2003 Draft: 2nd Round Players of Interest

Lane Adkins breaks loose with the first of several articles we will be publishing about the Browns interest in players in specific rounds of the draft on April 26th. Today, with the assistance of league and team sources, Lane gives us the heads-up on players the Browns are targeting in the second round of the draft.

With less than two weeks remaining before the college player draft, the Browns personnel department have been busy evaluating the players that could make-or-break the team in 2003 and beyond. Utilizing Davis' philosophy of building the team through the draft and supplementing the roster through free agency, the team seeks to make some impact selections to make up for weak drafts in prior years.
Over the next week, with the assistance of league scouts and information compiled through league and team sources, we will cut loose with the list of targeted players for the Browns in the 2003 draft. We will relay who have been told the Browns have expressed an interest in - as well as the round that Browns could look to select the player in.

The players the Browns select and when is soley based on the progress of the draft and this interest list is only to provide the reader with insight as to what the Browns have been doing this off-season in regards to the college player draft.

Today we will start with eight players that the Browns have shown an interest in that could available in the second round and two players that could create trade possibilities.
The Browns don't intend to strictly draft for need. Butch Davis and Pete Garcia are said to want to select the best player available, regardless of position. Noting this, the Browns clearly need help in the defensive secondary, linebacker, and offensive line.
Sammy Davis (CB, Texas A&M)
Cory Redding  (DE, Texas)
Chaun Thompson (LB, West Texas A&M)
Drayton Florence (CB, Tuskegee)
Players that the team has expressed interest in that may not be available unless the team trades up in round two or late round one:

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