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Happy Thanksgiving from the OBR to you and yours! Be safe and eat too much!

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Adams, Rogers, Watson Back at Practice
Barry McBride on November 25th, 2010 AT 5:37 PM

The Browns have sent out their Thanksgiving injury report, and it shows DB Mike Adams, DL Shaun Rogers, and TE Ben Watson back at practice today on a limited basis. Kenyon Coleman did not practice, after having limited participation yesterday. Other than that, the lists remain the same with Barton, Cribbs, Fujita, McCoy and Wright not practicing again today and Floyd Womack remaining limited.

For the Panthers, the only change is that CB Chris Gamble returned to practice after missing yesterday for personal reasons.


12:56 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all Browns fans from Barry, Lane, Fred, Don & DK! That goes 10x for you servicemen: making us proud, keeping us free.

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What’s Old is New Again
Dave Kolonich on November 25th, 2010 AT 7:53 AM

From the News-Herald:

No unit needs cohesiveness more than the offensive line, and the Browns did not have it in Jacksonville. It was a main reason the running game was pathetic and a main reason Colt McCoy was sacked six times. McCoy suffered a sprained ankle on a sack early in the third quarter.

In what's become an annual holiday tradition by the lakefront, the Browns again find themselves stuck in a malaise of injuries.

Beyond the triumvirate of high ankle sprains that have plagued the Browns' fortunes this season, the once rock-solid offensive line is growing more frayed by the week.

The list of walking wounded now includes all four of the original candidates to start along the right side of the offensive line. Injuries to Tony Pashos, Floyd Womack and Billy Yates means that the Browns have returned to a very familiar place.

In other words, John St. Clair has returned to his role as starting right tackle.

Just in time for Jake Delhomme to make his second start of the season.

Christmas must be near.

A Turkey Day Clichéd Tradition!
Don Delco on November 25th, 2010 AT 7:32 AM

Cast your eyes upon on of the most clichéd articles a sports writer can type into an Internet machine.

What I’m Thankful For

Browns Edition

1. Helmets with no stinkin’ logo.

2. Fans who, back in 1995, fought to keep that helmet along with the tradition of this franchise in northeast Ohio, where it belongs.

3. A team nickname that is not some fierce animal, but named after the greatest high school, college and professional football coach of all time.

4. Browns Backers Worldwide – This team may not produce winning record, but its fan base throughout the world gets together each and every Sunday to watch this team. It goes beyond just football.

5. Any player who is in the Hall of Fame or on the Browns Stadium’s Ring of Honor. Each and every Browns fan beams with pride when names like Warfield, Willis, Graham, Newsome, Brown (Jim & Paul), Groza, Motley and Lavelli, just to name a few, are mentioned.

6. The four NFL championships those fellas won. Don’t give me this “No Super Bowl” crap. What is a Super Bowl title, but another name for the NFL championship? The Browns have four. Deal with it.

7. Cleveland Browns Stadium has a natural grass field.

8. Mike Holmgren is here.

9. Bernie Kosar and Frank Minnifield. During my childhood, those two solidified the fact I would obsess over this team for as long as I shall live.

10. My wife for understanding when she got involved with me that however silly it may sound, but there is a professional football team that is very important to me.

11. My dad for falling in love with the Browns during the Jim Brown glory days of the late 50s and early 60s. He grew up in Youngstown and his younger brother chose the Steelers. My dad made the right choice.

12. The Orange and Brown Report. There is a place on this here Interwebs where Browns fans can gather and talk, gripe, laugh and just basically obsess over this football team that has the NFL’s best helmets — no stinkin’ logo. Wait, I think I’m repeating myself.

4:29 PM

Browns-Jags: Gamehalls and Goats: The math is simple: Creating turnovers gets gameballs. Wasting them gets goathorns. http://bit.ly/dFiUFH

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