Browns-Steelers: Joe's Game Review

Starting with an interception, ending with a fumble. Another Browns-Steelers debacle...

Mike Bell fumbled on the last play of the season.

What a fitting end to yet another debacle. And thanks, Browns, for saving the worst two games of the season for our most bitter rival. It just made my year to have Steeler fans celebrating a division championship in our stadium.


Everyone who said the team hadn't quit on Eric Mangini should be forced to watch this game 100 times.

Frankly, if I were Mike Holmgren, I'd have come down from the box and fired Mangini on the spot for kicking a field goal down 14-0 on fourth and goal from the two.

What does it say about the state of the team when Colt McCoy is spiking his helmet while talking to offensive coordinator Brian Daboll? What does it say when the defense didn't sniff a stop of the Steelers, allowing five first half possessions to all end in points?


That's not to say that there were not a few bright spots.

Thank you, Joe Haden, T.J. Ward, and Mike Adams for playing hard every down and making plays in a game that turned into a disaster.

Thank you, Sheldon Brown, for giving your all despite being injured for weeks.

Thank you, Joshua Cribbs, for also playing hard despite injuries.

Thank you, Benjamin Watson, for a great season.

Thank you, Phil Dawson, for a great career in Cleveland. I sincerely hope you return next fall.

Despite the interceptions, thank you, Colt McCoy for your passion for the game. Thanks for hanging tough despite being beat to a pulp. I hope the baptism of fire will pay off in your future.

For those players who quit, well, let's keep this business-like. I hope you end up elsewhere next season.

There were plenty of players who I think gave effort, but who just don't have the level of talent to match up. But you watch the Browns jumping offside, lining up wrong, and dropping passes. You don't see the Steelers doing those things. I'm tired of other teams taking advantage of Cleveland mistakes. How about not making these mistakes in the first place? The Browns lack talent, to be sure, but they also need to eliminate the dumb mistakes.

This game will hang over this team for the next eight months. While the Browns need to get some of their contributors back healthy and add talent, they also need to show more than what we saw today.

A lot more.

I'm sure I speak for all of the fans who are sick of watching games like this, especially against our division foes. At home.

This has to change.

I know the front office doesn't want to see the stadium half empty by halftime. They can't afford it. Change has to come.

Despite all of this, the Browns have made some progress in 2010. They upgraded the roster. Another offseason with more upgrades will put this team in a position to compete. Maybe even contend for the playoffs.

It can't come soon enough for me.

The Coaching Conundrum

The Meeting is set for Monday. While Mr. Holmgren's mind was probably already made up either way before this game, I cannot imagine this pitiful excuse for a football game helped the cause of this coaching staff. It will be hard for Mangini to argue progress now. His postgame press conference made him sound like a man who was already fired.

Perhaps all this game did was confirm for Holmgren what he already planned to do. But even if Mangini is retained, you have to believe that significant changes will be made.

We'll know very soon.

Next Up

A very long offseason. Perhaps longer than usual if the labor situation is not resolved.

The season is short. Bark hard!

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