Browns-Jags: Gameballs and Goats

The math is simple: Creating turnovers gets gameballs. Wasting them gets goathorns.

SUMMARY: The Browns wasted six defensive turnovers, and the offense takes it on the chin as a result. Brian Daboll has gone from being a hero to a goat pretty darn quickly, but such is the price of the offensive coordinator job. Listen to the OBR podcast for some of the other Gameballs and Goathorns finishers outside of the top five.

Player Gameballs
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 171
Abram Elam (S / 26) 151
Joe Haden (CB / 23) 147
Colt McCoy (QB / 12) 77
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 52
Entire Defense 35

Player Goats
Brian Daboll (OC) 212
Entire Offense 91
Brian Robiskie (WR / 80) 90
Phil Dawson (K / 4) 61
John St. Clair (OT / 78) 53
Eric Mangini (HC) 47


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
Abe Elam Rich Gannon
SirPaul The entire offensive line
Whoever knocked Eric Wright out of the game Offensive line
speedguy2132 Maurice Carthon Darrin Chiaverini
lebron james why not
ckshep59 entire OL
80sBoy OL
horsesnass Lack of halttime adjustments
MeatAndPotatoes David Garrard; Joe Haden; Alcohol; Mozzarella sticks Air casts on ankles;
Runner27 Entire Offensive Line
richard seymour offensive line
richard seymour - for slapping worthlessraper in the face
Offensive line
Six Turnovers=Ten Points=Loss.
Offensive Line
abe elam O LINE
CavsBrownsTribeDeacs Tim Couch's 2002 Hail Mary God
KahoonDawg Offensive Line
TomahawkDAWG Browns Fans in Jacksonville O-Line
TheJamDawg Oakland Raiders DE Richard Seymour Oakland Raiders DE Richard Seymour
Run Defense, Robiskie, and O-Line
TychoMagneticAnomaly1 The entire offensive line
jackone offensive line
brownies4life the whole OL
Invinsor "Woe is me attitude."
Gjerb Offensive Line
slapster offensive line
Eric Wright John St. Clair
Offensive Line
kellenscycleshop Earnest Byner
Tide Ends offensive Line
topdawg29 Colt McCoy
Brownsphenom The O line
Keith322 Both safeties Abram Elam and T.
TpostDawg Positive Browns Fans Negative Browns Fans
The entire defense. Eric wright sucks at life. The entire offensive line looked like to ugly people f***ing. Slow and sloppy
Number1BrownsFan Rob Ryan OL, Refs, Dawson
Keith322 Both safeties Abram Elam and T.J. Ward played well The right side of the offensive line Shawn Lauvao and John St. Clair played poorly
Sarge43 entire offensive line
DawgPound23 Richard Seymore and Eric Wright Brian Daboll
Brian "Worthless" Robiskie
Sheldon Brown
LeBentley Whole defensive backfield Entire OLine
Coaches and OC.
Brian Dufuss
OutlawJesseJ Entire offensive line...blah!
doggart Offensive line
houndfromhell Evan Moore and Benjamin Watson. Brian Dabol Sucks, nothing else needs added.
Injury to Eric Wright Brian Daboll's playcalling again!
Walldog OFFENSIVE line
BernieKosarRules Offensive Line
Preseason tackling instruction/drills-- oh wait, there weren't any
bill01 OC
bill01 OC
Richard Seymour
*Offensive* Line
Daboll's Nut Sack
Brian Daboll
GregTNG Brian Daboll
The entire offensive line.
eezer Evan Moore Weldon, Lebron
dawgonit0207 Whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders
chowdogg We have no WR
dawgIN rubin
GTownBrown O Line
offensive coordinator / Managini
Offensive line
Joe Haden Most of the offense
Defensive Line Offensive Line
Entire Offensive Line - Taken behind the woodshed by Jags Dline.
swalidawg Joey Porter, the entire offensive line
Eric Wright Brian Robiskie and John St. Clair
Gameball to "Actually Trying" Everyone gets a horn, guys.
bhodosko None Arm tackling, does anyone know how to hit?
Our 6 take-aways Coaching staff
Bran Daboll
Each and every one
i4browns991 o line
brian dumbell
Eric Mangini, Entire Offensive Line
AmonRe The Entire Offensive Line
Pipehitter09 Offensive line, DABOLL, ROBO, Royal
Turnovers Failing to Capitalize on Turnovers
dawgbown Eric Wright for getting hurt The Entire Offensive Line
Flys Tie Irish Pub
VEGASDAN The ENTIRE Offensive line
BoiDawg Offensive Line
Brian Daboll
O-Line: Time to eat your Wheaties
Entire Offensive Line
Albino Rhino
TJ Ward's Relationship with Maurice Jones Drew
DrunkBernie Del Rio's Miami Vice hair cut
RTDogs offensive line
saurus Eric Wrights ankle
Entire Defense Entire Defense
dp10451 Wide Receiver Group
BigDaddy78 Richard Seymour
Lack of Jacksonville fans @the stadium
Richard Seymour

Fan Gameball Comments
What a heads up play by Elam to strip the ball, recover the fumble and take it in for the score rather than give it back to the offense and watch them go 3 and out.
McCoy once again almost lead us to the promis land, Elam and Ward were studs on defense.
SirPaul The 3 rookies (McCoy/Haden/Ward) played better than all the veterans put together.
Haden - good job taking advantage of your opportunities today. You ought to be a starting corner from here on out.

McCoy - played well despite constant pressure. I don't put this loss on you at all. Keep fighting.

Wright - best game of the season for you. Keep doing what you did today -- STAND ON THE SIDELINES AND NOT f*** UP
Defensive backfield finally steps up, only to have the team get gashed in the run game several times. Sad, but if you can't play well in ALL phases of the game, you'll continue to lose.
jaydawg74 Gameballs to TJ Ward, Haden and Elam. All 3 had good games.
If Womack means this much to the OL then he gets one even when he's not on the field. Rubin and Haden had good games.
A great performance, overall from the defense: possibly the best play from the secondary the entire season (not surprisingly, without Eric Wright). Ward and Haden continue to show improvement. Offensively, McCoy continues to show his leadership and skills (escaping the tackle to get that TD pass to Hillis! Wow!) and with the exception of the late INT, another solid game.
Nice work by the young secondary, but not enough from the offense. Colt worked with what he was given and the play calls. Left some points on the field though.
TomahawkDAWG Elam - a pick and a fumble/TD. Good game.
TJ - 2 picks, didn't get burned.
Peyton - Although 2 yds per rush, he almost had 100 yds receiving.
Browns Fans - Classy, hardcore. The party at Hooters was awesome, as was the pre-game tailgate.
TheJamDawg Defense grabbed six turnovers. Cannot in any way blame the Defense for this one.

Richard Seymour pimp slapped Big Ben. Too bad the Raiders aren't coming to Cleveland this season. Seymour would get a lot of compliments from The Dawg Pound during warmups.
Why Wright hasn't lost his job to Haden weeks ago is beyond me. TJ is all over the field making tackles in every game.
Brinkcle Wright needs to not see the field the rest of the year, and Haden needs to be the starter. It's painfully obvious now.
Rob ryan has the D playing lights out football, now th offense doesn't show up.
Eric getting injured made the secondary a whole lot better.
tradeemall Hillis still solid, Colt getting better, Haden, Ward and Elam looking solid. Keep it up boys.
TpostDawg For those that continue to see improvement in a
team that is starting what was to be a "red Shirt" Rookie QB and a cast of M A S H Unit back ups. Yet - we see fight in this team that we have not seen for 12 seasons.
We always find a way to lose. Even after causing 5 turnovers in a row

Joey Critical
Number1BrownsFan An outstanding defensive performance, ruined by an offensive performance reminiscence of early 2009. No excuses.
Keith322 We have 6 games to play. We'll finish better than last year.
houndfromhell Hillis ran and caught well, having everyone in the stadium knowing he would
be the 1 and only 1 that runs or catches
other than, Moore and Watson.
Why do our wideouts SUCK as bad as they do? McCoy played mistake free again, until his last pass to Watson bounced off of Watsons waist and got taken away by their D.B. with 20 seconds
to go at the 4 yard line.
Thank God Eric got hurt, hopefully going to IR soon.
should use even moore more often cuz he's a beast
madsoxx For the most part, the defense did their job today. The late collapse (75 yd run by MJD) throws cold water on it however.
BulldogDad Joe Haden did a great job: why he hasn't been starting all along is a mystery to me. Ward and Elam were turnover machines at saftery
dawgonit0207 Mixed emotions on even giving game balls this week. SIX turnovers and we lose this game. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!
Defence with 6 turnovers. To bad the offense didn't do anything with it.
ManassasHEEL Great job D!!!!
The Defense did a commendable job holding the Jags.
McCoy is the real deal, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.
It was nice to play with 11 men on defense for most of the game. It made Garrard's day a lot tougher than just having to see where no. 21 was so he would know who to throw the ball to. Hopefully the D coordinator can figure out they are better off without him on the field.
The Jags kept trying to win, executing diverse plays designed to go down the field each and every time they got the ball, turnovers be damned. The Browns kept trying to shorten the game, trying to escape with a win. It was the perfect game to watch if you want to know why Mangini, despite his strengths in game planning, needs to go. One coach had his foot on the throttle with his career on the line, while our coach had a foot on his own throat.
bhodosko No game balls in a loss.
oldergoat Entire Defense is owed a steak dinner from the offense.
The only bright spot
Six turnovers sounds wonderful. Sounds wonderful, and that's all.
froggy60 colt for gutting it out

hillis for again being a beast

elam for ball hawking
Pipehitter09 Great Job D!!! I know everyone is going to hard on the 75yrd screen, but 6 Turnovers with all the injuries is impressive.
luv2per4m Eric Wright - realizing he REALLY sucks he faked/got himself and resumed his rightful position on the bench.

Joe Haden - for proving we were all right about Eric Wrong, giving us MUCH BETTER play at CB.

Evan Moore was the only thing exciting on offense.

Flys Tie Irish Pub is the best Irish pub outside of Ireland.
VEGASDAN Entire Defense-- Kudos to the whole crew, from Rob Ryan and his assistants to every player on the field. You guys came to play, but its a shame you had to play as much as you did. Your 6 turnovers were more than anyone could have asked for. Well done.

Joe Haden-- You earned your pay this week. It's fun watching you grow. Work on your run game.

T.J. Ward-- Looks like we finally found a true nickel for our defense. Good to see that you're learning to use your head for more than just hitting.
Ryan had the D ready and smart, looks like they just run out of gas

Titus is playing like a beast on ST

Elam's strip and return was a thing of beauty

Honorable mention: TJ Ward - yes two pics but its starting to look like he's either hitting a rookie wall or getting exploited in cover responsibilities.
The "Albino Rhino" is simply amazing. Elam made big plays all game long. MJD thank you for taking out Eric Wright. Glad to see "The Warden" finally contribute other than big hits!
DrunkBernie McCoy is a winner, on a hobbled ankle he still had us in position to win on his last throw. He just ran out of time.
A tremendous effort minus one play.
Rob Ryan should bitch slap Mangini.
dp10451 Peyton is proving to be more than a bruising RB. Kudos to TJ for his long awaited INT's. Love that Rob Ryan defensive philosophy.
BigDaddy78 C'mon, this is a no-brainer, PigBen shoots off his mouth, and Seymour slaps him in his piehole, give that man a bonus.
Daboll's 3 and out offense and Ryan's can't tackle a running back defense has made gameballs impossible.


Fan Goathorn Comments
dawgbown When Sheldon Brown went down, I knew it would come down to Eric Wright, and he came through, pulling up on Santonio Holmes at the end. Wright plays soft, is slow to react, shies away from contact in the run game, is a horrible tackler, does not learn from his mistakes, and does not give 100% on every play. He should be cut immediately. Mike Adams would play better corner than that marshmallow.
Watching the Browns snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (6 turnovers and lose!!! Brings WTF to a whole new level.) was bad enough but, listening to Gannon and his man crush on Maurice Jones Drew makes me want sue CBS for pain and suffering.
St. Clair's sacks hurt us, Daboll's play calling sucked in the second half, Watson dropped a sure catch.
SirPaul Shaun Rogers misses another tackle that could've won the game. Ugh, has he made a play all year?
Daboll - Good game plan, NOT exploiting one of the worst pass defenses in the league. That was BRILLIANT.

Steinbach - rough game. Those DTs are tough, but you could do better.

Brown - You did alright, except on that MJD 75 yard rush. Why did you think bumping into him would knock him over? He's only 5 foot tall. He's got a very low center of gravity. WRAP HIM UP, you can't knock him over.
If this wasn't Daboll's last game as OC, then Holmgren must be dozing up in the booth. This was the worst called game I've seen in YEARS. The D hands you the ball SIX TIMES on turnovers and you turn them into a series of 3-and-outs. Disgusting! After trying Hillis on the inside run about 7 times, you'd think that a professional OC would go to something else. Nope. Holmgren should offer Mangini the same deal concerning Daboll that was given to Crennel about Maurice Carthon. Either the OC goes, or you BOTH go!
who is this brian robiskie every one keeps talking about i never seen the guy play
80sBoy Why is out WR coach not on the list?
jaydawg74 Goathorns to Dawson for missing 2 fg's, Robiskie because he sucks. He makes that catch towards the end and the outcome is differant. 3rd goathorn goes to the entire offense. The D gets you 6 turnovers and you get 3 points off it, that's pathetic.
horsesnass Mangini plays not to loose and playing not to loose is the reason this team is 3-7 and not 7-3
Ok, Daboll had a good two game maybe even three game run. If that made you any good Quinn and/or Anderson would still be QBing here too. Get this guy out of here and if Mangini won't then he goes too.
Steinbach was beaten more than I've ever seen him today. What the hell happened?
Oh hell, Daboll gets two. This guy flat out choked today. How do you recover the ball deep in their end two times and not go to the end zone on 1st down even once. How do you get into 2nd and 1 and run it instead of going deep. How do you run one slant the entire game? How do you not have Evan Moore in the game on 75% of your offensive plays?
Right side of the line was pitiful
could the tv announcers have been more of jaguars fans?
Unbelievable waste of one of the best defensive performances of the year. The "Hand The Ball To Hillis" isn't working anymore. The entire second half seemed like we were playing not to lose, and the offensive line looked flat out awful. The glory of beating the Saints and Patriots are distant memories: Mangini and Daboll are terrible.
Maybe they should spend the next week teaching Sheldon Brown how to tackle. The "pitty-patty" on the large gainer by MJD really sucked.
TomahawkDAWG Phil - you were the opposite of money today. You gotta make at least one of those.
Daboll - Vanilla, predictable, uninspired offense today.
Offense - +6 turnover ratio and 10 points (one by the defense)...bad clock management to boot...
O-Line - How many times were ya gonna let Colt get sacked by one of the worst pass rushing teams in the NFL?
TheJamDawg After looking like The Second Coming of Lindy Infante, Brian Daboll went back to being Brian Daboll.

While I gave Richard Seymour a Game Ball for Pimp Slapping Big Ben, I also have to give him a Goat Horn for not knocking out Big Ben.
St. Clair was bad last year and no different this year? Is this the best we got? Robiskie must not be able to get open because he is totally non-existant in almost every game. I think even Eric Wright could defend him. Daboll must not be able to game plan without Cribs involvement.
Brinkcle I love Peyton Hillis as much as anyone, but for the love of Beer, he can only do so much. It was pretty clear after the middle of the 2nd quarter that the running game wasn't going to work today.
St. Clair False Starts every game.......WHY??
St. Clair coming back from injury made the whole offensive line worse. He got his false start back to form and also was repeatedly beaten on both running and passing plays.
Rob Ryan's defensive "genius" is overrated. Browns D plays well most of the time, but it consistently gives up big plays to lose the game. The injuries on offense show how thin Browns talent really is, and mediocre play calling doesn't help.
Daball had another creativity-challenged play-calling afternoon. Why not mix things up and pass on 1st down. UGH!!
tradeemall Dawson misses 2 FG, Brown has MJD and doesn't bring him down. Watson shoulda caught the last pass rather than bouncing it to the defender. Too many mistakes boys.
TpostDawg Who refuse to see the progress this team is making
and only see one solution. Fire the coach and start over.
Second game Phil Dawson lost for us.
KC before halftime FG miss

2 against JAC today.

Get rid of him. Joeycritical.
Number1BrownsFan Daboll, for going back to his uncreative ways; Heckert, for not addressing the WR position; OL, for no pass protection or running lanes; Robo, for not stepping up once; Refs, for horrible calls; Dawson, for missing 2 malleable FG's.
Keith322 Absolutely the worst game the offensive line has played.
Games23 Can anyone point to a game where St. Clair played and the browns had a successful day? I gave up waiting for Robo. McCoy needs to shoulder at least some of the blame for that.
Sarge43 piss poor game plan
piss poor play calling
zero adjustments
A TOTAL NON-ENTITY ON THIS TEAM! Cut bait with this BUST and get him outta here! Browns have worst WR's of all time!
Nice "patty cake" job Sheldon Brown on the long MJD catch/run. We didn't need a strip you glory hog...just make the damn tackle you moron!!!!!!I thought tackling was your forte. It sure isn't covering. We're doomed.
Conservative play calling (run, run, incomplete pass). No imaginative or agressive play calling - settling for field goal instead of TD's. We ONLY played for a FG on our last score, so I KNEW it wouldn't hold up. Sickening!
offensive line was horrible at holding up the line
OutlawJesseJ I hate the college like fanbase in Jax too, their all really gator fans in disguise.
houndfromhell These candyass announcers were all pro Jaguars. They kept mentioning how great their defense was, and thats after our defense picked off the 4th int. Eric Wright, Holding, on the first play. Eric Wright hurt on the ground the second play. Eric Wright out of the game (knee) without Eric Wright out there, our defense got 5 sacks,4 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries, 1 for a T.D.
Is there any connection there?
Brian Daboll couldn't beat junior high team.
Walldog I found the OL to be pretty "offensive" all day.
sotneb You can't give up 14 points in the last 5 minutes of the game.
T.J ward has missed two possible game saving tackles which as killed the team.
Conman14513 offense played terrible Daboll is the number 1 to blame horrible play call today
Watch Sheldon Brown on the 75 yd screen play not even try to tackle Jones-Drew;
instead slapping at the football in an
attempt at a strip, instead of ensuring a tackle with the game on the line. This is pro football?????

O-LINE got manhandeled again why cant anyone in the front offices from 99 till now see the O-LINE is weak? That is why i add tom heckert still not happy he gave away 4 picks to get hardesty knowing he is injury magnet. must admit he is looking good with the T J Ward pick which is an excellent pick if he makes all 16 games.
SacTribe Bad game for the O-Line
madsoxx Boring unimaginative play calling. Daboll's snooze alarm never woke him up. Our receivers as a whole have to be the saddest collection of non-producers in the entire league.
Joe Thomas has to suck it up when playing in a warm climate.
Wimp offence, limp offence, gimp
roscoe2009 I think Mangini is doing good job, but Daboll has to go.Our best receiver is Evan Moore use him the whole game. Daboll is a dumbass, we can call the play's from home so you know NFL team's know what we are going to run.
GregTNG 2nd half was the worst exhibition of playcalling I recall ever seeing. No WRs and miserable play by St. Clair didn't help either...
The OL was absolutely horrible during the game. I haven't seen them look that bad in a while.
NJBrownsfan Daboll has to go. Mangini tolertaes him so he has to go too. Bring in Gruden. He'll make McCoy a star.
No protection in passing and we could not run the ball.
can I add Eric Wright twice...the guy left the game and his back up played better....
BulldogDad Love Benard's pass rush, but he's lost in pass coverage. Daboll: why do we not feature Evan Moore until it's crunch time? Robiskie is a waste of a uniform. When the D hands you 4 straight possessions in great field position with takeaways, got to get more than a field goal. The OL was particularly fetid in the 2nd half.
dawgonit0207 Can you say OUT COACHED? Wasted time outs, 10 points on SIX turnovers (3 pts by the offense), the defense displaying their poor tackling AGAIN for the game winning run. etc... etc... etc...
chowdogg We need a decent WR or 2 another rb a stud RT and another CB
GTownBrown Horrible O-line play
I would add Magini to the list of my top three. How long must he coach before he learns clock management?

I thought the TV announcers were clearly pullling for Jacksonville. They were like the Jacksonville version of Dieken and Donovan.
6 turnovers only 10 points. WTF
ManassasHEEL It was obvious that JAX was selling out against the run...yet we ran on 1st and 2nd down into 8-9 man fronts. At one time I counted 11 defenders within 4 yards of the LOS. Yet we ran. Then we were in 3rd and 10+...and we threw against jail house blitz.

Just simply nuts. We did this over and over and over putting a tired D back on the field. Daboll either calls a good game or he flops so terribly bad it's pathetic. I like Mangini...but we are going to see this from Daboll like a broken record. Pathetic.
Talk about a total choke job by the offensive coaches and lead by Daboll. Daboll was Mangini's hire and he's the one who's kept him here, so Mangini's future as HC should ride with Daboll. If a couple of good games in two season meant anything Anderson would still be tossing int's here too. Daboll needs to go as bad as Anderson did and if that means Mangini goes too, so be it.
The Offense was totally shut down in the second half, because we have no big threat WR. The Jags took away the running game and we had no Offense at all. Colts gotta add quick throws into his play or the sacks will continue to add up. Stuckey is a great number four, to bad we don't have a one, two or three WR.
Did Dabol suddenly go brain dead or what, I think the Jags figured out #40 up the gut pretty quick. What happened to the creativity and gutsy calls from the past couple of weeks?
Talk about a choke job by the entire offensive coaching staff and Mangini as well. Daboll was Mangini's hire and he's the one who keep him so his future rides with Daboll's who hopefully is NFL.
The offensive production was embarasing. Oline was a joke. Running game was a joke. Passing game was a knock knock joke. All around PATHETIC.
Playing with Robiskie every week is also like the defense having to play with Eric Wright. It is like playing with 10 men. This week was even worse as besides not contributing by catching a pass he even got a holding penalty. St. Clair speaks for himself. The line played it's best when he was out for the extended time. To bad it couldn't have been longer. It seems all the games the Browns Offensive line played its worst is when he is starting. Notice there was no running to the right and no pass protection at all on that side. The Jaguars could overload the left side of the line with more than the Browns could block which caused McCoy to get pressure from both sides and have no place to move to.
All week I listened to people (media and fans) talk about this "easy" game we had coming up against a team that we were "clearly superior" to. It made me sick. We are better, but we are superior to just about no one, let alone clearly superior. We were going on the road against a team with a much better record, yet our fans and media were arrogant about how much better we were. That type of attitude from Browns fans is why it's so tough for me to be a Browns fan. We stink, people, so wake up and smell the 3-7 burning. You can win one or two games you shouldn't, but that still doesn't mean you don't stink when you are 3-7.
bhodosko Hey coaching staff, Pro football 101:

Do not play the game to lose, play the game to win. I thought I was watching the 1999 expansion team. Just a disgusting display of a so-called professional football team.

Bill from Lima.
oldergoat Get rid of the damn ball, McCoy! Can we run Hillis outside against the 21st ranked defense against the run? It seems to work for everyone else!
One GIANT goat for everyone! The defense was porous and couldn't tackle. The offense couldn't run nor block. And the coaching staff... they are idiots and they all (save special teams) deserve to be fired for this loss!
What happened to the O-line? What happened to the D-line? Whatever happened to passes longer than 6 yards? Whatever happened to plain and simple tackling...and we all blamed Wright and Ward last week; who this week? Isn't there somewhere, anywhere, a wide-receiver who can receive as well as run a long route? Or maybe a game-plan built on scoring and winning as opposed to not-trying-to-lose. Such piss-poor coaching management and play-calling.
froggy60 daboll use more plays from the playbook not know ing how to put points on board after d-fense give you how many...6 gifts....

mangini for allowing your team to waste time outs again and to many penalties.

brian who are you and why are you on this team? will you do something........
can't polish a turd
Pipehitter09 Really!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats you four successfully lost the game.

Good luck next week.
Brian Daboll is the worst thing that could happen to football. My one and a half year old son could call better plays.
VEGASDAN Brian Daboll-- If yesterday's gameplan is any indication of what we can look forward to, you should resign--RIGHT NOW. I realize that you can only plan for the guys you have available, but you need be MORE creative when you have limited options, not less. What happened to the creativeness of the New Orleans game? Horrible. You should be ashamed.

Brian Robiskie-- Your dad has to be MORTIFIED, and you should be too. Where's the drive? Where's the desire to be good? You're just going through the motions. You're quickly playing yourself out of the NFL.

Mohammed Massaquoi-- Dude, CATCH THE BALL! In college you had great hands. Now, I'm surprised that you can even catch the team bus. Get your head together.

The ENTIRE OFFENSIVE LINE-- Absolutely PATHETIC effort. THIS LOSS IS SQUARELY ON YOU. St Clair- Do you realize that this is probably your last shot at a job in the NFL? Look in the mirror, and ask yourself: "Do I really wan to be a greeter at WalMart?".
Shawn Lavau- Keep working, you're getting better.
Alex Mack- Hey, nice line calls--NOT!How come every time you pointed out a rusher to block it wasn't him coming?
Eric Steinbach- You're a vet. You shouldn't have to be reminded that blocking is not optional.
Joe Thomas-- This could have been your worst game as a Brown. You're going to get ANOTHER quarterback killed. Get your head out- you're better than this.
BoiDawg -Offensive line has wrong personnel in RG and RT. Terrible chemistry.
-Entire defense. All they had to do was stop a team 80 yards away from the end zone for a win, and they let them have 76 yards in one play.
I'm sorry, but this guy is a poster boy for why a DC should never be an OC. Half the time I think his problem is demanding what he has rise up to what wants them to be when the can't (read QBs and WRs who can't throw or catch) this year I think his bigger problem is assuming that certain players will carry him and when they don't (read Hillis in Jax) it is there fault not his. That dips*** had to know Jax would gun for Hillis and he did nothing. Nada. Instead he gets our future franchise QB hurt, like he did Jake and Seneca. Keep Manjury still out, but fire that worthless SOB.
GM - Way to not draft or acquire an impact receiver. Can't just win with Hillis!

Mo Mass - Can you run the right routes and get open?

Daboll - Really, is your playbook only filled with Hillis?
Terrible O-Line play cost the game

Dawson gets a pass on one miss but not two

Brian Robiskie - Enough said
I expect more from Shaun Rogers. The OL was pushed around. But c'mon Daboll - give your team a chance to win by calling some more creative plays. You could see them ought to make the D pay for the blitz. ADJUST!
There first cousins and that's why he missed that tackle on MJD's long run.
RTDogs Nice playcalling!! Seriously, 6 turnovers and our OC can't call a decent play.
Ridiculous. Inexcusable.
Mangini should take his football knowledge and his offensive coaching staff and coach Lerner's team in England.
dp10451 I know Phil has to miss some time, but two in one game? The "D" did a great job of pressuring the QB, but you have to stop the run on the way. The WR's are killing the offense. They have to get open, then they have to make the catch when it comes their way. I'm sure Peyton and the TE's are getting tired.
BigDaddy78 Magini for overseeing a gameplan that wasn't working, Daboll for continuing to use a gameplan that wasn't working, and the offense as a whole for losing a game where they had the ball twice as many times as the opposition.
run defense has become an every week problem, so same as usual.
Eric Wright was pathetic.Cotchery pulls up lame,Wright gives up on his man,Sanchez throws to Cotchery for first down to keep drive alive.Wright fails to tackle HIS man on game winning pass and lets him run into endzone.He was waiting for someone else to do the stopping.For me,Eric Wright single-handedly lost this game for the Browns.


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