OBR Daily Blog 2/28

Hollywood's big night of butt-kissing one another is done.

12:09 AM

Intentional Hounding: Harris Gets the Axe: From training camp to the Super Bowl and all the offseason activity, … http://bit.ly/epyQ2i

6:59 PM

Taylor Makes it Clear: ‘I’m a Quarterback’: Despite being told by talent evaluators he may be better off playing… http://bit.ly/ePOcp4

6:59 PM

(Subscriber) What We Learned: Four Days in Indy: After getting home from the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, o… http://bit.ly/g6OhcA

12:50 PM

9 p.m. Chat with OBR’s Brent Sobleski: Get the latest on the NFL Combine from the OBR’s draft analyst http://bit.ly/eYXTDU

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Quarterbacks on Display Sunday in Indy: With the quarterbacks working out Sunday at the Scouting Combine, who pu… http://bit.ly/dJ3q3b

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