Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

David came in our of the rain in Augusta, and Lane stopped working the phones, long enough to talk Browns football in the Bernies Insiders chat room. Trade rumors, draft talk, and AB's uncanny ability to keep his shoes tied were all fodder for discussion.

ramllov I ask a question a moment ago, it may not be very clear, but I would like you to respond if you understand the way I worded it?
ramllov The question is would the Browns draft by position
ramllov depending if a positional starter would be available in the second pick?
LaneAdkins Only if the players rated on their draft board are comparable
ramllov that is a good answer
ramllov Is George Foster LT good enough for a 21 pick?
LaneAdkins I don't believe so from the information that I have been provided
LaneAdkins Many other LT's rated above him
ramllov Hunter at 21?
LaneAdkins Hunter is climbing and he may very well end up the best of the bunch. He right now is pushing Harris and Steinbach
KJ How serious do u guys think we are at signing Nesbit?
LaneAdkins Nesbit is an option, again if the price is right and the other options are limited
LaneAdkins Nesbit is servicable, but not a long-term answer
ramllov Is O'Hara really going to Buffalo and will the Browns match?
LaneAdkins I don't believe that O'Hara will leave Cleveland this year
KJ who's buffalos starting center?
ramllov Is Miller still considering the Browns or his he a Raven in a few days?
LaneAdkins Miller does want to remain with the Browns and is pushing this out as loing as he can, while another deal is still possible for him
LaneAdkins Right now, the chances he becomes a Raven are better than those of him staying with the Browns, but I would say that those odds are close
ramllov Thanks Lane
artbtz Dave!
DavidCarducci Hello. Sick as a dawg from standing outside in the rain at Augusta
DavidCarducci Slopping around in the mud
KJ Is Tiger leading?
DavidCarducci nobody leading. Rained out
LaneAdkins Maybe once the rain stops :-)
KJ Just checkin' to see if you've been drinkin'...
George How about the rumor of the day - Couch to Dallas for Coakley and flip flopping #1's?
LaneAdkins I wouldn't discount anything regarding Couch and this organization
jmazzulo920 well, insiders why is there a new Couch rumor every damn day?
LaneAdkins That could be that there are those that want to feed the controversy and there are those that have discussed Couch's availability.
DavidCarducci I'm sure the Browns have discussed all kinds of options, and talked with different teams. That is encouraging. They should listen to different offers because one might eventually make sense. That doesn't mean a deal for Couch will happen.
George How much cap space do the Browns need to clear to sign the draftees?
LaneAdkins Couple million or so
DavidCarducci I don't. I ended up going to the Final Four at the last minute, then on to Augusta for the Masters. In all the spare time, I've been ranking all of the players in the draft and coming up with different scenarios, thoughts, etc.
ramllov Do you have a guess who the 21st pick will be?
LaneAdkins I'll plead the 5th until the Thursday or Friday before the draft
KJ wuss
LaneAdkins Nah, I like being correct :-)
ramllov I was reading a rag earlier today and they had the Browns selecting a WR, I laughed
KJ Just say Steinbach!
jmazzulo920 Lane and Dave, of these players, who do you think the browns would take: Kwame harris, Steinbach, Bailey, or Jospeh?
LaneAdkins Bailey, Harris, Steinbach, Joseph
DavidCarducci Bailey, Joseph, Harris, Steinbach
George Looks like we're getting Joseph.
LaneAdkins Easily flip Harris and Steinbach
KJ that's better
jmazzulo920 It pisses me off that Bailey wont be there
LaneAdkins Not at 21 he won't be
DXDawg How likely is it that Eugene Wilson is there in round 2 and how high are you guys on him? And yes I read Kipers round 2 mock today :)
DavidCarducci DXDawg. I rate Wilson sixth among corners, and a top-35 talent. That doesn't mean he will be taken in the top 35, but that's where I assess his value.
DXDawg thanks Dave
ramllov Hey I would be happy with a LT at 21 and a CB with the second choice
George Who is the 3rd best cornerback in the draft?
DavidCarducci George, I rate the corners 1. Newman, 2. Woolfolk, 3. Trufant, 4. Weathersby, 5. Davis, 6. Wiolson, 7. Mathis, and I also like Shane Walton as a first-day sleeper
KJ Steinbach Barnett Florence
LaneAdkins Florence is an interesting player
KJ Do u guys have any clue who's workin' out at Berea right now? Anyone of significance missing?
George Who is next after Joseph on the list?
George Dave - any chance Trufant at #21?
DavidCarducci I don't think so. I see him going top 15, possibly as high as 8 to the Jaguars.
LaneAdkins If Trufant is on the board at 21, the Browns will be fielding calls for the entire 15 minutes
howldawg Interesting Dave
KJ very
ramllov Denver would not let him pass
howldawg lol
ramllov Could K. Harris LT fall to 21, I doubt it?
LaneAdkins Harris has lost some luster, he is slipping, down to #21 is doubtful
George Dave - so you think Woolfolk would be a steal at 21?
DavidCarducci I have K.Harris at 17 to the Saints
LaneAdkins Same here :-)
KJ and 18?
DavidCarducci I think Woolfolk would be a wonderful pick at 21. The Browns would be lucky to get him.
ramllov I wanted the Browns to trade with NO for the 17th pick
DavidCarducci I have 18 Woolfolk
howldawg Lane you looking over Daves shoulder 8-)
LaneAdkins Who do you like at 17, Ram
KJ ok
ramllov K. Harris
ramllov for the Browns
newdawg From what I hear, Woolfolk will be more or less useless in his rookie year.
George Who did you say is 21?
ramllov I do not know what the trade would cost though
LaneAdkins Watch Hunter and Steinbach............
BryanK Hi guys
ramllov I am hoping and praying
ramllov four guys at LT drafted prior to 21
ramllov I hope one falls
ramllov we could be set for ten years
KJ Has Davis given u guys ANY and I mean ANY inclination that he might really stretch for Witten at 21?
DavidCarducci I think four might go prior to 21, but that would mean several teams reaching. The big early run in my mind is at DT
ramllov I read that some people think 12 DL could go in the first round
ramllov if so, some valuable players could be available at 21
LaneAdkins Have not heard that there is any serious interest in Witten
DavidCarducci I don't think he'd go Witten in round one to the Browns. I actually like Dallas Clark a bit more than Witten after talking to a few scouts, I've been convinced.
KJ good
LaneAdkins There will be good talent at #21, if the Browns stay there
BryanK What are the odds of moving down?
KJ Someone like Jacobs could make someone drop like Buchanan did last year
ramllov If the Browns could not get a top four LT at 21, trade down and get an extra pick
howldawg If woolfolk would fall to 21 what kind of offers do you think the Browns could get?
ramllov if one of the four LT were not available
DavidCarducci I don't like Witten in round one for the Browns because there are in my mind several very good tight ends in this draft.
howldawg i agree but curious
redright Dave Lane How much interest does Bd have in a DE or a DT at #21? Will he draft 1st and 2nd round to stop the run?
DavidCarducci I like Walker, Joppru, Johnson. I even like Trent Smith in day two better than some of the TE's on the current roster
LaneAdkins Davis has serious issues with the inability to stop the run, a DT would not come as a surprise
KJ Teyo Teyo...the next Sharpe
DavidCarducci Redright, he might have a lot of interest in a DE or DT because that is the strength of the draft. THere are a ton of very good defensive linemen, and if Davis goes for value, then that might be the pick. THe talent on the DL could also push a few surprises to the Browns at 21.
newdawg it seems to me at dt doesn't make sense, assuming Butch is sold on warren.
KJ who though? Peterson?...I HATE TWEENERS
redright What DLs would be gthere at 21?
KJ McDougle?
DavidCarducci Think about it. Anyone who gets Kennedy, Joseph, Williams, Robertson, Sullivan or Rein Long, or even Ty Warren is getting a very good player at DT
ramllov Lane/Dave are there run stopping DTs at the Browns second round?
LaneAdkins Depends on how the draft falls Ram, right now we can easily look at 40 players that are actually worthy of being selected from 20 to 40
Greg So in case I missed this question.... what up with Fowler? Is he behind the curve? We brought in a coupla OCs to look at recently... just for backup?
howldawg When does the Draft cap money have to be available?
KJ it's already in
redright what is your take on Joseph?
Greg Is it true that Butch hired the Iraqi Minister of Information to be the new club spokesman? :)
newdawg lol
ramllov Yes, I heard that on Fox
KJ Yeah Greg...He says Fuller ain't left yet!
howldawg lol
KJ that guy  kills me
Greg Lane/Dave... what's the story with our Center O' The Future, Fowler? How's he doing?
howldawg he's a beginner compared to our front office
redright Baghdad Bob-----to lend credibility to our injury reports:-)
KJ we ain't close yet?
DavidCarducci I saw a funny thing in the Charlotte Observer the other day where they had the Iraqi minister of information explaining how Kansas actually destroyed Syracuse in the national championship. Very funny stuff
BryanK Is this the year for Orange?
LaneAdkins Greg, sorry don't have anything new on Fowler. He is slated to compete with O'Hara for the starting spot, I'll believe that when I see it
DavidCarducci I don't think anyone really knows with Fowler. Any movement or decision making on if he is ready or not, behind the curve or not, etc., could change several times between now and training camp. Let's wait until the first minmicamp and see what Davis has to say.
LaneAdkins Also, the players that have visited at the center position I do not believe are an upgrade
redright Is Fowler projecting out to a bust? Bad coaching or overestimated?
ramllov One guys got signed by GB last nigh
Greg ok... thanks fellas...
War_Room_-_16_days I had a couple of drinks with Fowler the other night in Cleveland. I told him to stop drinking and start getting ready for 03
DavidCarducci I don't project Fowler as a bust. Sometimes it takes interior linemen a bit longer than others to develop.
LaneAdkins Too early on the bust, one season where the team basically screwed him up isn't enough time to judge
LaneAdkins Hell, they may select Faine and the center question will be answered
War_Room_-_16_days Do you think Fowler will progress faster than Zukauskas?
Greg True, true... we can just wait 2 more years and call 'em busts like we do now... :)
ramllov I would be happier if they would sign a LB
LaneAdkins Yes, I do believe that Fowler will be serviceable in 2003
ramllov The LB corp is a little lite right now.
War_Room_-_16_days it seems like Zukauskas was the guy we were grooming and now no word on him battling for a starting job
jmazzulo920 Any news on Darren Hambrick?
LaneAdkins he still doing that radio show :-)
DavidCarducci I think they've made so many impulsive mistakes in signing and overpaying LB's in the last couple of years, they will wait to see what happens in the draft then go bargain hunting in June
redright The Bears had a bust at Center for about three years. Then pro-bowl after probowl. Played with the Browns at the end of his career.
Greg What of that rumor material floating regarding Couch & The Cowboys?
KJ We had to Dave...Rainer was a flop and that's bein' nice
LaneAdkins Talk, talk, talk.........
ramllov Could Couch ridem?
War_Room_-_16_days What's that? That the cowboys would give up a pound of coke for Couch?
DavidCarducci I think it is just a rumor, but it is interesting. Don't count on it
ramllov Parcells is not stupid
War_Room_-_16_days I read today that Dorsey may be an option in the later rounds
ramllov The Browns would take a terrible cap hit
LaneAdkins Has there been some discussions about Couch? YES, there has been.
drumslayer We should keep Couch, he can do the job
LaneAdkins I wouldn't say that they are close to dealing him though.
Greg my eyes lit up with visions of Terrence Newman dancing in my head when I read it... Then I woke up...
War_Room_-_16_days Any expectations that TC could be cut on June 1?
Greg interesting... Thanks Lane...
newdawg you can see him, playing for the Bungals.
ramllov I would rate the Browns make a draft day trade or two. about 75%%
LaneAdkins It is a possibility, but I just don't see it happening, unless there are some issues that we do not know about....
DavidCarducci discussing any and all options is part of taking an intelligent approach to an offseason. They would not be doing their job if they didn't listen, talk and consider different options, but when everything is said and done, trading Couch is mroe than unlikely
drumslayer We need some D this is looking to be another long season for the D
LaneAdkins Hard to tell with Davis, he looks for value, so deals may be in the offing
Greg Ram- the hit on trading Couch would actually cost roughly 2 mill less than he's costing now I believe....
ramllov then it becomes a possibility
LaneAdkins A Couch deal wouldn't die because of the Browns cap hit, I can tell you that with some certainty
DavidCarducci I agree drumslayer. Teams don't like going into the offseason having to replace four starters on offense and defense. The Browns have to replace almost 40-percent of their starting defense, and in doing that with the young linebackers and other backups, they weaken they lose a lot in depth.
redright A top draft pick will use all of that @m
War_Room_-_16_days I still don't think Holcomb's the real deal. He played well against three POOR secondaries
redright 2m
War_Room_-_16_days Henry at starting corner worries me
LaneAdkins Thus is why dealing Couch appears unlikely, unless there is someone waiting in wings......doubtful
howldawg ANy word on how Courtney is progressing?
ramllov Holcomb has some upside and so does Couch. Couch finally will have the receivers and runner.
BryanK Then why didn't Tim light up the Steelers D earlier in the year?
LaneAdkins Zone rather than man-to-man should help Henry and/or Sanders
ramllov Now if only he had an offensive line
drumslayer Do any of the Insiders see us being able to make cap room for some free agent D
ramllov How do our safeties hold if in a zone defense?
ramllov Do you expect Lang to have a good 2003?
redright If we get a top DE like McDougal, would that get CB going? Is it another matter? like he is doing his best but hasn't figured it out?
LaneAdkins He needs to have a solid season.........
BryanK I read here in Pgh that the Steelers think Robert Griffith will be a June 1 cut; any thoughts?
howldawg Anyone wamt to comment on if a kicker could end up Cut or with a paycut?
LaneAdkins If they were to select McDougle, then they are almost admitting there are additional issues with Brown, IMO
drumslayer Cant cut griff, hes all we got left thats semi proved himself
War_Room_-_16_days Insiders, there is all this talk about picking Steinbach. Do you actually think there is a chance he will slip that far?
LaneAdkins Griffith has been a player that was not on solid ground through this evaluation process, from what I have been told
George Dorsey will be the 6th round pick.
ramllov The guys from Miami comes to  to the Browns
LaneAdkins Depending on the runs in the top 15, there is a possibility, but numerous teams like him
howldawg Any chance that McCutcheon could be asked to take a pay cut?
War_Room_-_16_days Dorsey would complain about pass interference in the end zone too much
Guest52 what is the possibility of Butch drafting a qb say in the 5th or 6th rd, then getting rid of k. thompson all together?
LaneAdkins Thompson is not with the team, I believe he is Minnesota now
George But he'll win 95%% of the time
Guest52 i don't see how dorsey can last in the nfl, doesn't seem tough enough
artbtz Yes... he's in Minnesota
LaneAdkins Not this season, I don't believe. He just did his deal, they won't try to pull some back already
George Neither did Bernie
ramllov Dorsey could be a third QB for a few years
Guest52 bernie was definatly tough enough
George So is Dorsey
Guest52 well see about dorsey
jmazzulo920 Dorsey would be a great 2nd day pick, he is so smart a perfect back up
drumslayer Dorsey will be a terminal backup, hes smart but lacks raw talent
LaneAdkins Dorsey is a tough kid, that is working very hard to improve his physical stature. He will be in the league, in some capacity
redright How did Booty look last year? booty or dorsey?
Guest52 although he could barely walk off the field after Ohio state beat him to death
George Montana was a little runt too
jmazzulo920 Dorsey over booty
LaneAdkins Booty is by far more athletic at this time
drumslayer Ride the Booty lightning
ramllov Does Booty have a future?
George Booty's brother does - big time
Guest52 i heard he was pitching for the RedSox for something like that
LaneAdkins hard to tell what the team thinks of Barnes, we'll see in camp
DavidCarducci The Browns appear to like Booty's potential. We never really had a chance to get much of a look at him. He's a very good guy though, so I'd hate to see him go. Good guy to talk golf or baseball with.
drumslayer Got to get a beer
BryanK I'm empty too
jmazzulo920 In our back seven, is it safe to say that the only starting jobs guaranteed are Griffith, McCutcheon, and Bentley? am I wrong
skinnydog Just Got Here any insights on how the visits are going
LaneAdkins I don't know if I would go that far right now.
ramllov I hope the Browns come up with a few college FA just like last year
ramllov I wonder if they will ever get Dean OT from Akron back from Seattle
ramllov What about Waverly Jackson?
Guest52 how close are we to seeing the next transaction by the brownies, aside from the draft?
DavidCarducci jmazzulo, I would say that is the case if Griffith is here in camp. If the Browns can't clear the space they need, they might end up drafting a Polamalu or a Battle or a Tarrence Holt and trim salary by getting rid of Griffith.
jmazzulo920 really? Griffith seems to be the only true veteran leadership on the defense
skinnydog Chaun Thompson? I know prob overrated but...
redright After last years disappointments and his big salary, I can't see the Browns keeping an old guy like Griffith.
drumslayer Lane can you tell me somthing positive about our D going into the draft and second cuts of free agents?
DavidCarducci Guest52, probably not very close. Other than sign a few of their own guys and trying to restructure a few contracts, there is little they can do.
Guest52 sorry, dave
drumslayer anybody tell me something positive, come on Art your the man.
artbtz Well, my tennis shoes remained tied the ENTIRE DAY.
skinnydog velcro
redright Who tied them for u
drumslayer Better than my five year old
artbtz Darn right.
ramllov I hope the first words I read Monday morning after the draft is that the Browns had a Hell of a DRAFT
BryanK Here's my positive comment: I think William Green is in for a HUGE year
jmazzulo920 David, say the rumor becomes a reality and the Browns trade for Dallas' #5 pick, what QB would you want, if we were to take one? personally after Couch, I don't ever want a high draft choice at QB
DavidCarducci The positive is the Browns don't have overpaid and underacheiving linebacker like Rudd. They get to see what they have in Bentley.
howldawg Drumslayer i'm positive we'll see lots of new faces 8-)
ramllov Rudd got a lowball amount for this year, something under 750,000.
ramllov Tampa got lucky, ha ha, I guess if you win the super bowl you get troubled veterans cheap
George Now we only have the overpaid and underachieving Couch, Brown, Griffith, and Lang left.
artbtz LOL@George
ramllov Verba can be included in that list
skinnydog I have read multiple articles about how impressed prospects are when they visit Cleveland
artbtz I wonder, skinnydog, if that's entirely a good thing.
artbtz I mean, should a team that went 5-27 its first two years have had all the players getting valet service?
LaneAdkins It is now a buyers market and that is something the Browns have waited for......they had no choice.....bad words in this city :-)
redright Dave Lane do you see better and more consistent coaching making for a better year? as opposed to buying talent?
howldawg Ram he's still over paid
DavidCarducci I still like Couch, but if the deal went through (which I'm willing to bet it doesn't), I am a big Byron Leftwich fan. If it's not a high pick you want, then in round two I like Dave Ragone a lot. This may sound crazy, but I think Chris Simms will be a better pro quarterback than college. I like him more than Rex Grossman
Guest52 who else sees green getting at least 1500 yrs on the ground this yr?
jmazzulo920 Simms is a very talented kid
drumslayer For now on I will Be positive about our D being on the for 3 of 4 quarters, we are going to the BOWL baby
jmazzulo920 I think Leftwich will be the best of the bunch, he is a lot like Bledsoe
skinnydog George Foster mentioned (don't quote) like 98%% of the team was participating in workouts
jmazzulo920 Kwame harris said that I thought
skinnydog I am so far behind on this conversation
DavidCarducci jmazzulo, he's also incredibly smart. I've never seen a college kid read a defense the way he does.
skinnydog your right 920 it was harris
jmazzulo920 I think Palmer will be a late bloomer, like he was in college
skinnydog OK then one thing we know about the draft is?
Guest52 palmer may never bloom if he is in cincy
redright What expectations for the defense now that they will be all on the same scheme?
ramllov BD and Garcia will have the top five in preparation , hopefully the best results
artbtz That will pay off in later rounds and UDFAs.. first round is always such a high-risk crapshoot.
drumslayer Dave, do you believe Warren will come through for us? We truly need these guys to step up and show some intestinal fortitude
artbtz Warren will be a monster in 2003.
BryanK He better be
drumslayer I hope so
DavidCarducci Drumslayer, I've been as discouraged by Warren as anybody, but I still believe he is a guy who will end up being a very good player. I think he came to some realizations late in the year that he wasn't doing everything he could to reach his potential, even though he had give a lot of lipservice to that effect.
skinnydog This is one of the screwiest drafts I've seen in a while
Guest52 any insight as to who might be picked up in rds 3,4,5?
BryanK Hopefully Brown joins Warren
howldawg ART monster player or monster sized;-)
artbtz Monster breath. Think Godzilla.
howldawg lol
artbtz No, I think he's going to break out.
howldawg me too
DavidCarducci The guy is an incredible talent, and I've been burned to often by labeling a guy a bust. I'm not willing to call Couch a bust or Warren, or even Brown .... yet
drumslayer I think we should go line in first round O or D, every thing else can be had as a sleeper in later rounds
jmazzulo920 I'd say Brown is the closest of the 3 to a bust
artbtz That's who I would say as well, jmazz
redright Isn't is a sign that the Dallas trade is just a rumor if BD and staff are not out prospecting top 5 picks as potential Browns?
DavidCarducci You know, in reviewing this year's draft, the more I wish the Browns were a 3-4 defense.
jmazzulo920 can't stay healthy, when healthy he is merely average
howldawg Why Dave
Guest52 when can you officially say someone is bust, for example brown, it is one more yr, then bust?
ramllov After four years, it should be pretty obvious if someone is a bust
drumslayer Cant be 3-4 if we cant put pressure on
George Red - Supposedly the Browns have been checking out Trufant
jmazzulo920 I think we have the personnel to run a 3-4, CB and Lang are mostly run stoppers, and well never mind we need some Lbs
Guest52 but it also depends on the position, dline should be after 2 or 3, imo
DavidCarducci Howldawg, I keep looking at what the Steelers have done over the years, basically competing against only themselves for talent because only a few guys fit the scheme. In other words, while some teams won't go after the undersized DE, they do because they become stud outside linebackers. They can go after an undersized DT like Hampton and turn him into a pro bowler.
drumslayer Cant give QBs time to read and react
DavidCarducci I just like the options you get in a 3-4.
howldawg makes sense
howldawg sense
George Browns have spent a lot of time checking out Chaun Thompson. Campo went there, they flew him here, and somebody went down there to do a background check.
artbtz A lot of teams have been sniffing around Thompson.
ramllov If the Browns practiced a 3-4, it could help the offensive line
DavidCarducci People think a guy isn't the requisite size, speed, etc. to fit into the limited 4-3 scheme, but he could be a stud in a 3-4. There are a lot of guys like that this year
newdawg undersize? have you seen how thick hampton is???
jmazzulo920 hampton is short at 6-1
DavidCarducci Yeah, but he was considered undersized in the draft.
drumslayer Size is over played its instinct and drive
newdawg and about 500 pounds!
newdawg oideal nose guard.
newdawg ideal noseguard.
DavidCarducci I think Hampton is a great DT-NT, but he probably wouldn't have fit into a lot of systems other than a 3-4.
skinnydog well as more and more teams switch to a 3-4 that advantage will go awat and swing to the 4-3 guys
drumslayer Marvin Harrison
jmazzulo920 there are only a few teams that run the 3-4 it will take awhile for it to swing in favor of the 4-3
newdawg more and more teams are switching to a 3-4 all the time due to the success of the steelers.
jmazzulo920 I hate the fact that the draft is 2 weeks away
ramllov A few teams appear to be running both, can that be done?
ramllov 4-3 and 3-4?
skinnydog I love it, Draft is like Christmas
DavidCarducci I like the way the 3-4 uses those tweener DE-LB's and turns midround guys like Gildon and Bell and Porter into pro bowlers. I just like the system
drumslayer The steelers draft well to their scheme like denver does O line
ramllov Draft two weeks wow!!!!
howldawg exactly drum
ramllov It is better than Xmas for us kids
drumslayer thank you
artbtz LOL... I'm with you skinnydog
redright Dave What do you see for our O-line?
DavidCarducci Ram, the Browns do have some 3-4 elements, and they do practice it. The problem is that when you do use a 3-4 with 4-3 players, it's hard to make the right fit. A guy like a Brooks for TB or Rudd, just would actually ahve to play inside in a 3-4.
ramllov Dave do you see two OL guys drafted this year?
skinnydog Any insights into scheme changes for D this year how much is campo going to tinker
ramllov for the Browns
Guest52 i always liked the ""ghost"" defense we ran back in 99 for a few games, offenses can't tell if you are a 3-4 or 4-3 or a 6-1 or 5-2
DavidCarducci Redright and ram, I hope the Browns get some help on the O-line, but the more I study the draft, the more underwhelmed I am with the options. I think an Al Johnson or a Derrick Dockery would look nice in round two and-or three. Maybe Manuwai in round two and I like Romberg possiby in day two as a Butch pick. I have a feeling they won't go OL in round one, though
Guest52 i think it was 99
DavidCarducci the UFO
Guest52 ufo, thats it!
Guest52 we need to do it again
artbtz Who was the DC back then.... Slowik?
DavidCarducci It was Slowik.
ramllov Slovik has continued in the NFL and looks like he is respected
artbtz He was coaching tight ends after being our DC, I think.
newdawg who do you like in round one, David?
drumslayer I think BD has to take a step back and let his coaches coach and not micro manage and the players will respond as well as the coaches, people perform better when they feel responsible for the results
DavidCarducci Skinnydog, I don't think there will be much tinkering. I think Campo was brought in because he is on about the same page as Davis, and he's a guy who will implement what Davis wants. Davis wanted a guy he could trust
artbtz It worked until the first team figured out to quick-snap with our guys out of position.
howldawg or wait till the players had to find a place close to their proper position
Guest52 that's why the d has to be ready and knowing what to expect, not really ""out of place"" and ""lost""
howldawg Dave how good are the odds of finding a real good starting LT in day 2?
DavidCarducci I don't think they are very good howldawg. Stinchcomb is the best of the round two options, but I don't see him as a very good LT. I don't like Brett Williams at all. If Hunter falls, (which I think he should if people are smart, but I don't think he will), then I like him as a project. I don't much like the tackles this year other than the top two. I'm starting to like Foster less and less.
DavidCarducci My guess for the Browns in round one is still McDougle. I think he's going to end up falling there
jmazzulo920 why is foster dropping in your eyes dave?
james_t_h any chance of a trade?
ramllov Can Mcdougle play LB?
Guest52 rd 2, dave?
skinnydog I've heard talk of more zone coverage's? whats that about
DavidCarducci I think they'd keep McDougle at DE.
drumslayer Zone sucks except in the red zone
james_t_h i read a tip that the browns and cwboys might be considering a trade ..any triuth to it?
redright If McDougle is as good as advertised and Brown catches on...We've got a killer line.
drumslayer Couch should stay, he will be our next Bernie
Guest52 gotta go now, thx for the chat fellas
George take care 52
DavidCarducci I talked to a few scouts he said he's a bit overweight, although that can be fixed. The thing people keep going to is he's a bit of an unknown quantity because of his experience. He's not a guy I think can step in right away and play
skinnydog where do you think cb will be addressed I'm seeing good depth in the 2-3rds (Sammy Davis)
james_t_h did wilfork make himself eligible for the draft?
DavidCarducci In round two, let's see, which wide receiver this year? ... just kidding. I like Derrick Dockery more than most because he fits the style the Browns want. He's another guy, though, with weight questions.
jmazzulo920 yea, but he is from the same mold as Leonard Davis and Mike Williams, I think Dockery could be a stud, he is huge 6-6 330
jmazzulo920 maybe heavier
DavidCarducci I love Sammy Davis. I think he's a late first-round talent who could be available in round two. I like Eugene Wilson quite a bit as well from Illinois. Maybe a Shane Walton in round three. He is my sleeper.
james_t_h i like drayton florence...
DavidCarducci I agree Jmaz.
DavidCarducci Think about it, if Texas had kept that line together, you've got almost a full ton right there in those three
james_t_h lol
jmazzulo920 if we put Dockery on the right side of the line with and thats where we go on 3rd and 4th and one
jmazzulo920 with tucker
jmazzulo920 sorry forgot to include that
redright What makes us better?
ramllov The development of young players is the key to 2003!
skinnydog so McDougle, Davis Sammy, Dockery, some LB's and S's
ramllov continual development
DavidCarducci I agree. I wouln't be surprised to see Brett Romberg in day two by the way. Butch loves him, and while he is undersized, he could be a backup at any offensive line position. He's only 6-3 or 6-3, if I remember right, so I'm not sure how much he could bulk up
skinnydog Rombert was pissed before the combines wait till game day that Kid has something to prove
BryanK Have the Browns decided to use 2003 as a year to rebuild with youth, straighten out the cap situation and aim more for 2004?
newdawg David, What this about the Browns looking for a center. With O'Hara and Fowler, it seems to me we are set there.
artbtz Dogins is no longer an option, BTW. Signed with the Falcons.
redright Dave, From where we are and going into the draft with little likelihood of picking up a free agency stud or two, How do we get better for the 2003 season? Have we improved more than our division?
DavidCarducci Redright, that's a great question. This team may not get better this year. THere are a lot of question marks, and they are going to be counting on a lot of ifs like ""If Courtney and Warren finally come around"" and ""if the young LB's can be ready"" and ""if we can get a few bargains on June 1."" We'll have a lot to wonder in the next few months.
drumslayer So was Gonzolez(sp) so we dont need anymore undersized linemen
howldawg David have you heard how Qasim is progressing?
jmazzulo920 hey Dave or anyone in the know, while I have heard the rumors about teh Browns changing the uniforms, when do they reveal them or have to announce them to the league
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I don't think they will really look for a center. Like I said, maybe a Romberg. I think the guys they've talked to are just looking around for a potential veteran bargain. It's just doing their homework. Knowing what is out there.
redright Dave, we heard a lot about cap hell and how we were not going to be anywhere near cap hell. What happened?
ramllov Were any of these center an acceptable LS?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, all I've heard is the same as before. Davis says he likes his potential. But counting on him for this year is a big risk, considering how long it takes most interior linemen to develop and the fact that this is a guy with very little experience even in practice.
howldawg i talked to Tre Johnson last year he said give him a little time he could be special
newdawg Any news about Warren's training? it appears he is not working out in Berea which looks like a bad sign.
drumslayer Do you think Ohara will Leave, if so I believe our problems are much worse than we know
DavidCarducci Redright, they made some very poor decisions and acted impulsively in free agency. SOme of the decisions they felt were out of necessity because of the poor first two drafts. It is just proving what Davis always says about building the team through the draft first. This may be a year to take a few hits and really develop some young talent.
DavidCarducci Guys, I have to run. This headache is killing me and I have a long drive tomorrow.
ramllov thanks Dave
artbtz See ya Dave
redright Thanks Dave
DavidCarducci Thanks guys.

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