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For Week 14, the Cleveland Browns, yes ... wait for it ... take their talents to South Beach

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@stevesirk Gotit! Cow Patties from Columbus will make its glorious return to the OBR later today :-)

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@Marjax Stallworth? Healthy? Playing football? Hope you got photos. That’s rarer than Bigfoot.

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Browns-Dolphins: Photo Gallery: Over 100 photos from the AP and Getty images of today’s Browns victory! http://bit.ly/ejVGxC

Browns-Dolphins Post-Game: Coach, Player Quotes
Barry McBride on December 5th, 2010 AT 6:24 PM

Head Coach Tony Sparano

(On if it was a tough day for QB Chad Henne, especially coming from last week’s win) – “The one thing, I think they did a great job on defense. The main difference from last week was we saw a ton more man-to-man coverage.  Behind the line of scrimmage we got to separate and get the chance to get the ball out.  This week, those guys kind of kept everything in front of them.  They did a good job that way.  They were really patient with the football.  Had a couple of balls that got away from them, which ended up being turnovers.  That can’t happen.  At the end of the day we turned the ball over three times.  This team — I told it our team last night – the New Orleans game that they won, the New England game that they won, the [New York] Jets game that they played real hard in…they were plus five turnovers in those games.  We talked about it last night and went through the whole thing again.  We end up minus three in turnovers in a three-point game.  You’re not going to win those kinds of games.”

(On if not having WR Brandon Marshall start and losing WR Brian Hartline effected today’s game) – “It’s hard to tell.  I need to watch the film.  I thought there were a couple of plays that we could have made and didn’t make.  I really need to watch the film.  I thought those kids played hard, Marlon [Moore, WR] and Roberto [Wallace, WR]…in their absence.  But I haven’t been able to watch the film to tell you that.”

(On the play of the defense) – “I thought they played well on defense.  Obviously, they kept the third downs really low, so were ours on offense, we did a really good job there.  The backs, running yards…I think if you are looking at all those things you think you’re going to win the game.  We did not do a great job against the tight end.  We had the tight end for a 100-yards and ten catches or whatever it was there.  They hit us for a few plays in the middle of the field and hit us on a couple of big plays in their scoring drive, there.  Even at the end of the game, we had a chance to win the game and seal the deal there.  We don’t make it and they make it a tipped ball.”

(On if he’s ever been around a team that is. “Good on the road and bad at home”) – “I haven’t been around…I’ve been through this…well, I can’t say that.  I don’t want to say that we’re “bad” in one place and “good” any place else or any of those things.  I haven’t been around this thing.  I don’t know what it is.  We’ve tried everything.  I thought the team came out with good energy today.  We played hard.  We had a couple of good drives at the beginning of the game.  First drive of the game…then we get maybe a field goal blocked out there, which was obviously a big point of the game.  But, early on in the game, I thought there were some good drives.”

(On if he’s able to figure out the difference between the team’s play at home and on the road) – “It drives me crazy.  Keeps me up a lot.  I spend a lot of time thinking about it.  I brought the team in here yesterday.  We didn’t work out.  Brought them in here, put them on the buses.  Walked through the locker room.  Brought them out on the field.  I walked through here, the stadium, came back out on the buses…didn’t everything I possibly could that way.  Just…I can’t put my finger on it.”

(On how today’s loss effects the team’s playoff chances) – “I have no idea.  I really don’t.  I don’t know what happened today, I have no idea about it, I have no idea of how it affected us one way or the other.  I know that we have to go to New York and win a game on the road.  I know we know how to do that and we’ve done it before, so that’s what we’re going to have to do right now.  I really don’t know what our situation is at this particular time.  As for what other people did, I really don’t know.”

(On if he was disappointed in the team) – “I’m just disappointed that we weren’t able to capitalize on situations through out the course of the game.  I thought that there were some drives where we were starting to push the ball and then we just stalled.  And the turnover thing…that kind of thing is going to get you beat every time.  That’s where I’m disappointed.  I mean, that defensive effort out there, I can’t be disappointed in that effort out there.  I thought they played their tails off.  I thought we ran the ball pretty well out there.  We did.  There were some good things out there.  It’s just…you turn the ball over three times in a close game and you’re going to lose. “

(On evaluating QB Chad Henne) – “It’s a hard thing.  It really is.  But in the end you have to look at the entire body of work.  I have to go through and see the decisions that were made.  One of the interceptions made today, the ball should have gone to a different place and didn’t, and then the ball sailed on him and that ends up getting an interception.  When you look at it that way, that’s a play you want to get back.  That touchdown drive, he throws some balls on that drive, he throws [TE Anthony] Fasano for a touchdown was a heck of a throw, and so he’s done some good things. You just can’t turn the ball over at that rate.  The last turnover, I can’t fault Chad in that situation, trying to make a play – I think a play was there to be made.  Richie [Incognito, LG] has two yards on the other side of the line of scrimmage, puts a hand up, knocks it in the air, and next thing you know it ends up in their hands.”

(On the loss of WR Brian Hartline) – “Yeah, that was frustrating.  The play was dialed up for that situation. Brian did a tremendous job of running the route.  Of course with the feet inbound, really sat the corner down, and went over the top of him.  There was a chance for a big play.”

(On the number of Dolphins’ DBs with the ball in their hands during the game) – “We do more ball drills than any team I’ve been around.  I don’t know what it is.  This was a young guy in that situation that had a chance to grab one…I just feel that we’ve got to make those plays.  At the end of the day I think the guys in the locker room will tell you that they need to come up with those plays.  We’re minus three in turnovers.  Minus three in our league…percentage is a win, basically.”

(On the key to slowing down Browns’ RB Peyton Hillis) – “I thought the defensive line did a pretty good job of getting the back, keeping guys going down their sidelines.  The linebackers, Karlos [Dansby, ILB] got down on him pretty good.  Early in the game, they wanted to circle the defense and get the ball out on the perimeter…Vontae [Davis, LCB], Sean [Smith, RCB] really challenged him and had a couple of plays that really brought it back into a tight game.”

S Yeremiah Bell

(On the 4th quarter) – “We didn’t make enough plays to win the football game, we played hard, we played tough but when we turned the ball over and defensively we didn’t get any.”

(On looking forward to next week) – “We know it was a must have but now we go up to New York and try to beat the Jets. All you can do is go back to practice and go back to work hopefully everything shakes out, they all count from here on out we need every one of them. We needed one today but we didn’t get it we just need to go back to the drawing board and keep playing hard.”

(On the offense not getting it going today) – “You know what we just couldn’t get it going, defensively we couldn’t get it going, we should have made more plays but, we didn’t. We needed that turnover to help those guys out and we didn’t get it.

(On final interception of the game) – “Lucky play, the ball bounced luckily for them, it’s something you don’t see all the time, it just happen to bounce right to him, sometimes that’s how it goes, you don’t want to be on the wrong end of it but we were  so we just have to deal with it”

(On bouncing back from this) – “Keep playing, know that we still have an outside chance, if some teams beat others and we take care of business. We just go back to the drawing board our season isn’t over just keeping your head up and keep playing and we’ll be alright.”

WR Davone Bess

(On the problems with the dolphins offense) – “We just couldn’t get on a roll.  We didn’t execute.  We didn’t do the things that we trained for all week.  We let them hang around and it came back and bit us in the rear end.”

(On the crazy nature of the ending of the game, with the dropped pick, and the deflected pass) –“I mean we can easily look at that play and say that could have won the game, but we had more than enough opportunities to capitalize and we just didn’t do it.”

(On what caused all the 3 and outs in the fourth quarter) – “We can take it back all the way to the first quarter.  We just didn’t get on a roll.  I mean, they didn’t do anything different that we didn’t expect.  We just didn’t execute.  We got to go back, look at the film, try and get better, and try to get ready for next week.”

(On the difficulty of the loss because of the season winding down) – “It’s difficult.  We just made it that much more harder for ourselves.  We just got to keep fighting and keep fighting.  We got four more games left and we have to try and win this thing.  It hurt a lot, but we don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves, we just have to get ready for next week.”

K Dan Carpenter

(On his 60 yard field goal) – “I’m just, just trying to help the team out. Everyone always asks me about how far I can kick and what’s your range. I’ve always told them it’s just a situational thing. It just comes down to, usually it’s always at the end of a half like this one or at the end of a game. It’s a situational kick that a lot of times you don’t get that opportunity because percentages are usually not really, not really with you in that and if you miss it they get the ball at the 50. At the end of a half it’s, I wouldn’t call it a win-win but if you miss it it’s halftime. You’re not giving them a short field.”

(On whether he knew he hit it right as it was in the air) – “I actually thought I missed it. I thought I left it short when it left my foot. That’s why I kind of got out to the left so I could get a little better view at it and it kind of carried pretty good.”

(On how he felt when it went through) – “Yeah I was pretty excited.”

(On whether the kick was a momentum shifter) – “Yeah you know hopefully just putting points on the board is enough to spark our team.”

(On whether the Browns got a push up the middle on the blocked field goal) – “You know I’m not sure. I’ll have to watch the film and see, I’ll answer that question I guess on Monday after I’ve seen it.”

CB Nolan Carroll

(On his dropped interception) – “I should have made it; that’s it. I saw the route; I knew it was coming before the play even happened because they ran the same thing earlier in the game. I just got to make the play.”

(On whether guys dropping interceptions can be contagious) – “I really couldn’t tell you. It’s one of the things you don’t try and think about. You just, like I said you just got to make a play.”

(On what happens if he makes that play) – “I score. I know for a fact I score. I just got to make it.”

(On his knowing the route) – “Yeah they ran the same exact route in the first quarter, the same exact route. I saw it was coming and I knew I was going to have Sean (Smith) over top so I just go, went in and just jumped it this time.”

(On Jake Delhomme’s tendency to throw interceptions) – “I mean we knew coming in he was going to give us chances and he did give us chances. We, the way we played our defense we kind of made a little bit indecision on his part, so like I said we just got to make the play. I got to make the play. That’s all I got to say about it.”

LB Karlos Dansby

(On how to get past a loss like this) – “You got to stay focused, stay focused, stay humble. This is a humbling situation right here to lose, lose like we lost today. I’d say we got to stick together and keep fighting.”

(On whether it was frustrating on defense feeling like they had to create turnovers) – “No it wasn’t frustrating; we just needed to get one. We had an opportunity to make one (but) we let it slip between our fingers. Like I said we can’t ask for anything else just to try to end the game like that on defense. We had an opportunity but we didn’t capitalize on it.”

(On the defensive performance) – “Yeah we come in, we try to, we got a lot of confidence in what we do as a team and as a defense. Like I said we came in and we played hard; we played well. We just didn’t finish and that’s the disappointing part about that situation.”

(On where this leaves the team in their hopes of making the playoffs) – “We got to keep fighting. We got, we got another tough, we got a division opponent next week. We got to go up to New York; we got to play in a hostile environment. It’s going to be cold; it’s going to be wet. We just got to go play our game and play Dolphin football and try to get a victory.”

(On his reaction when he saw the last interception) – “You know the ball bounced their way today. Like I said we had an opportunity and we didn’t capitalize on it, so like I said we got to go back, go back to work and get better for next week’s game.”

(On his not being concerned about his team writing off their playoff chances) – “No, no, no, no we’re not built like that. We’ve been working hard for a long time now. Like I said we just got to finish strong right here down the stretch and that’s what we’re trying to go out and do.”

(On Yeremiah Bell saying stranger things have happened concerning the team’s playoff chances) – “Yeah man I was part of that situation in Arizona so like I said stranger things have happened. Like I said we just got to go out and play our game and try to get some wins.”

(On whether he has ever been on a team with such a good road record and poor home record) – “No, no this is my first time ever being in this kind of situation.”

(On whether the home and road situation drives him nuts) – “Yeah definitely man, we tried to figure out what’s the reason why. Like I said we haven’t figured that out yet. Like I said we just got to continue to try to push forward and get these wins down the stretch.”

(On the team being good one game and not the next) – “Yeah we had opportunities in this game. Like I said we had an opportunity to get a home win. That would have been huge in positioning ourselves for the stretch. Like I said we just didn’t finish today. We didn’t capitalize on the opportunities that we had.”

(On bottling up Peyton Hillis) – “We just play our game man, just play defense man. Get to the ball, hit the ball carrier and that’s what we did today. That’s what we always do. I said there wasn’t (anything) that special about Hillis that made us do anything different. We just played our game.”

(On the Browns 94 yard drive) – “Yeah that was, that was disappointing man. That was disappointing. We had a couple mental errors in that drive and it cost us. It cost us seven points.”

(On Benjamin Watson’s touchdown catch) – “Yeah I tried to get a jam on him and I got I think (Peyton) Hillis came up through the pipe and he kind of picked me a little bit and it kind of rubbed me off him. I was going to take him over from Y (Yeremiah) Bell and like I said he kind of picked me and it messed the timing up.”

(On whether it is fair to put the blame on Chad Henne) – “No man, it’s a team game; it’s a team game. We had opportunities all over the place to make plays and we didn’t make plays today. Even though Chad had his interceptions but we had his back the whole time. We kept coming in and making plays, making plays and we had an opportunity in the end to make one but we just, we just didn’t make it.”

(On what he does as a leader when the quarterback is struggling) – “Just let him know we got his back. We do that before we even go out. Let him know that, be fearless and don’t have no worries, just go out and do your thing. If you make a mistake we got your back. He went out and he played his game; he was fearless and unfortunately it led to a couple picks.”

(On missing Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline) – “Everybody (has) got to step up, everybody (has) got to step up and everybody (has) got to…we was counting on everybody in this league man. If one guy go down, the next guy got to step up and be ready to play and ready to play at a high level. That’s why he’s on the team.”

(On how much this loss hurts) – “It hurts. It sets us back; it sets us back from trying to reach our goals and positioning ourself to where we wanted to be going into New York next week.”

S Yeremiah Bell

(On the 4th quarter) – “We didn’t make enough plays to win the football game, we played hard, we played tough but when we turned the ball over and defensively we didn’t get any.”

(On looking forward to next week) – “We know it was a must have but now we go up to New York and try to beat the Jets. All you can do is go back to practice and go back to work hopefully everything shakes out, they all count from here on out we need every one of them. We needed one today but we didn’t get it we just need to go back to the drawing board and keep playing hard.”

(On the offense not getting it going today) – “You know what we just couldn’t get it going, defensively we couldn’t get it going, we should have made more plays but, we didn’t. We needed that turnover to help those guys out and we didn’t get it.

(On final interception of the game) – “Lucky play, the ball bounced luckily for them, it’s something you don’t see all the time, it just happen to bounce right to him, sometimes that’s how it goes, you don’t want to be on the wrong end of it but we were  so we just have to deal with it”

(On bouncing back from this) – “Keep playing, know that we still have an outside chance, if some teams beat others and we take care of business. We just go back to the drawing board our season isn’t over just keeping your head up and keep playing and we’ll be alright.”

Chad Henne

(On what happened out there) – “I’m just hurting ourselves in the foot (I mean) myself with interceptions and turnovers, a lot of penalties out there hurt our drives. Just an overall execution again that we just didn’t get done.”

(On the last series and what he was looking for) – “(I mean) it’s man coverage and the ball has to be thrown in the flat (I mean) as much you want to—(you know) it’s undercut and if you go the other way that way and (you know) he made a good play on it and he jumped at the right time and kind of tipped up the ball and I gave him a present there.”

(On how does he evaluate his performance while still having inconsistencies in the game) – “Well (I mean) like you said it’s inconsistent and at times I felt good but at the other times (you know) they were zoning us off making me run the ball…scrambled, checked the ball down. So, (you know) good presence in that and they had a good game plan against us and they executed better than us.

(On if he thinks guys were reading him a lot (referencing the many batted down balls)) – “Yeah (I mean) they just got their hands up at the right time and I guess sometimes you get hit and the ball comes out lower but other times maybe you just need to get it up higher for them but you don’t want to get it up too high and let sail on them. But we’ll look at the film and see what I can do to fix it.”

(On how disappointing is this loss)—“(I mean) it’s frustrating but again, it’s not life and death obviously there’s things that I need to fix. But we’ll watch the film and see what happens but you know we can’t just let this bother us. We got the Jets next week…(you know) obviously this lost hurts us but we got to come back understand what we did good and what we did wrong and just fix it.

(On how this game affects the playoff chances)—(I mean) we’re kind of doing it (to) ourselves. (I mean) we’re 6-6 right now and…you got 6-6 and (you know) I don’t know what’s going to turn out—I don’t know what the games were like today but we just got to worry about what we have to get done this week against the Jets.”

(On the first interception and if he saw Brian Hartline late on that pass)—“I was trying to control the safety and it was just underthrown there. He did a really good job with the route and the corner bit on it….just underthrown.”

(On what was he seeing out there and if the defense by the Browns make him feel uncomfortable)—“Yeah I mean they were combo coveraging…some of our guys (you) Davone (Bess) out there and (you know) they were making you work…go through the progression and see if I had checked the ball down and make the smart decision and sometimes I did and then other times the interceptions happened. But they had a good game plan against and how to attack us.”

(On the many tipped balls and how that was hurting to them)—“Yeah (I mean) that’s tough. Especially down there you know you still have time on your hands even if you come out with a punt you still change the field position there and (you know) make them drive the ball. So, it’s definitely disheartening to have that happen.”

(On if he thought they would be able to come back and win the game)—“Oh (I mean) I just thought we needed to execute and run our game plan…and when the plays were there make the plays and if they’re not (you know) check the ball down and be smart with the football.”

(On a 3-10 possession in the game if he changed the play call that turned into a Ricky Williams run)—“I believe so I don’t remember.”

(On not throwing on 3rd and long situations and if running on those possessions affected the team)—“When you have nine guys dropping and eight guys dropping in coverage there’s not many holes out there to throw the ball. So, our best bet is run the ball, see if we can break it open and have our guys up front block for him.”

(On if the Home win-loss record in contrast to the Away win-loss record bothers him)—“Definitely, it’s tough because this is our home field. This should be our home-field advantage and we’re just not playing well at home and I don’t know what the reason is but (you know) it’s tough. It’s not like our attitudes changing (you know) we felt we were emotional today and passionate about what we were trying to get done, but, it’s not fun losing at home.”

(On how crippling is this loss for him with this game being considered a must win)—“Yeah it’s tough but this team is very resilient. (I mean) you see it week in and week out and (you know) it stinks that we go one game on and one game off. We needed to get on a run but (you know) we just…this team is going to keep fighting. We’re going to see what we can get done this week in practice and play our hearts out against the Jets.”

(On if this game shakes his confidence)—“(I mean) it’s tough to throw three interceptions and let that bother you but my personality is kind of (you know) it hurts and I affected the team by it, but, really understand what I did wrong, try to fix it and (you know) go about staying positive about my teammates because that’s what they need from me right now is being positive and (you know) giving them a chance to win.”

(On if the play calling affected the team out there)—“No, (I mean) we can’t change what was called…and (you know) we run what’s called and you have to execute what’s called. It was a good plan that we had. We just need to execute it better on offense.”

T Jake Long

(On the reason the team plays better on the road vs. home) “I don’t know.  I think home and away has nothing to do with it.  We just didn’t come out and play our best football today.”

(On how the loss feels with all that was on the line) “It’s tough.  I hate losing, but we’re not going to hang our heads.  We’re going to get back to work, get better, and get back to winning.”

(On the initial reaction to the last play, the interception) “I mean, you just try and run down and make a tackle, and hopefully something crazy can happen for us, but that wasn’t the only thing that happened.  The whole team just didn’t play good enough today.”

(On why he though Henne struggled today) “It was all of us.  We all struggled.  We all didn’t play good enough as a team.”

CB Sean Smith

(On today’s game) – “Definitely a tough game, the situation we were in. We couldn’t afford to lose one, we need every win we can get. Definitely not out, were still in this thing, we need to go over the film, make corrections and get ready for next week.”

(On being tripped covering Browns Mohamed Massaquoi) – “They ran crossing routes and I got tripped up, we were in man coverage I was trying to follow him and I just tripped up that’s it.”

(On having a handle on what they were doing late in the game) – “They weren’t doing anything that surprised us, pretty much doing everything that was on the film, we didn’t make enough plays when the opportunities came to us. With a team like this you can’t afford to give them any room because they have a great running game and a great quarterback back there that’s going to make good decisions. We were playing good for the most part but in a tight game like that you can’t afford  to give up that one big play.”

(On the success of the tight ends today) – “I could take a little responsibility for that, I covered him a couple of times. He was on those crossing routes getting a pick from the linebackers. It’s just understanding how to try and get him the ball and take it away.

(On Jake Delhomme’s day) –“If you take a look at the past game, he didn’t really take any chances like that. All of his passes were high efficient and safe. He was throwing to running backs in flats, crossing routes we had to worry about someone jumping those routes. Their offensive coordinator did a good job of putting them in good position”

Cameron Wake

(On the defense after they made adjustments after halftime) – “It’s just a tough one, it felt like it got away from us; I mean literally right there all he way to the end, to have it go the other way at the end it hurts. Everybody is out there giving it their all its just one more play, one more play it would have been quite different.”

(On them doing anything out of the ordinary today) – “We went out there and I mean one play, there were situations where the ball was in the air, another sack or forced a fumble, one play it’s the NFL and the margin for error is so small. Literally one play either way and that’s the game”

Head Coach Eric Mangini

(Opening Statement) – “Just talking to the team after the game, I thought this was what we talked about [this game] being; it was a tough game, it was a physical game, it was going to come down to the end and we are use to these games now with them coming down to the wire. What I am happy about seeing is us being able to make the plays when we need to make the plays to win the games. That is part of the steps we are trying to keep making as a team. [I] really felt good about the fact we were able to [force turnovers] – the three turnovers [and] not turn the ball over offensively. [Also] being able to block a field goal on special teams and I think Ben Watson had an outstanding game with 10 catches which is his career high. So I am happy with the outcome, I am happy with the ways the guys continue to work and the resilience that they are showing.”

(On Joe Haden’s play) – “We talked a little bit before the game; this is kind of him coming home in a lot of ways. He is so use to playing in this weather, that it is going to be a little different for him over the next four weeks. This is a nice little break for him, but now we have to enter into the frozen tundra over the next month. So I will get him some foot warmers and stuff and hopefully he continues to play at the same level.”

(On the interception that set up the game winning field goal) – “We had what we call a ‘loaded zone’ and one of the things we have talked about quite a bit with the defense line is the need to get [their] hands up. Batted balls is something we had seen on tape and the awareness as [the defensive line] is rushing if you are engaged with that blocker, if you are not passing him, to get your hands up. Quite a few picks have come off of that so I was happy to see that and the way it developed.”

(On if David Bowens was rushing on the play that led to the Mike Adams’ interception) – “Yea, he was rushing.”

(On if it was a no-brainer to play for a field goal after the Mike Adams’ interception to set up the winning attempt) – “Yea, yep.”

(On Jake Delhomme and if he made an effort not to make the big mistake today) – “Yea and look, no one ever wants to make those mistakes and Jake is the ultimate team guy. As you know, sometimes the best throws are the one that you throw away. He has been working at that; it is not like I am covering new ground here with him and I thought he did a great job with it.”

(On the defense’s impressive play overall) – “There is a lot of challenges from them offensively, especially them running the ball. Those are two talented, talented backs that they have. Then there is the Wildcat component of it. They are going to move the ball, but being able to stiffen when we did and the turnovers. We have gotten quite a few of those over the last month or so and that is huge.”

(On Shaun Rogers’ play today) – “He had one shoe-string tackle that was a big play -I think the guy would have gone for a long way on that play – and the block field goal, the sack.”

(On if Shaun Rogers practiced at all this week) – “No, he didn’t. Well, Saturday’s walk-through if you count that.”

(On the potential interception Jake Delhomme threw near the end of the game) – “You know that miserable slow motion feeling? It was a little bit of that, but it didn’t so I was happy with that.”

(On if he was surprised that Mike Adams had an opportunity to intercept the pass by Chad Henne) – “I was really happy to see it.”

(On if he was able to follow the pass once it was deflected by David Bowens) – “No, I lost it. It is like anytime I play golf. Pretty much every shot I take, I lose the ball. It was one of those.”

(On if he felt it was going to be one of those games where one mistake could decide the outcome) –“Yea, I felt that way. Their defense is salty, a Top 10, [Top] 15 [defense] in a number of different categories; it is hard to move the ball on them consistently. Take your pick of defensive categories; they are one of the best in the league. I thought we would respond defensively this week, which we did, and just grind it out and slug it out.”

(On the success of the passing game during the 94-yard touchdown drive) – “They were loading the box up so much, [the passing game] is where the opportunities were. Again, the play of Ben Watson and the way he was able to help us move the chains [by] pressuring the inside part of the defense. Now, some of those other things opened up outside and it was nice to see [Mohamed Massaquoi] come down with that. He is not an overly emotional guy, but he was fired up there.”

(On how he feels about his team right now) – “We have been in every single game. We have lost some close ones so it is nice to win these close ones and what I look for that continuation along that path. That is a thing that is learned here, resilience is learned. This is a really good group of people that care about each other a lot. It is just nice to see them be rewarded for what they do each week.”

(On what Abram Elam continues to do each week to put himself in a position to succeed) – “He is consistent, that is the main thing. He is consistent; he just gets better as a pro each year. That work ethic, his ability to run the defense, his comfort level with T.J. [Ward] and the rest of the guys, I think that is improved over the course of the season so he doesn’t have to make every single [play] call and there is some more ability for him to just play.”

(On the goals for the team the rest of the season) – “Win every game that is in front of us. That is it and see what happens at the end of the season when you do that. We never look past the next game, but that is the main goal. Outside of that, it is to keep getting better and to play a certain style of football. That is always the most important thing to me; that emotional, tough, physical style of play and it goes such a long way to deciding outcomes.”

(On if he felt from the beginning of the game the emotion was there) – “Yea, I know the defense was tired was tired of hearing me get on them and they were tired of hearing [defensive coordinator] Rob [Ryan] get on them and we are looking each week for all three sides are pushing the same way [where] there is no ebb and flow there and we are tough when we do that.”

(On the main difference with his team from one year ago to now) – “Wish there was one thing you could point to, [but] there are a lot of things. We understand each other a lot better. We understand what we are trying to achieve collectively a lot better. We are further along in the system and a lot of guys have heard me say everyone ‘everyone likes progress, but very few people are comfortable with change’ and there had to be a lot of changes. With that, as you go through it, there are some hard times, but that is where growth comes and there is some pain along the way, but that is where growth comes. I like to think we are still growing.”

DB Mike Adams

(On what he saw during his interception) – “Actually we were in a cover 5 defense and my man was in the backfield. And, as much as he was in the backfield, I was going to blitz the quarterback and try to get a sack. But I saw him about to release it, so I stepped back a little bit and I think when, um, my D lineman got his hand up, coincidently, I got my hands on it. So I got an early Christmas gift.”

(On whether he could take his interception all the way to the end zone) – “Yeah. Um, I’m kinda happy I didn’t. I think there was a minute twenty left so, get our offense time to run the clock out and then just kick the field goal. That’s not what I was really thinking. I was thinking six. But, the only reason I got caught was because the gunner, the play before, my legs got tired.”

(On whether he saw the ball get deflected) – “I definitely saw it get deflected. Like I said, I was about to blitz and I saw the quarterback about to release the ball, once he did, I just grabbed on to it.”

(On winning today’s game) – “I think it’s about time for us to win some games like that. Two years ago, or even last year, you can remember us losing a game like that. Fortunately, this year, it’s turning our way. So a win is a win.”

LB David Bowens

(On what he saw on the deflected pass) – “We saw in the first four games (you know) we looked at all of the games we don’t just look at the last four. His first four games I think he had twelve balls deflected. So what we wanted to do is if we didn’t get enough pressure just to get a hand up. That happened a couple of times today.”

(On if this was his first time back in Miami) – “No. this is my third time back. Feels good man. It’s been a while; I feel a little emotional coming back home.”

(On what he thought when Nolan Carroll dropped the interception) – “Oh shoot I just thought not again you know but everything happens for a reason and I think that when he didn’t drop it I was just you know I would’ve been really ticked off. But he didn’t and we were able to get them in a situation we wanted to get them in where we knew they were going to pass and we finished the game. You know we had some troubles at the end of the games lately but we found a way to win and that’s all that matters.”

(On being a playmaker at 33 years of age) – “You know I always, that’s my fuel. You know every game, give them a reason. You know to play. Give them a reason to think why they shouldn’t count me out. I have a lot of experience in this game and every game I go into I think I can make a play that’s going to help us win the game.”

(On the  Cleveland defense) – “We do a good job of scouting all week. Understanding what we can do and where their weaknesses are. We knew going in there that if we can sustain our coverage and get some kind of pressure on the quarter back that we were going to get our chance to get some opportunities for interceptions and all we had to do was get in there and execute.”

WR Joshua Cribbs

(On how big it was to get this win) – “It’s huge to win a game on the road. We need to start playing one game at a time and make the count. It’s important to keep winning ballgames so we’re focused on ourselves.

(On what it would mean to finish the season with 8 or 9 wins) – “It would be big. It would show we got better. We would be a lot better than we were last year. Even though it would be minimal. Then we can look at the season as a whole and see how well we really got better.”

(On if they tried anything special on special teams to try and flip the field) – “Yeah, we did. But there’s only so much you can do there. You try to execute and make plays on special teams in a close game. My job was to follow my blockers and not let my injuries set back the unit.”

QB Jake Delhomme

(On what made the game open up) – “I’m not sure but we made some plays and we knew going in that this was going to be a game of attrition. They’re a very, very good defense and I think we know that by what they did to Oakland who was running the ball very well. Even the game before that against Chicago, they had some quarterback issues but they did a good job of controlling Chicago that night also. They’re big, physical, strong and they keep everything in front of them. Early on we were trying to establish the run and the pass, but in the second half we needed to lean a little bit more on the pass. We were trying to use that a little to try and open up the running game. Everybody involved did well. The O-line gave me a lot of time on the play action fakes, Ben Watson made some big plays and certainly Mohamed Massaquoi. It was a great team win.”

(On how much he enjoyed the week) – “It never gets old hat winning in the NFL and I keep saying that I appreciate it so much more now. I’m not in that state where it’s a relief, this is pure joy and I feel awesome that we got a win. We did some decent things in the past, and that’s what I was proud of. We all know that we try to hang our hat on running the football but we were able to pass the football today. It was a great win.”

(On the attempt to Mohammed Massaquoi) – “I tried to back shoulder it. With that corner pressed on him that was my first read and I tried to put it to the back shoulder. It was close and I told Mo that I had to make a better throw and he told me that he had to make that catch. We both know that we need to do it a little bit better next time.”

(On if he felt comfortable) – “I felt better. Last week playing the Panthers was one thing but also not playing for so long, and then getting out to practice with these guys makes a big difference. I felt more at ease at practice on Wednesday than I did the Wednesday before. There were extreme nerves when I went out Thanksgiving week because I hadn’t been out there and we’re doing our no huddled stuff and as a quarterback you want to be right. Those guys have to believe in you. Those other ten sets of eyes in the huddle have to believe in the guy calling the plays. I felt a lot better this week.”

(On the pass to Watson that was almost intercepted) – “It was a hot read. He was hot and he broke out, they were playing their blitz zone and the corner was trapping. I tried to get it out as quick as I could, I didn’t have good vision on where the defender behind him was and the corner. Yeah, it makes me smile. Ben broke out and I knew where he was going but they were trying to trap it.”

(On how much was it is mind today to not make that big mistake) – “That’s in my mind every time I step out onto the field. Last week there was one pass that I wish I had back. That’s it, I made a poor decision but today a couple of times things broke down I threw it away. I was probably just trying to do too much. I think they had three and we had none and that was without a doubt the difference in the game.”

(On if he felt that some of the breaks are now going his way) – “You never know. This is the NFL and things go your way sometimes and sometimes they don’t. Last year we had enough things go wrong for a career so I’m going to enjoy it.”

(On the play of the defense) – “I’d love to tell you more but I don’t watch them much. We’re on the sidelines and we’re going over plays, we’re looking at pictures, we’re making adjustments and we’re talking about the next series. To hold this offense to ten points was huge. They have a lot of weapons. Both running backs are extremely good and I think that Chad Henne is a fine young quarterback. The defense without a doubt should get a game ball.”

DB Abram Elam

(On his interception) – “Well, you know, I was reading the quarterback and I saw an opportunity to make a play. The quarterback threw the ball, so I kinda had to concentrate a little bit to pull it in, but I was thankful for the opportunity to make a play for my team.”

(On getting an interception in front of his hometown crowd) – “It means a lot, knowing the people who came out supporting me today. Just thankful. I’m blessed to be in the situation I am. I just thank God for allowing me to continue to live out my dream.”

(On getting satisfaction from playing in South Florida) – “Well it’s crazy. Pulling up to the stadium I was in tears. I remember dreaming, as a little kid, playing and hoping to one day be playing in this stadium. Now I am living it out. So it was great. I’m thankful for the win. My teammates played well. I’m thankful for the win.”

(On if he thought Henne was off balance all day) – “He played well. He didn’t give us many opportunities to come up. But when they did we were able to capitalize on them. Great young quarterback and they have a great line protecting him. Just fortunate for us to be able to come out with a win today.”

(On how the Browns secondary is playing overall) – “We played well. We’re coming together as a unit. Joe’s stepping up and making plays every week. T.J. is always solid comin down and being a force. And Sheldon: he’s the leader out there and doing well. So we continue to improve and we continue to stand up when challenges come our way.”

(On making plays every week) – “Just steady doing my job. Being consistent. Being able to step up when my number is called and being what our team needs. I don’t think my preparation has changed. I don’t think my playing has changed. Just, when these opportunities come, I’m making the plays now.”

CB Joe Haden

(On how it felt to be playing in South Florida) – “It felt real good. It was special to have my family out there. The weather too. It was perfect football weather out there.”

(On what he saw out there when intercepting the ball) – “Just the one thing: They like to, just because I’m a rookie, do the double moves on me. That’s the only way they can try to get over the top. They are not gonna out run me. I’m real aggressive. Just like a Jackson move, and my speed, I look back and make the play.”

(On matching up with the Dolphins) – “We just felt like we could match up with them one on one. With Marshall being out, our corners matched up great with their receivers. So we just went out there; a lot of the stuff we did out there was man to man. We felt confident to do that. So, we just played man coverage and felt real comfortable like we knew what they were going to do against us.”

(On being involved in so many plays in the game) – “It felt good, definitely. I studied a whole lot of film this week. It’s my second start officially. I just felt like I did a good job. My coaches, they just always stay on top of me. Coach Henderson is always saying ‘I just want you to be the best,’ so he’s always staying on top of me making sure I’m doing my stuff. I just felt real comfortable and real confident out there.”

(On returning to the stadium for the first time since the 2008 BCS Championship Game) –“This place is lucky.”

(On his interception) – “The same thing happened in Jacksonville. He basically ran a double. I’m very aggressive, so I jumped and then I looked back, and with my speed I caught up to him.”

(On the Browns run defense) – “That’s what we emphasize the most. That’s what we work on in practice. We just get into position to get the tackle. We felt that helped us a lot today.”

(On whether he felt Miami had one more turnover left in them) – “The coach said to the secondary that ‘someone had to make a play.’ Then Mike came through and made the play.”

(On taking shots deep on him) – “They kept throwing it at me. I don’t know why. They just kept trying and I just kept knocking it down.”

LB Matt Roth

(On his thoughts about returning to Miami to play the Dolphins) – “I mean, it went good. (The experience) ended with a ‘W’. I wasn’t feeling too good the last couple weeks and I had to muster the energy to come in here. I knew this was a big game for us and obviously this was my old team.”

(On if he had any feelings or motivation of redemption coming into the game) – “No. I have no animosity towards my old teammates, you know. There’s a lot of those guys that I respect and love and for five years built real good relationships. Basically, the falling out was between me and management. And that had nothing to do with my teammates, you know. I respect those guys and it’s mutual. You make a lot of friends, you know, you play some years in this league. I had nothing against them (former teammates).”

(On if he will put his grudge with the Dolphins behind him and move on with his career) – “Yeah, I came to do everything I wanted to do. I got an arbitration (hearing) in a couple of months and I feel one hundred percent confident I’ll win that. Came here and got my win. It’s everything I wanted to do.”

(On his thoughts about the unnecessary roughness foul called on him for a late hit on Henne late in this first half) – “I did hit him hard. I just came inside on a pass rush move and, you know, (Chad) Henne was there and we kind of just barely tapped helmets. I didn’t think it was a foul. Hopefully I don’t get fined for it. Hopefully they watch the tape and see it was, you know, completely accidental or there was no real contact there.”

(On if he thought he was called for the late hit because of the NFL’s increasing crack down on hits to the quarterback) – “You’d have to ask the ref. It was nothing dirty towards Henne. I like the guy, respect the guy.”

TE Ben Watson

(His thoughts about his touchdown and how the play developed) – “It was a play we practiced. I had a little crossing route and Jake (Delhomme) just waited for me and threw the ball. It just opened up, kind of liked how we worked on.”

(On how important the no-huddle offense was in executing his touchdown) – “Well the whole game we wanted to kind of push the envelope and do the no huddle and do the speed ball. You know, keep the peddle down on them. You know sometimes it works for us and sometimes it doesn’t.”

(On the offense being quiet in the first half but then putting together the drive in the third quarter and scoring on his TD) – “As an offense you just try to get in a rhythm. And on that drive we were definitely in a rhythm. It’s kind of like of how it’s been all year, as you know. We’ve been kind of streaky here and there. We definitely would like to move it like that all the time but it just doesn’t work that way sometimes. On that drive in the second half we really started getting into a rhythm and moving the football.”

(Did Jake Delhomme play more confident today since he had missed 10 weeks of action prior to last week) – “I think any time, even if you’re an old pro like he is, anytime you take that much time off its tough coming back.”

6:05 PM

Direct link to today’s Browns-Dolphins photo gallery. Over 100 pictures. http://cle.scout.com/3/photogallery.html?num=100181

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire
OBR Newswire on December 5th, 2010 AT 6:00 PM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for December 5th from 01:17 to 17:56:

Browns Post Game Notes
Barry McBride on December 5th, 2010 AT 5:44 PM

Provided by the team…

·         Kicker Phil Dawson connected on a 23-yard field goal as time expired to give the Browns a 13-10 victory. The kick marked Dawson’s 14th career game-winning field goal and his second in as many games.

·         Quarterback Jake Delhomme completed 24 of 34 passes for 217 yards with one touchdown and a 97.3 passer rating. He improved 56-39 (.589) in his career as a starter and 2-1 with Cleveland.

·         The Browns improved to 7-7 all-time against the Dolphins and 2-3 in Miami. Today marked their first win in Miami since a 28-0 shutout on October 25, 1970 at the Orange Bowl.

·         Over the last two years with the Browns, Head Coach Eric Mangini is now 5-1 during December/January and has won the last five contests during that span.

·         Rookie defensive back Joe Haden recorded his team-leading fifth interception of the season. He became the first Brown to record an interception in four straight games since Ernie Kellerman in 1968 in games 10-13. That same season, Ben Davis had an interception in seven straight games from October 20 – December 1. Games 10-13

·         Haden’s five interceptions are the most by a Browns rookie since 2006 when Daven Holly had five.

·         Haden also recorded a career-best four pass defensed. He has a team-high 15 on the season.

·         Tight end Benjamin Watson set a career-high with 10 receptions, totaling 100 yards and one touchdown. His reception total and yardage total are the most by a Brown this season. He has a team-leading three receiving touchdowns this season and 23 in his career.

·         Watson became the first Brown to post 100 receiving yards in a single-game since Mohamed Massaquoi registered 115 at Detroit on November 22, 2009. The output was Watson’s second career 100-yard performance.  He is the first Browns tight end to do it since Kellen Winslow had 107 yards on 10 catches on November 25, 2007 against Houston.  Watson is the first Brown to have 10 receptions in a game since Winslow had 10 on November 6, 2008 against Denver.

·         Defensive lineman Shaun Rogers recorded his 14th career blocked field goal and first this season. He has also blocked three career PATs. It was Rogers’ first blocked field goal since October 4, 2009, against Cincinnati.  The Browns have three blocked field goals this year.

·         Rogers also recorded a sack and has 1.5 on the season and 37.5 in his career.

·         Running back Peyton Hillis tied a career-high with seven receptions, totaling 22 yards, and tallied 57 rushing yards on 18 carries.

·         Wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi totaled a season-best 81 receiving yards on four receptions.

·         Punter Reggie Hodges booted nine punts for 438 yards (48.7 average) with one inside the 10-yard line to increase his league-leading total to 13 on the season.

·         Defensive back Abram Elam recorded his second interception of the season and led the Browns with seven tackles. Over the last three games, Elam has totaled 20 tackles, two interceptions, two sacks, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery which he took 18 yards for a touchdown.

·         The Browns have allowed just 26 first quarter points all season. Over the last six games, Cleveland has outscored its opponents 44-13 in the opening frame.

·         Defensive back Mike Adams intercepted his second pass of the season with 1:05 remaining in the fourth quarter and returned it to the Dolphins’ two-yard line to set up Phil Dawson’s game-winning field goal. Adams has nine career interceptions.

·         The Browns’ defense has recorded at least one interception in each of the past seven contests for the first time since 2008, when they registered one in eight straight games. Over the last three games the Browns have eight interceptions.

·         Defensive back Sheldon Brown has appeared in all 140 regular season games in his career, which began with Philadelphia in 2002. His streak is the second-longest among all active defensive backs.

·         Offensive lineman Joe Thomas has started all 60 career games at left tackle and has not missed an offensive snap since joining the Browns as the third overall pick in the 2007 draft.

·         Defensive back Sabby Piscitelli made his Browns debut after joining the team via waivers on Wednesday.

·         The Browns were called for just four penalties today and have registered just 29 in their last seven contests (4.1 average).

5:17 PM

@stevesirk If you could provide some Sirkian Scribblings,we would be happy to scrabble together a Patties. My twee-meter is in the red.

5:07 PM

VOTE! Gameballs and Goats: Who do you think are today’s heroes and goats? Help us make sense of today’s low-scor… http://bit.ly/hJOuT1

5:07 PM

Defense Propels Browns to Win: Interceptions and stout run defense were key in a 13-10 Browns victory made possi… http://bit.ly/ecXcHO

4:36 PM

Gameballs and Goats Voting is OPEN! http://cle.scout.com/3/gameballs.html

4:15 PM

Happy to help :-) "@sportstalkCLE: Thanks AT&T Uverse for cutting out with 3 minutes left – @TheOBR saved the day for me on Twitter"

3:55 PM


3:51 PM

Henne’s pass batted down INTERCEPTED BY MIKE ADAMS!!! Returns it to the two yard line! 54 secs left!!!

3:50 PM

Browns go three and out, punt to Miami. They have a third and nine at their 26, 1:05 left.

3:50 PM

@DaneMoore You’re right. That was today’s serving of pick-six. The Dolphins turned it down, for whatever reason.

3:48 PM

Oh my. Cameron Wake sacks Delhomme at the Browns 31. That makes it 3rd and ten with 1:49 left.

3:47 PM

@jmuss67 Vickers was slowed in practice due to a calf problem and just doesn’t seem to be part of the game plan.

3:46 PM

@ametola This on the scoring scale, with European soccer as 1 and Arena Football at 100, this is about a 12. If you like defense, though…

3:42 PM

Miami takes a timeout. Second and eight at the 20, 3:04 left.

3:40 PM

Fins do the three-and-out thing as well as the Browns. Browns ball at their 18, game tied, 3:39 left.

3:37 PM

Browns fall one yard short of crawling out of a first-and-20 situation. Fins ball at their 22, 4:42 left, tied at 10.

3:35 PM

Ben Watson now has 10 catches for 100 yards and a TD. Please set aside one gameball.

3:31 PM

Browns and Dolphins have quickly returned to form. Fins go three-and-out as well. Browns ball at the 20, 7:20 left.

3:18 PM

Henne comes back in and fires an 11-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano. BROWNS 10, DOLPHINS 10, 10:27 left.

3:16 PM

Dolphins now second and six at the Browns 13 and using the wildcat. 11:30 left in the game. BROWNS 10, DOLPHINS 3

3:13 PM

As we start the fourth quarter, the Dolphins offense is showing signs of life as well. Fins at the Browns 34, with 14:14 left in the game.

3:12 PM

@Jerryst1 VIckers had calf problems earlier this week. They just don’t seem to have him as part of the offensive gale plan today.

3:05 PM

Delhomme to Watson TOUCHDOWN!!! Where did that come from? 95 yards, mostly through the air. BROWNS 10, MIAMI 3, 1:16 3Q

3:05 PM

Delhomme to Watson TOUCHDOWN!!! Where did that come from? 95 yards, mostly through the air. BROWNS 10, MIAMI 3, 1:16 3Q

3:04 PM

Halftime: Browns 3, Dolphins 3: A 60-yard field goal as the first half expires ties a battle of ineffective offenses. http://bit.ly/gWkTWK

3:02 PM

Signs of life! Woo hoo!! Delhomme hits Massaquoi downfield for 37 yards to the Browns 46. Then 15 yards to Watson. Browns at Miami 39.

2:59 PM

Browns pinned back at the 5 with 4:56 to go, 3Q. BROWNS: 3, DOLPHINS: 3. Question about why Browns are rarely on national TV: Answered.

2:57 PM

My jaw is just sort of hanging open at the game that Joe Haden is having. Wow.

2:53 PM

It’s a Kelly Holcomb flashback moment! @DaneMoore @TheOBR Ive never seen a QB stare down his receiver from snap to throw like Jake just did

2:52 PM

Dawson hooks a 47 yard field goal and the score stays tied at 3. 7:12 left in the third quarter.

2:50 PM

Your Ben Watson update. Watson 73 yards. Rest of offense 64 yards.

2:48 PM

Ben Watson responsible for nearly half (51 yards) of the Browns offensive output (107 yards).

2:40 PM

Browns come out in the second half, Delhomme at the helm, go three and out. Dolphins ball, 13:15 3Q, BROWNS 3, DOLPHINS 3

2:27 PM

Meandering first-half thoughts in the world-famous Scribbles in a Dorkbook: http://cle.scout.com/2/1028401.html

2:26 PM

@IUPUIGUY82 Just wrote that in the Dorkbook. At least Wallace might be able to create something outside the tackles.

2:23 PM

@GoBigBlueFL Your guess is as good as mine. Our wildcat is in its cage, slowly starving.

2:21 PM

Dan Carpenter kicks a 60-yard field goal as the clock runs out in the first half. Yeesh. BROWNS 3, DOLPHINS 3. Halftime.

2:18 PM

Miami drove to the Browns 29, but a sack by Rogers and a penalty has given them a third-and-27 at the Browns 46 with 14 seconds left.

2:14 PM

@johndgarden Don’t be fooled by all those interceptions. Haden ran a slow 40 time before the draft, so it’s clearly a wild streak of luck.

2:10 PM

Phil Dawson hits a 32-yard field goal to put the Browns up 3-0 with 1:43 left. Credit those three points to Abe Elam.

2:05 PM

Joe Haden’s picks in four straight games ties a Browns record held by Ernie Kellerman.

2:05 PM

Evan Moore’s return is questionable with a hip injury.

2:04 PM

Ben Watson to the rescue again. Delhomme hits him on a third-and-seven for a first down on the Dolphins 18. Time out Cleveland, 2:05 2Q.

2:02 PM

@jeannathomas Especially on this team. @Reggie_Hodges has been a real find for the Browns.

2:02 PM

Another PICK! Abe Elam grabs another one and returns it to the Miami 30. 3:24 2Q, no score.

1:56 PM

Browns offense falters again, but Hodges, Adams and Piscitelli conspire to pin the Dolphins back at the one-yard line. 0-0, 5:57 2Q

1:52 PM

Biggest story of the week! “Joe Haden Returns to Florida” > “Quitness Returns to Cleveland”. Right? Right? #DelusionalWebdork

1:50 PM

Haden instrumental in forcing a three and out for Miami. Browns in good field position at their 41. 9:20 left in the first.

1:44 PM

Haden’s emergence means better days are ahead – the draft class looks great – but the Browns go three-and-out after the pick. 10:58 left 2Q.

1:41 PM

Joe Haden PICKS OFF ANOTHER ONE! Browns ball at the 36, 12:22 left. Joe Haden is looking spectacular so far. Fifth pick of the year.

1:39 PM

Browns get a first down but quickly punt again. Dolphins ball again with 12:34 left in the second quarter. They’re at their 24, no score.

1:35 PM

We hit the end of the first quarter. Browns are fortunate to be tied at 0-0 after gaining just 27 yards in the first quarter.

1:27 PM

@c_p_shepard I’d be happy with no pick-sixes at all, but if it’s going to happen, let’s get it over with.

1:26 PM

Hillis gets the Browns a first down, but they wind up punting again. Dolphins ball at their 30, 3:09 left, 1st quarter.

1:20 PM

Browns and Dolphins trade punts. Browns ball at their six with 5:16 left in the first quarter. No score.

1:13 PM

If you like yourself some in-game stream-of-consciousness nattering, the Dorkbook is live: http://cle.scout.com/2/1028401.html

1:12 PM

The Dolphins first drive goes 62 yards, but is squashed by Joe Haden and then goes for nothing thanks to Shaun Rogers block of a field goal!

1:01 PM

Tales from a Dorkbook: Pre-game, in-game, and post-game scribbles from a real live dork! Yep, I’m just scribblin… http://bit.ly/ePknDx

10:58 AM

Browns-Dolphins: Live Game Chat: Join us here, on the forums, or in old-school chat during the game! (The OBR is… http://bit.ly/dKJAb4

10:58 AM

Browns-Dolphins: Live Game Chat: Join us here, on the forums, or in old-school chat during the game! (The OBR is… http://bit.ly/dKJAb4

9:58 AM

@davidlskeen If it were just him I’d survive, but it’s spreading. it must be stopped. Now.

9:27 AM

Nothing personal, but can we have a moratorium on articles described as “scribbles”? It’s twee… nails on the chalkboard for me. Thank you.

9:08 AM

@dbarhoover Nice! Remember “12 Days of Browns Christmas”? Just needs a few beer-shaped packages under the tree. ;-) http://yfrog.com/b5uyh0j

9:08 AM

@dbarhoover Nice! Remember “12 Days of Browns Christmas”? Just needs a few beer-shaped packages under the tree. ;-) http://yfrog.com/b5uyh0j

8:54 PM

The Browns have announced that Scott Fujita is officially now “out” for tomorrow’s game against Miami. Please, no gasping in surprise.

6:08 PM

Browns-Dolphins: Don’s Game Preview: The Dolphins present challenges on both sides of the ball, with a ferocious… http://bit.ly/igWtgO

Special Event: Through the Eyes of a Defensive Lineman
Barry McBride on December 4th, 2010 AT 4:46 PM

Looks like a cool event for a good cause. Figured our blog peeps would want to know about it.

The Cleveland Touchdown Club Charities Presents:

“Through the Eyes of a Defensive Linemen”

The Cleveland Browns as Photographed By Jerry Sherk
A Panel Discussion and Photo Viewing of the Kardiac Kids

Jerry Sherk, Dick Ambrose, Doug Dieken, Robert Jackson, Greg Pruitt, Sam Rutigliano

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Kleist Center for Art & Drama
Baldwin-Wallace College
95 East Bagley Road

Doors Open 6:00PM
Program Begins 7:00 PM
Tickets $25

To get tickets, go to the Cleveland Touchdown Club and purchase through Paypal online. Alternatively, you can contact Browns alumni coordinator Tony Dick at tdick@clevelandbrowns.com.


11:05 AM

Couldn’t agree more :-) –> RT @levichloe @TheOBR Blarf!!!!!!

11:02 AM

@RichHL We’ve found that, in general, organizations with “Responsibility” in their title refuse to acknowledge our existence.

LeCharles Bentley on Race and Stereotypes in the NFL
Dave Kolonich on December 4th, 2010 AT 10:32 AM

Interesting read from former Brown LeCharles Bentley, who tackles issues of race and stereotyping in NFL past and present.  Not surprisingly, Peyton Hillis' name pops up.

SF Gate – LeCharles Bentley – Racism Is Alive and Swell In NFL

Bentley makes some important points regarding the roles race plays in determining a player's worth.  However, most significant was this line:

"Many NFL coaches pounded the notion into Hillis’ head that he could only be a fullback in the NFL and he should brush up on his special teams play. Evidently, that’s as far as his skin tone would take him."

While it's obvious that many players are re-directed to different positions based on factors that include race, perhaps Hillis is not the perfect example to be used here.

Beyond race, Hillis' unique skill set and size were the determining factors in his early NFL career.  Hillis' 250-lb. pound frame was a major factor in NFL coaches pushing him into a more traditional fullback role.  Also, it's worth mentioning that the role of NFL Combine workouts and the narrow-minded reliance on 40-yard dash times can often lead scouts and personnel executives to make snap judgments on a player.  In this sense, Hillis' Arkansas teammates Felix Jones and Darren McFadden boasted better workouts than Hillis – and therefore were deemed better running back prospects.

A recent example of this was found earlier in the year, when Joe Haden's draft status seemed to plummet after a subpar Combine workout.  In this respect, the difference between a player being classified as either a running back or fullback, or cornerback or safety often comes down to a half second of performance.

As for Bentley's mention of Hillis needing to "brush up on his special teams play", this is often the case with running backs drafted in the later rounds.  Look no further than this past August, when Cleveland's James Davis made the team's final roster based on his special teams work.

Anyway, the article is worth a read.  Agree or disagree with Bentley, but at least someone is finally pushing the conversation beyond tired references to Mike Alstott.

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