Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Dave Carducci talked with some die-hard Dawgs on the chatroom last night. We talked about the draft, position battles, the draft, free agent moves, the draft and more. Here's the transcript...

DavidCarducci Hi art. How are you?
artbtz Doing good... hoping this war ends soon.
DavidCarducci Same here. I just found out a buddy of mine from my softball team is one of the Marines who is about to storm Baghdad
DavidCarducci Very scary
artbtz It would be a convenient time for a coup, don't you think?
ramllov I hope the war ends soon, the sooner it stops the less Americans will get hurt
DavidCarducci Sure would, but I think it is unlikely, considering 1991 and the fact that they feel they didn't get the help they needed then. I guess they are very apprehensive
DavidCarducci I hope so too ram
ramllov Dave, how do you like the draft coming up? It is starting to sound like it does not have top talent at the top, but it is deep in good players.
DavidCarducci So, I have been working on my booking my flights for this season. I have some tough trips
ramllov How do you like the schedule?
artbtz You'll rack up the frequent flier miles this year... San Fran, Seattle and Denver...
DavidCarducci I like it Ram. It seems like there is a lot of depth every year now, and the good thing with that is the way Davis, Garcia and co. do their homework. The Browns are one of the five or six teams I think should do a good job of getting some gems on the second day
howldawg i smell a trip to the pro bowl for David
ramllov The schedule seems balanced
DavidCarducci I like the schedule, other than the fact I just had to figure out a way to get from the Penn State game Sept. 20 to San Francisco for the Browns game Sept. 21. Going to be a tired guy that day
DavidCarducci So I'm driving from Penn State to Columbus, then flying to San Fran, and getting in at 10:20 am
artbtz Yikes
robdawgie Hey Dave did you see my question about Doherty?
DavidCarducci I did robdawgie. I'm going on tomorrow to spend a few hours on the message board. I had my meeting with my tax guy yesterday and today has been spent booking flights. I think so much of the decision to ask Doherty to leave had to do with the fact that so many players have been talking about transfer. He hasn't connected with his players, which is a bit of a surprise. He did go from one year at ND to one of the top jobs in the game in one year. Might not have been ready
SiouxDawg Is anybody worried about Jamir signing with the ratbirds? It seems to me if he's healthy, he would be a great RE. If Brown was moved to the LE position, wouldn't this be a solid line?
artbtz I don't like the idea of Miller becoming a Rat, Souix.
artbtz Word is the Browns have been among the most aggressive in getting to as many workouts as possible
robdawgie Yeah I read that as well art
ramllov The draft is what will make this team.
ramllov This is BD specialty
ramllov Browns make the big time Monday night with this schedule
Guest73 Nothing like Monday nite football in December in Cleveland.
robdawgie I'd agree with that...
robdawgie Hey I love the Monday night game!! Dec. 8th vs. the Dome Dwellers
Guest73 The colder the better
artbtz Eat a foot of snow, Kurt. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!
DavidCarducci I love the Monday Nighter too.
robdawgie It'd be different if it was in October
ramllov Dave/Art do you think the Browns will have a faster defense in 03?
DavidCarducci It is hard to say. It may be faster in terms of timed speed, but with the learning curve for the linebackers, possibly a new corner and a safety, it might not be obvious this next year. Improving team speed in the long haul is one of Davis' top goals
artbtz Really a question at linebacker and relative to Fuller since most other positions will stay the same.
artbtz Andra Davis isn't a speed demon, Taylor and Bentley vs. Rudd and Hambrick? I'm not thinking we'll be a lot faster.
howldawg no Art the other positions will improve (positve attitude)
artbtz Heh. Courtney will get faster? Good. Warren actually might if the stories are true.
Guest73 Of the guys that might be there at 21 - who do you think BD really wants?
ramllov I want Steinbach but my name is not BD
robdawgie Speaking of 21, I was studying the draft today at school (Can you believe I have a class for that!?!!) and I really think Steinbach will slip to us
Guest73 My guess is that he really wants Boss Bailey - but he probably won't be there.
robdawgie Anyone agree?
artbtz Check out TBF's massive mock... it's kind of a toss-up.
SiouxDawg I have to drive 27 hours to see us play. What game do you think are the best on the sced? I think I'm going to come and watch the Raidas and the Bolts the week the come in oct.
ramllov If not Steinbach, maybe Hunter, if they want to go LT
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, so many things are possible. It could happen if teams see him as a guard-tackle tweener and want immediate help at a specific position.
artbtz Did anyone see who CNNSI says we're going to draft.
artbtz Jordan Gross
robdawgie HA!
artbtz I want to know what they're on and how I can get some.
Guest73 That would be great but it seems he'll be long gone by then
SiouxDawg I'd rather have Hunter than Steinbach. I'd rather have Foster than either of them after a trade down.
ramllov If they drafted for need, it could be CB, LB, DL or OL
artbtz That's a sad statement, Ram.
howldawg very true art
artbtz We've, uh, got skills players and safeties. Yikes!!
Guest73 If William Joseph is there - Butch would grab him.
robdawgie Need: OL, DB, LB, DL
ramllov They need starters in each position, except DL, depending on the health of Courtney Brown
robdawgie I hope not.....Joseph rubs off on me like he's a slacker
Guest73 BD's new d-line coach would unslacken him.
ramllov I could see a safety and DT in the fourth and fifth round
robdawgie Do you like Steinbach as much as the organization Dave?
DavidCarducci I like athletic offensive linemen, but I don't know if that fits the Browns scheme. I think of him as a Denver lineman, although with his 6-5 height, he could add bulk to that frame.
DavidCarducci By the way, the ""him"" is Steinbach, answering robdawgie
ramllov Dave, do you see any FA before the draft being signed by Cleveland?
ramllov I don't but, I would like your opinion
robdawgie Thanks Dave, I'm glad to see someone feels the same way about him....I'm also a little scared of his past injuries
DavidCarducci Ram, I really doubt it. I'm actually surprised they signed anyone before the draft. I thought they would wait and concentrate on signing their own guys back
ramllov If they drafted Steinbach, would you see him at LG one year and then to LT in 2004?
howldawg injuries don't worrie me it's the tweener label that concerns me
SiouxDawg Any more on the fates of KJ and White as far trades are concerned?
robdawgie Then I take it you love EJ Henderson
DavidCarducci By the way AB, I'll be at the Masters on Thursday, but I assuming I can get a line from my hotel, I will be at the chat
artbtz Gambill didn't agree with the tweener label, if I remember...
ramllov I heard Foster did not have a long term injury problem is that accurate, would he be a good LT in the second round?
robdawgie Man you are all over the place
robdawgie What a great job...
artbtz You won't be experiencing the Augusta night life?
artbtz Krispy Kreme is rockin' after 10PM.
robdawgie lol
howldawg yea but he's the only one who hasn't
Guest73 You're not going to honor the picket line?
artbtz I used to live near Augusta, BTW.
Guest52 hanging out with martha?
artbtz Hee hee
DavidCarducci Ah yes. Martha. I do believe I'll cross the picket line
robdawgie Ram to answer your question for Dave there is no way Foster will be there in round two.
Guest73 Lots of guts - Dave!!
robdawgie At least where we pick
* howldawg (Plays Sound: muttley_laugh.wav) muttley_laugh
DavidCarducci Robdawgie is right. To get Foster would probably mean trading down at No.1
ramllov Is George Foster good enough to go at 31 or 32?
howldawg dave do you believe that there is a real chance the browns will trade down?
SiouxDawg Foster is the second best tackle in the draft IMO after Harris. I'd way rather take him the Steinbach. We should trade down and get him.
DavidCarducci Actually, I think Foster is better than people have him rated.
robdawgie Really?
robdawgie That's interesting
ramllov If they could pick up one of those choices and a third round pick could provide four potenial starters in the first three rounds
robdawgie He rubbed me as worse
ramllov If not starters solid guys
Guest73 Looks like Griese is going to Miami. That leaves Parcels with no veteran qb, which he says he wants. What will he do? TC?
robdawgie Or Kelly
DavidCarducci Howl, I think that trading down is much more likely than trading up. I know for a fact that Davis has tried to trade out of several picks in his first two drafts, but couldn't make it work. As much as he values picks, if he could pick up an early second and another first day pick, it is possible.
SiouxDawg Foster hurt himself in a car accident. Durability is not the concern. He's athletic, strong, and plays Bigger than anyone other than Harris.
DavidCarducci Not TC. If Couch goes anywhere it won't be this year
howldawg what about white & KJ
ramllov This year is a make or break year for many Browns
ramllov Would you agree Dave
ramllov ?
SiouxDawg Wouldn't a team like Houston be interested in White? They have so many picks.
robdawgie Would Oakland trade their last two picks for 21 and let's say KJ (Or White)?
howldawg Ram i agree time for 4th&5th year guys to shape up or ship out
ramllov I would love that deal
DavidCarducci KJ would have the highest possibility, but I still think they keep him at least one more year to see where Morgan and Davis get, and to make sure Northcutt can keep his play at a high level. There is depth at WR, but it is still young.
robdawgie I think Andre is our best WR
robdawgie He was a great pick last year
Guest73 So the Browns are serious about letting TC and KH fighting it out?
DavidCarducci Guest73, I don't really think they are serious about it. The hope is that the talk will light a fire under Tim. They will do everything they can to have Couch win the starting job
ramllov You may be right, that the WRs need another year of NFL experience
SiouxDawg KJ is in the way. If Morgan and Davis were given more opportunity, they'd produce and KJ would not be missed.
howldawg do you like our recievers after the first 4?
Guest73 Dave - after this year (2003) - how much more bonus money is Couch due?
DavidCarducci SiouxDawg, I think your right, but I think they want to see it first. Right now it is a possible position of strength, but both Morgan and Davis have yet to put together full seasons in terms of production. I think Morgan and Davis both have No. 1 type talent, but they are still raw
DavidCarducci Art, do you know the particulars with Couch's bonus? I don't have any salary information here
artbtz I don't have anything on additional bonuses Couch is due. They picked up an $8.75 million one in 2001.
howldawg that is spread over how many years art?
artbtz five years
howldawg TY
Guest73 So if Couch is cut after this season we would take a cap hit of two fifths of the $8.75 million - right? We could stomach that.
artbtz That's correct.
artbtz Considering his salary is $7mill+ for 2004 and 2005, he'd better turn into Joe Montana fast.
artbtz Or restructure fast :-)
Guest73 Then it truly is all on the line for Couch this year.
robdawgie What Morgan has to do is take something to make him focus during games. Are the Browns doing anything to try and enhance his concentration??
SiouxDawg If Boller or Leftwhich fell to 21, would the Browns have any interest?
ramllov No, but would Denver take a guy at 20?
SiouxDawg Morgan almost had 1000 yards last year. With KJ out of the picture I think we would not be so easily shut out of the pro-bowl.
Guest73 Is there any other lb worth taking in the first round besides Bailey and Henderson and Pierce? Of these only Bailey seems like BD's kind of lb.
ramllov Dave do you see Stokes as being the starting LG and like the improvement he made in the second half of the season?
DavidCarducci Robdawgie, Robiskie has worked very hard with Morgan on his concentration the last couple of years. Morgan really looks up to him. He's taught him a lot of tricks and refined his routes, but it is up to Morgan to keep that concentration for 60 minutes
ramllov Dave, does Kevin Johnson have any upside left?
robdawgie Thanks Dave....that may be the most important part to his success
SiouxDawg I think Morgan takes too much heat. If he was given a more prominent role in the offense, his confidence would skyrocket and so would his stats.
DavidCarducci Ram, I don't like Stokes as much as Davis appears to. Deep down, I think Davis believes that Stokes is best suited as a 6th lineman, a guy who can play several different positions and provide depth. But he is a leader and he does have a hard nosed approach to the game, and I can see where Davis thoguht after the final third of the year that they can keep him as a stopgap starter for another year
SiouxDawg What about Pashos, Ben Johnson, and Steve Sciullo. I like these monsters alot more than a finesse guy like Gross or Steinbach and all would be available later in the draft.
DavidCarducci SiouxDawg, you might be right. I get along pretty well with Morgan, and I've talked to him a lot about his role, and he's admitted to being frustrated by it. Very frustrated. It is unfortunate that he sometimes appears to let that get to his concentration, but the good thing is that he is not the kind of guy who becomes a cancer in the locker room because of his role. Morgan is a very good guy, and I think he has a ton of talent. As he matures and the staff and QB's get more confidence in him, the concentration problmes probably won't be an issue
DavidCarducci I still believe that Couch can be a very good quarterback in this league. I'm hoping he doesn't get cut and he lives up to his potential this year
SiouxDawg I think Morgan and Davis will represent the best tandem in the league in the very near future
robdawgie Is Northcutt a trade option?? You guys may blow up on me but with his injuries you never know....Also we'd be ecstatic if we could've gotten anything for him before the season...
DavidCarducci Remember, we were all talking about cutting Northcutt (and not just cutting him ... cutting the hell out of him) last year at this time. Sometimes quarterbacks take a little while, especially when they come in like Couch did, with nothing around him. You have to unlearn all the bad habits, and Couch has some bad habits
howldawg Dave do you think Couch would take a paycut if he were clearly the #1 guy at QB
robdawgie Ha
ramllov Northcutt has some great value, both as a third down receiver and punt return, I would like to see his contract extended
SiouxDawg If we could trade KJ for a 2nd pick like Nick Barnett or Troy Polamalu, we would be insane not to.
Guest73 Is Nick Barnett good enough to take in the first round?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, I don't think he would take a pay cut. I think he would restructure for guaranteed money, much the way Brady did. But he hasn't been asked, and probably it's not the time to ask him when he is worried about his standing on the team
DavidCarducci Guest 73, I think Barnett could be a solid first-day guy, but he's a big reach for the first round.
Guest73 How good is this Hunter OL from Hawaii?
robdawgie Agreed here SiouxDawg....except we'd probably get Doss before Polamalu
howldawg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
DavidCarducci SiouxDawg, I agree, but right now his draft value appears to be considerably lower. Most teams have offered third or fourth round picks for KJ in the last two years
ramllov Doss does not cover receivers, I do not want him
howldawg no doss
SiouxDawg Doss would be more valuable to this team than KJ too.
robdawgie I'm saying that Polamalu won't fall to the second round....I wouldn't want to draft Doss in the 5th
howldawg Doss couldn't cover me
Guest73 Browns won't take Doss in first round per Jim Donovan.
Guest73 Dave - can this new d-line coach really instill the fire in the d-line?
SiouxDawg Speaking of safeties, what about Julian Battle? This guy looks to me like a Tebucky Jones clone. BD must like this guys measurables.
DavidCarducci Hunter is pretty good, but he's a bit overrated simply because he is a big-time project. He can not step in and play this year in my opinion. If he does go on day one as expected, and a team expects him to play right away, he could end up being a bust. If a team takes him late on day one or early day two, and is willing to be patient with him for a few years, he could be a legit LT.
ramllov Is Hunter a work out warrior?
Guest73 Gambill says the Browns are really interested in Hunter for what it's worth.
robdawgie one can tell who the Browns are interested in
DavidCarducci Guest73. I hope so. I haven't met him. Probably will on draft day. What I hear, I like. I think more than anything, having a coordinator and a Dline coach on the same page with the head coach is going to help the continuity and then the performance up front.
ramllov I remember a DE that was a first round choice due to being a work out warrior for the Bills about three years ago, I have no idea where he is now.
Guest73 Our d-line got so much pressure on the qb 2 years ago.
robdawgie He got cut before this year ram
ramllov I remember I drafted him for a team in the BTNG mock draft
robdawgie I forget his name
DavidCarducci Like Ram said, you get these reaches because of a guys measurables, and then teams either don't have the patience or the staff to nurture the talent.
ramllov So do I
ramllov I thought Houston signed him
ramllov Dave, is it true that BD may draft for starters in the first two picks?
Guest73 Was it a guy named Flowers maybe?
ramllov yes
SiouxDawg What do you guys know about Shurron Pierson? His measurables are insane. Plus it appears he can play football aswell which is always a bonus!
robdawgie Is there any way we'll try to get Suggs or a top player like that or is that completely out of the question?? I love Terrence Newman.
ramllov Dave do you see a cornerback as a starter with the Browns second round pick?
Guest73 Speaking of corner - that is the biggest need on the defense.
DavidCarducci Ram, I think it has to be true considering the holes they have at CB and LB, and the need on the OL.
howldawg Dave did you mean Hunter late first round not daY ? or do you see him falling to the end of the day
DavidCarducci Howl, I think he'll end up in round two. Just a hunch.
howldawg ok earlier you said day i thought it was a typo
DavidCarducci And I still think it is a reach. I think he is a legit 3rd rounder, who would be a solid first rounder with another year of college.
DavidCarducci He is just raw
howldawg wow ok
robdawgie Not only Henry but Michael Jameson?? I like Jameson's athletic and big hitting ability. I noticed he got some time at the end of last year..
SiouxDawg What has Henry been doing this offseason?
DavidCarducci SiouxDawg, I believe he has been working out in Berea. I'm sure he is one of the guys who they asked to watch tape of other corners, considering his main problem is technique and mental lapses.
SiouxDawg Hunter played defensive line up until last year. No one knows what kind of LT he will be. Too big a risk, I'd way rather have Foster.
ramllov How has the off season work out programs been working?
ramllov I thought it was starting late March?
DavidCarducci Ram, from what I've heard, they've had very good participation. We can not go to Berea to watch or talk to the players, so I only know what they tell us from official circles
ramllov How do the Browns feel about their fourth and fifth CB? and who are they?
SiouxDawg Henry has to step up. He could be dominant if he learned to hit.
ramllov Walls?
ramllov I wonder if McC, Sanders and Henry learned very much from Fuller over the past two years?
DavidCarducci I don't think a second round corner would come right in and start, simply because they want to see what they can get out of Henry and Sanders. Jameson is a nice player. I've talked to him a few times, and he comes across as a pretty low-key, intelligent guy. He has very good speed and instincts, and he is healthy. This may be the year for him to push Little
robdawgie I like Woolfolk better than Weathersby....What do you think Dave?? I think the jury's out on these two
SiouxDawg If Sammy Davis fell to us in the second, I'll bet he starts.
ramllov The team seems to have some quality depth in a few positions.
DavidCarducci Guys, I have to run. My editor is on the line. I'll talk to you all from Augusta next week.
DavidCarducci Can't wait
robdawgie Have fun
ramllov bye
robdawgie Thanks!
DavidCarducci I will, thanks
SiouxDawg Thanks alot Dave
artbtz See ya Dave!
howldawg bye dave thanks
DavidCarducci see you AB
DavidCarducci see you all
robdawgie See ya...have fun and thanks..
ramllov Thanks for coming guys
robdawgie Thanks A TON
robdawgie cya
howldawg later rob

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