EXCLUSIVE: Browns setting the draft board

In 1999 the Cleveland Browns started their franchise anew making Tim Couch the cornerstone of the team. Since then Cleveland has done little in the way of expending early draft choices in order to protect Couch. Could that change next weekend? Tony gives us an <B>exclusive</B> scoop on who <I>didn't</I> impress the Browns during a recent visit.

There was some debate as to which way the Browns would lean entering the final phase of the draft; would it be linebacker, defensive line or offensive line? Early in the process the feeling was Kenny Peterson might be their man but the situation seems to be clearing up.

We learned earlier this week Cleveland brought Kwame Harris to the Brown facilities and gave the athletic underclassmen the once over. While the top of the organization came away impressed with his skills, character and demeanor it is unlikely Cleveland will expend a pick on the blocker from Stanford.

Referring to him as a "space cadet" many in the organization are afraid that Harris may be a bit "flaky" as it could take a while for the light to go on and he may not offer the immediate returns they are hoping for.

All signs seem to be pointing towards Eric Steinbach, a prospect we said during our Senior Bowl reports the Browns had a deep interest in. Steinbach can play any of three positions on the offensive line and could end up starting at guard as a rookie then moving to left tackle as a second year player, much the way Jonathan Ogden did.

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