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Look out Stephen King and John Grisham, Braylon Edwards plan to be an author, someday, too

Brian Daboll Press Conference Transcript, Nov. 12
Don Delco on November 12th, 2010 AT 7:44 PM

(On how much harder it will be to run the ball against the Jets defense compared to other teams)- "It's been difficult, we've played some good teams. They have very good players and a very good scheme. The more they hear about Peyton Hillis and the yardage that he has, I'm sure they are going to be revved up and ready to go, they are every week and I'm sure they will be this week."

(On if he will start giving Mike Bell more carries to keep Hillis fresh)- "I think regardless if it's Bell or (Thomas) Clayton or even Josh (Cribbs) in the Wildcat, there's going to be times where Peyton needs a breather. Whoever that guy is to go in there and fulfill that role, we expect him to be able to do that."

(On how important it is to stick with the run)- "I think we pride ourselves on running the football. Some of the times when you're calling those runs and it's a zero run or a one run or a two run, you get into a flow. If you get too many of those, it gets a little bit challenging at times, but I believe that you need to be able to stick with it and use your play actions and run actions off of those. Again, this is a loaded defense with very, very good players and a very good scheme. They take a lot of pride in stopping the run, you can watch that on tape. Bart Scott, their leader and David Harris inside are two, I think, exceptional linebackers. They load the box, we expect a loaded box. We expect a couple of different looks from Rex (Ryan), now what that is going to be I can't tell you. It's like going out there in summer training camp, you never know what you are going to get from Rob every day. Some new little wrinkle and it becomes a pain in the butt sometimes, but we are going to have to do a good job of adjusting it. Prepare for a multitude of looks, which they show on tape a multitude of different things that are similar a little bit to last week. We are practicing certain plays that you don't know if you're going to get that right look and you're going to have to do a good job if you get a different look. You need to stick with it and we kind of try to hang our hat on the run. I know they hang their hat on stopping the run, so we have our work cut out for us."

(On Hillis rarely going for negative runs)- "I think he does pride himself on getting the ball downhill. On contact, he usually does a good job of running his legs and he tries to minimize those plays where maybe they do get in the backfield. You get teams like New York who are very good at stopping the run and they have that extra guy down there. You have got to do a good job of keeping that guy the furthest away, in terms of the unblocked guy. The backs understand that they have got to try to get downhill and take what they can get. We understand that there's going to be maybe a couple of zero yard and one yard, you have just got to keep cranking at it."

(On if the Jets have the best defense he has faced so far this year and the challenges that they present Colt McCoy)- "I think they're a very good defense. We've played some very good defenses in the past few weeks here. Right down the list you go with Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New England. This is a team just like that. You've got another team with six-plus wins that we are going to play again. They do a ton of different things. Up front, they have a multitude of fronts that you have to be ready to adjust to. They'll move around, they'll play a lot of different players. One time you might get three linemen in the game, the next time you might get four linemen, the next time you might get two linemen, the next time you might get one. They are moving around and he's going to have to do a good job with his identification. He's prepared every week like a pro, this week is no exception, but there's a lot of stuff going on that we have got to be good with."

(On if Alex Mack might have a tough time with all the shifting the Jets do defensively because of his inexperience)- "I think Alex is a pretty smart guy. I think George Warhop does a pretty nice job with those guys. You try to get those five guys to play like one, and I think he's done a good job with those guys. They're all good communicators across the board. I think Alex has really grown from year one to year two with the knowledge and playing next to Steiny (Eric Steinbach) and hanging out with Joe (Thomas) and George Warhop doing a good job with those guys. They pride themselves too on being right and trust me, we have been out there a few times this week drawing up the cards trying to fool them and a couple of times we got them, a couple of times we didn't. It's going to be a good chess match."

(On how long it takes to fill the void of losing a receiver like Braylon Edwards on your offense)- "I grew up kind of in New England's system where we won some of those Super Bowls. I think one year the most catches that we had were 57 with Deion (Branch). The next year, if I'm not mistaken, it was 56 and right after that, a running back had 49 or a tight end had 42. We counted on the quarterback getting the ball to the open guys and that's kind of the system that I try to put in place here with the quarterback. Making good reads and getting it to the right guy, making sure the guys are in the right spots and not concerning ourselves with getting 10 balls to a particular guy. Just making sure that the ball is going to the right spot. You be right there and when the ball comes your way, you make the play. That's kind of our focus."

(On how big of a factor Darrelle Revis is)- "They have two of them that, I think, are top of the line. I got to see Revis up close in practice and he is the real deal. He gets up there in your face and he challenges you and he really is out there on an island, so is (Antonio) Cromartie most of the game. They just get up in your face and they press you and it's like you're out there in the back yard playing one on one with your buddies. They're long, they're strong, they've got good quickness, they've got good ball skills and I think you have to be aware of where both of the guys are. They've matched up against different guys, they've lined up on spots. When you have two corners like that on a defense, that makes your defense pretty legit."

(On if Revis could be guarding Mohamed Massaquoi the entire game)- "I don't know where they're going to put him. We do know that when we watch the tape, they're (darn) good. Both of the guys, they really are."

(On if he has any extra motivation going against the Jets)- "I said it about the Kansas City game and then the New England game and now this game, you coach with your buddies and you coach with guys and then you end up playing them. Yes, you'd like to beat your friend is what you'd like to do, just like they would like to beat us. At the end of the day, it comes down to the players. You want to see the players that you coach be successful, that's what I think drives you as a coach. Watching your guys go out there and execute, enjoy themselves and then ultimately win."

(On if there was any personal satisfaction in last week's performance against New England)- "I was excited, but I was excited for the guys too to be honest with you. I have a lot of respect for the guys in the offensive room, how they've gone about their business. We all go through adversity at times and there's been guys, all of us, have been through it. To go out there and watch them put together a good performance, I was excited for those guys."

(On Joe Thomas knocking him over)- "That's bull (crap). I figure I'll go for Baby (Shaun Rogers) this week (joking)."

(On if he should get fined for not holding his ground)- "It was a good hit, I'll leave it at that."

(On if he would have gotten knocked over pre his weight loss)- "You know he might have went backwards. No, he got me it was good, gave me a little shoulder. He's a big guy."

(On if he has been able to see McCoy's growth or if it's something he picks up on film)- "I wasn't thinking that way. The one thing I told you guys last week, he does go about his business very professionally and he prepares very well. Out there at practice he's a perfectionist, he really is. He gets frustrated when the ball isn't exactly where he wants it, he'll get frustrated if the defense doesn't give a certain look that he knows he prepared for to get it right. He went out there and he played a pretty good game, he did the things we asked him to do and he's going to have to do that again."

(On how they have been giving McCoy more to do)- "We put quite a bit on his plate last week. Each week it's been a little bit more and last week he had quite a bit. I'd say the first 10 plays he probably had about five checks within those plays. Now we've practiced them, we've given him the looks at the same time he has to go out there and do it under pressure situation. He's going against a Bill Belichick coached defense and they're coming after him. The play he threw to Evan (Moore) was a different route during the week, we actually practiced it the same way we got it and you don't always get that. He made the right check, gave him a little signal, he went and ran the route. The third down to Peyton (Hillis) where Peyton caught the 29 yarder, we actually practiced it the exact same way it happened again. We had (Blake) Costanzo go out with him in practice, we sat there and talked about it, put a little glitch in it, said do this, give him this signal, two guys had to get it, he did it. Earlier in the game, we had a little pass play didn't like the look got to a look, we talked about this the night before we didn't even practice that one, we had a little meeting the night before, and he got it. He did a good job in seeing their defense and getting us into good plays and doing it the right way."

(On if there are quarterbacks who don't pick up on everything that quickly)- "I think that when you're a quarterback, particularly a young quarterback, there's so much on your plate and the only thing you can focus on is doing your job well. It's one thing Scott (Petrak) when you're upstairs and you're watching tape and you have the clicker in your hand and I'm sitting with them, ‘Okay, now you see this look now when this safety comes down this guy's going so check that corner you're going to be there. This guy's slooping out, boom boom boom boom'. He almost got one in the Pittsburgh game where he slooped out and he ended up seeing it late he almost threw it right to him but that will come with experience. He gets in he's got a notebook that each week the notebook is filled. Okay got it and he'll say quiz me one more time. I think Tuesday he was here about four hours Tuesday we were meeting twice. Quiz me. Alright one more time, quiz me. Quiz me one more time. Quiz me, alright here boom. What's this coverage? Okay got it, got it, got it, got it. Now you go out there and practice the defense is giving us good looks sometimes guys can't do it. Sometimes guys can see it on tape and then when it comes to once you're on the line and there's a bunch of guys running after you, I think you just have something inside you where you either can do it or you can't or you have to keep doing it over and over again. Again, we all know he's only played three games. He's done a good job in those games. He's going to have to continue to get better but he can see stuff and this is going to be a big time challenge for him this week because they do a lot of moving around and a lot of different parts."

(On if last week was time to give McCoy more freedom to use his feet)- "We always have plays in the game plan for him Mary Kay (Cabot) and a couple of those plays he did on his own. We used move the pocket plays in Pittsburgh, we used move the pocket plays in New Orleans all throughout the game. A couple of the plays he made with his feet one of the plays was in the red zone, the scramble. We talked about particularly against that team certain coverages that they've played, if they have all their backs turned you've got to trust your feeting when you drop when you don't have one and you don't have two, go get the first down, slide, go. He was able to do it. You give him little reminders here and there but ultimately it falls on his shoulders. The other play I think he made a really good play on was on third and four where he threw it to (Joshua) Cribbs on a little scramble. We had a little play run and New England actually blitzed everybody and we didn't have a guy that counted before the blitzer that came off the edge and he was wide open and he had two hands in the pocket and he stepped up, he moved, he slid and he did that on his own with his eyes down the field and made a nice throw to Josh. The one to Brian (Robiskie) was a design to roll out where Brian wasn't his primary target and he actually did not throw it to him all week in practice on that particular play. We said we're hoping for one thing, they didn't give it to us. It was either throw it away, run, or keep your eyes up for Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi). All the sudden he saw Brian, just was a football player and let it rip so it was good to see him do those things."

(On why they are scoring more points this year than last year)- "I think that it's a combination of things. I think it's a different team, guys have been playing in the system. These last 12 games 7-5 was our record, one year doesn't transfer, but we've had five different quarterbacks too. You've got to get some type of rhythm some type of consistency. One, I think at the position behind the center to be honest with you. You've got young guys that were playing, it's a new system that Eric (Mangini) has brought here and everybody was just kind of learning as we go. Now we come in and we play a team that's in the top five in points, they don't give up many points. Nine to Green Bay and Green Bay was 2 of 12 on third downs against them, they had 237 yards. It's going to be a big time challenge for us."

(On how practice has been going this week)- "We've consistently had good weeks of practice. Last week we did, this week we had a good week of practice. I think that the guys here understand the importance of preparation, the importance that we place on it as a coaching staff, how we kind of grew up, the detailed work that needs to be done. You get to a new program and you have to instill your way, the way you want to do it and sometimes it's not easy. Sometimes you're going to take hits for it but you believe in a certain system and you try to get those players. That's what your job is to do is to believe in it. Our guys have done that, credit to them. Most of the time you have good weeks of practice, you perform that way in the game. There's times where you have a good week of practice and you don't perform that way in the game. I think it ultimately comes down to Sunday's performance, going out there and being able to execute under pressure. Being able to throw the ball on third and seven, convert a third down in the third quarter when the game is tight, being able to run it in on the goal line if it's fourth and one and you know what the play is and they know what it is and being able to do it when everything is on the line. Preparing well during the week and practicing well during the week I think go a long way."

(On Eric Steinbach)- "Eric's been playing well. He played well last year. I think he's a good leader for us on offense. He's a guy that's intelligent. He's right in the middle there of Alex (Mack) and Joe (Thomas) and I think they have good chemistry going. We're trying to build, all of us are trying to build and become better as an offense. Each week that's our goal, we're not where we want to be. We've had some tough challenges, it's going to be a good challenge again this week, but he's done a good job. All of those guys up front I think have done a good job and they've got their hands full this week with these guys."

(On if he was holding breath for how the right side of the line would hold up with the recent changes)- "Billy (Yates) and Chop (Floyd Womack) are pros. I've been around Billy for a long time and he hadn't played in a lot of games but he's a professional. He's smart, he's an extremely smart guy. He knows all the calls, he's like a coach on the field and I think that also helps Alex (Mack) to be honest with you. I think (Shawn) Lauvao you know it was unfortunate he got hurt. He's coming along and it takes awhile to come back from what he had. Hop's (George Warhop) done a good job of putting him in the game and getting him some reps. But those guys in terms of the players there and the guys there, no I'm confident in those guys."

Rob Ryan Press Conference Transcript, Nov. 12
Don Delco on November 12th, 2010 AT 7:41 PM

(On if he has a bounty on his brother Rex)- "Now that whole thing was very confusing to me. Let's just start right there, I'll address this because I don't know how that became a national story but it's amazing. I don't have a bounty on him but I got confused when he dressed up supposedly as me and then he put a bounty on me. I don't understand how that thing works. I did listen to it and I looked at it and realized that well okay if that really does look like me which it probably did, maybe I should listen to him a little bit. He said something about a band surgery so I'm going to try it and you guys let me know. I believe he puts it on like this, I don't know so he puts it up there I guess it takes some time I guess. Oh wait, I'm doing a press conference just a second. Yes, that's much better that you got to pull the shirt over it okay. I think I'll stick with what I got, hard work, skill and intelligence over ignorance and superstition. Now the other thing and I do have a concern for Rex this week, I really do. Especially being around Thanksgiving, I'm worried about him, because if you see that turkey with this stuff hanging down there like that, they may shoot him. My god he's just hanging out there. Really we're looking forward to this week. It's about our players, it's about Peyton Hillis against Bart Scott, it's about Eric Barton going up against Nick Mangold, it's about Matt Roth beating the (heck) out of D'Brickashaw Ferguson and it's going to be about us and Cleveland taking care of their wide outs and Braylon Edwards. We're looking forward to that match up and our guys have been working hard. We haven't done all the press conferences and all that stuff, we've been working. We have a great attack, we have a great plan for these guys, our players are motivated, and they're excited. If they don't kill each other first, we're going to lay it on these Jets."

(On if the players have taken notice of everything Braylon Edwards has been saying)- "He's been a great receiver, he's very talented just like all the Jets are. They're extremely talented, but our defense wants to have an identity and they want to have an identity that Cleveland can relate to and that's smart and tough and we're going to prove it on Sunday. Whatever he said about us, or Cleveland, or the coaches, he doesn't like any of them except Eric (Mangini), that means me (dang), so I'll hit him on the sideline if he wants to come over. We're looking forward to this, this is a great challenge. This is one of the very talented offenses in football and we can't wait to hit them."

(On what the exchange is going to be like after the game between him and Rex)- "He'll be very upset. I don't know if our guys will tear down the goal posts. I hope not, (heck) it's just another game. Last time we tore down the goal posts when I was at Oklahoma State and it was embarrassing but we did beat the (heck) out of Oklahoma that day. Look we're best friends, he's a great person, we love him to death but it doesn't mean we aren't going to beat him. This game here is very important for us. It's very important for the Cleveland Browns, I think it's very important for our whole staff, our new president and everything, it's a big game. Every game is big but hopefully they just keep getting bigger each week and that's what we're looking forward to doing."

(On if he is going to give his brother a tissue)- "You know these Ryans, I don't know what we are but we are emotional guys so (heck) if we shed a tear, big deal. I'm sure it won't be over that. It'd be us beating the (heck) out of them. I won't cry for him. I'll be happy for me. They would be tears of joy for me."

(On how the run defense has stepped up the last few weeks)- "Daryl (Ruiter), that's great that you brought that up but really I never thought either of those teams were committed to running the football. New Orleans, they had had a lot of runs against Tampa the week before but I never thought there was a lot of commitment there. New England, they are so well coached and they've got a great team but by the end there in the second half we would rather disguise then play the run. That was what our whole mind set at half time is we were going to make them run the football but we weren't going to leave our disguise. We thought disguise was more important than stopping a run but with tough guys in there you still have a chance to stop them just by having guys that are tough and get them down on the ground. That's pretty much what we did. I think they had about a nine or 10 yard sweep on us, it looked like we were out of position but we were trying to disguise and confuse (Tom) Brady more than worrying about stopping the little (Danny) Woodhead."

(On Marcus Benard)- "I think Marcus has helped us. I think going forward we need him in there more to rush the passer, I think he's an excellent pass rusher. He does have skills to develop as an overall outside backer and I'm sure he'll be that next season. Not sure exactly what happened yesterday but I know he's getting tests today and we hope to have him out there on the field on Sunday going up against the high power Jet offense."

(On which game means more to Eric Mangini, the Patriots or Jets)- "I'll say this one because it's the next one. That's really how we operate in football, it's this week, it's this week, it's this week. If it gets outside of that then it doesn't ever work. We look at it as we're filling up a tank of gas, and by the end of the week you want that tank full. If you get distracted or you let things get away from you and that tank comes in half empty or half full however you look at it, and you're not all the way full than you're not going to do well on Sunday. Our whole thing is we're going to fill that tank up every week and it doesn't matter who we're playing. Emotionally, there are some big things here with Eric being fired there. All I can say is I remember the first two times I played Arizona. It is special because you do want to kick the (snot) out of the team that fire you because you tend to take that personally, at least I do. For Arizona it was worse than Eric, (heck) my whole family got fired there. We were going to kick the (snot) out of them so we tried to do that even in the preseason. Danny Clark who plays linebacker for the Saints reminded me of that when we played New Orleans. He goes, ‘Rob, I think the most intense I have ever seen you is those preseason games against the Cardinals,' and I'm like well (heck) yes. I'm sure Eric is feeling that way but I think our guys are responding. Our guys are having a hell of a week. We've worked hard. They know this is going to be a physical war out there. (Shoot) it is when these guys 400 pounds hit you in the mouth (heck) that is war. That's more than a fight. We know what we're in for but we're going to represent. I know that stadium will be buzzing for Cleveland and we're going to get after it.”

(On if they could be able to confuse Mark Sanchez after having success against Drew Brees and Tom Brady in the previous two games)- "I think every week is a different challenge. With this outfit, they can run the ball. They were the number one running ream in football, so you can't get as elaborate as you would like to. Some of those teams that aren't going to run the football no matter what, you can do anything you want. Line them up any way you want to before they snap the ball. It's a different game all together, but I think their quarterback does a good job. From what I've read before and heard from previous conversations is that they give him a green light, a yellow and a red. I don't know what that is, hopefully they have some traffic problems this Sunday. I think there are some things you can take advantage of with a young quarterback, absolutely."

(On if there is any chance of all of the talk surrounding the game becoming a distraction)- "Nothing will distract me. You know me, I'll work all night long and I have. I don't know if it's a distraction for them, I hope it is, but for me it's not. I'll just work until two in the morning instead of 1:30 or whatever it is. I know with our defensive staff, and we have an excellent staff, they don't go home. It doesn't matter if somebody is interviewing them or not, we are going to work. I just speak for our defense because I'm there with them all night long. We will just work. If we did a 10 minute interview, we will work an extra 20 minutes. This week is big for us. I think my kids are doing well, I don't know, but I'm going to find out right after this press conference. Guys we've worked hard, we've got the best plan, we are excited about this game and we know it's going to be physical and that's the way we want to play it. We are looking forward to it. We haven't been in a really physical game in awhile. I think our guys are guys that relate to this city, that are tough and we are going to prove it. This team here can get tough with you and you can just see that San Diego game, they bloodied their nose and went to the championship because of it. These guys will try to run the ball on anybody, they have all of the skill out there to make big plays and the biggest thing is we can't flinch. They have got to flinch first and we are going to make them."

(On the advice he gave to his brother during the playoffs last year)- "We weren't in the playoffs and blood is thicker than water, so I did everything I could to help, absolutely. I was pretty familiar with the opponents they were playing and had played them previously here. Of course I'm going to share whatever I can. I can't go into details about what it was, but I know I helped. That's what brothers do. We want a family reunion, that's what the Super Bowl is for the Ryans, a family reunion. We've been to seven of them, so we wanted to get back. Right now Rex is bringing up the rear, he's only been to one Super Bowl so he has got some work to do. I was trying to help him."

(On if he has had to cut back on the amount he talks to his brother this week)- "I talked to him earlier in the week and that's it. We stop on Wednesdays out of respect for the game and the integrity of the league. We love this league. We love the players, we love the coaches that are in it, the media here in Cleveland and that's just how it is. We understand this game and we understand there's a lot to be said and the biggest thing is neither one of us want to lose to the other. We love our players. Our players are working so hard here in Cleveland, I just want them to win for them. I don't care about me. I want to win for me too, but I want them to win for themselves because they've worked so hard. We are really coming as a team and I think everybody can see it now, it's not just the beat writers. I know you guys know where we are heading, but we have got a team here and we are going to play like that on Sunday. It is going to help us and we are going to win this game."

(On if his father is coming to the game Sunday)- "Yes, he is coming to our practice, he's staying at our home with Kristin and the kids and he's going to be up in our seats over there. We are going to make him wear a Cleveland Browns hat."

(On if he is worried about his father telling some of his secrets to his brother)- "No. He loves the game and the biggest thing is he's going to want to see his two sons do a great job coaching. It will be obvious for everybody that we are."

(On if he feels like this team has turned the corner after their last two wins)- "We are in the middle of that turn and I think we are going to get it. This win will go a long way for that, we need that. I looked before last night's game, there were six teams that were 6-2 and we played five of them and we have played both teams that were 5-3. That's a (heck) of a schedule. When we beat this team here, we will be 4-5 which isn't a great record, but we have played just about everybody in football except for the Giants, who I guess have got a good team. We're anxious about this. I can't wait till Sunday, I know our players can't wait till Sunday and we want to put our best foot out there. This is a very talented team, not because it's Hard Knocks and our team wants to beat the (heck) out of this team. It's not because of Rex or Jeff Weeks, my one buddy with the spray tan, it's not about him. It's about wherever it is on the schedule. It's this coming opponent, this week, one week at a time and them moving on to the next. You could see it coming because our guys are getting better and are getting more committed to each other. They're holding each other accountable, they believe in each other now and I think you can see it. I think you can see it in the fourth quarter when Peyton Hillis is running that ball, everybody on the sideline is like, ‘We know he is getting it, they know he is getting it and we believe in him.' He's going to run it over there and (Eric) Steinbach is going to pull around and knock someone on their (butt) and it's great to see. It's fun to see and Eric (Mangini) has had to stand in front of a lot of people, I want to see him be a hero. By the time it's all said and done, him to stand up there and be like, ‘Yes, I told you.' I believe in it and I think it will happen."

(On a fight he and his brother had back in 1985)- "I don't know how he never got hit in the deal. If I had to do it all over again, I would have hit him. The big detail that's being left out is I had him down early. I had Rex down early, I got a good shot in there and he had a black eye too. There are some false reports there, he had a black eye. The biggest thing there for you kids at home, once you get a guy down early don't feel sorry for him and let him up. Apparently they will come back swinging. It's a cute story."

(On why they started fighting)- "It was just one of those deals, a typical Ryan day. I can't go into too many details, maybe over a couple of beers one night. It's just something that happens once in awhile. Usually there's alcohol involved, he was engaged, I wasn't and I wanted to be a team player. I don't know what happened after that, so I'm going to let that go."

(On the Browns chances of making the playoffs this season)- "I've always said that I think we are going to end up having the best team, whether it's this year or next. The job that Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren have done has been outstanding. They've given us these players and anybody that gets these players, nobody can screw these guys up. We are going to get them to play in the same direction and we are going to start winning games. I don't know how it is, I don't have a crystal ball, but you know me. If I did, I'd say we'd be in them and we'd kick the (snot) out of people."

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Hillis Named Fedex Ground Player of the Week
Barry McBride on November 12th, 2010 AT 3:54 PM

Press Release

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis has been named FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week for games played on November 7-8, the league announced today. Earlier this week, he was also named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Hillis recorded career-high rushing totals of 184 yards, 29 carries and two touchdowns as the Browns defeated the New England Patriots, 34-14, on Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium. His rushing performance is the second-highest single-game total in the NFL this season. He also added three receptions for 36 yards for a single-game career-best 220 total yards from scrimmage.

This is the second FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week Award for Hillis, who also earned the honor as a rookie in 2008 while with the Denver Broncos.  He is the first Browns player to win the award since Jerome Harrison was honored for his Week 15 performance last season.

Transcript: Eric Mangini, 11/12
Barry McBride on November 12th, 2010 AT 2:56 PM

(Opening statement)- “Good morning everybody. How are we doing?  It should just be Marcus (Benard) out here today. He went through tests last night and when I talked to him this morning he’s feeling a lot better. He will go through some more tests today.  Really what we’re doing is trying to rule out anything and make sure everything is okay, but he’s in good spirits and I expect him here later this afternoon. In terms of what we’re doing today is continuing on our normal progression so it will be red area, goal line, things like that, some things that we have to clean up in terms of what we did on third down yesterday.  They bring a lot of different looks defensively and just being able to ID those, adjust to those and be able to play fast.”


(On if Benard has been rule out for Sunday’s game)- “He has not been ruled out for Sunday.  What we’re doing is really taking all precautions in terms of tests and things like that and make sure that we get as much information as we can.  But he hasn’t been ruled out for the game, no.”


(On if Benard will play on Sunday)- “It will all depend on medically where it is. I can’t predict one or the other but he is definitely not ruled out.”


(On what Benard has been bringing to the team lately)- “He does a really nice job in a lot of areas and I’ve liked the way that he’s developed as a complete linebacker.  I think he does a really nice job in terms of generating some pass rush. That’s a real plus, but it’s important to him, it’s important to us that he’s not a one dimensional player where that’s the only thing that he does. He works at that and he plays on special teams as well which is a really good thing.”


(On what happened to Benard)- “It was just really fainting.  That’s really what it was and he went through a range of tests. There’s really not a lot more to it than that right now.”


(On if that was the first time Benard has ever fainted)- “I haven’t gotten that far into it.  Really the doctors, trainers are handling it specifically.”


(On if Benard was dehydrated)- “Again, I don’t think that was the case.”


(On Benard’s development as a player)- “He came in about as raw as you could get.  There were times where I didn’t know if he was going to hang around because there were some things he wasn’t quite getting but he kept working at it.  Because of the way that he worked, he kept getting more and more chances and as he got those chances eventually those chances turned into being activated and being able to play in the games for a substantial amount of time and he performed which was great to see.  Coming back this year, we had him speak to the rookie class and just the growth from him coming in with that first rookie class to him now speaking to the class.  I thought his message was powerful, I thought he was very articulate, very comfortable with who he was and what his goals were and it’s just great to see, really great to see.”


(On if Benard expressed that he wanted to play on Sunday when he spoke with him)-“Marcus always wants to play and the key thing is just getting all the information. Like I said, there’s been no new news based off of the tests so we’ll just have to see how it goes.”


(On if the players were concerned about Benard during practice and it if have any affect)- “You’re always concerned when something happens to a teammate whether it’s at practice, before practice, during a game, any of those things.  I would expect nothing less from this group of guys.  These guys care about each other deeply.  Yes, there’s definitely that component of it but guys refocused, went out, worked hard and had a good practice.”


(On what it is like seeing players on the Jets that he brought to that team)- “It’s great, it’s fantastic to see that. It’s great to see their growth and their development.  You remember what they were like right after the draft and rookie minicamp that first year and the struggles that they had, the different conversations that you had, the different things that you did in relationship to their development, how important it was to teach them how to be pros, to teach them what it meant to play in the NFL, to give them good mentors so that they’d learn the right habits.  That’s going to serve them well for years to come. It’s just so important to get those rookies and teach them the right way when they’re young and teach what it means to be a pro.  Now to see these guys developing into such good, young professional football players, it’s really rewarding.”


(On how Rex Ryan said he laid a good foundation for him and if he feels a sense of pride in it)- “You definitely do.  I know how hard we worked, I know how many things had to be changed, I know the difficult times we went through and that’s all part of it.  You go through that pain, that restructuring, that process and it doesn’t always makes sense to everybody, it doesn’t look pretty all the time, but you know you’re working towards something bigger and something long term.  You can’t microwave it, you just can’t. It’s got to be done the right way and there’s a real process to it.  I know I’ve used that word a lot of times but it’s really what it is.  Then being able to come here, there’s been pain, there’s been transition and there’s been growth and I really like the good people we brought in here and we need to just keep continuing to grow.  Just being able to experience two different places, you appreciate the success they’re having.”


(On how close he is here to where he wants to be)- “It comes down to consistency and we’ve done some good things over the course of the season. We’ve made a lot of strides through the course of the season.  We were close in some of those early games and been rewarded here the last couple games, but it’s 16 one game seasons and we’re getting better in terms of the concept of focusing on that one week, that one game, that one opponent.  That’s really important, consistently working at practice and developing good habits there then playing a certain style of football which you have to do every single Sunday.  You can’t play it one week and then not the next week.  When we do all those things on a consistent basis, the winning will continue to come.”


(On how Jake Delhomme looked on his first day back at practice)- “Looked a little rusty, kind of like Seneca (Wallace) did his first day back.  Seneca looked a little bit better his second day back.  There’s a lot of those football specific movements that you try to mimic during the rehab, but in the huddle, calling a play, throwing a pass, reading a route, all those things in addition to what you’re doing mechanically with your body it’s just different so there’s going to be some rust.”


(On how hard it is to find ‘the’ quarterback)- “It’s pretty difficult.  We’ve had quite a few here, New York there were a few, in New England there were a few.  It’s such an important decision, you’re trying to always make the best decision.  Information changes, situations change, you just try to make the best decision that you can.  There’s so much emphasis put on the position and so much surrounding it that those decisions are critical.”


(On what crossed his mind when he heard Chad Pennington is playing again)- “I didn’t think much besides, ‘Good for Chad.’  I like Chad a lot. I think he’s a great guy, a really good quarterback, really smart and manages the team well.  I was happy for Chad.”


(On if he had thought that he could be facing Pennington in a few weeks)- “No, I just didn’t really think that.  It was more, ‘Good for Chad,’ I’m happy for him.”


(On if they will be attacking Darrelle Revis’ side or avoiding throwing it there)- “I really think it comes down to who’s open and where the read takes you.  I definitely respect Darrelle.  I was with him from his youngest days for quite a bit of that early development.  You respect him, but we face a lot of good cornerbacks throughout the course of the season and good safeties.  The key thing is to hit the open guy. You know where guys are and you understand what matchups are, but at some point somebody is going to have to get open and make a play.  I respect our receivers too.”


(On the challenge facing Brian Daboll to call plays against the Jets defense)- “They do some things differently than other teams that we face do.  Baltimore does a lot of things differently, there are some similarities to what they do.  We face a lot of game plan specific teams throughout the course of the last three weeks, between Pittsburgh, New Orleans and then New England.  This just follows in the progression of that.  They can generate quite a bit of pass rush either with three, four or multiple blitzers.  There are a lot of things that you have to take into account.  We have had some of that each week.”


(On if Rob Ryan’s lighter personality has allowed him to open up some)- “Rob and I have always been the same in terms of our relationship.  He’s just who he is and he’s very witty, he has good comedic timing and I think that’s another big component of it.  His delivery is outstanding.  He’s fun to work with. Rex (Ryan) and getting to know him, he is the same way and you appreciate that.”


(On Rex Ryan saying that he has been trying to get permission to talk to Rob since he has been here)- “They put through the sheet, it’s just kind of the same thing they do.  We say no and just fax it back.  I could put through some too.  It’s just sort of a fax game.”


(On on if all of the ties and subplots related to this week’s game have been distracting, energizing or both)- “We had quite a few subplots last week.  We have had back to back subplots, so we are getting seasoned in that.”


(On his favorite subplot of the week)- “I don’t really have a favorite.  Rex and Rob, that will be my favorite for the week.”


(On if there is any more clarity on who will be the starting quarterback)- “Frank Ryan looked good yesterday, I really liked some of the things he did (joking).  I think we are moving in the direction that we have been moving the last couple of weeks.  Colt (McCoy) got the bulk of the reps again.  I’m happy to have Seneca (Wallace) out there, he’s moving forward, and Jake (Delhomme) out there and he’s moving forward.  Colt got the bulk of the reps and he will get the bulk again today.”


(On if Wallace could be the backup Sunday)- “I think that’s a serious possibility, either as the two or the three.”


(On what he would expect from McCoy if he has to throw the ball a lot in a close game in the fourth quarter)- “I expect he will do well.  He had to throw the ball against Pittsburgh and he threw the ball well against them.  In that two minute drive there, I think they were all passes at that point, and he did a nice job with it.  Whatever the situation, my expectation is that he will handle it like he’s handled everything else.  This game is going to be different than last game and you don’t know what the situation is going to be in the fourth quarter, but you’re confident that he can handle it.”


(On the Super Bowl wrestling story between he and Rob that he mentioned on his conference call with the New York media)- “I think there was a lot of tension, so we were messing around kind of like brothers so.  You know in hotels where they have those walls and suddenly Bill (Belichick) walks through the door and we are both looking up kind of like, “Oh shoot.’”


(On if there had to be a lot of floor space for that wrestling match)- “Yes, it was like wrestling elephants (joking).”


(On John St. Clair’s status for Sunday)- “Hopefully he will be active.  I think, depending on how he does today, he should have a real shot.  He’s done well so far this week.”


(On if he would anticipate Floyd Womack and Billy Yates starting on the right side of the offensive line)- “Shawn (Lauvao) played some last week and he’s making his case each week, so he may play some more as well.  We will just have to see where we are with John.  I really like John, I think he does a good job so we will just see how that goes.”

2:00 PM

Question to Rob Ryan: Did the Browns turn the corner? Answer: We’re in the middle of the turn. (A win Sunday) will go a long way.

1:48 PM

Ryan: Our defense wants to have identity and identity Cleveland can relate to: Smart and tough. We’ll prove it Sunday.

1:44 PM

Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan taking the podium.

Paralyzed Highland football player will receive a Browns jersey … from space
Don Delco on November 12th, 2010 AT 12:47 PM

I was first made aware of Kory Wiita while I still wrote for my blog, No Logo Needed. A friend of mine who is a teacher at Medina Highland called to tell me what happened to one of his students.

On Oct. 30, 2009, the Hornets were playing host to rival Cloverleaf in a regular season finale. A Division II, Region 6 playoff berth was on the mind of Wiita, his teammates, coaches and parents. That is, until the opening kickoff.

On the opening kickoff, Wiita fractured three vertebra in his neck. He did not have movement below his chest.

Less than two days later, Wiita was in a bed in the Akron Children’s Hospital intensive care unit. Instantly, a website was created through CaringBridge.org where his father, Dan, provided updates.

Here was one of the first updates from Sunday, Nov. 1 at 8:33 a.m.

“Kory slept well through most of the night. Every time he wakes up he wants to get rid of the breathing tube and the feeding tube. He can’t talk with all those tubes in his mouth, but he definitely gets his point across. He keeps asking to see Sara and his brothers and sisters, and all of his friends, but we can’t have too many visitors yet because of worries about illness. I said “Go Browns” and he rolled his eyes and laughed. He wants the Hornets to win in the playoffs and he wants this next surgery done soon so he can talk again. That will probably be tomorrow. This is hard, but he is very tough!!”

That day, Wiita and his father watched the Browns lose to the Bears 30-6. That week, Josh Cribbs contacted Wiita on the page and wished him luck.

A little more than a year later, Wiita will be at the Browns game Sunday.

According to a release by the Cleveland Browns:

In October 2009, while playing for Highland (Medina, Ohio) High School, Kory Wiita was severally injured during a special teams play. Wiita fractured three levels of his cervical spine and is currently paralyzed from the chest down, but remains undeterred in his plans on attending college and majoring in Aeronautical Engineering and someday working for NASA.

On May 14, 2010, the space shuttle Atlantis lifted off on a 12-day mission to the International Space Station carrying a commemorative Cleveland Browns jersey provided to astronaut Mike Good, a native of Broadview Heights, Ohio. This Sunday, during the Browns home game against the Jets, Good will present that jersey to Kory Wiita.

For an update on Wiita, go to his website: www.wiita.com.

10:55 AM

Manginin on QB situation: Moving in direction it’s been moving the past few weeks. Colt McCoy has taken bulk of reps.

10:41 AM

LB Marcus Benard has not been ruled out Sunday.

10:41 AM

Mangini: Marcus in good spirits. Will undergo more tests today.

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Browns saying Benard still in the hospital, but will be released later today.

6:37 PM

Per the AP, Marcus Benard has been released from the hospital and should be fine.

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