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A seven-day extention of CBA talks gives all NFL fans hope. That's better than despair.

New Domain Name for the Browns
Barry McBride on March 6th, 2011 AT 10:19 AM

Per Elliotsblog, which concerns itself with such things, The Cleveland Browns have filed a UDRP (associated, of course, with a UHRP and a Universal HRPDRP) for the Browns.com domain name.

UDRP, as every nerd knows, means “Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy”, which is a governmentese acronym meaning “Everyone knows that name should belong to me, so give it”.

Naturally, the domain name group will need to give into the Browns, because there is nothing else that could possibiy be considered a valid use for the name “Browns”, despite what Tyler Perry and about 134,000 people who tweet about the quality of their McDonald’s hash browns each morning would tell you.

In the meantime, players are locked out, small businesses associated with the NFL are being crushed, hotels around Cleveland hopefully await customers in September although no reservations are coming in, a half-dozen downtown sports bars bone up on bankruptcy procedures and Randy Lerner is watching soccer.

So, it’s all good.

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