Browns-Panthers: Gameballs and Goats

Peyton Hillis seems somewhat popular among Browns fans. Jake Delhomme somewhat less so.

SUMMARY: Peyton Hillis may not be God, but ain't mere mortal. That is all.

Player Gameballs
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 268
Joe Haden (CB / 23) 173
Brian Robiskie (WR / 80) 73
Phil Dawson (K / 4) 59
Abram Elam (S / 26) 44

Player Goats
Jake Delhomme (QB / 17) 235
Brian Daboll (OC) 123
Eric Mangini (HC) 51
Entire Defense 33
Anything Torry Holt said 29


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
SBinmylifetime Mike Adams TV announcers
TxBrownsGuy Play calling
Robiskie Delhomme, Daboll (for 2nd & 3rd quarter play calling), Mangini
Sean Casey Colt Mccoy's ankle injury
tristipher Tackling
dawgbown T.J. Ward Tory Holt repeatedly saying "Atheleticksism" and "AKS" as in "axe a question"
Abram Elam
John Kasay
JSinCT Everyone in charge
Peyton Hillis
eisman John Karsay Tackling dumbies
wozman mangini
kkool coaching staff
DAWGDC Ben Watson Eric Mangini, Sheldon Brown, Poor tackling
Art Modell
Naxos Defensive Tackling
Eric Mangini
pcbbrownsfan Robo/Shaun Rogers/Lawrence Vickers/Dawson/Roth
southwestohiofun2000 1st half Browns 2nd half Browns
coaching staff
John Kasay Ryan needs to stop blizting in obvious prevent situations
Brian Daboll
mtsames Good job Guys Art and his Baztard Dave
threepiece Torry Holt's finger
snoopdawgydawg 2 minute defense and clock management
Bereado Left upright and lakefront wind effects Mcmelty fire mangini lynchmob
Announcers for trying to makr Delhomme look good
Games23 John Kasay 4th and one and no Vickers
phil dawson anything ratbirds
djw333 Peyton Hillis Eric Mangini
Brain Failboll, 3rd/4th and 1 offense
Brain Failboll, 3rd/4th and 1 offense
Yeti83 John Kasay Trying to give away leads.
John Kasay - Carolina's Kicker
Peyton Hillis Jake
Brownsphenom John Kasay
heckert / mangini / holmgren
Jon Kasay
Jake Delhomme
oldbrownsfan Jake Delhomme
mddawg28 The offensive line except St. Clair
eezer Weldon, Lebron
Dawgpoundr Brian Robiske The offensive line
Art Modell, just for being alive
Tank95 Torry Holt Color Commentary
ghostwolf The Browns The Browns for Winning Pathetically
Walldog O-line,Brian Robiske
BulldogDad The Linebackers
WRs, way to step up. Tackling - make sure you are going to tackle a guy before trying to strip the ball.Happened two weeks in a row now and almost cost us another game.
GertBFrobe Robiskie Second half defense
Torry Holt
badvector247 John Kasey
John Kasay's FG miss. The defense's inability to tackle with games on the line.
houndfromhell Offensive line. Who ever kept in Delhomme after mistake #3.
Jon Kasay The refs for all the blown calls
Narpig Panther Defense
Cribbs for effort but he's hurt. Get better and let someone else return kicks for now. Haden is much faster and elusive on returns as of now. When you're healthy we'll be waiting anxiously. Whoever is deciding to NOT bench Delhomme
LV4Brown Turnovers
John Kasay Steve Johnson
Mohamed Massaquoi Eric Mangini
Torry Holt's Bling
Kasey Ward's Tackling
DixieDawg Lawrence Vickers Bruce Arians
Brian Daboll
Pugz1 CBS Grounds Crew for making sure opposing kickers struggle with footing
IkoIko The Douchebag(s) that didn't play Vickers in two the 3rd and shorts

Fan Gameball Comments
SBinmylifetime Hillis is a beast. So glad we have him and hope he lasts. Congrats Robiskie for a seasons worth(for him) of production this game. Haden, go rookie. Like those picks. Adams plays with heart and versatility is great in beatup secondary
Peyton Hillis another great game.

They couldn't throw at Joe, and in limited action he leads the team in interceptions

Abram Elam has really stepped up the past couple of weeks
Imagine what it could be like with another back to give Hillis a breather or a receiver than can get open more than 10 yards downfield.
Rob ryan made a good play on the sidelines on Clausen's throw away.
dawgbown Lawrence Vickers blocking and Reggie Hodges punting
Good to see Robiskie catch some balls
USSPARGO honorable mention - The best thing John St.Clair has done this season is fall on the fumble today.

Another game ball honorable mention - Abe Elam is looking better and better.

Wonder what kevin Shaffer is doing today. Effectively trading Shaffer for St.Claire is another Mangini screw up.
dp10451 Hillis never ceases to amaze me. He's amazing! Hooray for Robo! He was way overdue for a game like this. Joe looks better every game. The rook can play.
DAWGDC Without Peyton Hillis we would probably be win less to be honest. We give Brian Robiskie crap, but today he looked like a NFL Wide Receiver. Joe Haden tackles and intercepts passes, if we can get a 2 other corners like him we will be set for a long time
Naxos Peyton Hillis, wow!
I hope he realizes we lost this game and that Colt needs to play when healthy enough. With that said this I'd a game in the past we would have lost, he kept them focused.
pcbbrownsfan Sheldon and Hillis get my top votes, Hillis for doing what he does, Sheldon for being a true competitor and professional, the man is beat up, hurt after every hit, but continues to play for a team the his basically playing for pride and nothing else
Tough to find anyone truly deserving of a game ball -- after Hillis of course. But Hayden stepped up, especially at the end with the INT. And Robiskie had what I hope was a turning point, not a career day.
brownsclown I was at this game today. Winning ugly beats losing...period!Hillis again is the Star of the game. Brian Robiskie showed up and made some plays. Phil Dawson made all his kicks and we win because of it. Most underated kicker in football.
Thank God for Peyton Hillis! He WAS the offense today. Hurry back, Colt. The offense can't do much without ya.
Peyton is a beast.
snoopdawgydawg Peyton Hillis is fun to watch but it was very obvious he was worn out in the 2nd half. This team has to find someone to spell him or mix it up a bit. He did not have the energy to run on 4th and 1.
Bereado Team lost some well played games they could have won, about time they win a poorly played game they could have lost
Games23 Abe Elam's two sacks were impressive. Two decent games in a row for the last year's leader in collecting goat horns.
we win!!!
CZARAYN It was a win. But freakishly winning by 1 point over the worst team in the NFL is like having sex with your ugly, ugly neighbor. Desperation, but no accomplishment.
CZARAYN It was a win. But freakishly winning by 1 point over the worst team in the NFL is like having sex with your ugly, ugly neighbor. Desperation, but no accomplishment.
CZARAYN It was a win. But freakishly winning by 1 point over the worst team in the NFL is like having sex with your ugly, ugly neighbor. Desperation, but no accomplishment.
djw333 We need to come to a concensus on Hillis' nickname. Is he the Vanilla Gorilla or the Albino Rhino?
Hillis played an outstanding game but does he run out of gas? is the offensive coaching staff retarded? how does a 1 and 9 team get back into a game they are losing by 14 points? i will tell you bad coaching, bad drafts, and really bad trades. mangini with all his wit should should just go. are you trying to tell me that delhomme gives us our best chance to win? if you are i say you are no judge of talent PERIOD.
Hillis trucking 30 on Carolina will never get old.
vick A win, is a win, is a win
mddawg28 The only good thing about this game, other than escaping with a win, is the play of Hillis, Vickers, and the offensive line (with the exception of St. Clair who performed to his usual sucky level). When this collective unit is not hindered by the horrendous play-calling of their coaching staff, these boys can play!
Josh cribbs for being smart enough to know he was not able to help his team in his condition
Dawgpoundr I don't remember the last time I felt this little joy after a win. 2 minutes into the 2nd half, I was just waiting for the collapse to be complete. A little Lake Erie gust saves the coaching staff, but they gotta start getting creative again.
brbbva Eric Wright's best game of the season.
O Line
ghostwolf Randy Lerner, with his billions, can't clone Peyton Hillis somewhere in South Korea?
Walldog O-line played much better this week!
Brian Robiske-5 catches :>)
BulldogDad Peyton Hillis: what needs to be said? Where would this team be without him this year? Joe Haden: why hasn't he been starting all along? Smart move to get on the ground after the INT. Phil Dawson: he's just money - PAY THE MAN!
FairwaySeeker Peyton Hillis is a Beast!(Please stay healthy)
J. Haden is getting better & gaining experience and confidence
A. Elam - can't believe my fingers typed his name, but he had several big tackles along with the 2 sacks!
Kudos to R. Hodges & Capt. Dawson!
GertBFrobe Another stellar outing by Hillis and Vickers. We need to get Hillis some help or he is going to wind up in a wheel chair before the season is up!
The team that finds the most creative ways to lose, finally got a last second case of creative block.
houndfromhell Great first half, terrible second half, AGAIN..
The offense plays well when you consider that that COWARD Dabol is the reason we lose the games at the last minute. It never should have got even close.
Lets here it for the bums in the dawg pound! How about Daboll be made to sit in the middle of em next time he makes a boneheaded call in a game.
Narpig Panther Defense for keeping several drives alive by turning what would be a three and out into a first down for the Browns with dumb penalties
LV4Brown We actually have receivers!!!!!!
Hillis: Having a career season, exciting to watch, enjoying the effort, but it seems like every time he touches the ball, you've got to be worried he's not going to get up afterward.

Robiskie: Well, at least we see what he can do if Mangini actually activates him. A nice game, but he's got to produce week to week to remove him from the "bust" category.

Haden: Solid game, again. And the staff thought Eric Wright was better?
froggy60 another big game for Hillis

alexander made some nice special teams plays after just arriving

finally brian has a game. build on it now
DRANOEL wanted to add Ward, Mike Adams, Shel. Brown and all the LBs . If this D ever gets an elite pass rusher WATCH OUT!!!


Fan Goathorn Comments
SBinmylifetime Officiating crew was a joke. Game should have been over after the catch when receiver touched before he rolled out of bounds. Daboll: seemed you were doing better but no adjustments and Delhomme sneak on quick snap at 4th and 1 and Hillis in backfield very ill advised. Jake, you're a class act and excellent mentor but in a little over 1.5 games you have almost 3 times as many picks as a rookie who had very few snaps with the 1st team in pre-season...unacceptable
Worst 1/2 time adjustments in the league

They won in spite of Jack not because of him

Brian Daboll continues to mystify, that throw on 3rd and inches (instead of running for the 1st) that left Moore exposed resulting in the fumble was bizarre.

Rob Ryan is here because of his defenses tendency to give up big plays and to loose games.
TxBrownsGuy How can we not run the clock out with Hillis to end the game?!?
Missed tackles in the last 2 minutes of the last 3 weeks for big gains = poor effort by our entire defense on tackling. Man up and hit someone don't just go for the shoelaces!
Why is Torry Holt doing games? He's beyond horrible. He had absolutely no clue what he was doing or saying.
how the HELL did torry holt get a job? affirmative action? seriously, he is the WORST announcer ive ever heard. I understood about half of what he said when he was able to form a coherent sentence or finished his own thoughts.
dawgbown I despise Jeff Triplette, the worst REF in the NFL, and his weekly gaffs starting with blinding Orlando Brown in 1999 with a ball bearing loaded fastball flag to the eyesocket.
Why does Delhomme continue to get the nod when the opponent gets the ball in the endzone off his picks more than his teammates
JSinCT Mangini, Daboll, Holmgren and Delhomme need to be fired asap. Talk about nearly throwing another win away. What a joke keeping Jake Delhomme as a starter is. embarrassing. Almost cost a sure win.
Poor tackling ! Eric is just a pulling guard , for he cannot block straight ahead !
Coaching...Played not to lose and were damn lucky to win. Creativity and aggressive play calling disappeared after score was 21-7. Pathetic!!!!
More and more mis-tackles. Let's ONLY draft defensive players that can WRAP tackle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
alaskanbrownsfan Can you give Delhomme all three we see exactly why he was let go...he SUCKS
USSPARGO Delhome has got to learn that you just don't throw the ball up like that unless you can throw it out of bounds.
For crying out loud. Our rookie QB makes better choices with the ball.

Goat Honorable Mention - Rogers has got to play under more control - we cannot have the opposing QB hit in the head for a ticky tacky 15 yards.

And when are we going to learn how to tackle?
kkool Coaches on both sides of the ball, for not being able to make 2nd half adjustments to what adjustments that Carolina made at half time.
dp10451 Jake has to avoid those picks. without the pick 6 it's a comfortable win. The "D" has to find a way to avoid giving up the easy 3rd down conversions. Daboll needs to stop being so conservative in the second half. Attack, attack, attack! Don't let'em up. Step on their throats.
DAWGDC Jake needs to call it a career...the first interception I probably could over look, but the out pattern that was covered over and under you just don't throw. He's either blind or thought he was still in a Carolina Uniform. Rob's defense for the second straight week can't defend plain and simple in the last 2 minutes of the game. Plus they played like they were in mud all day long. Mangini and Daboll need to be shot for starting Jake I can't believe his decision making....Sheldon Brown to allow that pass completion was crazy...there is no way it should have been completed and the poor tackling worries me
Naxos Well at least we don't have to worry about Jake battling for the starting job.
It seems like they can only go as far as the first few series. Why are second half adjustments such a mystery to these guys (you could even try something new in the second quarter)? I wouldn't bail on the coaching staff yet as Erie's "finest" Jeff B has. But I do think they need to look long and hard at what doesn't happen in the second half -- most prominently on offense.
brownsclown Jake Delhomme is consistant, good for a pick 6 in every game. Too bad about the interceptions, played well otherwise. This was not a good defensive effert. Whole defense to blame. Do we miss Fujita that much? The official were bad today. Not only questionable calls but late flags and poor reviews.
Delhomme needs to become a coach in pads for McCoy. He can't move anymore and his reads are horrible. Daboll calls another crappy game! PLEASE, send this dude to Pittsburgh! Rob Ryan needs to knock off the Friday joke sessions and schedule some remedial tackling sessions. This is worse tackling than you see in high school.
Are you kidding me, 4th and inches and no Vickers. Brilliant!
mtsames Art and his two Baztards.
snoopdawgydawg What's up with Torry Holt's blue glasses? And why the hell can't this team put away anyone? The 3rd quarter and final 2 minutes of both halves are our achilles heel ... The loss of Fujita and McCoy was apparent as was the lack of adaptation to the defense in the 3rd quarter. This team does not show the ability to make 2nd half offensive adjustments (is that on the head coach, OC, or both?)
Bereado The IQ and melty nature of a certain segment of fans drives me nuts. They are completely clueless, and second guess everything. Like the homeland security guy that was chasing Harold and Kumar after their escape from Guan.
Games23 I don't see him as the villain that most people do, but not playing the best lead blocker in the league on 4th and one is baffling.
defense and delhomme almost blew it!!!
CZARAYN In the second quarter, the fear factor set in. Mangini and his misfit coaches just can't play to win...the offense began playing as if it didn't want to embarrass its opponent; and the defense in the second half suddenly became as comatose DC Ryan after eating a huge thanksgiving dinner. It was a sad win against a sad team that sadly was lost by a sad kick. A win is a win, but over the NFL's worst team? Doesn't say much for the Browns. I had the Browns on the money line, knowing they could never cover a 10-point line.
CZARAYN In the second quarter, the fear factor set in. Mangini and his misfit coaches just can't play to win...the offense began playing as if it didn't want to embarrass its opponent; and the defense in the second half suddenly became as comatose DC Ryan after eating a huge thanksgiving dinner. It was a sad win against a sad team that sadly was lost by a sad kick. A win is a win, but over the NFL's worst team? Doesn't say much for the Browns. I had the Browns on the money line, knowing they could never cover a 10-point line.
CZARAYN In the second quarter, the fear factor set in. Mangini and his misfit coaches just can't play to win...the offense began playing as if it didn't want to embarrass its opponent; and the defense in the second half suddenly became as comatose DC Ryan after eating a huge thanksgiving dinner. It was a sad win against a sad team that sadly was lost by a sad kick. A win is a win, but over the NFL's worst team? Doesn't say much for the Browns. I had the Browns on the money line, knowing they could never cover a 10-point line.
djw333 If Delhomme sees the field again, the Browns don't deserve to win.
kshkolnik Jake FAILhomme. DaBoll for the Worst 4th and 1 call. 'nuff said.
Jake Failhome's 2nd INT was the slowest pass I have ever seen in my life.
Jake Failhome's 2nd INT was the slowest pass I have ever seen in my life.

Also WOW horrible officiating. Game should have never came down to the FG. The guy was in bounds, the clock should have been ticking idiot.
Shakey Jake damn near cost them today, he shouldn't start again, Wallace should until McCoy comes back, or the rest of the year if he doesn't
i put the three headed monster in for preseason decisions to A) sign delhomme B)give away all our draft picks for players like an underacheiving linebacker, an over the hill corner and worse yet an potentially good but oft broken up running back. i like hardesty do not get me wrong but no way with as poor a right side of an O-LINE and under acheiving D-LINE do i give 3 drafts picks to take him. A much as i like the center we took last year do i excuse mangini for passing up on a true playmaker for our defense how do you pass on Clay Mathews JR and take a center which you may have got with your second pick when you have absolutely no playmakers on defense and a group of linebackers who can not bring it? Roth and Fujita were not on the roster when the MANGENIOUS took Mack. i do love the way Mack plays but he is not as important as Mathews would have been to this team both from a fan view point and a dominating defensive stand point.
Jake Delhomme. And Brian Daboll. 70 yards and 3 tds for Hillis. And he decides to pass. GO WITH WHAT GOT YOU THE LEAD.
The team was not ready to play today. The coaching staff is terrible. We scored only 3 points after the mid-point of the second quarter. At game's end, the defense forgets how to tackle. And this happens nearly every week. Enough!
Ray Ventrone couldn't tackle my Grandmother !!Why is he even on this team ???
oldbrownsfan I gave a goathorn for Jake Delhomme for not accepting the offsides penalty in the fourth quarter.
interceptaverdi reincarnated and the idiot who thought he should start
mddawg28 The Head Coach, the Offensive Coordinator, and the Defensive Coordinator did everything that they possibly could to lose this game. EM how do you allow your OC to use a formation of 4th and 1 that does not include the BEST fullback in all of football? Daboll, why are you trying to get cute with a halfback pass on 1st and goal? Ryan, what the hell were you thinking everytime you rushed 3 and dropped 8 into coverage? Why give a rookie quarterback any time to survey the field? The team won this game in spite of the trifecta of stupidity otherwise known as the Browns' coaching staff.
roscoe2009 Delhomme is terrible,Daboll has to go and Ryan can go too.Mangini should be fired if he doesn't fire Daboll and Ryan.This team is on it's way up, but bad coaching sure hurt's them.Send Jake packing today, he tried to lose us another game.Ryan talk's a better game than he coaches and Daboll could not call play's for a pee wee game. Let's hope Colt come's back or we may not win another game.
the entire defense for letting a rookie qb get that close how do you let that happen 75 yds no timeouts
IlGreven I am putting the fans here because of their hysteria over Delhomme throwing two picks. For reference, Peyton Manning threw twice as many tonight, and his team lost, yet Indy fans aren't getting nearly as angry as we are with Delhomme in a win. C'mon, folks, it's not like he's the key to us going to the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ryan, you inspire your defense, but maybe you should sprinkle in a few tackling drills with your inspiration.
Dawgpoundr So this is what the season could have been if Jake Delhomme stayed healthy! I'm already hoping for Colt to have a miraculous recovery.
brbbva Too many whiny fans after a win, grow up. Any win in the NFL is a good win.
Delhomme nearly gave them the game in the 2nd half...INT should have been run back, not falling to the ground, that left time on the clock for Clausen to make a last minute run
ghostwolf Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert for saddling Mangini with Favre 2.0
BulldogDad Brian Daboll: not having Vickers in on that Hillis 4th and 1 is a firing offense. Tory Holt: wouldn't being reasonably coherent be a job req for a broadcaster? Shaun Rogers: that head blow to Clausen is inexcusable. He needs to go. Our linebackers have to be collectively the slowest group of professional athletes outside of sumo on the planet. Fujita is the only one with anything approaching pass coverage skills.
NJBrownsfan Does the win the early part of the game,then stop doing what got you the lead and try not to lose sound familiar? The only difference this week is the shanked kick. WE NEED MANGINI AND DABOLL GONE!!!
FairwaySeeker Jake D. you tried to redeem yourself on that FG game-winning drive, but I hope the rest of our season is turned back over to Colt or Wallace if McCoy isn't ready
B. Daboll - Why would you keep giving Jake more opportunities to give it away when the Panthers had no real answer to stopping Hillis(why not go wildcat when Hillis needed a break?)
Defense - why is there such a breakdown in tackling these last several games? The 1st guy to make contact cannot go for the ball until the tackle is secure
The TV announcers were giving Jake D. so much credit when in reality he was the source of the Browns frustrations!
GertBFrobe The defense in the second half was completely offensive. The lack of adjustments by the offense in the second half was non-existant! Daboll can game plan but cannot make the adjustments to finish. Daboll has got to go!
Horrible play calling by Daboll, worst 4th and 1 call of the year, why in the hell wasn't Vickers on the field?

Jake FAILhomme for 2 ints, and missing throws. He needs a place on the bench.

Terrible officiating in the 2nd half. LaFell was in touched in bounds, period. End of game. Total BS.
This win is a good indication of how far away from being legitimate contenders the Browns actually are. Good teams don't lose games they have big leads in. The Browns do it every other game.
houndfromhell Clifton Smith looks like he is wearing lead weights around his ankles,
he runs in slow motion, and now fumbles
the ball to boot.
Every game Delhomme starts, will be another mistake prone loss. He makes rookie mistakes, while The Colt plays like a experienced pro.
Make Delhomme go to the I.R., Let Wallace start until the Colt is ready, and resign Ratliff as the #3. Ratty is three times better than Delhomme at this point in their careers.
Dabol is a 2nd half Coward. Afraid the other teams coach may bitch slap him after the game, if he tries to score in the second half and beat the other team by more than 4 points.
4 point lead, O.K. time to just run and go 3 and outs rest of the game..
Dummys Guide to making your offense run better.Chapter 1. Dont be a COWARD, Chapter 2.Fire Dabol A.S.A.P.
Final Chapter. Never start a washed up Q.B. that still makes rookie mistakes after playing for 12 years.Get a clue,Delhomme is worst Q.B. in the N.F.L.
Jake!! You play for Cleveland, not Caroleena!
Jake!! Use up some more clock next time before you try a qb sneak!
Does Mangini not realize that his future in Cleveland is tied to how this team performs? Who cares how much money they gave Jake. He turns the ball over more than he thows TDs. Thus the reason Carolina cut him. Enter Wallace please.
LV4Brown The officiating crew gets it because of the final five seconds and essentially giving the Panthers a fourth TO.

Mangini gets one because he's the coach and he is darn lucky to crawl out with a win.
Getting no production from the inside linebackers
Yay! We beat the worst team in the NFL on a missed field goal! Absolutely horrendous time and game management AGAIN from Mangini and Co. Two blown fourth down opportunities (the first: make up your mind before you have to blow a timeout, the second: kick the bloody field goal!) and the inability to run out the clock after Haden's interception should have sealed the game, Delhomme remaining in the game despite playing poorly and (pretty obviously) with a noticeable limp ALL point to Eric Mangini's ineptitude as head coach. I've never seen the fans so subdued after a win. After the momentary excitement of Kasay's kick bonking off the left upright, the reality that we should have lost this game hit like an Andre Johnson punch. The wins over New Orleans and New England look more and more like flukes every day....
froggy60 brian how many times are you not going to have a play ready after a big play and it cost us either a delay of game or a time out. clock mangement please!!!!!!!!!!!

jake stop the dumb throws already.

joe know the situations. you should have already known carolina had 3 time outs left. get all the yardage you can not just drop down. rookie mistake.
holmgren gets one for bringing in jake. daboll, why was vickers on the sideline in the 2nd half??!
the morons who are responsible for 11 games of halftime adjustments
the dumbazz who thinks vickers isn't needed on a 4th and 1 running play
Vickers not being in the game at the CRUCIAL time of the game, shows why Daboll should be dusting off the old resume
Pugz1 As much as I prefer listening to Donovan/Dieken call the game, Jimmy D's lockerroom interview questions were so laced with negativity that I had to give his hairpiece goathorns.
joe headupthebutt for falling down with his pick because he thought the game was over.
DRANOEL I have diagnosed this staff with situational dyslexias. a disorder associated with impairment of the ability to interpret when to run or pass, punt or go for it on 4th down. in relationships or to integrate auditory and game information.


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