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So, talks break off between owners and players. Anyone else starting to get nervous?

9:09 PM

(Subscriber) Bentley’s View: Brent Sobleski details how LeCharles Bentley is still a part of the Browns’ landscape. http://bit.ly/g0RxWG

3:25 PM

Videos posted of Pat Shurmur and Josh Cribbs from last night’s Cleveland Sports Awards: http://ow.ly/3UUFi

10:54 AM

(Subscriber) Media Workout a Slick Move by Newton: With Andrew Luck going back to Stanford, the NFL Draft does n… http://bit.ly/dHeUge

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8:29 PM

Shurmur on labor issue: “Business as usual. Planning as if there will be football”. Told Cribbs his plan was “to get him in the end zone”.

8:27 PM

@bradkopp13 Professional athlete of the year. They didn’t say which one, though.

8:23 PM

Josh Cribbs won the Greater Cleveland Sports Award for Professional Athlete of the Year.

8:04 PM

RT @fsohiozjackson: Shurmur will call his own plays, insinuated that was the plan all along. Said formal announcement on rest of staff Mon.

7:58 PM

Pat Shurmur displayed solid Say-Nothing-Interesting skills tonight at the GCSA, mostly just confirming things we already knew.

7:39 PM

OBR Podcast with Carlton Mitchell, Don Delco and Lane Adkins.


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