Everyone had a perfect performance, coaches and players alike.
rogern I now have three favorite things from Texas. The Colt, Willie Nelson, and BBQ!
Best game all season , we may have turned a corner!!!!!
rogern entire defense, Rob Ryan
NewMexicoDawg This team is developing into what Mangini has wanted all along. Tough, physical, smart and one that will not beat itself. After New Orleans, I didn't think the Browns could play any better. Thankfully they proved me wrong and did it in all phases of the game by outwitting, outplaying and simply whipping what was though of as teh best team in the NFL. The second half of the season is going to be fun! Great Job Brownies! Woof Woof Woof!
RabidDawg For having the balls and insight to draft McCoy
djw333 All we need is a stud WR, and we can have triplets.
dp10451 Hillis is the kind of player the whole of Cleveland loves. May he run as a Brown forever. Colt looks better every time out. Looks as if we've found our QB of the future. The entire team deserves a game ball today. From the locker room attendants to all players, to the administrative staff. Kudos all around.
braddawg99 A little love for Daboll for calling a great game, he hasn't been my favorite coach in this regime, but as a first time OC, maybe he's finally found his groove with three great games in a row from his position.
DAWGDC Hillis with the new facemask is officially the Juggernaut!!! I love him and I just want to thank Brady Quinn for being traded to the Broncos and allowing us to offically ripping them off!!! Colt McCoy is the Cleveland Browns Quarterback for the present, and future. Josh Cribbs, Mo Mass, Robo and Stuckey all look like NFL Wide Receivers today and with Evan Moore and Ben Watson we are starting to see a nice receiving crew!! The Coaching Staff did a helluva job today...I'm proud of them and hope they continue coaching this way for the rest of the season..Vickers and our O-Line did a great job today....hey played smash mouth football!!!

BigDaddy78 Finally, a game that I've been waiting for, for 11 years. A complete ass whipping.
hard to pick just three
SBinmylifetime McCoy just keeps looking better and better. Peyton Hillis is a beast. Never thought I'd ever be giving game balls to the coaching staff but great game plan for both the Saints game and this one! Gotta hand it to'em.
CZARAYN It's about time McCoy gets his feet wet; the time of Wallace and Delhomme are gone. I'll bet the Browns, under McCoy, give the Jets a very hard fight. In fact, I think the Browns can beat the Jets. Today's game was my upset of the day, and the big-bang of the year.
The MayfieldRoad Boy
The MayfieldRoad Boy
CZARAYN It's about time McCoy gets his feet wet; the time of Wallace and Delhomme are gone. I'll bet the Browns, under McCoy, give the Jets a very hard fight. In fact, I think the Browns can beat the Jets. Today's game was my upset of the day, and the big-bang of the year.
The MayfieldRoad Boy
The MayfieldRoad Boy
Colt is the only QB in Browns history to be undefeeted at home. Unbelievable record. He has won 66.6% of all games he started in the NFL. I think he should be on that top 100 list. Awsom job Browns. We needed 2 in a row against big time teams.


Get your brouther Rex drunk next Saturday night and lets shoot for three in a row. Go Browns!!!

Great win! Keep 'em coming!
Give the entire team a gameball!
roscoe2009 The whole team should get game ball's,what a great game our coaching staff had.
Shrooney Top to bottom - fabulous game. O, D, special teams. Cribbs ball for a couple of tough catches, fake job on wildcat, and the CRUSHING block on Colt's TD run. Defense Gocong, Rubin, Elam... vast improvement in the D.
Great win by the club, but I've got to ask: where was this fire and grit and effort in game one--of LAST YEAR? Individual effort, especially by McCoy, Hillis, and others on offense was outstanding. Great gameplan again by Ryan. Daboll for once kept the playbook open to at least page two for the entire game.
Bad * @ss - adj. See Hillis, Peyton.
No question now Colt is our QB
There should be more than three gameballs. Take the Goathorns and convert them into Gameballs. In addition to Hillis, Daboll, and Ryan, I'd give them to Colt McCoy, the offensive line and the defense.
froggy60 Finally an organization staying to the plan to get this organization back to the top.

The Beast Payton more more can you say except...Thanks Denver and a draft pick we get too......

Let the Kid (Colt) play. Very nice game rookie.

The fans for believing in this team.
chowdogg Coaching staff gets the kudos for perseverance and diligence over the past 2 years

it's 'Hiilis time' if we have the lead

out side of special teams players Hillis is the best player the Browns have had since the return

McCoy was accurate and made good decisions....haven't seen that in along time

Gocoong is starting to play real well
Wright had a decent game

Nobody has played better then the Browns in the last 2 games

Best 2 games back to back against good teams in a long time

I could go on and on go Browns
We may have the best left side in football. Played a hell of a game.


Coaching Staff.
toledobuck Abe Elam's strip on fthe ball when NE was going int for a TD was a huge game changer.

gilewicz Some individual performaces deserve recognition but I think gameballs go to the entire organization for this win. It may have been the most complete and all-around performance since the return. And accomplished against the team with the best record in the NFL coming in.

Games23 If this keeps up it will be mangini for coach of the year. His team played the most complete game i've ever seen from the brows org.
Wow... Way to go Browns! This butt kicking
was a TEAM effort. Denver has got to be second guessing the Quinn, Hillis trade. It's about time we got the better end of a trade deal.
Appraiser That was the most well rounded game played in a long time! Awesome.
1stAnubiis First off I'd like to congradulate the entire coaching staff for again having this team well prepared and ready. Way to win it at HOME! Hillis you are a BEAST! I think I can speak for all Browns fans and say WE LOVE YA MAN!! Way to pound the rock and on a side note to that BIG props to the OL and the WR/TEs. OL from left to right you guys laid it down! Opening up holes for the run game and keeping Colt upright and giving him time. Keep it up fellas be mean and nasty and look to inflict the PAIN. Colt, let me tell you young man you are doing a great job so far. Your going to make it HARD for Mangini to sit you down at this rate. Way to prove your critics wrong but remember never slow down. Keep working on your craft and keepin' your WR/TEs involved and no turn-overs.
Never thought I'd put Brian Daboll
houndfromhell Wow, what a game to brag about.Totally
dominated in all 3 phases during game.
This team seems close together, and focoused like never before. I wonder if
these players really beleive they can run the rest of the schedule and make the playoffs? They played like its possible, since even before McCoy took
over as the starter..
idrthrbncleve This was an entire team effort. As they say all phases of the game played well. Special teams, Offense, Defense. Other than Hillis and McCoy on offense there were no standouts. Great team game.
The coaches deserve all the credit over the past few weeks. Creative play calling, team is playing for eachother and the coaches (gatorade).
The coaches deserve all the credit over the past few weeks. Creative play calling, team is playing for eachother and the coaches (gatorade).
dawgbown Blake Costanzo's Oscar caliber acting job to slow New England's no huddle drive...

remember now's in dogbone....not dogBROWN
Two people I think deserve some praise after this is Daboll for calling a great game, hopefully he'll keep building on this. Eric Wright did a great job this game as well. It's nice to see two guys who have been blasted most of the season turn in good performances.
The trenches -- where games are won and lost. Bring on Pittsburgh!
The Browns rocked the league with the start of the bark. No bark off will help any team from the brownies bark for now on. ROOF ROOF
Vintage74 I'm so happy I could sh*t!
Pipehitter09 Great game plan preparation. Conitnue this because you are a product of your own performance!!!
DawgHowl Peyton Hillis-Best trade the Browns ever made. Hillis looks like Alstott out there plowing over and through defenders

Colt McCoy- Accurrate, Poised and in complete command of the offense. He needs to start the rest of the season.

Entire Defense- Held a Tom Brady led offense to under 300 yards and just 14 points. Great overall performance by the entire Defense and a great gameplan by Rob Ryan.

Brian Daboll: I have to give him major props. He had an aggressive gameplan that allowed Colt to take some shots downfield and kept the Pats D on the heels. I also loved his emotion and chest bumping with the players, that was cool too see

mrgrinch what? i gave Daboll a gameball? Daboll? WTF!?!? i wonder - could it be that there's a REASON Mangini has stuck by him?


Fan Goathorn Comments
BuckeyeInDenver This might have been the most impressive Browns win since the return in '99--they dominated a Super Bowl contender in every aspect of the game, so why dwell on anything negative? Nobody gets a goathorn on a day like this, not even scumbag Steelers fans or Braylon or Art or LeQuitter. Go Browns!!!
USSPARGO Only one goat and thankfully it didn't hury.
houndfromhell E.S.P.N. Still refuses to admit that
the Browns played a solid game. Their only spin is that the Patriots had too many injuries, and the Browns had 2 weeks to prep for the Pat`s.
Cleveland didnt win, the Patriots had
a off day, and over looked the Browns.
The typical answer they give when the Browns win..
brianes - The continuous cycle of doom shall be...NEVERMORE! Ha!
kevinmrohr Eric Wright because this team would be 5-3 or better if not for him.
jaydawg74 None. Nobody screwed up. Good play, good coaching and good gameplaning equals no goathorns.
SirPaul Wright and Elam should be here but both with turnovers amends all of what ails ya.
rutger Two games in a row no-one deserves or gets a goathorn.
ghostwolf This team was firing on all cylinders, all phases executed with passion and precision. Only goats go for stupid penalties.
glousterbrown Still giving up to much yardage on easy pass plays, but I am not complaining today at all. No horns to give out
UpperDawg Ain't got no goats today baby!
HollywoodDawg None!!!!!
Dawgpoundr Hard to find any faults with this effort, great game plan by the entire coaching staff.
brownsclown None. I could not give any, even Eric Wright played well today. It was a good day to be a Browns Fan. LeBron who???
Tburgbucks Steelers Suck!!
puyallupbrownsfandan Absolutely no one to put here!!!!!
I love my T-E-A-M!!!!
Writerdawg No goathorns after such a great win -- ever.
Out coached in every way...
JAB Hard to guve horns unless for not playinf and throwing to TE Moore
mddawg28 Even in a great defensive effort, it is evident that Eric Wright does not belong on the field. Most of the significant completions against the defense were the result of Wright either dropping his coverage or using the wrong technique. He clearly is no better than a dime package DB at this point. He is really killing the defense.
Mike Bell, really? You get a chance to play and on your what 3rd or 4th carry you get hurt? Come on, man!
lenke08 Just blaming anything that was bad such as braylon the media qb controversy lust, and pittspuke
brbbva Dude is warped. No sense of reality.
Officials - PI call leading to the touchdown was weak.
QB Controversies - After today, there shouldn't be one... but there will be regardless.
Braylon - In advance of his arrival next week.
rogern Goathorns to anyone who even suggests that Colt shouldn't be the starter for the rest of the season.
Devilinmypocket Is there some way to keep this hack from ever announcing a game for the Browns again? I'm so sick of his unabashed bias while calling games. All he had left to do was come out and wave the pom-poms, you f***.
dp10451 The only horns go to the announcers. How 'bout giving our Browns a little love? Stop making excuses for the other teams. The Browns pounded the Pats and deserve the credit. They've earned it!
hegemonic Nobody!
DAWGDC Ray Ventrone for the pass interference call!! Shaun Rogers for being offsides all the time and Eric Wright for not being prepared to check a wide receiver.
billy b
BigDaddy78 Could someone get a tissue for Rich Gannon, his servicing of Tom Brady the entire game was sickening.
no one on a game like this
No one deserving of the goathorns. Total team victory!
SBinmylifetime Belichick needs to get over himself. Brady didn't even stick around on the field to shake hands with Colt McCoy. Must have been in a hurry to get to the locker room for more product for his hair!
No goats in this game. None.
CZARAYN I'll pass and just give kudos to the Browns. I'm giving myself the goathorns for not playing more on this game.
The MayfieldRoad Boy
CZARAYN I'll pass and just give kudos to the Browns. I'm giving myself the goathorns for not playing more on this game.
The MayfieldRoad Boy
1st three games lost by 12 points total... 6-2 at least write now...
Stop with trying to manufacture yet ANOTHER quarterback "controversy" already! Let the coaches determine who plays and how much. And Seneca Wallace needs to shut his pie hole on the issue, too.
toledobrownsfan no goats this week great win
ohjc50 he didnt look happy to be back here
roscoe2009 No goat's,what a great game.
the media guys sure loe the other teams we play, so sad we have been kickin the asses latly
Shrooney Daboll! find someone smaller than Joe Thomas to chest bump! C'mon Man!!!!
Tom Brady's hair is ridiculous.
froggy60 Shaun you need to make more of a presence felt in a game.

toledobuck No Goats This Week.
gilewicz Belicheck
Games23 There were no goats on sunday. Whipping boys Eric wright and Abe elam came away with turn overs. Everyone played great.
LV4Brown No goathorns for you!!! (Soup-Nazi)
No Browns Team Goat horns this week. Outstanding!
1stAnubiis Shannon Sharp is a TOOL! "No way Colt McCoy can beat Tom Brady, I just don't see it" Hey Shannon can you see'em now!?
Maybe these guys will actually study some game tape and not just look at the standings. To all of you out there still dissin' the a steamin' bowel of CROW and by a six-pack of HATERAIDE and drink up!
houndfromhell I know a lot of Cowboys X fans that all have told me over the phone late last night, that they have been Browns fans all along, just liked the Cowboys a
little better. Until now. I hate people that jump on the winning teams band waggon and lie to everyone that they liked them for years. They all suck.
Felt kind of sorry for Jerry Jones and
his puppet, soon to be ex-coach. Looked
like he was actually crying. It must be a rough life being a multi million dollar S.O.B. when your toy or hobby is
broken.meaning them cowboys.....
dawgbown New England Chowd sitting next to me... for leaving at the end of the 3rd quarter with the comment "at least WE are going to the playoffs this year" which was the first and only noise he made all day
Second game where I can say, nothing bad to report. Go Browns!!
Daboll -- for going conservative to begin the second half. On third and long calling a running play to take the easy way out. Go for it and step on them while you have them down! Still need to develop the killer instinct!
DawgHowl The only goat im going to give is to the cbs broadcast. Im not sure if this happened to anyone else but for the first 5 or 10 mins of the game the sound was all fuzzy and kept cutting out. They did finally get it fixed but that was pretty annoying, especially since I have to pay for sunday ticket just to see the Browns games.I turned to other games during the time this was happening and all the other stations were fine WTF.
MuskieDawg01 no goats


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