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RT Go_Browns @TheOBR Clifton Geathers is now a Seahawk. He has a been in 3-4 towns already

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RT Go_Browns @TheOBR Clifton Geathers is now a Seahawk. He has a been in 3-4 towns already

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(Subscriber) Xs-and-Os: A Point of Pride: The Panthers are a bad team with a good defense, according to Doug Far…

Brian Daboll Press Conference Transcript, Nov. 26
Don Delco on November 26th, 2010 AT 7:13 PM

(On Jake Delhomme being back)- "It's unfortunate that Colt (McCoy) got injured. I thought he was doing a good job and I know Jake's excited to play. He's really played one half of football for us healthy since we got him. He's been out there doing a nice job with all the guys. He hasn't shown over excitement about facing his old team, I think he's kind of steady for us, old savvy vet."

(On how hard it is having to keep having different quarterbacks)- "It's definitely a challenge. Different throws, not just that you've got to get a rhythm with the guys you're playing with. Throw it over and over and over and over again to them so they know exactly. Jake hasn't been out there for quite some time now and he's just trying to get his rhythm back. Guys will let it throw, it drops a little different. It's different. It's definitely a challenge sometimes."

(On if he goes back and watches preseason film on Delhomme)- "They're always into it whether they're out there or not and you have a good idea of the plays they're very familiar with and that they like and then you kind of incorporate those. You sit down and talk during the week, he's been just like Colt (McCoy) up here a long time during the week. It's kind of how it goes.”

(On if the play book has changed much since Delhomme has been injured)- "It's different each week. There was definitely some stuff we incorporated for Colt and when Seneca (Wallace) was in there there was definitely some stuff for Seneca. You kind of try to adapt the best you can to the guy that's running your team in terms of the quarterback position."

(On if they are going to have Joshua Cribbs on Sunday)- "We'll see, we'll talk about that tomorrow, but hopefully."

(On everything Delhomme brings to the team on and off the field and how rare it is to have a guy who is a team first player)- "He's exceptional in that regard. He's been great with Colt. He's been great with me and for me as an older quarterback. I've been around (Brett) Favre, (Tom) Brady and Chad Pennington and he's just a selfless, selfless guy. He cares about one thing and one thing only and that's the team and winning. He always says there's two things, there's winning and there's misery and that's it. He's a great example not just for young quarterbacks but for all the guys that are in the locker room because he's such a team first kind of guy. Preparation, how he goes about at practice, he keeps it loose too, he's a really good veteran guy, it's been really great to have him. Just wish you had him, he only played one half honestly of football."

(On how the fans haven't seen Delhomme play)- "I think they haven't seen him. They've seen him for a half, that's reality. He played a half of football after that he gutted it out. He's a tough son of a gun, but he's played a half of healthy football for us."

(On if the fans will be surprised with what Delhomme can do)- "I just think that they're going to see his best effort when he goes out there on the field. He's going to give everything he has to help this team on Sunday. I know that."

(On what happened in the last game)- "We didn't play well enough. We definitely had chances there to move the football, to get it in the end zone and we didn't get it done. All of us, we didn't get it done."

(On what he would do over again if he could)- "They did a good job of stopping the run and we tried a variety of runs. Gap trap runs, scheme runs, we tried some inside zone runs, we tried some outside zone runs, we tried scheme outside zone. I believe you have to be able to run the football too. We practiced it, we stressed it all week and they did a better job than we did all the way around, all aspects."

(On not getting the ball to the tight end most of the game)- "Colt was going to the right spots with the football in terms of his reads, he was. He didn't have many poor reads just kind of based on the coverage and how they played things, that's just kind of how it went."

(On if in looking back, they should have been more aggressive on possessions off of turnovers)- "We didn't score, so I definitely should have done something differently. We didn't get it done. There were some things that we did see, even in the running game because Peyton (Hillis) has been good for us all year and the line has done a good job. In the passing game, they got us. Obviously if you don't score after that, you look in the mirror and say, ‘I should have called this or should've called that.' They did a better job all the way around."

(On if it is tougher to be aggressive when you have the lead and are going for the win)- "We were up, but with the scheme or the play, we thought we had a chance with some of those things. I can't say it enough, their scheme and their players did better than me and the guys we had."

(On if last Sunday was one of the lower points for him personally)- "We lost. Every loss is a low point, honestly. That's what it is. We had some chances, we didn't get it done."

(On what kind of year Mohamed Massaquoi is having)- "The last three have been his best games. It's different for those guys too playing with a lot of different guys. It's been kind of a changing deal every couple of weeks with the consistency that we haven't had there."

(On if Massaquoi does a good job despite few balls coming his way or if he can do more)- "I think it's a combination of things. The last three games, I think, have been his best three games. He's done a nice job of creating some separation, making plays when he had a chance and he missed a couple of plays early on in the year maybe that he could have brought down, but he's getting better. He is."

(On if he is referring to a couple of passes near the sidelines that Massaquoi missed on)- "Yes, he had it then he came down in the Kansas City game or one of those, but he's been doing what we've asked him to do."

(On if Massaquoi is recognizing zone coverages better and finding ways to get open in them)- "Yes, and I think it helps just talking with Jake and having those quarterbacks around and Seneca. Those guys have good conversation and good flow. I think that helps young receivers too when you some older quarterbacks around."

(On what Massaquoi has done better in the last couple of weeks)- "He's played really, really fast. He hasn't made many mistakes, he's played real physical, which he usually plays physical. When the plays have come his way, he's done a good job of making them. He made a really nice catch, the one that they were playing a single high zone, Colt kind of moved out, the guy came underneath and it just got it batted by this much and made a nice play on the sideline. He made some nice plays there at the end on two minute. He's been pretty consistent for us."

(On why there hasn't been a lot of production from Brian Robiskie)- "He keeps working. At the end of the game there, we went with Evan (Moore). They kind of play the same spot, and Evan has been playing a little bit outside on the perimeter and doing a nice job."

(On if a player drafted in Robiskie's position should have more than 16 catches)- "I'd like to see it too."

(On if he needs to get Moore on the field earlier to get more production out of him)- "With the amount of reps that he gets at the end of the game, he gets 25-30 reps. He's not going to be in every personnel package group with Ben (Watson) and then sometimes we've got big people with Robert (Royal) and Ben and (Lawrence) Vickers. He's got two to three personnel packages that he pays in. It depends on how much we use it each game."

(On if getting Moore the ball throughout the game should be more of a priority)- "The times that he's been in have obviously been some passing situations at the end. Whether it be some zone or whatnot, he's done a good job that he's such a big bodied guy. He's been in there early on too, it's just you guys see it at the end of the game where it's just consistent plays right in a row, rapid fire. He plays throughout."

(On if Vickers wasn't in as much in the fourth quarter last game)- "We were getting going a little bit with the no huddle, and he's not in that particular package."

(On if it amazes him how much the lineup has changed throughout the season because of injuries)- "You deal with it each week in the NFL. People get hurt, people go out, but we have three quarterbacks with three ankles. That's pretty amazing to me."

(On having the starting offensive line from the first game together for this game)- "We'll talk about it, but we've had some players rotate in there the last few games. You've have got to deal with it, that's what you're dealt."

(On how Shawn Lauvao has done)- "He's doing some good things and there are some things that he needs to get better at. It's early in the process for him too, he's been hurt, he's a young player, so there are some things in there that he's seeing for the first time as well. It's just going to come with experience."

Transcript: Rob Ryan, 11/26
Barry McBride on November 26th, 2010 AT 5:22 PM

(On how Matt Roth is coming along)- “He’s coming along really good.  He battled an illness for a couple weeks where he was real sick so he didn’t have all his strength which is one of his great weapons.  He’s been battling. He’ll be up to full strength this week and he’s had a good week of practice so we’re looking for great things from him.”

(On when Roth is at full strength how would he continue to develop and be an important part of the scheme he runs)- “He’s outstanding, he brings a temperament with him.  It’s been well documented how he approaches the running game and the success we’ve had in the running game. With (Ahtyba) Rubin, everybody notices Rubin and also Matt to put on your defense that’s a couple of really good tough guys in the defense.  Roth’s doing an excellent job, most teams run away from him.”

(On what Roth’s illness was)- “I think he was just sick, got a sickness, whatever.”

(On what they have to do to finish better than they have the last few weeks)- “The last two weeks has been tackling, obviously we’ve got to tackle better.  When we missed the slant on Santonio Holmes, we need to make that play. We need to get him down there.  Their kicker’s already missed three field goals. It’s very important that we do that.  That’s a play that you just can’t get back but it’s something that we’ve got to execute.  We have several people there to make the tackle, we need to make it.  Last week we had a zone coverage we should be okay there for minimal gain but the back is a tremendous back now.  He’s great at cutback. They’re blocking the guy down the field, the first guy on the scene in the coverage is getting blocked down the field six yards so that made things a little more difficult.  We have to tackle. We got enough guys to the football there running to the ball, we got to get them down.  We made the mistake of going for the ball, Sheldon (Brown) went for the ball but didn’t secure the tackle.  Eric King missed him also and T.J. (Ward) went and dove at his feet and he missed.  This guy here, he’s done this to a few teams and it’s unfortunate especially the timing of it, really was a sick feeling.  We have to do better, we’ve got to execute.  It always comes down to the end of the game here in the NFL so we have to respond.  I don’t think we’re making mental mistakes like we were last year at this time.  I know a lot of teams do that at the end of games, it’s not the people that make all these big plays. A lot of times it’s the people that don’t screw up to win the games.  We struggled with that, I thought, last year more so than this year.  I know we’ve got isolated points where if you break it down and say, ‘This play cost us the game,’ when the play occurs early in the fourth quarter or whatever it’s really could cost you the game but when you see one like that last week that definitely that hurts.  We’ve got to produce there at the end of the game.  Again, it’s technique and everything has to be perfect at the end of the game, or you face the consequences like that.  In my opinion we should have been okay there and it’s unfortunate we didn’t get the job done.”

(On if mental errors or physical errors are easier to correct)- “I think physically our guys play the game all the way through.  I think that’s easier to correct technique wise.  Our guys know how to tackle, we practice tackling more than any other team in the league and that’s documented. We’ve just got to get them on the ground.  I don’t think it’s a thing where our guys get so nervous they can’t play, it’s not like that at all.  It’s just the back made a great play and Santonio Holmes split the coverage.  It’s not a good feeling I can tell you that.”

(On if it is disheartening to having something like what Holmes did happen back to back)- “That’s tough to deal with and I don’t think it’s so much back to back although you could look at it that way, it’s just the toughest thing was as hard as our guys were playing and as well as our guys were playing to finish on that note really was disappointing.”

(On how bad tackling is seen throughout the league and if there is a difference in technique and if a lot of guys are going for the strip now)- “That’s a veteran player knowing that (Maurice) Jones-Drew does have a history of fumbling, trying to make the play to win the game.  That’s sometimes what guys will do, but I think our tackling for the most part has been pretty good, it really has.  It’s just the last couple of weeks when you can point out a play that cost you a game or gives them the winning points then obviously it doesn’t look so good.  In my opinion, we practice tackling more than anybody and I think we tackle pretty (darn) well.”

(On what challenges Carolina presents)- “I know they’re really well coached.  I think they have a great scheme, I think Jeff Davidson does an excellent job and he has a lot of good plays and plays that are difficult to defend.  I think they’ve had more probably execution problems on offense.  They’ve had a lot of injuries, a ton of injuries.  We’ve had a lot of injuries and it looks like so have they.  It’s hard to execute all the time when you have a different lineup in there and different quarterbacks and different linemen and things like that, it makes things difficult.  We really don’t care, we’re ready to play and we can’t wait to win.”

(On if he is anxious to go after a rookie quarterback in Jimmy Clausen who has been struggling)- “Right now, we want to play a sound game for four quarters, five quarters or whatever it takes nowadays.  We want to execute well.  It just so happens that Carolina is coming into town, but we want to play well and play well for the entire game.  For a stretch there, that was the number one rated quarterback in football that we got six turnovers on, four interceptions and made the guy struggle.  Again, we’ve played several good players and good teams and we’re looking forward to playing this one.  It’s a very well coach team, they have a great receiver in Steve Smith, but we want to play and get our things right.”

(On defending against the deep pass and how important it is to keep receivers like Smith and David Gettis in front of you)- “I think it’s very important.  I think with Clausen, the best ball he throws is the deep ball.  I think he’s got real nice touch on it and he’s very accurate throwing the deep ball.  The short stuff and all of that, maybe not so great, but his deep ball has been very impressive.  Like you say, those two receivers and really they have got three of them, they all do a real good job.  They’re good players.  I don’t know what their numbers are compared to the rest of the league, but I know they’re very talented.  I know Steve Smith from going against these guys before and he’s the ultimate competitor, he runs all the routes and he’s a great receiver.  We’re looking forward to this game, we really are.  We’re working hard and we want to see the results that we’ve all been wanting to see.  Our team will bounce back from last week and the week before and those are two tough losses, but we will bounce back.”

(On how important it is to get the momentum back that that had a few weeks ago)- “On the sideline, it felt like we had the momentum.  Again, I’m coaching my guys.  We were talking well, we were communicating well, we understood the plan, we understood the opponent and things were going well.  It just always turn out that way.  It’s very big.  It doesn’t matter who you play, I think we’ve played nine teams with winning records or whatever it is out of 10 games.  When you’re out there on Sunday, it’s just the one opponent.  Whoever it is, we want to win.  We are working our tails off to prepare.  We don’t know if we are favored or not, but we really don’t care.  We just want to win.”

(On what he saw from Brady Quinn when he was in Cleveland)- “That’s a tough one because I wasn’t in the meeting rooms with Brady.  It looked like he enjoyed playing.  I know we struggled some, but he had his moments here with us and I thought he did okay.  If you’re asking me who I’d take, Peyton Hillis or Brady Quinn, I’d take Peyton Hillis.  I thought the guy was okay, but I don’t really know.”

(On if Jake Delhomme helped the defense with his knowledge on Carolina)- “Yes, he’s recommended some things that we looked at and we’re definitely doing that.  Just like anything, when you have these guys that used to be in systems, you definitely pick their brain.  If you’re smart, you’ve got to do that.  We do that and we think he has given us some good stuff and we are going to find out.”

(On if it is harder to replace a guy like Scott Fujita than it normally does to replace an injured player)- “It definitely takes a big chunk out of you because he is our captain, he’s the one who makes all of the calls and is always on the field.  He’s very hard to replace, there’s no question about it, but we do have good veterans right there behind him.  They’ve done a nice job making that as smooth as a process as it could be.  Again, I think this guy was heading to a Pro Bowl and obviously he’s going to be very hard to replace.”

(On what his impressions of Delhomme have been)- “He’s a leader, everybody follows him, has the ultimate respect for him and he does a great job.  I’m not here to evaluate those guys, I’ve got my hands full doing my job.  We all respect Jake and look forward to him, when he comes back, doing a great job.”

(On if there is any chance Eric Wright could play this week)- “You’d have to check with Eric (Mangini) and the trainers on that, I’m not sure.  We just go with what we have and if they show up on Sunday, we’ll play them.”

(On how Joe Haden played last game)- “I think Joe is doing a great job, just like last week I told you. He’s really done a tremendous job for a rookie.  He challenges receivers, he’s physical, he does a lot of things well, he’s got great ball skills, so this guy is exactly what we wanted in the draft.  Moving forward, I think he and T.J. (Ward) are going to be great for a long, long time.”

(On if it is unheard of to have six turnovers on defense and lose)- “Actually, I’ve had a couple of days like that.  I remember we had six turnovers against Washington when I was in Arizona, and five of them were interceptions when I was the secondary coach.  It’s a good feeling, there’s no question about it, but winning is a better feeling that’s for sure.”

(On if he knows if Fujita is coming along from injury quicker than initially anticipated)- “I don’t have any awareness of that.  I talked to him about his holiday with his family and everything, but as far as the doctoring and all of that, I have no idea and I’m sure Scott doesn’t either.  I think he’s just doing exactly what he’s told, trying to work his tail off to get back and I sure hope he can come back.  That’d be great.  If he can be half as fast as he usually is, I’d play him.”

(On Ahtyba Rubin backing up the comments he made about him last week with his play against Jacksonville)-“I’m not supposed to comment on our players, but I believe in Rubin.  It doesn’t matter who he’s going against, I think he’s always going to do well.”

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The Associated Press is reporting that the Browns have signed P Reggie Hodges to a two-year contract extension.

Injury Report – Fujita Officially Out for Panthers
Barry McBride on November 26th, 2010 AT 4:54 PM

The Browns have sent out their injury report, and it includes the unfortunate (but unexpected) news that LB Scott Fujita will miss his second straight game with a knee injury. QB Colt McCoy and DB Eric Wright are listed as Doubtful, with Mike Adams, Eric Barton, Kenyon Coleman, Josh Cribbs, Shaun Rogers, and Ben Watson listed as Questionable (50-50).

OL Floyd Womack is listed as probable, a tremendous relief for anyone who watched last week’s game.

For the Panthers, no one is listed as out or questionable, but S Marcus Hudson, S, Jordan Pugh, RB Tyrell Sutton, and OG Travelle Wharton are listed as doubtful.

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At long last, OBR articles have comments. Give us your takes! Check it out:

Transcript: Eric Mangini, 11/26
Barry McBride on November 26th, 2010 AT 2:06 PM

(On how his Thanksgiving was)- “It was really good.  My brother is in town from Australia with his wife and his son.  My sister came up with her three girls and my brother in law had a high school game yesterday, so he is flying in today.  We had a bunch of guys from the team, a lot of the young, single guys with no place to go.  They always come over, it’s like a teenage group.  Then some of the other coaches from the staff, so it’s a really good group.  Kids were running all over the place, it was fun.”

(On the injury report)- “Injury-wise, (Eric) Barton is back today.  Mike Adams, you saw practiced yesterday.  Ben Watson practiced yesterday.  They’ll all practice today.  I’m pretty optimistic about (Joshua) Cribbs.  Colt (McCoy) did not practice yesterday and he won’t practice today.  Eric Wright-no, Scott (Fujita)-no.”

(On if Kenyon Coleman or Shaun Rogers will practice today)- “They’re on their rotation so they should both be out there today.”

(On practice yesterday)- “I thought practice yesterday was pretty good.  I thought it was really good offensively.  I think defensively, there were some ‘Thanksgiving moments’ where guys were thinking about other things, but we got those corrected.  The tempo across the board was good and sometimes on these holiday practices, you can get some distracted days.  I didn’t think that was the case at all.  I liked the meetings, I liked the tempo, there were just a few moments defensively, some things that we need to clean up.  There were quite a few guys working in different spots, so that was a part of it, but I expect those guys to step in and it to be pretty seamless.”

(On if defensive linemen regularly missing days of practice during the week makes getting a feel for the game plan difficult)- “We have it in such a way that Kenyon tends to play more in base.  With him working on Wednesdays, that’s the primary base day, so that’s where he gets most of his work anyways.  With Baby (Shaun Rogers), he tends to be more in sub right now so that’s why we structured it the way we do.  Friday is an overall review, so anything that they may have missed from the other days, we make sure that they get those reps.  Where it’s helped is with guys like Brian Schaefering or D-Rob (Derreck Robinson) or any of the young guys, now they are getting some reps and that development is coming along.  There are plusses and minuses, but I think the way we have it set up helps us get what we need from the time we have them.”

(On if he meant he was optimistic about Cribbs potentially practicing today or playing on Sunday)- “Playing on Sunday.  He did some good work yesterday.  It wasn’t on the practice field, but part of the rehab.  We are going to see where he is today, kind of up the work a little bit, but not necessarily on the practice field.  If that works out, he should be pretty good for Sunday.”

(On if they are thinking it is “all or nothing” for Cribbs Sunday)- “It probably won’t be the same volume that he would normally get, but we’ll try to target some things for him.  Now if it’s going well and he feels good and there are no setbacks, it may increase as the game goes on.  I’d first like to get him to the game and have a real plan for what he is going to do in the game.  Hopefully we make sure we get that then as the game is unfolding and it feels good, we could potentially increase it.”

(On if Jake Delhomme will start Sunday)- “Yes, Jake will start.”

(On how hard it is for the offense to have continuity having gone through three different starting quarterbacks through the first 11 weeks of the season)- “We do like all three guys and all three guys have done well, but there are challenges.  When you have one guy, then you have another guy, then you have another guy and it’s such a pivotal role.  It’s their cadence, it’s the way they call plays in the huddle, it’s the mechanics, it’s the plays that they like, it’s the plays that they run well.  We’ve had experience with all three guys, but ideally you’d like to have one guy for 16 games if you could.  We just really haven’t had that and we haven’t had that in two years.”

(On if he is sympathetic to Seneca Wallace possibly feeling slighted about getting leapfrogged)- “Jake was the starter at the beginning of the season.  You can look at it a lot of different ways.  Jake got hurt and Seneca had an opportunity.  I think he did well with that opportunity and I think he’s done well since then.  You can just look at it a lot of different ways.”

(On what he thinks the offensive chemistry will be like with Delhomme in the lineup without having had much time with the starting offense)- “He did during training camp and had a lot of work with those guys.  I liked the work that he had and the way we were moving the ball through the course of the preseason and a lot of the things that he’s done.  I think he’s done a good job this week as well, so I’m really excited about him playing.  It will be good for him to have that opportunity, especially against the team that he does have a lot of familiarity with.”

(On Delhomme showing nice chemistry with Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie in the preseason and if it might continue)- “I don’t think he was necessarily biased one way or the other.  I think he does a good job of going based on the read and that’s really important, to get the read.  I’m hopeful that we can pressure defenses with all of our skill position guys, that’s what you always want to do.  We’ll just have to see how it goes here.  The thing with Carolina is that they do a lot of stuff.  This is a good defensive unit.  They apply a lot of pressure, they apply a lot of different types of pressure, they play with a really high motor, they’re a physical team, they’re really good in terms of generating turnovers and really good at generating negative runs.  Communication is going to be critical with the offensive line, the tight ends, the quarterback and the receivers because they’re bringing it from the corners, they’re bringing it from the safeties, they’re bringing a combination of linebackers, there’s a variation of coverages, they’re challenging and they’re talented.”

(On if it is difficult for a guy like Massaquoi to go through all of the quarterback changes)- “I think if you can get open then they’ll find you.  If you catch the ball, they’ll look to you even more.  I’ve seen a lot of receivers play with a lot of different guys and there was pretty consistent production out of them.  Like anything else, you’d like to have the same flow, it just really hasn’t been an option for us.  That’s why I’m such a huge believer in preseason, OTAs and all of the time, even during the year, to keep mixing guys in.  You can load up reps on one person or load up reps in one area and suddenly if that’s taken away, the next guy in is lost.  That’s why I’ve always believed in mixing guys in.”

(On how Massaquoi’s second season is going)- “I think he’s had some good games and I really feel like he’s made a lot of progress.  I know the numbers aren’t dramatic, but I’ve seen a lot of growth in him as a player.  It’s going to continue to improve, I just really believe that.”

(On if knows what happened to the running game against Jacksonville)- “We didn’t play very well, I don’t think, across the board in terms of being able to blunt their pressures, being able to eliminate the penetration that they were able to generate.  You have to do that otherwise you have guys in the backfield and cutback lanes are eliminated. It generates the negative runs, and I don’t think that was just the offensive line either.  It was the tight ends, it was the fullback, it was the whole group and they played really physical.  We have to match that intensity when we play teams like that, I thought we didn’t do a great job with that either.  They were determined to stop our run.  That was no secret, we talked about that throughout the course of the week and what you don’t want to do is have someone call their shot and hit it out of the park.  You have got to be able to match that and we didn’t.  We didn’t do a good job of it.”

(On if Jacksonville overpowered them)- “I think it was really a combination of things Terry (Pluto) where there were scheme things that they did that we had to execute our runs in a certain way and we didn’t.  Then there were times where they were more physical than we were.  I’m sure Jack (Del Rio) talked about that a lot, about last season and when you have that next opportunity, you understand how they are going to approach it and you either match it or you don’t.  We didn’t do a good job matching it.”

(On if the running game is still part of their offense)- “It sets up everything else because if you can run the football. Time of possession and it helps from a complementary perspective because it keeps the defense off the field it gives them a chance to catch their breath and put you into a better position going into the fourth quarter.  It slows down pressures, it provides opportunities in the passing game because the play actions are going to draw the safeties down further, they’re going to draw the linebackers down tighter and that opens up things in the passing game.  When you can’t run the football you just become one dimensional and often times when that happens now they can tee off with pass rushing.”

(On if that is why Colt McCoy got sacked six times)- “That was part of it. There were a couple mistakes where Colt should have thrown the ball away and just held it too long.  That was part of it, part of it was on him, part of it was our guys need to do a better job of getting open.  It’s never the one component, everybody shared in it.”

(On if McCoy is going to be able to be the third quarterback or what would they do if he isn’t)- “I don’t know if he’s going to be or not yet either.  We’ve got Josh (Cribbs), we’ll have to see where he is.  After him, I think the only guy that we have is (Chansi) Stuckey who has thrown the ball.  Put Peyton (Hillis) back there, he’s thrown it a couple times (joking).”

(On if there was a time in preseason where he thought Delhomme was back from his struggles in Carolina last year)- “Yes, when we started him in the opener we felt that way.  Really felt that way throughout the course of the preseason. I thought that he had a really good preseason.  I was excited about the things he had done. It’s just unfortunate that he got hurt when he did. We would have liked to have seen more of that during those early games, more of where he was and more of where we were.”

(On if Delhomme is mobile)- “He’s not Michael Vick but he can dance around a little bit around back there.  Sometimes you don’t really want a lot of mobility. What you want to do is throw it away if it’s not there.  I think if that’s the best decision and you can get caught up trying to make a play where you’re dancing around trying to avoid pass rushes but as soon as you do that, you don’t know where everybody is. You’ve changed the whole blocking for the offensive line because they’re assuming you’re in one spot and they’re blocking a guy a certain direction.  You can make some plays and that’s great but you’re also in a position where you can give away some plays whether it’s a forced fumble or picks or things like that.  Often times the best decision is cut your losses and throw the ball out of bounds.”

(On if the offensive line plays its best when Floyd Womack is in)- “I really like Floyd a lot, Pork Chop.  He’s under rated in terms of his communication, so whether he’s playing tackle with Shawn (Lauvao) a young guy next to him, he’s really controlling the communication over there and he’s got a great feel for what’s going on or whether he’s playing guard with John (St. Clair). They have a great level of communication as well.  It’s not just his play but it’s also him helping to coordinate things on that side of the line which is really, really important.”

(On if he has decided what he is going to do on the right side of the offensive line)- “I have a pretty good idea. It’s not earth shattering. I just want to go through today and see where Floyd (Womack) is he’s practiced but just see where he is physically and make sure we’re back to where we need to be.”

(On if Delhomme is more knowledgeable than McCoy because of all of his experience)- “It’s really not even close especially at that point because whenever a rookie quarterback come in it’s this huge transition.  He’s got to run the offense and to do that he’s got to learn all aspects of the offense and he’s getting used to a whole new environment, group of people, coaches, philosophy, all those things versus a guy who Jake was getting used to those things as well but he’s got years of experience, reps and he’s seen things.  It’s intuitive, it’s a huge difference from that perspective.  I think one of the things that Colt really has benefited from is having Jake here and when Colt was starting I think those guys drive into work each day together and spend a lot of time discussing the game plan, the reads, it’s outstanding.  Colt for years to come will remember the time he’s spent with Jake Delhomme and the importance of that and learning what it means to be a pro.  Jake, he’s a tremendous pro and to have a mentor like that it’s invaluable.  You have the coaching element but when you get a good mentor at a young age it’s huge.  That’s why it’s so important from my perspective to have older guys in the room to be able to take these younger guys and say, ‘This is what it’s like, this is how you do the right things, this is how you last as long as I have.’  It’s the same things with Sheldon Brown and Joe Haden.  Joe Haden couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Sheldon Brown and that will go a long way.  T.J. (Ward) with Abe (Elam) and Shawn Lauvao and the group of guys he’s with.  I’ve seen it go the other way where you take a good young promising guy and put him in a room with some questionable mentors and that goes south and you’ve almost got to save him from the environment.”

(On how Eric King did in his first game with the Browns how difficult it is to come in and play right away)- “It is difficult and I though he did a good job especially considering that he had to learn a lot of spots because of where we were.  He’s had to work a lot of spots again this week and that is hard.  It’s positive because he’s got experience, he’s been in different systems but I would expect a jump now from last week to this week.  We’ve had more time so if he plays I expect it to be at a higher level than what it was last week.”

(On what he is looking for in the last six games)- “For me it starts with the wins and to be able to get to that step of winning consistently.  Growth, continued growth especially from the young guys.  The young players that continue to see them take steps in their development, and when I say young players I don’t just mean the rookie class I mean the Marcus Benards, the Evan Moores, the Brian Schaeferings, the Alex Macks, the Mohameds.  We’ve got a group of second year players, I want to see their continued growth and consistency, not turning the ball over, low in penalties, playing what I can only classify as Browns football, tough, smart, physical, consistent, complementary football week in and week out.  That’s really what I’m looking for.”

(On if they are going to be able to use Seneca Wallace in Wildcat-type plays or if they will be more cautious)-“We can and we have some things in like that each week but there is what you’re saying, if you have two, you want to limit the amount of exposure that you have with the second one.  Seneca is a guy that I really like the things that he brings to the offense and you want to have those components in every week and be able to use them when you want to use them on your terms and the where you think it’ll be most effective against the defense.  I have absolute confidence in Seneca when he goes in and plays.  You’d love to be able to have him, Josh (Cribbs), Colt (McCoy) to have the whole gang back together and then make some decisions.”

(On how Joe Haden has looked the last couple weeks and him showing his speed to break up a deep pass)- “I really wasn’t looking for the guy to be behind him in the first place but you’re glad that he caught up when he did.  He is developing.  Joe’s a competitive guy and you see it even in practice.  What I’ve liked too recently is he’s finding the football more, not just in the games but in practice. He’s making some plays on the ball that he really wasn’t making especially in the earlier part of the season but that’s happening with a little bit more frequency.  I think he’s a physical guy.  Where Joe has to keep developing is some of the habits that he had in college that worked well in college, they don’t all work the same here because it’s different.  It’s a much higher level of competition week in and week out and some technique things I’m looking for him to continue to grow with.”

(On if Cribbs will be able to return kicks if he plays on Sunday)- “I think that’s a starting point for us, kicks and punts and then we’ll see where he is with receiver play and Wildcat and stuff like that.  With Josh, if he’s playing you know he’s going to want to play everything all the time. He’ll want to run down the kicks, he’ll want to do it all.”

(On if they popped his toes back in)- “I didn’t get the in depth report on that.  I don’t know exactly what it is.  I had a dislocated shoulder one time and that hurt. With the feet, toes, I can’t imagine what that felt like.”

12:29 PM

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Adams, Rogers, Watson Back at Practice
Barry McBride on November 25th, 2010 AT 5:37 PM

The Browns have sent out their Thanksgiving injury report, and it shows DB Mike Adams, DL Shaun Rogers, and TE Ben Watson back at practice today on a limited basis. Kenyon Coleman did not practice, after having limited participation yesterday. Other than that, the lists remain the same with Barton, Cribbs, Fujita, McCoy and Wright not practicing again today and Floyd Womack remaining limited.

For the Panthers, the only change is that CB Chris Gamble returned to practice after missing yesterday for personal reasons.