Adkins: What We've Been Told

Lane Adkins offers his insight into the recent success of Colt McCoy, Browns offense

-- Rookie QB Colt McCoy is the likely starter Sunday against the New York Jets. The coaching staff has been pleasantly surprised in the manner with which McCoy has managed the offensive unit, while limiting mistakes and gaining a firm grasp of the playbook and expectations.

McCoy is absorbing the offensive scheme at a quick rate and the offensive coordinator is providing more opportunities for the rookie to achieve. Three weeks ago, the coaching staff thought McCoy and the offensive unit could have been overwhelmed, but surprisingly, the rookie QB has displayed a confidence and efficiency that has raised the level of play surrounding him.

-- As McCoy has gained valuable playing time against the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots, it is the manner with which he has involved many under-utilized players into the game-day activities.

With offensive coordinator Brian Daboll scheming to open the field for McCoy, it has been Daboll's solid play-calling and McCoy's uncanny ability and accuracy that has led to an offensive turnaround in Cleveland.

The trust factor between the OC and QB has developed to the point that Daboll is not apprehensive when enabling McCoy. While the Browns offense may be void of recognized play-makers in the receiving facet, Daboll is calling the receivers' number early, confident McCoy can get them involved.

-- Who will be the starting QB on Sunday and for the foreseeable future is the $1 million question surrounding the Browns this week. All arrows point toward head coach Eric Mangini naming McCoy the starter, but this does not preclude veteran Seneca Wallace from getting some action on game-day.

Wallace has recovered from his high ankle sprain, which sidelined the veteran when he was in position to grasp the starting quarterback role. Under Wallace's direction, the offensive unit had displayed aspects leading to consistency.

Unfortunately for Wallace, McCoy has played reasonably well, developed a mutual respect and growing relationship with his offensive teammates. That has raised the confidence and proficiency level of the unit.

Wallace is again likely to be relegated to a backup and speciality role, until or unless the rookie stumbles and the veteran is needed to fill the void.

-- And the man that was brought to Cleveland to manage the offense, Jake Delhomme, is not ready for game action. As the veteran continues to mend from a high and low ankle sprain, he is no less than two weeks from being a viable option on game-day.

The ankle injury, which originally occurred in the first-half of the season opener, did derail the Browns offensive hopes early in the season. Prior to the injury, Delhomme and the Browns offense appeared poised to carry over their successful preseason offerings, as was the case early in Tampa.

Now with McCoy's emergence, Delhomme has been the rookie QB's biggest supporter. Delhomme spends countless time with McCoy, being a sounding board and experienced voice of reason.

With an apparent passing of the torch within reach, the Delhomme has been an invaluable asset, not only in providing a respected leadership voice in the locker room, but as a battle-tested veteran that realizes he still has a place in the game.

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