Mangini Focused on Pittsburgh

Fred Greetham reports from Berea that the Browns head coach hopes to beat Steelers, stay in Cleveland. Here's the latest from your Cleveland Browns.

BEREA, Ohio—With all the rumors swirling about the status of Eric Mangini's future as the Browns coach, Mangini stayed as consistent as he's been all season in his answers.

"What is the saying, ‘Don't worry about the future because it comes soon enough'," Mangini said when asked about his future. "What I really want is to beat Pittsburgh. I can't be more sincere about that.

"Whether it's the first game or the second game with Pittsburgh-- its Pittsburgh," he said. "They are a really good team and it's at home."

Mangini said he hopes to stay as the Browns coach.

"I would like to, obviously, be here," he said. "There's no question. it's just not the quarterback, but the team and the organization and the city of Cleveland. There are many components of that.

"(But) that's not my position too judge," he said. "The thinking hasn't changed for the long-term. Whatever decisions that are made are made and that's not my area."

Mangini said he hasn't had any conversations with Mike Holmgren along the lines of his future.

"It hasn't really been like that," he said. "Mike has been great about that and I appreciate that. (Our talks) have been more the task at hand."

Mangini expects the Browns to once again play hard in the season finale.

"There is a deep level of character and a level of commitment on this team," Mangini said. "(It is) to the city, to their teammates. I expect the team to work hard this week and play hard against Pittsburgh."

If the Browns upset the Steelers, they will have improved their record one game from 2009. If they lose, they will have the same record. However, Mangini believes the team has improved, even though it hasn't shown up in the win/loss column.

"I hope it's apparent in the way we play each week," he said. "We haven't been on the plus side of as many games as we want to and I don't expect that arrow to point down any time soon.

"At some point, I expect the close games to turn into wins."


Time Management: Mangini was asked if he'd manage the clock the same way at the end of the first half as they did on Sunday. The Browns let 30 to 45 seconds come off the clock before going for the end zone on two plays and settling for a field goal on third down with six seconds to play in the first half.

"The goal there is to have three chances to run plays before you had to kick a field goal," he said. "You really need seven or eight seconds to run another play, so I was off by a second or two."

One of the plays, McCoy threw the ball out of bounds when it looked as though Brian Robiskie was open.

"I think (McCoy) was going to throw the ball away and then saw (Robiskie) break free late and it was too late for him to change the throw."

Hillis Update: Mangini said that Peyton Hillis didn't suffer a broken rib on the hit he took early in the game from Ed Reed.

"He's sore," Mangini said. "He's really sore. I think he should be fine for the game. We'll see Wednesday where he is. He might be limited a little (for practice)."

Numbers Tanking: As the losses mount, the Browns are also dropping in their overall league rankings. The Browns are 29th overall offensively (19th rushing, 30th passing). They are 21st in defense (26th rushing, 13th passing).

McCoy's Numbers: After putting up a 27 QB rating against the Ravens, Colt McCoy's overall, rating for the season dropped to 81.9 with five touchdowns and six interceptions. His completion percentage on the season is 63.5.

What did McCoy learn?

"I think he's got a much deeper appreciation for Ed Reed," Mangini said. "You can't take the same chances on the deep ball with a guy like (Reed) back there."

One of the things the coaching staff said they wanted to see with McCoy was ability to throw and handle the ball in the cold climate of Cleveland in December.

"I think he's handled (the cold) well during the week (in practice) and in the game," Mangini said.

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