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The Bengals have lost 10 consecutive games?!?! Ouch, man.

Transcript: Brian Daboll, 12/17
Barry McBride on December 18th, 2010 AT 12:27 AM

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll press conference 12-17-10

(On how the offense will be different this week with Colt McCoy at quarterback)- “It seems like we have this talk every few weeks (joking).  He has specific plays that he really likes to run, but in terms of the overall package, the check with mes, the run/run checks, the pass/run checks, the run/pass checks, those won’t change.  When we had Jake (Delhomme) in there, he has run the no huddle.  Colt has been in and out of it, so he can do both.”

(On him getting criticism about his play calling after last week’s game)- “That’s why we are in this game, the fans make this game.  I’d put myself under considerable fire if we put up six points.  You go out there, you grind it out and you get ready for the next game.  We better (darn) sure try to put up more than six points.”

(On what he would do differently in last week’s game)- “We definitely had some chances.  We definitely had some chances in the red zone to score some points.  Just the two times we were down there, we could have made a huge difference and we didn’t get it done.  Then our third down production was just terrible, it wasn’t good.  We were in third and manageable situations, so third down improvement definitely.”

(On why they struggled on third last week when Peyton Hillis has had success previously)- “You’re in that third and three, third and four and third and five yard range.  You get tight man to man coverage and need to work our crossers.  We got hit a couple of times, all of us just didn’t do a good enough job on third down.  I think that was one of the main things for this past game was two down in the red zone and third down.  We were running the ball and getting positive yards on first down, and then we got to third down and weren’t getting it done.”

(On if he wanted to go for it on fourth down on their opening possession last game)- “Oh that’s up to Eric (Mangini).  Whatever Eric wants to do.”

(On if that is Coach Mangini’s decision and if he discusses it with him)- Yes, we will talk about it, but at the end of the day, it’s his decision.  What he chooses is what we go with.”

(On if they thought they were going to be able to run all game on Buffalo last week based on the success they had on their first possession)- “I think that the running game average was pretty good throughout the day.  I think the main portion of the game, at least offensively, was third downs.  It really was.  Throwing it, catching it and protecting and getting open, we need to do a better job on third down.  We are going to have to this week.”

(On if their yards per carry average last game was really telling of how well they actually ran the ball throughout the game)- “Efficiency-wise in the running game throughout the whole day, it was pretty high efficient runs.  Four yards or more or third and one runs, it was a fairly high number after the game when you look at it.  Again, I would say our third down was our Achilles’ heel.”

(On if he could have tried more packages with Seneca Wallace and Joshua Cribbs)- “Yes, in hindsight.  If you’re whatever we were on third down, you’d like to try a bunch of different things.”

(On why Wallace handed it off to Hillis both times he was in)- “It was a play we’ve seen hit against them a few times, just the blocking scheme in general was a little wrap-type play. We just added a little boot with it for Seneca to try to hold the end a little bit more than say Jake (could).  Just to widen them out a little bit and give us a little crease.  Those two plays that they were in there, I think were 25 and eight (yards).  The second time, they played it pretty well, they played the play well.  (Chris) Kelsay did a nice job, he saw it the first time when he creased him early on.  The second time, we came back and he played it well.  He squeezed it real hard and it was just the guys making a play because they played it pretty well.  Peyton bore it up in there. Alex (Mack) did a good job, but he kind of ran through Kyle Williams for some extra yards.”

(On the decision to start Colt McCoy the last three games of the season)- “Eric, we talked a little bit and he said, ‘I’m going to go with Colt,’ and I’m all aboard.  I think the times that he’s been in there, he’s done a good job.  He’s got that youthful exuberance about him.  I’m excited.”

(On what should people expect to see differently out of McCoy from the first few games he started)- “I don’t know if you’ll see a big huge difference, he’s a pretty consistent guy in terms of everything he does.  He’s good with his feet, he’s good with the time clock in his head, his rhythm.  I’m sure he’ll have some anxious butterflies in his stomach coming back out and playing.  He’s only played five games in his entire career.  I know he’s excited about the opportunity again.”

(On what it’s like to keep having different quarterbacks starting)- “It is what it is.  They’re out there, you’ve got to get used to just even in practice from one week to the next if someone’s in there differently, it’s just the cadence factor, just start with that.  His voice inflection, how he says the hard count then just getting the snap.  I know it’s the basic play of football but it’s a little bit different.  Then on top of that maybe a certain play here they do not feel comfortable with or this guy does something different, so it’s different.  On top of that the receivers, they’re throwing with a guy for a couple weeks over and over again and now it’s the next time and you’ve just got to try to get the best rhythm that you can.”

(On if that stunts what he can do as an offensive coordinator)- “No, I’m not going to make excuses. You just have to play the hand you’re dealt.”

(On if he has maximized the potential with this group of players)- “No, I’m not going to say that. Got to do a better job, try to win more games.”

(On if there are games that he reflects on what he could have done better after losses)- “I think you do that regardless if you win or lose after every game.  You try to do as much as you can do and you take a look, you review the tape, you go through it with the players. Everybody’s accountable and that’s the way you deal with it.  I’m in charge of it so I’ll accept it.”

(On if he worries he will take the fall for things that have happened this season)- “I take care of what I have to take care of for the next week and that’s the approach that I’ve taken and that’s the approach that I’ll take.  Bust my (tail) this week, go down to Cincinnati with Colt and the rest of the guys and try to get a win, put up more than six points.”

(On if they are helping Peyton Hillis try to hang on to the ball better)- “You constantly are stressing ball security and Gary Brown, his coach, does a good job and he’s played in the league a while.  Those guys work after, different types of drills for ball security whether it’s the ropes, whether they’re falling on the way down.  He’s such a hardnosed runner that he’s trying to fight for every extra yard and a lot of the balls have come out when he’s been going down toward the ground and they’ve been popping them out.  With all our skill players you put more emphasis on it but he’s had a few of them.”

(On his ability to be an offensive coordinator)- “The only thing that I’m focused on is this week.  I’m going to grind out, all of us are going to grind out the entire staff, the players and we’ll give everything we have. We’re going to try to put some puts up on the board against Cincinnati this week.”

(On if Hillis has to adjust to teams adjusting for him and Jairus Byrd saying he planned for the hurdle)- “He can say that, if he would have lowered his shoulder and ran over him he could have said that too.  He made a nice play on it.  Everybody’s got access to all the film in the league each week whether it’s him or somebody else and you try to take advantage of looking at it and seeing some type of tendency.  The guy, they made a nice play on him when he hit it up in the air.  There’s plenty of tape on him too putting his shoulder through a couple of people and trying to run them over.  I think it goes either way.  Each week the main thing that you’ve got to do as a ball carrier is secure the ball.  He’s working on it, I’ve got faith in him.”

(On if Eric Steinbach is having a Pro Bowl season)- “He’s been pretty consistent for us.  I don’t study it that way. He’s been a pretty consistent guy for us throughout the year good communicator, has made some nice plays, any of those types of things.”

(On if Steinbach is doing anything better than he was doing last year)- “I think he plays with his hands better.  I think Hop (George Warhop) has done a good job with him.  Plays with a little bit lower base, he’s been firmer in the pocket for us.  I think he’s improved from the year that we got here, yes.”

(On how key Steinbach is in the successful of their ‘bread and butter run play’ to Hillis)- “He pulls and we ran it twice against the Bills in short yardage and one was with (Mike) Bell actually. We got both of them.  He’s really good at that play for us.”

(On if Steinbach is underrated at pulling)- “I can’t tell you if he is underrated or overrated I know he’s a good puller both on his side or if he is coming across the ball.  He’s got good athletic movement skills for a guard.”

Transcript: Rob Ryan, 12/17
Barry McBride on December 18th, 2010 AT 12:26 AM

Browns Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan press conference 12-17-10

(On if Cincinnati is a dangerous team)- “Yes, if you just watch the tape and you don’t have a newspaper to tell you what they are, they have a very high powered offense, they’ve got obviously great receivers and a great quarterback and that offensive line is playing well.  They’re big, strong guys.  (Andrew) Whitworth sounds like he’s finally getting his just do.  I think he’s one of the finer players in football.  It’s a great test any time you play these guys.  They have the ability to score anywhere on the field as we saw that our first game.  Plus the quarterback he can get red hot and that’s a long hard day if that happens.”

(On if they are going to switch up their approach toward Chad Ochocinco this game)- “You hope Christmas coming early with that guy not being on the injury report, bad foot, but I’m not believing it.  We always take him away.  To me I think he’s the best receiver in football and I’ll always believe that so he’s always going to have a hard long day against us because it would take more than some injury report to convince me that guy’s not great and we’re just going to take him away every time.”

(On Terrell Owens catching 10 catches for 222 yards in the first meeting)- “We don’t want him to catch that many this time, that 80 yarder helped him.  We’re going to make it a much tougher day on him.  He’s back to his old self playing like T.O. we just needed some convincing and believe me, we believe now.  He’s not going to have the same day he had last time that’s for sure.”

(On if it is going to make a difference with Joe Haden in the starting lineup)- “I think Joe Haden, the way he’s playing that’s definitely going to make a difference.  That’s the real Joe Haden.  I think we had the young one early in the season and he still played pretty well in that game.  This one here is up for a challenge.  If it was up to him he would stay out there in man coverage all day long.  It’s not up to him right now but wow what a player.”

(On how he blocks out thinking about his coaching future)- “I’m so used to it.  I’ve been so used to it for so long now it just seems like it’s part of this job this time of year.  When I was in New England it was, ‘Well, you’ve got to go coordinate here, got to go do that thing,’ then when I was coordinating Oakland it was like, ‘Oh God, you guys are going to get fired,’ or whatever.  Here this year it seems like it’s in between both.  Bottom line is we just work as hard as we can.  I think we had a really good week of preparation as far as coaching and our players are working hard during practice.  We demand a lot this week from our coaches and really excited about us playing this week.”

(On if the staff’s job depends on the last three weeks of the season)- “I don’t know, if it does then (heck) I hope we win all three of them.  I’m not sure. I don’t make those decisions.  You know me, I have a lot of confidence in myself but the way I look at it rightfully so.  I’ll work in this business, I like it here in Cleveland, we don’t want to move, (heck) we shouldn’t have to move if we go out here and take care of business like we should.  This is our conference, this is exciting.  I think the way the commissioner did the schedule this year is pretty exciting for everybody.  We’ve got our conference and there’s not a better measuring stick than going out and playing these guys at the end of the year.  However it comes out I’ll be great with it.  I’m sure there are other people nervous but I’m not a guy that’s nervous, not anymore.  When I first got in the league I’d be scared (senseless) but not now.  Now it’s like please, there is nobody better.  I don’t care.  I’m going to coach my (tail) off, I’m going to prepare our team. I’m going to prepare it better than anybody else does on Sunday.  I’ve been doing that all year now, we can look that up, that’s documented.”

(On why Eric Mangini deserves to stay)- “I think this is a different team now from when we first got here, there weren’t a whole lot of believers other than me and a couple other guys probably. I’m usually pretty optimistic.  I think it’s obvious, our team is a good football team.  Last week pisses me off because we should have beat that team.  We’ve got to get through those days of, ‘Oh, we should have won,’ those days suck. We don’t want those anymore.  We just need to kick the door in and win those games.  I really thought we had come along and started doing that.  When you beat Miami and you beat Carolina and the few teams that haven’t had a winning record on our schedule or being in first place, whatever they are, you need to beat those teams.  I think we’re capable of that.  It’s a little disappointing, it really is.  I know our guys are working hard but when you looked at the tape it’s surprising that I thought the other team played better than we did.  That’s not right.  The last 51 yards of that game rushing were all on me, wasn’t on our players.  I know statistically it looks like our run defense weren’t worth a (thing) but that’s not true.  It’s like 3.6 a carry or whatever.  Third down I went for the win, thought we’d load a zone over there and see if we couldn’t pick this guy off.  They ran a counter which is a nice play by (Chan) Gailey against that defense and that led our guys stiff and they’re not used to me making a bad call so that kind of deflated the whole team there.  We gave up those 50 yards rushing, they were all on me and they need to put a stat over there that that never really happened.  It pissed me off and our guys played too hard to have that, it just didn’t look right.”

(On if they were hurting for bodies on defense with so many players injured towards the end of the game)-“Yes but that’s the Cleveland way.  Whoever we’ve got, man we’re going to play.  We’ve got good, tough guys, we really do.  They just line up and sometimes you’ve got to check the roster to find out their names.  Please don’t ask me to pronounce that new guy that we got, but we’ve got tough guys.  We know what we’re in the building for.  We’ve got smart, tough guys with high character.  Like I said before, I really like this team.  I like the way it has been assembled.  I believe in what we do here and I know our players do.  That’s the most important thing is when you’re talking in front of the players and everybody is obviously disappointed, especially last week.  Each week is like its own little season and we want to do better.  We’ve challenged ourselves, we want to be the best, we want to be in the top five in turnovers and scoring defense and red zone and that’s what we are going to do. That would be a pretty good accomplishment for a young group that’s together.  I know we’ve have got some older guys, but it is still only in our second year.”

(On settling for field goals in games instead of going for touchdowns and having the mentality to blowout weaker teams)- “I understand your thinking.  Really the records though, there are not necessarily weak teams.  When you play in this league, you don’t get blowouts.  It would be great to say, “Oh, we are going to line up and kick the (crap) out of somebody.’  That doesn’t happen. That only happens in college.  In pro football, whether you want it or not, you are going to get a close game.  Both teams are going to be well-coached, both teams have got the best athletes in the world and that’s why they are so close every week.  The big blowouts, you don’t see them.  Even the great New England Patriots or the New Orleans Saints or whoever else is the hot team, they don’t blow everybody out every week either.  It really is going to come down to a close game every week.  Do you always go for the touchdown or always go for the field goal?  That’s the head coach’s decision.  Right now, I’m just trying to farm my own land and coach the defense.  You pretty much get a close game every week and again, I’m looking for three close games here at the end of the season in our division and I’m looking to win all three of them.”

(On why Carson Palmer has thrown so many interceptions this season)- “I’m not sure.  He’s still a great quarterback and he’s still got the big arm.  He does a lot of things and you never know.  Sometimes guys, and I don’t care who you are, sometimes there is pressure to play a guy, maybe to throw a guy more passes than you are comfortable doing.  If the coverage is taking a guy away and the playmakers want the ball all of the time, I could see that.  That’s just being human.  Maybe he’s going through some of that, but really I see a guy that’s in control, I see a guy that’s a winner, I see a guy that can just drop back there and can throw it and win a game on his own.  He’s still an annoying scrambler where he makes plays, and we know that better than anybody at the end of a game.  He’ll make a play with his feet and we know we are going to have to be at our best.  I really want to be at our best here.  To me, at the end of the year, I want us to be going in the right direction.  Like I said, I want to finish as one of the top defenses in football, which was our goal all along.  We have had a lot of players play, but really when they are out there, it’s the Cleveland Browns’ defense.  It’s time to show up.  I know last week wasn’t ideal for us, I thought we would get more turnovers.  Their quarterback did a nice job of handing the ball off, but when he did throw it I thought we had some chances.  We have got to make plays.  Great defenses get turnovers, they get stops when you need them to and that’s what we want to do.”

(On the situation last week with New York Jets coach Sal Alosi)- “That’s unfortunate.  I’ll just speak for me and I know my twin brother pretty well, there are not two guys that respect the league more than we do and love the players more than we do.  It was unfortunate to see something happen like that because obviously you are going to tie the head coach into it.  Believe me, Rex (Ryan) would never do that.  He loves the game, he loves to compete and that didn’t look right.  I’m sure their strength coach, who is supposed to be a great guy and feels terrible.  He probably made one mistake, (heck) I think we have all made bad mistakes before, I just don’t know if millions of people have seen them.  That was a bad mistake though, that’s a bad judgment.  Boy, you hate to see that.  I just know the head coach over there pretty well, like really well, and he was very upset about it.  He doesn’t like that.  He’s not an advocate of that (stuff), nobody is.  We love the game, we love getting after other team’s players, but we respect them and we love our own.”

(On if there is something still dangerous about Cincinnati despite their record)- “With our defense, obviously there is a huge danger.  They put about 400 and some odd yards on us.  They can move the ball at will with a great quarterback.  Again, you don’t have the records when you roll it out there.  The only people that see those records are the people that are looking in the newspaper going, “Look the Browns have won whatever games and these guys have only won two.’  You don’t see that on the tape, this is a good football team on offense.  Now I don’t look at defense and I’m sure they’re great.  They have got Ross Browner and Bill Bergey and all of those guys probably.  Lemar Parrish, Kenny Riley, Tommy Casanova, but if they are all out there then we have got to beat them.  I know on offense, they’ve got their good players and that (Bob) Bratkowski is 1,000 years old and he does a good job with their offense.  We are looking forward to the matchup.  We want to play better than we did and we want to win.  We were fortunate enough that Peyton Hillis ran wild, but we want to do our part to add in the win.”

(On differences in Cincinnati’s running game from last season to this season)- “They were explosive last year running the football.  I think they ran the ball a little more than they are now, but (Cedric) Benson is still a (heck) of a back.  He runs that ball hard, he’s real close to 1,000 yards this year again.  We know they will be at their best.  He reminds me a lot of (Fred) Jackson.  Jackson made a lot of big plays on us last week, but again, I added about 50 yards on to that.  We are going to be better than that, I’m going to be better than that and not put the game in my hands and then call a play that’s not as good as it should have been.”

(On if there are some things that are beyond their control when planning to stop an opponent)- “It’s the National Football League. Sometimes you can have a guy unblocked on the player and their player makes a play.  That happens.  That’s why you play, we have got human beings playing against human beings and I think we are well prepared.  That’s why you prepare them so hard, so that the game slows down so you can make a good split-second decision and an accurate one.  Still, some of those times their X & O makes a play on ours.  I really like our defensive talent, I really do and we win most of those matchups.  Every once in a while, we might lose one of those, but we win most of them.  That’s for sure.”

(On Chris Gocong’s play last week)- “I think that Gocong is a (heck) of a player.  Matt Eberflus, you know I brag about my Matt Eberflus, but that guy is a phenomenal coach.  Gocong needs it.  Here’s a guy that came inside, I don’t know what he did in Philadelphia, I don’t care.  What he does for us, he’s playing 3-4 inside linebacker, which is probably the hardest position to play in football.  I guess the quarterback is pretty hard I guess, I don’t know.  This guy has got everything going, he has made unbelievable strides, he’s a tough guy, he’s big, he’s fast and the game looks like it’s Cal-Poly all over now.  It’s slowing down, he’s starting to dominate and I think he’s going to be one of those Pro Bowl players once he finally does learn this system.  He’s on his way and again, a lot of that credit goes to Matt Eberflus certainly and Phil Eisenstein has helped him out a little bit too.”

(On if he has been surprised with T.J. Ward and Joe Haden’s this season)- “I tell you what, I thought they would be excellent football players.  I think you have got to be surprised by first of all, their knowledge of football.  They both came from excellent programs, but they have an exceptional knowledge of football.  They love football, they really love football, so they have energy.  They’re young, but they love the game, so they can’t get enough of it.  They’re up in there studying with Jerome (Henderson) on Tuesdays on their day off like I said before.  They just can’t get enough of the game and usually by now, rookies are done.  Put a fork in them, they’re done.  Not these guys, they want to play for a long time.  I think after the season, they will be out in the parking lot playing against somebody like that Vince Papale movie or whatever.  They’re special guys, there are, and I know you guys know them.  They really are special.”



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(Subscriber) Xs & Os: Bengals Running on Empty: Cincinnati’s running game makes, headed by Cedric Benson, makes … http://bit.ly/egfeDm

Mangini Press Conference Transcript, Dec. 17
Don Delco on December 17th, 2010 AT 12:29 PM

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. D-Bo (David Bowens) will be back at practice today. Evan (Moore) won't be able to go today and Scott (Fujita) won't be able to go today but everybody else should be ready. I thought yesterday was a good day of work, we got a lot accomplished and the goal here today is to finish out strong. There are definitely some things that we need to make sure that we do a particularly good job at and that to me is handling Cincinnati's varieties of pressures. That takes a lot of communication from everybody involved because if one guy misses the call and with the variety that they bring, that leads to negative plays whether it's in the running game or the passing game. I think we've done some good things so far this week and need to continue to doing that. Defensively, our defense it's just really understanding how we have to play them, the different personalities of the backs and styles of their offensive skills makers and how that fits into our plan. I thought we made progress yesterday and looking for the same thing here today."

(On how Colt McCoy looked in practice yesterday)- "I thought he did pretty well, thought he moved well. In terms of the new plays that went in, did a nice job with that. A few things that we'll need to clean up today but that's not abnormal for a Thursday to Friday progression and any quarterback, but overall I thought he had a good day."

(On how some players could stretch the truth to get back and if they are sure McCoy is 100 percent)- "They all stretch things a little bit but I feel really good about Joe Sheehan and the work he does and the training department and our doctors and even the progression that we've done with Colt in terms of how he's worked back into it. I feel really comfortable with."

(On how they are going to make sure Terrell Owens doesn't get 10 catches for 222 yards against them again)- "That's a great question because it's really pick your poison. You put a lot of coverage on him and you've got (Chad) Ochocinco sitting on the other side and he can catch 10 in his sleep. With (Jordan) Shipley, he's been really productive for them. The young tight end keeps getting better game in and game out. With Carson Palmer when he's hot, he's red hot and they've got a lot of guys that can hurt you."

(On if it puzzles him that the Bengals are 2-11 with the talent they have on offense)- "It's such a team game and you can have a great day offensively and a poor day in the other two phases and that changes the game. We've seen it even here throughout the course of the year where one unit's playing a little bit better than the unit or there's a big discrepancy, it dramatically affects things. Special teams, that's a huge role as well. I remember last year in the Kansas City game we had the botched snap and they score a touchdown and Josh (Cribbs) comes right back and scores a touchdown. The kickoff return team, that changes things and he had another big return that game. It's all so dependent on each other that that can happen."

(On if he can put his finger on why Carson Palmer has been throwing a lot of interceptions)- "He hasn't thrown them against us. I'd like to be able to put my whole hand on it and get some of those. As we've talked about before, I think it was before the Baltimore game where (Joe) Flacco was slumping a little bit, those guys you don't want them to get out of that against you. I've seen over those games that he's played he's made some incredible throws. Some really incredible throws. There was one I was just showing to Rob (Ryan) the yesterday. The comeback on the outside to (Chad) Ochocinco that there's only one place to put the ball and he put it there perfectly. The coverage was tight, everything defensively was sound and he just delivered this ball that was really you couldn't defend it based on how they had it. He's got the ability to do that. With him too at any point they can hit the home run where he'll just come up see a look that he likes, check to whether it's a go route or something like that and just like that their dancing in the end zone."

(On if he had been told they needed to win a certain amount of games if they want their program to move forward)- "No, we haven't talked like that at all. I don't expect to have those conversations. It's not how we're going to operate as a staff or as a group. It's win this game, deal with the next game, deal with the next game and then deal with whatever the situation is when the time comes."

(On if this three game stretch against AFC North teams will carry a lot of weight for when decisions are made)- "I think what's going to carry a lot of weight is the whole season, the progress the team's made, the performance in all three phases. I'd imagine it's not a short snap shot, it's a comprehensive look at where we are and what we've done and the areas that there's been progress in, the areas that there needs to be more progress in. That would be my anticipation."

(On if he likes finishing the season with three division opponents)- "I think there's really a lot of merit to it, it makes things very exciting at the end of the season. Everybody's playing each other when things are being decided. I think it's a really good idea and a really exciting idea and it's going to make for a lot of fun games here over the course of the next three weeks."

(On if they do less trick plays against teams that are on the same talent level)- "Usually what happens is when you do a series of those plays over the course of two or three weeks the way that teams play you in those situations, like the surprise onside kick once you do it once they're not running back as quickly anymore the next however many games. Once you hit a fake punt they're a lot more cautious there at the line of scrimmage, same thing with the throw back and things like that. The good news is it forces teams to defend the whole field, it forces them to really think about how much pressure they want to bring in different scenarios. Even though you don't have the same level of opportunities for those types of plays it does slow some things down in terms of the way that they attack you. Those plays work when you can get it in the right spot. You've got to get it in the right spot. We practice them every week. We've got multiple plays up each week in all three phases. Defensively it's a little bit different, it's different blitzes or whatever it is. You want to get on your terms and not just run it to run it."

(On if there is a sense that they should play close to the vest in some games and not in others)- "No, there has been no different approach in terms of how many sort of exotic [plays] or however you want to phrase it. Those are in each week and we practice them each week. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't get it. Some of those plays that we hit against New Orleans, we have been doing that since OTAs. You just wait and you wait and you wait and you keep doing it. It's the same thing each week in practice. We do some different offensive plays that you have seen it for a ton of weeks and you're thinking, ‘Okay, when are we going to get our shot?' You just hope it hits when you want it."

(On if the team has made enough progress and improvement for him and the coaching staff to come back next year)- "I haven't done that kind of math because to me, I feel good about the things that we've done and the direction of the team. There are steps that you go through in any growth process and we've taken a lot of those steps, but we need to continue to take that next step, which is winning consistently. You'd love to be able to accelerate that as quickly as possible, but when you are trying to do it and build it for the long term, you have to do it the right way and it has to grow and be strong on all levels in order for it to be sustainable over time. I think we've made a lot of good strides there."

(On the swings this year like winning against New England and losing against Buffalo)- "Every win feels good and every loss hurts, it really does. You put so many hours, so much time and so much effort into that Sunday. Regardless of who you are playing, it feels great when you are successful and it feels empty when you are not. The great thing about sports is that every week you have a chance for redemption. That's one of the magical things about sports."

(On the nature of the business and things potentially changing regardless of progress)- "Sometimes that happens, where it's not necessarily right or wrong, it's just different. The great thing about this situation is that there is the end goal with Mike (Holmgren), Tom (Heckert) and myself is exactly the same. It's to win, it's to build an organization that's special, to build an organization that Cleveland deserves and has been waiting for. That's the goal and how you get to the goal, there are a lot of different paths. One thing that I've really enjoyed about this season is when you have guys like Mike and Tom who are very talented, very smart and have a lot of different experiences, you can get into some great discussions. You can get into some really good dialogue about what is the right decision. That helps you sort through maybe some mistakes you would make because you weren't exposed to some other ideas or opens you up to opportunities you hadn't thought about because you weren't exposed to that. That has been tremendous for me personally. I've really been a part of one family tree for a long time, and it's kind of like when you get married. You get exposed to all of your wife's customs, family and traditions and it's like, ‘Oh, okay. I'll celebrate that holiday. That's cool.'”

(On if he feels like the blend between Holmgren, Heckert and himself has worked well)- "Yes, it's like the Brady Bunch. You have all got the little squares. Who was the housekeeper? Alice? I don't know who that is. I don't know where Rob (Ryan) fits in either, he's the zany uncle that comes in for Thanksgiving. He's Sam the butcher, that's perfect (joking)."

(On if the team would be further ahead this season had they been able to stay with one quarterback all year)- "Believe me, in a perfect world you want to have one quarterback that is there every single week. I don't know, what has Peyton Manning started? 230 straight games? A perfect world, same quarterback every week and it would be great. It would be great to do that. You would love that continuity at a lot of positions because when you do have continuity, you can fill in some other spots, but that continuity helps not just in performance, but in terms of approach, consistency and so many things."

(On if they made the decision on the second quarterback for Sunday's game)- "We are getting closer, but we have a package of stuff that I want to look at today that is a part of the red area and some things that we weren't able to run that were a part of the third down review section. Just by virtue of the number of plays, these extra plays get kicked into Friday, so I want to take a look at those too."

12:18 PM

@deg4 I like Earl Thomas a lot as well, but it’s really a nice confirmation of the quality of the Browns draft. Feels good for a change :-)

Browns First-Round Pick – Colt McCoy?
Barry McBride on December 17th, 2010 AT 12:00 PM

Sports Illustrated has done their annual draft re-do, or selection of how teams would pick if they knew then what they know now.

What emerges is a solid thumbs-up for the Browns 2010 NFL draft, as SI has three members of the Browns (Haden, McCoy, and TJ Ward) as first round picks in their “re-adjusted” draft. McCoy has so impressed SI’s Don Banks that he says he believes that the Browns would have picked him #7 overall based on what we’ve seen since the draft.

Pretty interesting “alternate history” take, although I have to admit that I’m a sucker for that stuff. Get the whole first round at the line above.

7. Cleveland Browns: Original Pick – Joe Haden, CB; Re-do Pick – Colt McCoy, QB (currently on Cleveland)

14. Seattle Seahawks: Original Pick – Earl Thomas, S; Re-do Pick – TJ Ward, S (currently on Cleveland)
17. San Francisco 49ers: Original Pick – Mike Iupati, G; Re-do Pick – Joe Haden, CB (currently on Cleveland)

11:12 AM

Keep head coach, QB observations in check: However the final three games go, keep perspective when evaluating Ma… http://bit.ly/hoVbpJ

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These are links from the OBR Newswire for December 17th from 10:06 to 10:18:

10:55 AM

No. 2 QB hasn’t been settled: “Stuff I want to look at today in practice,” Mangini said.

10:55 AM

No. 2 QB hasn’t been settled: “Stuff I want to look at today in practice,” Mangini said.

10:47 AM

Mangini: There hasn’t been discussions about needing to win remaining games to keep job.

10:41 AM

LB David Bowens to practice today. TE Evan Moore and LB Scott Fujita are out.

10:40 AM

Mangini: Overall, Colt had a good day of practice yesterday.

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