All-Pro Scouting visited the chatroom on Wednesday night, and talked to Browns fans, and fans from all over the NFL. The needs of the Browns and other teams was discussed, along with potential draft sleepers and players expected to be taken in later rounds."> All-Pro Scouting visited the chatroom on Wednesday night, and talked to Browns fans, and fans from all over the NFL. The needs of the Browns and other teams was discussed, along with potential draft sleepers and players expected to be taken in later rounds.">

Matt Gambill Chat Transcript (Part 1)

Draft guru Matt Gambill from <A HREF="">All-Pro Scouting</A> visited the chatroom on Wednesday night, and talked to Browns fans, and fans from all over the NFL. The needs of the Browns and other teams was discussed, along with potential draft sleepers and players expected to be taken in later rounds.

Gridiron hey Matt
MattGambill what up ART and CP
artbtz Hey Matt! Thanks for coming by.
nettss77 heymatt
VT So Matt what's you insight on the draft
ramllov Matt, what is the chance of the Browns taking Hunter, LT? Is he the real deal?
CP hey everybody, I'll be locking the room down soon so it doesn't get out of hand, so send me a message to get in line to ask Matt a question
MattGambill The chances are good if he is there. Thanks for having me again this year
DawgHowl can Hunter run block?
MattGambill that's his weakness
ramllov Matt, how do you rate this draft?
MattGambill ram...I think it's an average draft at best
MattGambill not too many special players
ramllov Good players through the fourth round?
MattGambill oh yeah
MattGambill it's solid in depth
ramllov fifth round?
MattGambill depends on position
ramllov ok thanks
MattGambill they're bringing in Hunter soon
CP thanks to Matt Gambill for coming tonight, check out his draft info at
MattGambill thanks for having me
CP anything you'd like to say about your site or services before we get going?
MattGambill It's a draft related site with alot of free info and some really in depth scouting reports in the premium section
MattGambill $19.95
MattGambill :-)
CP well, we'll let gridiron get his shot
MattGambill what's up grid
Gridiron Matt, if the Saints trade up, what one team would they trade with. I know you have mentioned the 5-8 range.
CP please have your first question typed and ready to go
MattGambill I know they're targeting the 6th hole, but it appears they may now be targeting the 4th pick. They really would like to get Newman or Trufant, but both could be gone in the top 5
MattGambill the 6th pick would be for Dewayne Robertson
MattGambill unless Marcus is around
Gridiron Talk to us about Tillman and Garrett and what range will they go? 2-b 3-a?
MattGambill I love Charles Tillman. He's a big/physical player who can play CB and FS. A lot of value here. I think he is worth a 2, but will likely be a 3
MattGambill Garrett is a compact, cover man with good computer numbers, but he really doesn't show it on the field. Consistency needs to be upgraded....3rd round
Gridiron OK, last but not least. As you saw before we got started. Hunter seems to be on everyone's mind. Talk about him. Almost forgot, K. Mitchell, LB. Thanks.
MattGambill Hunter is an underclassman entry from Hawaii. He started at Cal as a DT and was all freshman Pac-10. June Jones flat out has said he is the best OT he has ever coached or been around. Long arms, 37 reps, 5.1, great flexibility and upside
MattGambill run blocking is a weakness
CP thanks grid, I'll give matt a chance to respond before I let djm, then VT get their shot
MattGambill Kawika is a transfer from UGA where he was lost on the depth chart, but he has been a stud IB at USF. Great size, speed, strength numbers
MattGambill I think he may have worked himself into the 3rd round
djm hey matt, anything new on the giants and who they're interested? do you think they go s-line, o-line or lb in round 1?
MattGambill I think if they'll go with a DL if one if available....either end or tackle. I know they really like the guard from FSU (Montrae Holland), but probably as a two. DL and RT will likely be addressed at some point early though
MattGambill LB is a possibility if a guy like Boss Bailey or Terry Pierce are around
MattGambill I know they will be in Kansas for Terry's workout on Friday
djm thoughts on Joe Odom, could he be a sleeper and where will he go?
MattGambill Joe is an athlete
MattGambill he's not a good player at all
MattGambill he needs a lot of work, but has tremendous value on special teams
MattGambill he'll go in the 4/5 area
djm one more question, what do you think of torrie cox?
MattGambill Love Cox and the way he plays the game. He's got great anticipation/ball skills
MattGambill good man corner
MattGambill I really like him alot
MattGambill I gave him a 3rd round grade
djm thanks a lot.
MattGambill no prob
CP thanks djm, VT is up, followed by jetranger
MattGambill hey VT
VT Who is the most impressive OL after Harris and Gross?
MattGambill Harris is overrated
MattGambill I love Eric Steinbach's potential as a LT
VT What do you think of Sammy Davis
MattGambill he is unreal
MattGambill Sammy is a solid cover man and an outstanding tackler. He really does a good job at holding the corner down versus the run
VT Is Steinbach the best option
MattGambill I think so
MattGambill I think Eric is just as good as Gross
MattGambill he was sick at the Senior Bowl
VT I keep hearing about his injuries during his career. What do you think about that?
MattGambill he played guard at Iowa because their LT(Gallery) will be a top 15 pick next year as a LT
MattGambill Nothing serious...he's been injured, but nothing as serious as ACL or necks or anything
MattGambill he came to Iowa as a TE
VT Do you think the Browns will go OL first?
MattGambill the OL coach at Iowa is the BEST in America
VT 1 last question
MattGambill I think they will surely look at OL
MattGambill but what's new?
MattGambill that's every year
MattGambill no WR this year boys
VT IF the Browns go OL in the 1st rd. Would you draft Sammy Davis in the 2nd rd
VT Is he worth a 2nd rd pick?
MattGambill I don't know if they will or not, but I am sure that BD and the boys will be all over the best player available in round 2
MattGambill he is worth a 2 easily
VT Thanks Matt you have been helpful
MattGambill thanks a lot bro
MattGambill what up jet
CP ok, apparently jetranger got cold feet
MattGambill see ya jet
MattGambill HEY JET
jetranger woah
MattGambill ha
jetranger hello, my question is who do you think will fall in the Draft, last year was Buchanon?
MattGambill I think that Leftwich will fall. I also think Jordan Gross could make it out of the top 10. It will be interesting to see
MattGambill Buchanon should have been the 5th pick
MattGambill Jammer is garbage and should play FS
MattGambill I had to get that in
jetranger haha, Jammer looked solid this past season, I dont know about garbage just yet
jetranger Also would the Chargers be an optimal trade down team with Cleveland since they are known to like a few guys along the O-line?
MattGambill Well, like Cleveland, SD really does love Hunter from Hawaii and have visted with him already. He's generated alot of attention
MattGambill Marty wants a CB/LT/DT
jetranger What is the difference between Mathis and Polamalu?
MattGambill Mathis makes plays and is more versatile
MattGambill bigger
MattGambill stronger
MattGambill Troy has the speed
jetranger Who would be that CB target since the top two will be gone and there is a significant drop off, at least in my eyes
MattGambill I agree with u in the drop off
MattGambill I think Rashean/Woolfolk/Tillman/Stickland are next in line
jetranger Could Rashean sneak that high up?
MattGambill Donald Strickland is a FABULOUS player who gets no love
MattGambill I think Rashean will get looks in the top 25 for sure
MattGambill KC loves him
MattGambill as do my Saints
jetranger Lastly, who would be a good DT selection in round two and why?
jetranger ...and thanks for your time
MattGambill Ty Warren would be a great pick in round two. He's got unlimited talent, but has yet to put it all together
CP thanks jet, onto howldawg,, chuckwildcats
howldawg what's your opinion on bailey and pierce
MattGambill Both are overrated, but I think Boss is just a sick athlete. Bailey projects well as a weakside backer
MattGambill Terry is a IB/SLB
MattGambill really love his upside
MattGambill but he needs to condition himself better
MattGambill he's been a bit soft lately
MattGambill came in at 256 earlier in the month
MattGambill he works out again Fri
howldawg you stated you really like Steinbach why?
MattGambill what's not to like? he can play LT and LG, big, strong, athletic, natural knee bend, great feet, well-coached, etc, etc
MattGambill he's a stud
MattGambill as long as his health is good, he will be great
howldawg many have said he's a tweener
MattGambill how is he a tweener?
MattGambill he's a football player and a good one at that
howldawg small for a guard?
MattGambill tweener isn't a good way to describe him
MattGambill he's 6055
MattGambill 297
howldawg not tall weight
MattGambill it's all in the arms, strength, hand strength, and feet
MattGambill and he has all of that
howldawg what about Faine and where will he go?
MattGambill I think Jeff will get looks in the later portion of round one. He's a great player with a real MEAN streak
MattGambill Oakland will look at him, I'm sure
manlydude Is the April 5th Medical re-evaluation the only time teams will be able to medically check out Mcgahee, and do all teams send a medical rep to the April 5th session? send a medical rep to the April 5th session? CP you are 6th
MattGambill the ones interested will surely send reps, but the teams also do physicals at the private visits
manlydude Many mock drafts have KC taking Kelsey, wouldn't the go CB if McDougle wasn't there?
MattGambill I think so....Kelsay is horrible. He was beaten down all week in Mobile by Tony Pashos...I see nothing in him that I like other than hustle
manlydude Is Suggs really capable of being an every down back in the NFL? I'm just not convinced.
MattGambill He's another overrated player from NEB
MattGambill It's hard to say, but he runs with a low pad level and really doesn't take a lot of hard hits
MattGambill so his body is fresh
manlydude Thanks for the time, I really respect you guys that run websites and take continually hits from idiots on your message boards.
MattGambill thanks bro
MattGambill idiots are everywhere
CP thanks dude, chuck, then jmazz, then nettss
chuckwildcats hey matt when's the draft? lol
MattGambill what up chuck
MattGambill 24 days
MattGambill haha
chuckwildcats would you trade the first for second and afourth?
MattGambill depends on the numbers of those picks, but unlikely
chuckwildcats what about the cie grant what round?
MattGambill Cie is a weakside backer al the way....I see him as a 5th rounder
MattGambill needs to learn the LB position
chuckwildcats later sorry for your loss, later
MattGambill very impressive athlete
MattGambill thanks
CP thanks chuck, we'll move onto jmazz
MattGambill what up jmazz
jmazzulo920 Matt, of these few players, whom do you see having the most impact in their rookie seasons, Boss Bailey, EJ Henderson, Terry Pierce at LB, and Jerome McDougal, William Joseph, Jonathan Sullivan at DL? and which is the best fit for Cleveland?
MattGambill I think that Sullivan and McDougle have the chance to have the biggest impacts, but it all will have to do with where these players end up
MattGambill I see really good possibilities for one of the LB's in Cleveland
MattGambill is Courtney ready to step up?
jmazzulo920 Don't get me started on Courtney, what LB are you talking about?
MattGambill Well, I can see them looking at Bailey in round one, but I still think they go OT or DE in round one.
MattGambill They're bringing in Barnett-LB-Oregon State
MattGambill as well as Chuan Thompson-LB-West Texas A&M
MattGambill clearly LB is a priority
jmazzulo920 Last Q, what do you think of Dan Klecko, I'd love to see the Browns land him in day 2
MattGambill OT, DE, CB, FS, SS, IB, OB need to be addressed
MattGambill Dan is a tough nosed kid. Just a little small for a tackle. He may see success as a NG, but may have value if moved to DE
MattGambill he is a good athlete too
MattGambill but at 5'11""
MattGambill kind tough
jmazzulo920 Thanks a lot, keep up the great work
MattGambill James Reed is the only 5'11 DT I can think of
MattGambill than jamazz
MattGambill thanks
CP thanks jmazz
nettss77 hey matt, your thoughts on chris kern DB, from Mount Union and Shawn Lazarus DT from Mich. and Seth Wand OL I like the guys no one has really herd of.
MattGambill Kern is a great athlete who has been a good cover man at the D-3 level. I rate him as a 5/6 rounder
MattGambill Lazarus is a physical presence at the POA with good strength and balance, but really isn't a vertical player and struggles laterally
nettss77 any other guys we need to watch as hidden gems
MattGambill I see him as an UDFA
MattGambill Wand has been a favorite of mine all year. Good lower level player who has the size, strength, to make things work, but he needs to be coached
MattGambill 5th
MattGambill I really love this kid Brenden Givan-LB-Stillman College, as well as Tim Love-DT-Harding
MattGambill these guys are good players
nettss77 adams VS. kennedy from
nettss77 adams makes more plays it seems like but kennedy is just huge
MattGambill there a ton of Hidden Gems though
MattGambill Adams is a good player
MattGambill but benefits from Jimmy being double teamed
nettss77 thanks I'm out PEACE
MattGambill as does Haynes
zedrational I'm a 49ers fan, and I think Kenny Peterson would be perfect for my team. Are the 49ers interested? Will Peterson be available at #26?
MattGambill Kenny would be a great fit for the Niners, but the Giants are VERY high on him as well. I think he MIGHT be around. Versatile player...can play DT and DE
zedrational Damn! I hope the Giants don't snatch right out from under our noses!
zedrational Is Jonathan Sullivan slipping? I've heard that he is putting on some flab.
MattGambill Jonathan was always soft
MattGambill he will be atop 20 pick though
zedrational How about Cory Redding? I like the fact that he has thrown the discus.
zedrational Those discus and shot put guys have good explosion out of the stance
MattGambill Cory was the High School Defensive Player of the Year in 1998. He is loaded with ability, but will be a clear second rounder. He'd be a reach in round one
MattGambill i agree zed
MattGambill explosiveness is key
MattGambill in any player
zedrational I think the 49ers are desperate for a DT--anyone in the later rounds?
MattGambill Tim Love-Harding, Kris Dielman-Indiana, Greg Walls-USF, there's a ton of late round depth at DT
MattGambill Aubrayo Franklin at UT
zedrational As you may remember, I'm a huge David Kircus fan. Now that he has run the fastest 3-cone drill in the nation, does he move up in the draft a little?
zedrational I'm only being a little bit facetious
MattGambill I think Dave is still a 4/5 at best because he is thin and has little strength in his upper body
zedrational I think the niners are going to need a qb in a year or two--any mid-round success stories in the making?
MattGambill Marquel Blackwell is someone I like alot, but he's 5'11...Keep an eye on Tony Romo from Eastern Illinoios
zedrational Finally, I'm a big Tony Gilbert fan--I think he's a better linebacker than Boss Bailey. He reminds me of Hacksaw Reynolds. What do you think?
MattGambill Blankenship from Eastern Washington too
zedrational I like Romo.
zedrational He threw a 76-yard TD pass to Kircus in the Paradise Bowl
MattGambill I think he's a better football player now, and a better tackler, but Boss is a sick athlete with a ton of ability if he stays healthy
zedrational What round?
MattGambill 6
MattGambill maybe 5
zedrational Thanks, Matt! Enjoyed it, as always.
MattGambill thanks zed!
CP we'll do newdawg and then octane47, before we open it up for a few minutes until Matt has to leave
MattGambill hey new
newdawg Hi Matt. Welcome back.
MattGambill thanks
newdawg I am going to bring up Courtney.
MattGambill ok
newdawg Why, in your opinion has he played so badly.
MattGambill I think injury has played a big factor in his play. When he is on his game, he can get 12-15 sacks a year...this is his year to finally make it happen
MattGambill I'm sure everyone is low on patience
newdawg will he ever get on his game?
MattGambill I surely hope so for his sake and for the Brown's sake
newdawg that's all for me.
MattGambill this is it for him though, I think
MattGambill it needs to happen now
newdawg CP. I'm done.
CP thanks new
MattGambill hey octane
octane47 whats your thoughts on Khaild Abdullah, do you see him as a weak side LB only or can he play strong?
MattGambill I think he is a weakside backer all the way.....I worry about his character...he's been arrested 5 or 6 times
MattGambill and of course, his brother is nuts
octane47 any news on the what the colts are looking at, nick barnett, Rashean mathis?
MattGambill I'm glad you brought up Indy and NIck Barnett....this is a legit possibility here
MattGambill They really love him, as does KC and GB
MattGambill Mathis/Battle in the secondary
MattGambill Dungy wants versatile players with speed
octane47 are donald stricklands past concussions, and various injuries a concern
MattGambill I think some teams will surely have concern because of his aggressive style of play, but from everyone I spoke to he will likely be a top 4 round guy. I have him graded as a three. Best tackler at the CB position in the draft
octane47 How is Zack Hiltons recieving skills?
MattGambill they are solid...nothing great, but he's a huge player with good athleticism. Decent blocker.
MattGambill he has alot of David LaFleur in him
octane47 does Brenden Givan have the fundementals to play now in the NFL , or does he need alot of coaching?
MattGambill he needs to be coached
MattGambill but his raw skills are tremendous
MattGambill he was recruited by UGA, FSU and others
octane47 so it's not just the competition issue?
MattGambill didn't have the grades though
MattGambill I don't buy into the level of play stuff....if you can play, you can play
MattGambill players can be coached
octane47 still undrafted or has he snuck in the later rounds?
MattGambill he'll go undrafted
MattGambill but will be in camp
MattGambill he's a project though
CP anything else octane?
octane47 Alright, thanks matt great info as always, i'm done

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