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With the Browns season over, at least there's the Cavs. Wait, the Lakers beat them by how much?!?

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Where Are They Now? Two Weeks Later Edition
Dave Kolonich on January 12th, 2011 AT 7:43 PM

Although most Browns fans have already completely forgotten about Eric Mangini and Brian Daboll, a news junkie like myself just can't get let go.  Chalk it up to some obsessive behavioral tendencies, but not forcing myself to Google their names hourly has proven quite difficult. 

After all, I'm pretty sure that exhaustively following Mangini for two years means that I'm practically related to him. 

Or, it's quite possible that the leading candidate to become the Browns' next head coach doesn't actually exist.  After all, how many of us were discussing the merits of Pat Shurmur even a month ago?  Suddenly, an office is being painted for him.

Anyway, so it goes with the Browns – where the only constant is change….along with the occasional blinding headache.

But at the least, it appears that after a decade of expansion futility, the Browns have finally figured out that a top-down approach is the only rational way to conduct business.  In this sense, Team President Mike Holmgren seems to be fully in charge of the current search for a new head coach. 

Which means that the usual bitterness following a Browns' coaching firing is not as prevalent compared to years' past.

As for these most recently dearly departed members of the Browns, it looks like they may have an existence – post Cleveland.

Fox Sports Southwest – Search Is On For Defensive Coordinator in Dallas

Although it's nothing but speculation at this point, Mangini makes a lot of sense in Dallas.  The Cowboys run a version of the 3-4 defense familiar to the heart of the Belichick defenses Mangini grew up with – complete with some truly talented players.  Also, Mangini wouldn't present much of an ego or job security challenge to new Dallas head coach Jason Garrett, which cannot be overstated at least based on the past couple years of the Wade Phillips era.

Or, at the least – maybe Mangini can get into….broadcasting?

Mangini Will Talk Jets-Patriots

Mangini, who left Bill Belichick’s Patriots staff to take over the Jets in 2006, will appear on the network’s "NFL Live" at 4 p.m. and "SportsCenter" Thursday and Friday.

Stranger things have happened, I suppose.  While Mangini never displayed the type of gregarious personality normally associated with TV analysts, he instantly becomes the most credible football source at ESPN.

But then again, I wonder how much ESPN Mangini actually watches.

WEWS.com – ESPN Celebrates Eric Mangini's Firing?

Still, there is something to be said about publicity.  Appearing on ESPN to discuss what should be the most high-profile playoff matchup of the weekend can't hurt.  At least Mangini is getting his name out.  Much like his one-time protégé…

ESPN – Source: Dolphins Talk To Daboll

Granted, Daboll's offenses were among the worst in franchise history.  Of course, the level of offensive talent that Daboll had to work with wasn't exactly stellar.  Somehow, Daboll in Miami suddenly makes a lot of sense.

The Browns were the only AFC team to score less than the Dolphins last season.

Nowhere to go but up, right?

1:43 PM

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