Browns-Jets: Gameballs and Goats

Your takes on the 26-20 loss, condensed to a manageable chart of numbers.

SUMMARY: A hard loss at home held down the voting, but Browns fans have sounded off on Colt McCoy, and they like what they see. Eric Wright continues to take a lot of heat for his play in 2010. Listen to the OBR podcast for some of the other Gameballs and Goathorns finishers outside of the top five.

Player Gameballs
Colt McCoy (QB / 12) 212
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 136
Joe Haden (CB / 23) 56
Ben Watson (TE / 82) 43

Player Goats
Eric Wright (CB / 21) 177
Chansi Stuckey (WR / 83) 165
Anything Braylon 50
Brian Daboll (OC) 34
Abram Elam (S / 26) 24
Brian Robiskie (WR / 80) 20


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
dawgbown Entire Defense, with the exception of Eric Wright officiating crew..lots of ticky-tack calls the Jets way
Josh Cribbs/Evan Moore Erick Mangini
Braylon Edwards
TpostDawg Again the entire organization
DawgEDue Nick Folk
The defensive conditioning coach. Eric Wright.. again.
Mark Zickefoose Mark Sanchez's Teflon Jersey, TV Announcers, Anything Braylon
vabrownfan 3rd down defense
Yeti83 Nick Folk Sanchez covered in grease.
houndfromhell our Offensive Line. Dabol sucks, keep him, we lose the rest.
Walldog none sack tackling
Offensive Line, Joshua Cribbs Bryan Daboll
Chansi Stuckey
Hopeful in PA Hopeful in PA
Mangini blew the chance to prove he should stay
Nick Folk Braylon Edwards
folk the kicker fumbles, and poor tackling especially on dirty sanchez
Number1BrownsFan Refs, Haden
Tie Ball Games. Losing with 16 seconds left on clock
Early draft picks to replace Eric Wright and Abe Elam
playbrowns Browns Fans Anything Braylon
morganskyler phil Dawson
Eric Steinbach
PerrysburgGuy Nick Folk Chancey Sucky
Fighting for 2 extra feet on a 20 yard gain when all you need to do is step out of bounds!!!
The Fans deserve a gameball for barking hard for 5 hours! Not taking a knee and walking away with a tie.
YetMoreFubar Nick Folk Shaun Rogers Big, Fat Belly
southwestohiofun2000 NOT Quiting Not having that little extra at the end
Pipehitter09 Browns Tackling
eezer Weldon, Lebron
Josh Cribbs' foot
braylon edwards
dawgonit0207 Whoever decides that the Browns do not have cheerleaders
redright Brad Seely Daboll
MadBrown Alex Mack
Big4Bill2k8 To the entire team for not quiting 3rd & 4th down Defense
Abe Elam, I didn't vote for him because I had to use all 3 votes for Chansi SUCKEY!
Butterfingers Edwards
The Whole team Mark Sanchez
The class shown between Rob Ryan and his brother, Rex. Just about every single Ex-Jet on the Browns roster who at one time or another demonstrated why the Jets weren't fighting to keep them on their roster....
ludden007 Vickers had some great blocks, once again. special teams not recovering the onside kick!
eric (head up my butt) wright
Keith322 the Jets kicker. Joe Haden played a good game. Matt Roth missed a critical sack, Abram Elam missed a critical interception in the 4th Qtr.
djw333 Cribbs' Toes
Shrooney Nick Folk Injuries
jcart57 O-line
DixieDawg Steve Metz Bruce Arians
Joe haden eric wright

Fan Gameball Comments
dawgbown The Browns defense, despite a very lopsided time of possession, hung tough for 74 minutes 45 seconds, then Eric Wright was Eric Wright and the game was over
McCoy ran two minute drill to perfection at the end of regulation. Rubin continues to be a force. Hillis is a beast!
TpostDawg The was a Hard fought game and this tuff loss
will only make this team better believe it fans.
The defense hung in there despite the offense's multiple 3-and-outs. They've got guts, I'll say that. Now, if they could find a way to get rid of Eric Wright, they'd be on the upswing.
Couldn't ask more from Colt. Peyton played well, and Hayden is a starter in my mind
mddawg28 This IS Colt McCoy's team. That game tying drive proves his merit. Stop the nonsense and name him the starter for the rest of the year.

Dawson's kicks were true. Compare his day to the Jets' kicker.

Kudos to Eric Mangini for trying for the win at the end of the overtime. He has finally turned the corner of playing to win instead of playing not to lose.
Shaun Rogers creating havoc in the backfield late in the game is deserving for sure.
houndfromhell Our offense plays well when you take in the fact that a mentally challenged
idiot calls the offensive play`s.
McCoy showed again the last drive of the game why he is the choice for QB for the rest of the season... Also have to give it to Ryan... he stopped a jets team for teh most part.. especially late when the jets had a 3-1 advantage in the time of possession...
Coin=flip vs. third elite team. Colt had it-Stuckey un-had it. Way ahead of schedule here.
Nobody made Colt McCoy look great, but he did great anyway. Marcus Benard is consistently great.
jaydawg74 McCoy, Hillis and Stuckey. Stuckey also gets some goathorns, but Im giving him a gameball too for the effort. weird huh?
Abram...thank you for knocking Big Mouth Edwards on his a$$ after the ONLY offensive hit I think should be fined!

Peyton...Another great game, wish you could have done more...just HANG ON TO THE BALL MAN! I got faith in you!

Colt...Not your best game, but you're still the QB of the future. Stick with it!
PhotoCityDawg Third week in a row that the Browns outcoached their opponent. In this case, the talent gap was just too much to overcome.
dp10451 Hillis just keeps going and going. Solid AFC Central back. Colt looks like he's in a groove. Cool, calm, and collected. I think Haden is more than ready for full time and prime time.
BulldogDad Hillis with studly runs; McCoy continues to progress; Dawson is as reliable as they come.
Number1BrownsFan McCoy for playing mistake free football; fans for having to indure the crap we watched, and Hillis for making plays.
I'd say its time to thanks those who wanted to grab Colt with a 3rd round pick. Love his poise and I like his game. I hope he's a starter for us for many years to come. For the amount of hype(non truly justified) Rob Ryan had his group ready. Peyton = Pro Bowler. nuff said.
luvbrowns Losing the turnover battle, crappy play calling in the 3rd quarter. Our WR's suck. I don't want Eric Wright on this team next year. I hate him. He is a baby. Even though we are getting better, this still sucks.
playbrowns We have a real QB, folks.
FLADAWG1 McCoy has proven worthyof the starting role, no matter what was promised jake or Wallace. It's now Colt's team. Hillis is a monster, just keep the ball wrapped up. Haden nice pick, keeping BE from dropping one!
morganskyler Another fine game called by ryan cleveland needs a pure pass rusher and this defense would be top 5.
snoopdawgydawg Great poise by Colt McCoy, but it is apparent that this team is short a No. 1 receiver, another corner and linebacker. The Jets were clearly a better team, but we are on the way up. Eric Mangini certainly prepares his team adequately.
MayfieldRoadBoy says the team showed some spirit. Still couldn't cover the spread, so the effort just wasn't good enough
The entire team gets a gameball, great job men! We did absolutely everything to win, or tie this game.
YetMoreFubar Colt McCoy had a fine game. However, I worry about his accuracy on deep passes and his struggles to score in the Red Zone. His true test comes against the Ravens and Steelers at the end of the season. Both are tough defenses and they will have plenty of game film on Colt. That, and the games will be in nasty, cold weather.
southwestohiofun2000 Hell of an effort.
dawgonit0207 Colt is going to be the "Real McCoy"!
redright Seely produces special teams excellence even with his two top ST players, Zasturdil and Cribbs out
Big4Bill2k8 The effort that this team has given has been outstanding, making up for many flaws, just not enough of them.
McCoy continues to show his leadership and athleticism. Quit the pussyfooting and name him the number one quarterback for the season! The Browns have got to find another running back to allow Hillis (and the rest of the offense) to succeed.
Keith322 Brian Daboll actually called a good game. The first down pass call inside the 5 was suspect but he was trying to win the game and not play for a tie. If McCoy would have completed the pass to Watson for a first down everyone would have thought it was a great call.
bluezhound This team has made this old dawg very very proud despite the 3- 6 record . the only itch that Holmgren should be scratching is the itch to get more talent on the roster . starting with the ' more than okay " Wide Recivers ?.. no they arent okay !
djw333 Great drive by Colt to tie the game. Mangini should have let him go for two!
Shrooney Colt continues to look poised, makes plays when he has too. Haden did a nice job coming on for Brown.
vick They hung in there all the way and it was a run-a-way game.


Fan Goathorn Comments
dawgbown When Sheldon Brown went down, I knew it would come down to Eric Wright, and he came through, pulling up on Santonio Holmes at the end. Wright plays soft, is slow to react, shies away from contact in the run game, is a horrible tackler, does not learn from his mistakes, and does not give 100% on every play. He should be cut immediately. Mike Adams would play better corner than that marshmallow.
Love Stuckey so far this season, but you got to protect the ball at all times! Robiskie and Wright are having horrible seasons. Braylon Edwards cares about everything but football. Eventhough we are thin at WR, gald that douche is gone.
Eric Wright cost us another game. He can't get 9out of town fast enough!!!!
Sorry Rob, Rex got you today. But can we please find someone who can actually cover a guy?
An onside kick? That's on Mangini. Eric Wright needs to just go away. He's now single-handedly cost the Browns two games (today's and the Baltimore game). Chansi Stuckey could use some stickum on his gloves. A high school receiver knows in that situation to get out of bounds quick. Had this dummy done that, the Browns could have kept their momentum going forward and Dawson would have won the game for them. The team is playing hard, but Wright and Stuckey are playing like losers.
Do I even need to comment on Eric Wright.
Marcus Benard took a 3rd and 9 play off(very half-hearted blitz), Jets get first down.
mddawg28 ERIC WRIGHT HAS TO GO!! Once again anytime there was a big reception by the opposition, the opposing player making the catch was "guarded" by Wright. His lack of effort on the last play of the game is inexcusable.

TJ Ward can no longer get a free ride. He also missed the tackle at the end of the game to allow the Jets receiver to score. Ward has dropped at least three picks this year. Today, once again, his dropped pick led to points (a field goal this time) for the opposition.

Stuckey needs to know when to fight for extra yards and when to get down and hold onto the ball. Earlier in the game when he had the chance to lower his shoulder and get a first down on third down, he skipped out of bounds. In overtime, when he already had secured the first down and was close to Dawson's range, he tried to be a freaking hero. He has to know the game situation! His lack of football acumen cost us a chance at a win.
Shows how individuals play for themselves and not the team. An interception inside your 5 yard line is not worth the stats that show up in the box scores. A knock down wouldn't have shown on up on Haden's stat line but it would have helped the team.
houndfromhell Dabol is the biggest joke in the entire N.F.L. We won 3 games, inspite of
having this handicap trying to pretend he can call plays.
Damn that Thomas Clayon sure runs like a winner huh?
Did I mentiom that we need a real offensive coach.
can i vote twice for stuckey... and Wright?? how do you lose your brain and fight for an extra yard in OT and fumble?!?!?!? the szy dawson has been kicking that would most likely been a win... Then wright of course gives up a td again... burned.... same as usual!
threepiece Last play was on Ward. I love him, but he makes mistakes too. Wasn't on Wright.
This game was a regression from the Saints and Patriots games. Mistakes, Mistakes, and Miscues..... Haden's int was unspeakably not heads up football. Chanci Stuckey's fumble in OT shameful. TJ Ward needs to wake up. Why not run on second and goal from the three? Looks to me like somebody lost their nerve, and I don't think it was Peyton Hillis. A very bitter loss of a very win-able game. A young team, true...and learning how to win, but this learning curve hurts.
just si I can vote for him 3 times
jaydawg74 Easy-E and Stuckey.
Chansi...just go out of bounds man! You got the 1st down...plenty of time left in OT! Hasn't Peyton taught you that when you spin you fumble?

Rob Ryan...maybe you should be more worried about finding a way to stop your bro's offense than showing him up...yeah it was fun, but when it came down to business, you FAILED!

Brian Daboll...for the last 2 games, you ran that offense to win...all of a sudden, we were playing to not lose...WHAT THE...???? Seriously...OT management was HORRID!!!
PhotoCityDawg For $42Million, you'd think Rogers could sack a gimpy quarterback.
Mangini blew the chance to prove he should stay. The Jets are way overrated. Sanchez is also way overrated. Managini needed to show that the Jets were wrong to fire him and that the giftwrap trades of Sanchze and Edwards to the Jets were the right things for the Browns. Instead, he makes New York look likes it has more "essence".
TpostDawg This was easy to give Chansi the Goat here but
I can not feel good about it. This team is playing it's heart out for us fans.
dp10451 I try to give Eric the benefit of a doubt, but he's becoming a real liability. Stuckey has to hang on to the ball. For a good illustration, watch Evan Moore. Shaun does an outstanding job of getting to the QB. However he needs to finish the job. Too many missed chances in this game.
BulldogDad Right in your hands Elam, ya dope. Wright, can't you cover a one-legged man on a critical third down? Stuckey: yeesh.
bubbaphillips what the flip were you thinking? At the 19 have a broken leg and we win the game
Number1BrownsFan Stuckey for the fumble; Wright for the blown coverages, but especially Daboll. He called a great 1st half, but sucked in the 2nd half. Since when did we become a passing team?
To frustrated to write and spew my hate for the ending of this game.
luvbrowns Chansi lost this game in OT with that fumble. If he just goes out of bounds we kick a FG and are on a freakin roll. If Mangini pulls McCoy I will quit watching till he is back in.
playbrowns Eric Wright, please get off my team.
FLADAWG1 Stcukey tried to do more than he needed, it cost us. Wright has become a liability. The entire defense wiffing on sacks of a limping QB in OT was unbearable. Tackling should be 101.
morganskyler Brian Daboll calls another headscratcher
snoopdawgydawg How did Eric Wright fall so far? He was the weakest link on the field. He was consistently terrible all day and his tackling on the final play is just one example of his inadequacy as an NFL caliber player. The team needs to use no. 1 pick on WR and no. 2 pick on another CB.
Daboll suffered brain-freeze during the 2nd half of the game and into overtime; Ryan showed how really scared he is of his twin brother. The loss should never have been based on Stuckey's fumble or Ward's lack of tackling. The game was lost in the 3rd & 4th quarter.
PerrysburgGuy Hold on to the damn ball.
the missing 10 hillis carries
PColaDog All goats go to decisions/plays made in the last two minutes of overtime.
Play-calling and time-management = fail.
Eric Wright playing football = fail.
This one hurts, so if you are a true fan, you need a goathorn removed from your backside right about now.
YetMoreFubar Shaun Rogers is paid millions of dollars each year to be a professional athlete. If he hires a personal dietitian, chef, and trainer in the offseason; he shows up to camp in good physical condition. He didn't. Rogers' big, fat belly cost the Browns desperately needed sacks in the game, allowing the Jets to convert a number of 3rd downs. Rogers needs to get serious about physical conditioning. He is supposed to be a professional.
Pipehitter09 Sanchez looked like Michael Vick out there or Rothlespuke running around breaking tackles, NO CONTAINMENT, KILLED us.
dawgonit0207 WTF Rob Ryan... we could not get the Jets offense off the field in the second half. Hard to score points when our offense is warming the pine for 25 minutes.
It's Aston Villa, not Ashton. And this week they blew a 2 goal lead to Manchester United.
redright Daboll...hey guy....offense has to show up for both halfs....:duh

Who is in charge of tackling? I want to give him two goathorns....weekly!
reepoman21 Because he thought it was OK for this team to go through a season with 1 30 yr.old CB, a rookie CB, and Eric Freaking Wright!!!
Big4Bill2k8 The play of the Defense was inconsisdent at best, got to get off the field on 3rd & 4th down. Stuckey, extra effort can't lead to a turnover, period.
The true face of Eric Mangini shows up again: no apparent halftime adjustments, an insanely ridiculous onside kick attempt (thank you Nick Folk for bailing us out), and some Schottenheimeresque decision making at the end of overtime sealing our doom.
Keith322 Eric Wright is terrible. Chansi Stcukey fumbled the game away. Shaun Rogers played a good game BUT he missed a sack inside the 5 yard line in OT that would have been a game breaker.
Shrooney I can't help but think that game changes with Brown and Fujita on the field.
Sykotyk I just can't give out goathorns in this one. I know Stuckey, Wright, etc probably deserve them. I just won't point fingers.


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