Fan View: I've Seen Enough (Remix!)

Jeff B. believes Browns late-season regression proves his point.

Yeah, I got crushed after writing this article:

I saw something very disturbing in the way the team won in that game, felt they were regressing and was very concerned that the coaching staff was not the right one to lead the Browns.

After impressive wins against the Saints and Patriots, Cleveland's on field performance took several steps back and they nearly lost to a very bad Carolina team.

They came back the next week and barely beat a struggling Dolphins team only because the Dolphins are the worst in the NFL at catching interceptions.

Now, what has happened since I was crushed in that article for writing disparaging remarks about the direction of the team?

A loss to the 2-10 Buffalo Bills.  A loss to the 2-11 Cincinnati Bengals.

Yes, teams with a COMBINED 4 wins between them.  There is NO SPIN that I will accept for those losses.

Let's face it, when you have a combined 4 wins this late in the season, you are talking about BAD football teams and the Browns lost to both of them, even helping Cincinnati snap its 10 game losing streak.

Cleveland doesn't even have the "well, Colt McCoy, arguably our most promising QB, has been out" excuse.

He was in all game and they lost.  To a 2-11 team that was on a 10 game losing streak.  The same team that lost one of their best WR's to injury.

I hate to say that I told you so, but I did tell you so.  Again, I'm not happy about being right.  I would have liked to be COMPLETELY wrong and have the Browns be on a 4 game winning streak now.

A 4 game winning streak and a split against the Ravens/Steelers in the final 2 games would have told me that maybe I was just being emotional when I wrote the Carolina article.  Maybe, I would have said to myself, I spoke too soon.

I didn't.  What I saw in the Carolina game finally bit the Browns on the behind in the form of losing to two extreme also rans in consecutive weeks.

Unfortunately the team has regressed.  After the season ends, Mr. Holmgren needs to step in and put his stamp and system on the team once and for all.

Otherwise, were in for more seasons like this and more excuses like:  "They're playing hard."  "Oh, they're improving."  "I don't want to change again."

I've heard all the arguments but I've seen enough.  Time to get a new philosophy in here.  This is the 2nd go around of "the New England way" courtesy of Eric Mangini (the first go around of course, was thanks to the current Chiefs DC, Romeo Crennel) and all the "New England way" has done is make the Browns one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Hey, it worked in New England but since it's been installed, Mr. Goodell has been ready for the Cleveland card to be one of the first to be turned in every April and I for one am sick of watching the Browns draft early.  Unfortunately, it won't change as long as upper management in Cleveland keeps people from the Belichick coaching tree in charge.

I don't think they will.

It's time for a change and I'm beyond ready for it.

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