Browns-Dolphins: Gameballs and Goats

The webdork forgot to post these Thursday. We have taken his beer.

SUMMARY: Props to Ben Watson for managing to make the gameball list despite a lack of offense. With him... (shudder)... let's not think about it. The Browns defensive secondary has done a nice flip from the goathorns to the gameball listing as the season has progressed, though.

Player Gameballs
Joe Haden (CB / 23) 290
Ben Watson (TE / 82) 161
Shaun Rogers (NT / 92) 107
Mike Adams (S / 20) 86
David Bowens (OLB / 96) 38
Reggie Hodges (P / 2) 36

Player Goats
Brian Daboll (OC) 108
John St. Clair (OT / 78) 89
Jake Delhomme (QB / 17) 57
Anything Pittspuke 41
Entire Offense 32
Quitnessing 26


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
dawgIN big baby
joe haden was everywhere, great job!!!
Ben Watson
Miami fans with easy to beat Browns sign
Chad Henne
rottnmoore O-line
Chad Henne Right side of the O-line
bankone Gregg Gumbel
gilewicz Defense
GertBFrobe Shaun Rogers Reggie Hodges High Ankle Sprains
houndfromhell Special teams were solid today. -K.R.`s. Fewer, cause their getting better.
Eric Wright CB/21
Joe Haden Eric Mangini
RabidDawg If Haden keeps this Pro Bowl level of play up over the last four games he deserves Defensive Rookie of the Year
idrthrbncleve Entire Defense Daboll, Daboll, Daboll and Daboll
Number1BrownsFan Chad Henne, David Bowens, and Mike Adams OL
Eric Wright
the entire defense
Keith322 Bowens tip was a game ball
The Football gods
run blocking
Dawgpoundr Dino Hall (our backers club guest, and hell of a guy) Kegs that go dry right after kickoff
DAWGDC Ben Watson Michael Adams
PinkFloydFM4 Ben Watson Harry Potter
Reggie Hodges
rutger Chad Henne
djw333 Michigan QBs
Jennifer Lopez for owning the fish
SBinmylifetime Shaun Rogers, Ben Watson, Mohammed Massaquoi, Reggie Hodges, 1/2 for Jake Delhomme Lebron and the Cavs players that were yukking it up with him while he was kicking their ass on the court
slapster Rodgers
offensive lines pass blocking no goat horns!
Pipehitter09 Rodgers - #92 Offensive Line
TpostDawg Defensive Win - Rob and his boys. None it is a Big W.
Tank95 Chad Henne's imitation of Jake Delhomme
eezer Weldon, Lebron
dawgonit0207 Moe Williams for not kissing Lebron's butt like the rest of the Cavs Whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders
EFERG7265 Chad Henne ankles
ben watson
Shaun Rogers
Crunkadelic Coaches
Rob Ryan Ratbirds
DixieDawg Entire Defense Cam Newton/Mike Slive
Walldog David Bowens,Ben Watson,T.J. Ward O-line
Vintage74 Sparono's Porn Stash
Chad Henne's decision making! Field Goal Post & hooking wind !
OL. Brought new meaning to Offensive.
swalidawg Rich Passan, anti Mangini crowd
Rob Ryan TV Announcers
southwestohiofun2000 Defensive-Secondary O-Line
Chad Henne
David Bowens left hand Josh Cribbs toes
Burcher david bowens
Miami Sun Life Stadium PA Announcer
Keith322 Shaun Rogers was a beast against Miami Stuckey consistently runs his patterns short of the 1st down marker.
Invinsor Flipper
mtsames Art and his Baztard David
Entire defense of secondary. And Phil Dawson Pitch plays to Hillis all day don't work. Running plays without probowl Vickers in the backfield dosent work
Art Modell
hegemonic Delhomme for (mostly) having a good game. Delhomme for that one terrible pick six throw.
PKTDawg Delhomme's attempt to throw another pick six
anyone who had anything to do with signing Delhomme
thrillbat Phil 'down the middle' Dawson
dudewheresmygleam 80 degrees and sunshine in Miami
Mike Adams LePUNK " take my greatness to Miami" James
redright Brad Seely
vabrownfan any announcer commenting that this was retrubution for the loss to the Heat Thursday night.
Massaquoi 1st Quarter Flip
rogern Ben Watson
bill01 Joe Hayden, Aban Elam Eric Weight
TaipeiDawg Peyton Hillis
DawgHowl Rob Ryan, David Bowens
Entire offensive line
tochigi Delhomme
Chad Henne
BleedingOrangeandBrown Eric Mangini
BeachBlanketDawg LeBron James
Joe Haden
gdaniels O-Line
Braylon Edwards' Hands
Tburgbucks Chad Henne Delhomme's attempt for a pick 6
John St. Clair
Jake Delhomme Erica Wright
Jake Delhomme

Fan Gameball Comments
brownsclown Another ugly win and I'll take everyone of them. Joe Haden was everywhere today and the entire defense deserves a gameball. On offense Ben Watson was the man today.I think the head coach is really do a good job, not enough for a gameball but certainly a mention is deserved.
I'm very thankful that Henne was more of a liability than Delhomme. Good performance by the defense. Haden is turning into a shutdown corner. Shaun Rogers was all over the place. It was ugly, but it's a win.
bankone The defense tackled well today.

Jake tried to give the game away but thank God the kid from Miami dropped it.
gilewicz Haden, Rogers and Watson had outstanding days. But the entire defense deserves a game ball. They ceretainly won this one for us.
GertBFrobe Defense looked good today. Haden had a great game, he needs to start here on out.
houndfromhell Browns won another sloppy defensive game. They need to keep it up. Better to
win ugly, than lose with style. They are
learning how to finish the games. The Dolphins Defense is solid. Their Q.B.,
not so much.
Hodges not only kicked the snot out of the ball, he saved the last field goal from going bad. Very high snap from our L.S. Pointbriand. The newest additions played some solid special teams today.
KenInToronto Joe Haden played one heck of a game, anyone who did not give him a game ball must not have watched.
IlGreven Basically, in a game where the defenses ruled the day, it was the Browns' D that got it done.
idrthrbncleve Haden is superb, what a great pickup. So is Ward. Has anybody noticed that Elam is playing better now that Wright has been relegated?
Number1BrownsFan Shaun Rodgers continues to be our best defensive player, and if it wasn't for Chad Henne, we don't win this game.
dp10451 Hayden had a great game. Even the announcers were impressed. Watson was there anytime Jake needed him. Best game as a Brown. Even though Jake's performance wasn't pretty while watching it, it ws good statistically. Above all, he didn't turn the ball over. Give the man credit when he earns it.
I had to give the gameball to the entire "D" for holding the fins to 10 points, Reggie Hodges for his clutch punting, and our own version of "Big Ben"!
Dawgpoundr Finally, a break goes the Browns' way after one of those max effort games.
DAWGDC Joe Haden is a monster...great draft pick for us this year. Even when Hartline beat Joe he never gave up like Eric Wright. Peyton Hillis works hard even when put in bad situations. Shaun Rogers for the block field goal and the chase down of Henne. Ben Watson for catching everything thrown at him.
chowdogg Haden had a great game...loved his enthusiasm

Bowen once again is playing well

Delhomme played a good game
Defense came through again.. and any play eric wright was on the field, he seemed to play well
rutger Tom Heckert, Joe Haden and Shaun Rogers. Heckert for drafting Haden and Haden for being Haden, the best CB on this team in 20 years. Rogers for blocking another FG. How many blocked kicks does this guy have. WOW!
FLADAWG1 Mass showed he can catch. With a vet #1 WR to take some pressure off this kid could shine as a #2.
SBinmylifetime Haden looking like the real deal, monster game. Elam is Mr. Big Play here lately. Mo Mass holding on to make big catches. Watson getting it done all year. 1/2 ball to Jake for not screwing it up with the big pick (although he tried once). Hodges with another great job helping with field position
May not be a popular take, but Delhomme was the difference on Sunday. Switch QBs with Miami and we lose by 2 TDs
Pipehitter09 When you are in there big guy, you came through, one step at a time. All we can ask is when you play, PLAY!
TpostDawg This was a Defensive win today and even
though it will go unnoticed Mangini's plan is working.
dawgonit0207 This game was "Fugly". But a "w" is a "w".It's about time the ball bounced the Browns way during the 4th qtr. Why wasn't Haden starting before this week!


froggy60 did hodges leave with a walking boot this week? did a fantastic job even though he punted a ton of times.
The defense played an outstanding game. In fact, the entire organization turned out.
It took 5 Dolphins to strip the ball from you Peyton. You are getting better. 2 other Dolphins were trying to get in on the tackle. You should have given all eleven a chance to get there on that play. Great job by Ben today thanks to Peyton drawing all the attention.
DixieDawg Great win! Just makes me think this team could be in the playoffs if we caught a few early breaks.
88Tornado Thank you Tom Heckert, for getting the type of players Mangini REALLY needs in the off-season and in the draft.
Games23 Joe Haden, good for you for playing well, and good for you for getting lucky twice. Your pick was underthrown, and you probably should have been called on for PI on that pass defense. Anyway, it's good to have lucky players on our team.
Game ball to the bums in the stands wearing Browns shirts! Browns fans rock!!!
dmnc94 Jake wasnt good enuff to get a gameball, but he played well enuff not to get horns
Burcher Great game by the defense! Thank you Miami for continuing to challenge Joe Haden even though it made no sense.
Joe Haden has some serious "ball skill"

Shaun Rogers ability to block kicks is "unprecedented"

Ben Watson can catch
Keith322 David Bowens tip was a game ball play.
Joe Hadan is a tackling machine.
DawgPound23 I'm given Dehommme a gameball bc he didn't do anything stupid to lose the game even if the offense sucked. He had a 97 QB rating and 1 TD and 0 INT.

Rogers was a beast and blocked ANOTHER kick

Haden was everywhere and I think was player of the game. 6 tackles, 4 PD and a INT
Browns fans at Miami stadium. I was there with two other browns fans from the Chicago land area. I was surprised to see so many browns fans. And Miami fans were pretty obnoxious towards many browns fans.

Joey Critical has spoken
If Mangini even thinks about going back to Eric Wright on the island, he needs to be sent to Pittsburgh!
brownsouth I hate to think what we'd be like without this defense. Even with all their breakdowns they make our offense look like Kent State.
FairwaySeeker J. Haden - This guy keeps getting better now that he is on the field more, great 1st rd pick!
B. Watson - Thank goodness someone told Daboll to include the TE more into the pass offense(more E. Moore too,Please)
A. Elam - wow, this is the 2nd week in a row I've picked someone who I couldn't stand earlier.
thrillbat The defense put together a 'bee's knees' effort. GREAT JOB!!!
It's a cornerback!!!
It's a cornerback!!!
I think I"ll call him Joe!!!
Griz13 Way to play tough, Joe Haden.

Nice to feel good about another first-round draft pick.
TaipeiDawg I've always thought Watson was great pickup and he's proving it.
Joe Haden is earning himself a lot of hardcore fans in the Dawg Pound with gutsy play like that.
Mike Adams had a great game obviously.
Peyton Hillis played tough, as always, and took a lot of punishment being keyed on by the D - but it paid off by having the passing game opened up.
Mo Mass had a good game.
Jake DelHomme also had a good game but I still wish Colt McCoy were in there..
DawgHowl Joe Haden: he was all over the field, not only was his pass coverage good he was very good in run support as well. Kid looks like a future pro bowler.

Shaun Rogers: blocked a fg, recorded a sacked and collasped the pocket a number of times.

Ben Watson: In a game where Hillis was held in check, Watson really stepped up and made some big plays throughout the game.
tochigi Haden is phenomenal. JD gets a gameball because of his smarts. Watson played his usual stellar. I think Bowens does not get enough credit. WISH that he was made a starter at ILB instead of the unspectacular and late to tackle Barton.
I wonder if Chad Henne has nightmares about teams from Ohio beating his brains in...
BleedingOrangeandBrown For sticking to the "process" and turning this team into winners.
Writerdawg Overall, the defense won this game, but Delhomme played pretty well and did what was necessary to win.
Tburgbucks Reggie Hodges is a beast... nothing more
Peyton Hillis is exciting to watch (running, catching, blocking, and passing). Joe Haden is everywhere and is developing fast. Maybe he'll give Wright a chance to refocus and comeback and contribute. Shaun Roger may not be making Headlines every play, but he does have game altering plays. T.J. Ward is proving his 2d round worth. Vickers, Thomas, and Hillis are my ProBowl picks.


Fan Goathorn Comments
brownsclown John St. Clair had his hands full today. We must address RT in off season. Entire offense struggled all day. I struggle for a third goathorn but the TV Announcers didn't add much. They acted like they were bored, had never seen a defensive game before. I know both teams struggled but your in Miami, act like you enjoy football even if it is a bad game.
bankone I get it "offensive fireworks" it was not so shut the hell up!
GertBFrobe Boy, do we need Colt McCoy back!
houndfromhell I did notice Alex Mack on the ground
on his knee`s alot this game. It looked
like the defensive linemen of the Dolphins took turns Bitch slapping Mack
for most of the game.
St.Clair was the best player on their defense. Mr.Turnstyle.Very slow.
Offensive play calling was terrible the first half, and spotty in the second half. Tell Dabol that you can fake handoffs to your stud R.B. and try play action. Stop with the predictable
Hillis left, Hillis up the middle, and Hillis for a short pass out of the backfield. Where was Evan Moore today?
Did he dress or not?
Dabol is holding this offense back.
Keep Dabol, but for the love of God, Let
someone else call the plays during the game!!!
Eric Wright got burnt right off the bat. He leaves, now Haden takes his spot
and the defense beats up their offense
throughout most of the game.
Haden is Mr.Mighty Mouse, in a good way.He dont back down and packs a punch!!!
Eric Wright has a destiny with unemployment.
KenInToronto Cribbs should not have been playing, I'll chalk it up to injury.
idrthrbncleve Daboll must go. I don't care that he is a nice guy or really smart or knows football,he is a terrible OC. Almost anybody would have been better than that travesty of a playcalling mess. Even when it got better in the 2nd half it reverted to bad.
Number1BrownsFan Daboll continues to regress, as does the OL. Heckert gets one again for not addressing the lack of talented play makers in the passing game.
dp10451 Too many three and outs to suit me. I understand that Miami has a good defense, but in a tight game like this you have to reach down and grab that something extra. Also Peyton was busting his ass as usual, but he didn't get a lot of help from the O-line.
alaskanbrownsfan Gaud does Jake SUX
Because I thouhgt I saw #21 out there.
Fire Daboll and Please...Please...Please sit down St. Clair!!!
Dawgpoundr Hard to find much fault in this game, gotta appreciate the effort.
DAWGDC Brian Daboll who has no clue how to call an offense, if you know there keying in on the running game then take some shots down field and why doesn't he use Evan Moore I just don't understand him at all!! Jake is the worst QB in the last 3 years please don't start him for the rest of the season...PLEASE!!!! Massaquoi has no clue how to make sight adjustments when we are being blitz...he has to learn how to do that if he wants to be just a descent wide receiver!!! Michael Adams was look dead into Henne's eyes there is no way he should have let that pass being completed and he lucked up with the interception
We trade for Defense Lineman Jayme Mitchell with a 6th round draft pick and he has been inactive for every signal game i do believe
rutger It's another win. No goats.
FLADAWG1 Delhomme almost gave it away again, he tried but the opposition wouldn't cooperate with him. He's a vet and can't figure out how to throw it away? Put him on permanent clip board duty.
SBinmylifetime Oh for when we have a right side on our O-line that doesn't include John "revolving door" St. Clair. Daboll spent way too much time repeating what wasn't working in an incredibly unimaginative offensive game plan. Pittspuke pulled another one out of their ass. Would love to be their spoiler on week 17.
roscoe2009 Jake suck's,we need Colt to get back in a hurry.Jake threw another pick 6 that would have cost us the game.We are lucky that Miami's defensive back can't catch.Daboll is BAD and need's to be fired at end of season.If Mangini doesn't let Daboll go then he need's to be fired also.
Mike Bell, where are you? Hillis will get himself killed without a decent backup
Pipehitter09 Will the real Offensive line, please stand up!
dawgonit0207 Nice Game plan Daboll. Miami held the Raiders to under 30 yards rushing last week and you choose to ignore that fact. Keep Mangini, Ryan and Seely but get rid of Daboll!


froggy60 again plays not called in on time and we have to burn a time out. are you ever going to learn to read the clock?

matt why the stupid personal foul?

chansi leave to run routes that will get you a forst down. not a 2 yard route and try to run for 5 yards.
The only thing that could have made sunday better is a new rule that makes it possible for Pukesburge and the Ratbirds to loose at the same time when they play each other.
DixieDawg No Browns goats today...SEC commissioner Mike Slive is a spineless POS.
Walldog Still think there are problems with the OL,no quality pass rusher(s)and no #1 WR.
88Tornado Any fan that thinks we'd be better off if we lose games for draft position is an idiot.
bluezhound Why is turnstile St Clair still on the roster ? how is he still in the league ?? he cant block anybody !
Pisspuke fans are idiots!!
Burcher Why does Chansi stuckey continuously run routes that are 2-3 yards short of the 1st down marker!
The guy is nauseating. The Miami fans are OK not AH's like Pittspuke,or Giants
Jake Delhomme stinks

Mike Adams let the TD score to Fasano against him
Keith322 The Miami game was the worst game I've seen Sheldon Brown play.
Our O-line is struggling big time. Many believe our first round pick in 2011 will be D-line or WR, it may be O-line.
DawgPound23 St. Clair sucks and anything S**tsburgh in Ohio is gay
mtsames Art and his two Baztards
Daboll and mangini gotta go.
Daboll and mangini gotta go.
Daboll's play calling is horrible! To get three turnovers and then have to struggle to get 13 points is absurd! The ref who picked up the holding flag on the 3rd down stop needs to be assigned to work only Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Carolina games for the rest of his miserable career.
hegemonic LeBron sucks.
FairwaySeeker B. Daboll - No imagination or idea how to exploit the other teams weaknesses in playcalling!(I know it is hard with Jake D. but please!?!!(Why no wildcat?)
Jake D. - we won in spite of him almost single-handedly trying to give it away! Is Wallace in the dog-house?
E. Mangini - You have to demand better execution from your coordinators in terms of tackling, pressure, & game-calling! Decision-making - Holding J. Haden back, giving Jake carte blanche with no thoughts of yanking him(he still has the worst stats of the 3 QBs!)
Griz13 Delhomme and Daboll can get bent.
DawgHowl Daboll: I thought he misused Hillis in this game and the play calling was often predictable and very questionable at times.

Stuckey: On 3rd and 6 he runs a pattern 4 yards shy of the first down, drives me nuts when receivers do that.
tochigi Can't give goathorns when a team wins, unless the guy does something really stupid. St Clair is over matched, but there is no one else. Really wonder about Barton sometimes...
vick Who ever deserves one
Writerdawg No goathorns when it's a hard fought battle and win like this.
The Fins D were taking turns lining up again John St. Clair so they could try to pad their stats. The right side of the Browns O-line was as open as Paris Hilton on a Friday night and everyone took advantage. I'm sure Coleman (DE), Schaefering (DE) or Rubin (DT) could do a better job at Right Tackle. Jake Delhomme has been playing poorly, but with no time to look for an open receiver the Browns better hope the Defense can play at a high level to continue winning games. Wallace is a better QB if we can't repair the rush.
You took Eric Wright off the list...why? He sucks and should lead goat voting until released by the team


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