Adkins: It Begins

Lane brings us the very latest from inside the organization as Mike Holmgren's opinions begin to surface.

UPDATE: 1/3 11AM

Fred Greetham reports that Browns QB Seneca Wallace has stated that Holmgren informed players that he does not intend to return to coaching.

UPDATE: 1/3 10AM

As reported on the OBR's Twitter feed, two sources within the Browns organization have confirmed that Browns head coach Eric Mangini will be replaced as the team's head coach.


Eric Mangini is in Berea. Mike Holmgren is yet to arrive. His meeting with Mangini is expected to take place prior to Mangini's 10AM meeting with players, but it has not been finalized.

Lane does not anticipate a quick hire if Mangini winds up being released.

From our sources, we're hearing much more chatter around John Fox than around Marty Mornhinweg and Jon Gruden as potential replacements for Mangini. Fox is viewed as potentially too conservative. Gruden appears to be watching with a curious eye, not directly engaged at this point. Holmgren is quite fond of Mornhinweg, and would view their relationship as tutoring/mentoring if the ex-Lions head coach were to come on board.

Also, don't be stunned if Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy's name doesn't mentioned as being with the team in some capacity should the Browns elect to go in the direction of a defensive-minded coach. McCoy has been with the Broncos organization for two years, after spending nine years with the Panthers, primarily as a quarterbacks coach. Dick Jauron is also a candidate as a defensive coordinator if Rob Ryan does not stay, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that Ryan survives.

Whatever direction the Browns ultimately go at head coach, the offense adopting far more of a West Coast flavor seems to be in the offing.

UPDATE: 1/3 1:00AM

Lane has answered a number of questions in ATI

According to our sources, Mangini has expressed an openness to making changes within his coaching staff should he return for the 2011 season. Based on our discussions within the organization, it is clear that Mangini wants to remain head coach in Cleveland and grow, we're told, "as a coach and a person". Changes to offensive philosophy would certainly be on the table.

The wild card, Lane reports, is Browns team owner Randy Lerner. While generally willing to let Holmgren do what he feels is right for the organization, Lerner was heavily invested in the decision to bring Mangini on board, and has been known to be unhappy about paying large amounts of money to coaches (e.g., Butch Davis) no longer in the organization. Lerner's views on Mangini are not known at this time.


The OBR's Lane Adkins can reveal this evening that Browns Team President Mike Holmgren, despite remaining in the background in recent weeks, has been extremely disappointed in the team's derailment over the past six weeks. Sources within the organization this evening are assuming that Eric Mangini is done as the team's head coach, an assumption that has already been internalized within the team's coaching staff.

Holmgren is expected to speak with Randy Lerner on the matter Sunday evening, and then discuss it with Eric Mangini on Monday.

The Browns head coach, again according to sources within the organization, expects to be relieved of his duties. At this point, however, neither Mangini nor any member of his staff has been given any official notification that his reign as the Browns head coach is over. Mangini was even more disappointed in his team's performance than he revealed during his post-game press conference. Neither Team President Mike Holmgren nor GM Tom Heckert were seen in the locker room following the game, even outside time that the media was permitted to talk to players.

Internal sources are also confirming to The OBR this evening that any speculation involving ex-Lions head coach Marty Mornhinweg is, at best, premature. The gears are already turning, however, and the Browns will be making changes to their coaching staff.

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