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The offseason begins with the Steelers defeated and their fans dejected.

Not Much Love for Cleveland Browns Stadium Field
Barry McBride on February 8th, 2011 AT 8:41 PM

The NFLPA, hardly an unbiased point of view when it comes to teams and their owners these days, recently released their survey of players opinions (PDF) about the fields they play on. It’s not real complimentary about Cleveland Browns Stadium’s turf, although a number of other NFL venues got even less favorable mention.

Only 3.8% of players rated their home field as “excellent” – only the Raiders got poorer marks. This indicates that, while the NFL as a whole doesn’t consider CBS to be among the worst, the home team isn’t wildly excited about the playing surface.

Throughout the league, a number of grass fields were considered worse: Heinz Field, Oakland Coliseum, Soldier Field and Sun Life Stadium all got lower marks.

Players overwhelmingly, however, seem to prefer grass fields like Cleveland Browns Stadium to the “artificial infilled” playing fields. Of those, the Metrodome, Ralph Wilson Stadium, the Edward Jones Dome, and Paul Brown Stadium got the worst reviews.

The bottom line: Cleveland Brown Stadium’s field ain’t all that, but things could be far, far worse.

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