It's Our Choice

No football? No problem says Jeff Biletnikoff. He'll just pop in a DVD of "24."

If football comes back for the 2011 season, will you watch?  Or has the fact that the it looks like the league and players can't figure out how to split $9 billion while many Americans struggle with making ends meet. Have you grown disgusted and ready to walk away from what you perceive to be unmitigated greed?

Or, are you feeling a third option as I am?  I simply don't care.  Maybe it's because I was without football for three years in the mid-90s.  All right, to clarify, I was without meaningful football with the Browns gone.

I started to view the NFL as less a ritual and more like another entertainment option when Cleveland returned in 1999.  I don't care how much money Kiefer Sutherland pocketed for his run on 24, I am not concerned with Charlie Sheen's meltdowns when it comes to Two and Half Men and now I'm unfazed over the current strife between the rich (players) and richer (owners).

Simply, if football is there and I am around a TV for the Browns game, I will watch.  If it's not there, I might pop in a 24 DVD.

I've never been one that ever thought that anyone in the entertainment industry was in my corner.  It's nothing but a transaction.  I trade the dollars they say I should pay for X hours of entertainment.  When I don't feel as if I'm getting a value for my dollars or I could better spend my money/time elsewhere, I do.

I kept watching 24 all those years because it was good; I watched the Browns, well, not because they were good, for sure, but I was loyal.  Still, I knew what I was getting for my time/money invested.

It reminds me of the scene in the movie Bronx Tale where the Mafia Don is admonishing the kid for his love of Mickey Mantle, saying, "has Mickey Mantle ever helped you with your rent or cared about your rent?"  (I'm paraphrasing but it was something along those lines).

There is going to be a lot of emotion and handwringing over the next months, especially for fans of teams that are in reset mode like the Browns.  I am not going to be one of those people that gets caught up in that.

I'm too busy trying to make ends meet.

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