Adkins: The Tough Questions

Why was Harrison traded? What's the mood in Berea? How's Josh? What happened to Matt Roth? No cherry-picking easy questions here... we take them all on in Ask the Insiders. Here are some recent highlights.

BrownsDCFan: What the feeling in Berea after the loss to the Jets? Are the players down after letting one slip through their hands or are they more fired up realizing that they can compete with anyone. I am also worried that after playing elite teams the last 4 weeks the Brown might not play at the same level against the Jaguars, Panthers, Bills, etc.

Lane Adkins: Disappointment. One concern this staff has been working is to ensure there isn't a drop in intensity due to the opposition.?

NattyDawg: With the results we have seen to date, I think Heckert is the MVP of the season so far.  His draft and pickups have been great.  Do you think he regrets any of the following?

1.  Cutting Brodney Pool who now starts on one of the top defenses in the league.  I believe he had one year left on his contract.  Abe Elam doesn't start on 31 other teams.   I'd rather have Adams out there but I think they are scared to use up all of their depth at CB.  Guess they should have kept BMac.

2.  Trading Harrison.  I know his attitude was in question, but Mike Bell hasn't done anything and I think Harrison would have eventually found his footing like last year.

3.  Believing the Robiskie training camp hype.  Anything at this point would be an improvement.

LaneAdkins: 1. The move on Pool was one which they have not regretted. The organization was at a point that the head injury issues were a great concern to them.

2. Harrison had to go. I knew him off the field, while he is a good kid, he did sulk and didn't bring it in practice, it wasn't only the coaching staff that had some issue with it within the team environment.

3. Robiskie really puzzles me. In camp he did have the look of an improved and hungry player, and he has reverted back to the same 'going through the motions' type. The next seven games are going to be very important for him in Cleveland.




Ludden007: This would seem to indicate that Cribbs is more injured than any of us want to believe.  Any news here?   Any word on Cribbs?

I thought Haden did a decent job filling in, so the news of this signing was a mild surprise

Lane Adkins: Cribbs is extremely questionable.

While he is not out yet, I can say he does not look to good on that foot at this time.

Josh is a tremendous competitor and will do anything to be on the field Sunday. He spent a good portion of his off-day (Tuesday) getting treatment.?

??ramllov: Should Colt start the rest of the season? He played well. He maybe a rookie, but he seems to be getting better each game, no matter how tough the defense is.

Lane Adkins: Yes.

OPENUP: "The players are throwing out what they are uncomfortable with."

The above is a quote from Mangini. I'm dumb struck. Insights please. Is this something picked up from Holmgren? Ryan? Who? No wonder they play so hard!...Incredible input!


Lane Adkins: It's been an ongoing process that has become increasingly utilized this season.

I haven't heard of this being anything other than the HC becoming increasingly comfortable with his players and himself.

Contrary to some belief, not everything surrounding this team is directly related to Holmgren.

BeerDog: ?I would appreciate any insight you have into why our wide recievers are not contributing with McCoy at the helm.  Is it because 1) they are not getting open, 2)  McCoy is not throwing to open receivers or 3) Daboll is not calling plays that utilize the wide receivers?  Obviously, I'm sure all of the above come into play but I was hoping you could give us some perspective on where the fundamental problem lies.  Thanks.

Lane Adkins: The WR's playing within this roster fail to gain separation on less than a consistent level, which limits the production and trust for the OC and QB to go to them.

Anything other than a short out or crossing under coverage has been tough for this group.

DonoDawg: One thing is clear:  Matt Roth has been much less successful in rushing the passer compared to last year, whether the metric is sacks or pressuring the QB.

Should we be disappointed in his performance this year, given what he did last year, where he seemed to be more effective in making the QB move, hurry his throw, throw inaccurately, or even sack the QB?

Lane Adkins: ?Some of the scheme has changed and Roth gains additional attention now, as compared to a season ago.

But, Roth has not been an impact player to this point in the 2010 season, which is somewhat disappointing.

Roth has been solid throughout, which consistency this defense has sought and he has filled the role.

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