Fan View: I'm Officially Done

The Browns are the only team that can frustrate fans like Jeff B. after a win.

Only the Browns can inspire me to quit on them after a WIN.

Because it was the ugliest win I've ever seen.  Should have been a loss.  The only reason it wasn't is because the Panthers are even worse than the Browns.

The Patriots and Saints games?  As far as I'm concerned, they never happened.

It is apparent to me that the Browns are going to be just an inconsistent bunch as long as this coaching staff stays in place.  I don't know whether its bad game planning or failure to make halftime adjustments, but you can't tell me that you should have a close game with a 1-9 team after your starting RB has BLESSED you with 3 first half touchdowns.

I feel like this Browns game should dominate the "C'mon Man!" segment on ESPN, for the next 4 weeks.

They nearly let a rookie QB drive to a win with NO time left.  How is that even possible?  If John Kasay doesn't miss 2 makeable field goals today, the Browns drop to 3-8 while Carolina improves to 2-9.  This is all after having a 21-7 lead with a RB that is on fire.

I've seen enough of the Eric Mangini era.  I'm tired of hearing guys are "fighting hard" and I'm tired of having the team be "oh so close."

You are NEVER going to win in the NFL if you keep blowing the game in the 4th quarter.  The Browns blew four 4th quarter leads this year.  Most in the NFL.  They came 2 Kasay misses from blowing 5.  Against a 1-9 team.

I no longer believe that Mangini, et al are going to be the guys to lead the Browns into the playoffs.  We keep hearing all these positives about our team about how something special is brewing in Berea but meanwhile the Ravens and Steelers are making playoff pushes.  Again.  What are the Browns doing?  Heading for another high draft pick.

When will the Browns turnaround?

When President Holmgren picks a new coaching staff.

Enough is enough.  I've had it with this regime.

Bad football is bad football and I've seen enough.

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