Adkins: The Tough Questions

With a head coach in place, Adkins gives insight on Browns search for assistants.

With a head coach in place, the rest of the Browns staff must be complied. Who will be the defensive coordinator? What's going on with the offensive staff?

Below are a compiled list of questions from OBR insiders and answers from Lane Adkins in OBR's exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

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What OCs are the Browns looking at?

Games23: Well, that's pretty much it? Any ideas?

Adkins' Answer: I have been told that Mike McCoy and Juan Castillo are the two candidates immediately known,

Nolan Cromwell is a name that has been bandied about in forums, but as far as league personnel tell me, he is not ready to be an OC, BUT, with Shurmur calling the plays, he could be a candidate if something occurs with the two known names.

Those that are not going to be considered are Darrell Bevell and Josh McDaniels.


Greg Knapp?

BrownsFan1313: Any interest in him as OC?

Adkins' Answer: I do not believe so from what I have been told at this point.


Offensive Coordinators

Colt212: Any big new on who they have lined up for possible offensive coordinators since Mike Mccoy is staying in Denver.

Adkins' Answer: Nothing of substance, Castillo remains strongly in play.

I am hearing some noise that GB QB coach Tom Clements and Jim Zorn could be in the equation.



kmack34: I know who Jim Zorn is.  I'm not familiar with Clements off the top of my head.  Who is he?

Adkins' Answer: Here are his football stops along his career -- courtesy of the GB Packers

Quarterback Notre Dame 1972-74. Pro quarterback Ottawa Rough Riders (CFL) 1975-78, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL) 1979, 1981-82, Kansas City Chiefs 1980, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) 1983-87. College coach: Notre Dame 1992-95. Pro coach: New Orleans Saints 1997-99, Kansas City Chiefs 2000, Pittsburgh Steelers 2001-03, Buffalo Bills 2004-05, joined Packers in 2006


Dave Wannstdet

michael11952: Lane are you hearing anything on the possibility of Wannstedt being on the staff?

Adkins' Answer: Have heard within the past few hours that Wannstedt is a person of interest.

Which means he is on a list, but hasn't been interviewed.


Mora Jr?

brownsrthebest04: Lane is he getting any play? especially if jauron stays in philly?

Adkins' Answer: As of Saturday evening he hadn't and if indeed actual, I am somewhat surprised due to the relationship between he and Holmgren.


Sean McDermott

kmack34: Just read that he's been fired as the DC of the Eagles.  Timing is odd, I have to think it is somehow related to our DC search.  Or is it?  Any info?

Adkins' Answer: The Eagles defense wasn't bad while under his direction. He is young and aggressive.

The Philadelphia defense struggled with many injuries and some costly mental errors at times, which were costly.

Considering Dick Jauron, an experienced coach as a HC, DC and was a DB coach in Philly and the Browns are all over him, I believe the Eagles are looking to stop the Browns at the pass ultimately.

Colt212: What do you think about bringing in Sean Mcdermott to become the browns Defensive Coordinator since he was just fired by Philly. DO you think that Dick Jauron will be named the Philly Defensive coordinator or will we get him.

Adkins Answer: McDermott may not have deserved to be fired, as that defense was not bad, struggled with injuries, but failed to rise to the occasion when the Eagles needed it most.

If Jauron remains in Philly, McDermott would get a look here.


Mangini's Assistants?

michael11952: Are all of Mangini's assistants still with team except McDonald and Ryan?

Adkins' Answer: All remain under contract with the exception of the two noted.


Brad Seely

brownsrthebest04: Hey Lane hear anything about Seely? it is my understanding that he is a great coach and would be really valuable resource for shurmur. Is the problem the Ass. Head Coach title?

Adkins' Answer: The organization believe he is a valuable asset.

Presently, the new HC is looking at the present coaches on staff and no official moves have been made to those remaining under contract/

The assistant head coach title places Seely in a little different category that simply a position coach in title.

Right now, I don't have sufficient information regarding Shurmur's thoughts on Seely and he being an assistant HC in title.


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