The Berea Report: The Day After

Players left wondering what went wrong 24 hours after the 13-6 loss to Buffalo.

BEREA, Ohio — Not much more can be said about the 13-6 loss to the Bills on Sunday.

The players were still asking themselves questions.

"It still feels bad," Joe Haden said. It feels bad watching the tape. They came out and it looked like they wanted it a little bit more. They did a very good job and they played their hearts out."

But how can that be?

"It's pretty disappointing," Alex Mack said. "You want to be successful and you want to do well and you see things in the film that you could've done better. It hurts."

The Browns know that this was a game that they let get away.

"Everybody has bad days," Haden said. "We just didn't play as well as we should have. Everybody has bad days. We just didn't execute like we did. We just have to get better.

"It is upsetting because you don't play the way you know you should," Haden said. "You play well two weeks in a row and get two wins and you feel pretty good about it. Then, you don't play well against a team you feel you can beat. It hurts."

"It's disappointing,"  Mangini said. "There's no other way to describe it."

"We're in the phase of trying to win consistently. We just need to do that better."

Haden was asked what coach said to the team.

"He just felt that we didn't give it all out there," he said. "He just wants us to keep pushing and keep playing like we did the weeks before."

The Browns came out of the gate against Buffalo, moving the ball at will, but were unable to get a touchdown, which seemed to be their undoing. Mack said he was alright with the decision to kick the field goal.

"You want to put points on the board and either way you do it, it's an OK decision," Mack said. "It's early in the game and you have time to make up for it if you don't get it. When it's fourth and inches, you want to believe you can get it."

After the missed touchdown and then the defense forced  a fumble, but the Browns fumbled it right back to the Bills.

"Fumbles hurt us," Mack said. "And we missed a couple of opportunities with mistakes that put us in a bad situation."

Haden agreed.

"It wasn't like (the game) slipped away," Haden said. "They made plays and it just didn't go our way, basically."


Not Seneca: Eric Mangini made it clear that Jake Delhomme will start at quarterback if Colt McCoy isn't able to play against the Bengals.

"I'm going to see where we're at Wednesday and go from there," Mangini said. "(Colt) was at the point to function as the third quarterback.

"I want to be able to look at it objectively."

Mangini was asked if McCoy can't play, if Delhomme would start.

"If Colt can't play, we'll go with Delhomme."

Mangini was asked why he didn't go to Wallace against Buffalo or if McCoy can't go this week.

"We've talked about this quite a bit," he said. "I like both guys. Jake does a lot of things really well."

Wallace talked briefly with the media and seemed frustrated, but kept most of his thoughts in check.

"Seneca is a team guy and I totally get that he's frustrated," Mangini said. "He did a good job when he played."

Mangini defended Delhomme's play where he turned the ball over twice and registered a 49.2 QB rating.

"The game was not all on Jake by any stretch," Mangini said. "I think there were some plays that Jake could've done better, but there are some things with the protection and with the receivers.

"He played like the group did, some good, some bad."

Injury Update: Mangini said that DB Sheldon Brown and LB David Bowens should be ready to play against the Bengals.

By the Numbers: Through 13 games, the Browns are 29th overall in offense (17th rushing, 27th passing). On defense, they are 22nd (23rd rushing, 16th passing)…RB Peyton Hillis ranks sixth in the AFC in rushing with 1070 yards and 11 touchdowns. His average is 4.5 per carry…P Reggie Hodges is fifth in the AFC with a 39.4 net average…CB Joe Haden is third in the AFC with five interceptions. He had a four game streak snapped against Buffalo…LB Marcus Benard is 11th in the AFC in sacks with 7.5.

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