Berea Report: Players Believing

Browns were 1-11 at this point last season; Mangini not thinking about his future

BEREA, Ohio — Eric Mangini said he's still taking it week-to-week and isn't spending a lot of time thinking about what will happen after the season is over concerning his coaching future with the Browns.

"If I did spend a lot of time on it I'd be a hypocrite because I ask everyone else to go one game at a time," he said. "That's a big component of being successful."

At this point in 2009, the Browns were 1-11.

"Last year, was a tough year," he said. "We've taken some strides and there is a real sense of community here. Everybody supports each other in the right ways. We have a lot of guys with resolve and each guy sharpens the other guy."

The players said they believe in what the Browns are doing, compared to a year ago.

"When you're sitting at 1-11, it's hard to believe in anything," Browns left tackle Joe Thomas said. "This year, we have five wins and we feel we're a much better team that. We feel we should've won even more. I definitely think guys believe in themselves and the system more now."

Wins, obviously, do make a difference.

"The difference is we have more wins," Browns defensive back Mike Adams said. "We're playing complimentary football and that helps a lot.

"We have a lot of leadership. We have guys who know how to win and show us on and off the field."

Mangini said he feels the team is making progress, but he is confident that Mike Holmgren will make the right decision.

"I respect Mike and he's going to evaluate things at the end of the season and we have four more games left," he said. "I want to move the team forward and make the team better this week than last week. I want to make sure we collectively do the best job to improve. I like the way the team is responding."

The Browns last two wins over Carolina and Miami are by a combined four points. Mangini said a win is a win, even if it's ugly.

"They're all beautiful," Mangini said. "We've been going through the steps that it takes organizationally to build. We compete in every single game and we've been able to win some games.

"Now, winning consistently is the next step for us. Everybody is pulling in the same direction. There's a comfort level and a commitment to winning. Everything done here is for one reason and that is to win. Each decision is made for that goal."


Injury Update: Mangini said that Evan Moore will be evaluated on Wednesday after suffering a hip injury in the first half. He didn't return. Colt McCoy was to have his ankle evaluated Monday and his status will be updated on Wednesday.

Mangini said that McCoy was to do some work on Monday, as well, and a lot will depend on how the ankle is on Tuesday.

Ball Hawks: The Browns had three interceptions against the Dolphins to give them 18 on the season. The Browns had just 10 all of last season. Joe Haden has five to lead the team.

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