Fan View: Frustrated!

Jeff Biletnikoff is back and he's not happy with moral victories.

The title says it all.  I wish I could have the last 3 and a half or so hours back.  The Browns were OH SO CLOSE so many times but could not close the deal.

From being 4-5 and in serious national talk to maybe make noise in the playoff run back to 3-6 with our typical would've, could've, should've, just wait until you deal with this team next year talk.

Next year.  Next year.  It's all I ever remember saying around this time of year.

So many mistakes.  So many missed opportunities.

In no particular order...

* Joe Haden needs to be ready for the onside kick in the 1st quarter.  That could have changed the complexion of the game.

* Joe Haden needs to be trained NOT to catch the ball when you are at your 3 deep into overtime.  Sheesh.

* Can the Browns defenders get an already gimpy QB to the ground maybe once?  This is NOT Fran Tarkenton were talking about.  It's an already-injured Mark Sanchez.  Only against the Browns can the opposing QB channel the spirit of Houdini.

* The spin move at the sidelines looks good on SPORTSCENTER but were you trying to get on the highlights or get your team a victory Chansi Stuckey?  If you're going to spin back into the field of play like that can you maybe lay 2 hands on the ball?

* Brian Daboll.  Brian.  Why in the world did you wait to open up the offense in the 2nd half towards the END of the 2nd half?  The Jets were daring you to roll McCoy out and run Hillis.  What did you do?  Instead of telling McCoy to throw in the middle of the field, you said:  "Ok, NY, you've made half time adjustments geared to stopping what we like to do (roll McCoy/run Hillis) so I'm going to call more plays just like that."

* Rob Ryan.  Your defense kept the Browns in the game (plus Nick Folk, see below) and you are to be commended for that... but what happened to the gambling nature of the D we saw against New Orleans and New England?  Sanchez had enough time to order lunch on several plays because of all the guys you dropped into coverage.

Overall the score was much worse than the final indicated.  Nick "Thank God We Won Otherwise I Was Riding The Bus Back To NY" Folk kept the Browns in the game as much as the bend but don't break Browns D today.

Note to the Browns coaching staff, players and organization.  You get NO credit for a moral victory.  You lost.  You stink.  Know how I know you stink?

You're 3-6 and likely out of the playoffs.


Other than that, good effort fellas.

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